Hard Carry Support Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – Heading to the Dark (3)

“Excuse me.”

Hyun was thinking when he suddenly heard TarrTarr’s voice.

He was deeply immersed in his thoughts, so he frowned and turned his head.

“Can’t you see that I’m busy thinking?”

“I finished.”

“Okay. If you finished editing, just upload it to YouTube. You don’t need to inform me of everything you do.”

“I finished editing a while ago… I changed my tendency to the Abyss.”

“Really? Well done. I’m a little bit busy, so go and play with Louise.”

Hyun was just nodding and about to continue his previous thought when TarrTarr carefully asked a question.

“Then, it doesn’t matter anymore if the Duke suddenly visits me, right?”

“Yes, what? Duke…?”

Hyun was replying half-heartedly when the word “Duke” overlapped with his thoughts.


“Yes, I’ve been very anxious because I wasn’t sure when he would visit me.

“I kept changing my tendency little by little, even while editing your videos.”

He wasn’t sure anymore if he was playing a game or working.

He expected a little bit of praise, but Hyun’s attention was elsewhere.

“Yes, if it’s the Duke, maybe he’ll come now!”


“Come here for a moment.”


Hyun suddenly scattered away into light and was absorbed by TarrTarr’s body.

TarrTarr was surprised because Hyun had suddenly used «Assimilation» on him.

「Wh-what happened?」

「Call the Duke.」

「Right now…? Why…?」

「I want to ask him something.」

TarrTarr was surprised because Hyun talked about the Duke as if it were his friend.

「Didn’t you change your tendency to the Abyss? Then you have no reason to be afraid.」

Although he had doubts at first, TarrTarr soon accepted.

Since he didn’t have control priority, he had no other choice.

「I’m really going to call him.」


“Mr. Bahmir…”

When he called his name, the string that was connecting the two souls resonated.

TarrTarr’s voice traveled through space and reached the Duke.

A few minutes later, Hyun received a message announcing the Duke’s appearance.

[Duke Bahmir wants to visit the private room of the Shade Guild!]

[Will you let him enter? Y/N]


The moment Hyun accepted the message, the private room suddenly became dark.

Louise, who was near them, looked up to the sky in surprise.


Strong magic began flowing near TarrTarr; that energy soon became a magic circle.

A figure walked out of the magic circle.

Usually, people thought of Dukes as beings that were a bit weaker than Heavenly Beings, but was there any human who could say that in front of Bahmir?

Hyun and TarrTarr felt their hearts beating faster.

The sensory synchronization system was warning them that the one in front of them was someone overwhelmingly powerful.

“Hahaha, long time no see!”

There was a roughness that made them tremble mixed with laughter that didn’t care about the surroundings.

“So, why did you call me? Alcohol? Or is it women?” The Duke asked as soon as he saw TarrTarr.

Ting-! TarrTarr was surprised as a red system message appeared.

[Content not suitable for children under 18! You can’t accept the proposal!]

“No, it’s nothing like that…”

Hyun quickly took over TarrTarr’s voice.

“There’s something I wanted to ask.”

“Oh, what?”

“Do you know about the Ruins of Darkness?”

The moment Hyun finished talking, the smile disappeared from Bahmir’s face.


As the magic that was going berserk calmed down, the private room became silent.

“Darkness… Yes, the Ruins of Darkness…”

The Duke bit his nails while mumbling something. It was as if he were thinking of something important.

As the atmosphere got more serious, Hyun became nervous.

Was it something he shouldn’t have asked?

Among the Dukes, some didn’t like other people talking about the one they served.

Thankfully, Bahmir didn’t seem to be one of those. He just seemed deeply immersed in his thoughts.



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“Why are you asking that…?”


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* * *

Hyun quickly tried to search for an answer, but it was hard to think of something.

He wasn’t sure what the Ruins of Darkness were.

There wasn’t something called the Symmetrical World in Asra, so naturally, there wasn’t a place called the Ruins of Darkness.

‘How should I answer?’

While he was thinking that, the Duke shook his head and smirked.

“TarrTarr, I recognize your talent, but it’s still too soon.”


“It’s too soon for you to know about the Darkness! Yes, ask me again in about two years. Hahaha!”

Hyun narrowed his eyes after hearing the Duke’s answer.

It seemed like he knew about the Ruins of Darkness.

—He just had no intentions of telling him.

What if the Duke was being capricious? Hyun decided to take the risk.

“Is it because of my level?”

“No, your level is just one parameter. It isn’t proof of real strength. It’s just that you still lack a bit to be able to face Darkness.”

Hyun took a deep breath and mumbled.

“What if I’m up to par?”


“You still don’t fully know what I’m capable of. Maybe I’m good enough to know the Darkness.”

Bahmir seemed astonished for a moment but soon started to laugh.

“Hahaha, how impudent! Okay!”

The louder his laugh became, the more Hyun and TarrTarr felt suffocated.

Magic covered the entire private room in an instant.

But Bahmir didn’t look bothered by what Hyun said. He seemed to be having fun.

“That’s true. That’s what I think, but maybe you don’t agree with me.”


“I’ll give you an opportunity to prove yourself… if you aren’t afraid of dying.”

“I don’t care.”

“Haha, it seems you aren’t afraid of death because you’re a user. I like that.”

Hyun, who was just quietly following the conversation, became excited.

‘Did it work…?!’

It seems like the Duke was trying to give TarrTarr a test.

As Hyun concentrated on what the Duke would say next, he continued the explanation.

“There has been something bothering me. If you can solve it, I’ll reevaluate my opinion of you.”

As expected, it seemed like the Duke was about to give him a quest.

“Did you know that Darkness and Deception don’t get along?”

The Duke started talking about the three Great Demons.

Deception, Darkness, Chaos…

The true nature of Chaos wasn’t clear. Also, there was almost nobody following it, so most of the forces of the Abyss were divided into the followers of ‘Deception’ and ‘Darkness.’

“I don’t know if you knew this, but I only serve Darkness. The followers of Deception are bothersome beings.”

Bahmir, who served ‘Darkness,’ didn’t get along with those who served ‘Deception.’

The Duke’s ‘bothersome thing’ was related to the fight between factions.

“Recently, followers of Deception occupied one of my territories. They dared to occupy my territory…! They took over my lands, castle, and even my people!”


The moment Bahmir’s hands hit the air, a giant magic mirror appeared in front of TarrTarr.

«Dimensional Mirror»…

It was one of the spells of the Duke that showed something that was in another dimension.

The mirror’s surface began to change, and a completely different scenery appeared on it.

A black sun and red air…

What they were seeing was definitely the Symmetrical World!

Underneath the other world’s scenery, the castle the Duke had lost was showing off its magnificent appearance.

「Where’s this…?!」

TarrTarr was surprised at the sight of the Symmetrical World.

It didn’t matter how much he looked at it, it didn’t look like a place that existed in Asrian.

‘It’s the Symmetrical World!’

On the other hand, Hyun was sure he’d found a clue.

‘As expected, the Duke knows about the Symmetrical World!’

“Can you see it? That’s my territory… No, that was my territory. Of course, that land isn’t rich. It isn’t also located in a strategic place, but I can’t help but feel bothered by the fact that they’ve taken something that was mine.”

Hyun suddenly became as surprised as TarrTarr.

While thinking the castle seemed familiar, he discovered that he knew the place.

‘Wait. Isn’t this the Kaidan Castle?!’

He’d seen Bahmir’s castle in Asra Online.

The castle that existed in the previous game was located in another place.

‘This wasn’t originally in the Symmetrical World…!’

It didn’t matter how much he looked at it, it was the castle he knew.

It was one of Bahmir’s five castles.

‘Why is this in the Symmetrical World?’

While Hyun was asking himself that, Bahmir kept frowning as he continued his explanation.

“Getting the castle back isn’t a problem if I move… But I must prepare for a ceremony, so I cannot use my strength recklessly.”

The castle seemed full of undead and monsters.

They were definitely the forces of Deception.

“The monsters that have invaded my territory are mostly around level 200. The commanders should be at approximately level 300. There are almost tens of thousands of these guys! Of course, they’re just weaklings for me, but are they weak from your point of view as well?”

The Duke was right.

With TarrTarr’s strength… No, even for Hyun, it was impossible to face such a big army of monsters.

On Iluna, he had trouble facing monsters that were at level 150, but the ones being shown were a lot stronger than them.

“Can you defeat such a big army of monsters by yourself? If you give up now, I won’t ask any more questions.”

If he didn’t have any information about that place, it would be too reckless.

Hyun became immersed in his thoughts.

That was a place he knew; that completely changed things.

After all, his specialty was using information.

Hyun came back to his senses and began making calculations.

“Do I have to do it alone?”


“If it’s with my partners… I think that I may be able to recover the castle.”

Hahaha! Bahmir began laughing after hearing Hyun’s words.

“Partners? Users that are around level 100? Okay, I wonder how many weaklings you’re talking about!”


Bahmir began laughing even louder at Hyun’s answer.

It was as if he’d heard the funniest joke ever. He kept laughing for about 20 seconds.

Ugh…! Hyun and TarrTarr had to hold their breath because the magic around Bahmir formed a mini tornado.

“Five people?” The Duke asked back without laughing.

“Maximum of five… It could be less.”

“Haha, five, huh…? Okay, do as you wish. Is it because you aren’t afraid of dying? I like that arrogance.”


The moment the Duke finished talking, a quest window opened in front of Hyun and TarrTarr.

<Duke’s Hidden Quest: Recover Kaidan Castle!>

– Kaidan Castle, located Underground, used to belong to Bahmir, but a few days ago, it was taken over by the forces of ‘Deception.’

– This situation bothers the Duke, but he must save strength for the ceremony that will soon happen!

– The Duke will be happy if you, his knight, recover the castle.


– 1,000,000 gold.

– Bahmir’s affection.

(※ Attention: You can share this quest with up to 5 people!)

“Call me again once you’re ready. It’s okay if you give up. Although if you do that, I’ll come back again to laugh at you!”

Bahmir, who’d started laughing like a maniac, soon became magic and scattered into the air.

The scene of the Symmetrical World disappeared with him.

After the Duke disappeared and the room became empty of his magic, TarrTarr sighed in relief.

‘Something unexpected always happens when I’m with Hyun…’

TarrTarr thought that, regardless of his will, something big was about to happen once again.

* * *

‘It’s today.’

Every member of the Shade Guild was logged in.

<Everyone, come to the private room. We’ll start without you if you aren’t here within 20 minutes.>

Hyun’s first notification as the leader of the Shade Guild spread to the rest.

What was he planning to do? Everyone moved first before asking themselves that question.

Once they saw the notice, they stopped hunting, left the duel arena, closed YouTube, and ran to the private room as soon as possible.

It was the Shade Guild’s first group quest.

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