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Hi guys, Welcome to our Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello, In this Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello we will show you Best Class in Epsilon Lineage 2. This game revolves around a permadeath mechanic where after losing all of your lives, your character will be completely wiped and you must start again from scratch. Upon first entering the game, you will become a part of a random race with its own distinct abilities.

So come and take a look at this Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello & Wiki – Best Class and Race Tier List

Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello & Wiki

Fresh Spawn

Start your adventure by exploring the map, collecting trinkets and meeting players and NPCs.

Trinkets are mostly found in areas of interest and inside buildings.

Trinkets can then be sold to merchants around the map to obtain Silver, the main currency unit of the game.

Choosing Your Class

This game has three levels of classes: Base, Super, and Ultra. All Base classes branch into multiple Super classes but some Super classes only branch into one Ultra class.

Class trainers can be found throughout the map and their teachings can be bought with Silver. Some may be harder to find than others…

As a fresh spawn, you must first obtain your Base class. Base classes provide very basic skills and potentially class-defining skills. Base classes also determine your weapon type.

Note: First classes do not have Base classes. First classes begin their journey by obtaining their Super class first.

Next, you must obtain your Superclass. Super Classes begin to delve into the specialization of your weapon class by adding more distinct abilities. Some Super classes change your weapon once more.

Lastly, you must obtain your Ultra class. Ultra classes are the strongest class tier and pinnacles of specialization. Most of your essential abilities, both passives and actives are learned at this stage.

Note: The total cost for any Ultra class starting from the Base Class is around 3000-7000 Silver, including armor. Recommended to save up around 4000 Silver when progressing.

Essential Items

The Sigil Helmet is a helmet that you can obtain for free by talking to Kyley in Castle Sanctuary (Tundra 5). The helmet provides a 1.3x max health boost when worn.

Spell scrolls can be found as trinkets lying around the map or through a vendor in The Hidden Fortress.

Using a scroll will give you its corresponding spell and the ability to use Mana Shield, which allows you to block magical attacks and certain abilities.

It is encouraged to obtain at least one spell as soon as possible for access to Mana Shield.

Artifacts are rare late game items that provide unique effects or special abilities that add a layer of diversity to your character’s build.

Artifacts occupy an Artifact Slot and only one artifact can be equipped at a time.

There are some artifacts that do not take an artifact slot and instead have their own unique effects, such as restoring a life, providing certain spells, and more.

Artifacts can be found in specific map locations and in dungeons as a completion reward.


Rollable Races – You can reroll your race for 6,000 silver at Zeffij


Actives Bloodline (4m CD): Instantly heal 60 HP. Gain a 30% damage boost/10% defense boost for the duration of Bloodline. Buffs last for 30 seconds, after which you will enter an incapacitated state where you cannot move or perform any actions.

Passives Last Stand (40s CD): Upon dropping below 25% HP, gain 15% increased damage and 10% increased defense. Buffs last for 15 seconds.


Actives Flood (30s CD): Gain an infinite mana boost & the ability to disable mana on hit for 1.75s. Lasts 30 seconds.


  • Mana Mastery++: 2x mana charge.
  • Aura-Snatcher: Gain 15 mana for every physical hit you deal. (procs on multihits such as Lethality)
  • Ice Affinity: Gain +10 damage on Gelidus, +5 damage on both hits of Fimbulvetr, and +5 damage on Subzero Strike.
  • The color of your eyes and Flood effect is based on your Mana color.



  • Shoulder Throw: A grab move that deals 15 damage, breaks block and ragdolls enemies.


  • Advanced Combat: Your unarmed normal attack combo is altered and will deal increased damage.
  • Strongarm: Guardbreaking your opponent will cause them to take an additional 15 damage + the damage of the original hit.

That’s it for this Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello & Wiki – Best Class and Race

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