Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 418

Chapter 418

The more I went to the center, the more the venom got thicker.

How thick it was, to the extent that the wind spheres it had created had begun to become contaminated.

The contamination was prevented in a hurry, but the loss of oxygen was unavoidable.

Thanks to that, my active time right now is quite tight.

“Heir. I have to conserve the oxygen consumed while talking, so just listen.”

Mimir told me.

“Once you penetrated this far, it is enough. There was not much oxygen left. Let’s get out of here.”

Oxygen is insufficient to proceed with this abnormal search.

It would be better to retreat and then come back.

I just nodded.

“You will have to hurry a little when you go back. I can’t last more than 30 minutes on the remaining oxygen.”

I only have 30 minutes of activity left.

After 30 minutes I can no longer breathe.

“I have set up a route that will allow me to get out in the shortest amount of time. You just have to follow the route.”

With Mimir’s gesture, a 3D navigation screen appeared in front of me.

I nodded and moved in the direction the navigation indicated.

‘Even if you move diligently, it takes 25 minutes to go outside. It’s breathtaking.’

Even if you follow the shortest route created by Mimir, it will take 25 minutes.

Even a little delay is dangerous.

“Sorry. Thinking of safety, I should have asked to leave a little earlier. I wanted to check the mountains ahead.”

There is a reason why we continued our search in such a narrow way.

A rugged mountain range is located in the center of the western continent of Africa.

This means that the topography most likely to contain finis is a mountain range.

And because the Bondi Mountains are the most sensitive terrain to changes in nature.

I had to visually check the amount of change beforehand.

That’s why I made a bunch like this.

“… … .”

I hurried my steps and shook my head.

It’s not really something to be sorry for.

I looked at Mimir with that meaning in mind.

‘The reason why the search was twisted in the first place is because I couldn’t manage the wind bag properly.’

It’s not Mimir’s fault.

… … And I knew that oxygen was dangerous from the beginning.

I knew it myself and did a lot. It’s not Mimir’s fault.

“… … still. I put some of the risk on you from a position where you have to put your safety first… … .”

Mimir smiled bitterly with an expression of disrespect.

I shook my head again.

really don’t have to worry

Filled with such will, he sprinted vigorously.

Mimir laughed bitterly again.

“okay. I will do my self-help here.”

With those words, Mimir’s expression returned to normal.

reflection is here.

For now, I will focus on going out.

It looked like he was saying that.

“Ah, heir. I’ll change the route a bit. On the way, judging from the distribution of terrain changes we investigated, it is safer this way.”

Terrain changes also have their own laws.

As long as it is the same topography, the change itself is bound to be constant to some extent.

With Mimir’s knowledge and Choker’s performance, it is possible to grasp the topography of places that have not yet been visited by using terrain change data.

I turned in the direction Mimir pointed.

At that moment, 3D navigation changes in real time.

Estimated arrival time was reduced by 3 minutes.

‘… … Is this the right to stability?’

Just by reducing the 3 minutes, the burden on my mind was significantly reduced.

At this level, you can go outside unconditionally before the oxygen runs out.

‘The more you go outside, the weaker it gets. Oxygen consumption is decreasing… … . Even if I can’t do it, I can afford about 10 minutes.’

3 minutes of time earned 10 minutes of spare time.

If this is enough, you can go outside without any problems.

‘Contrary to my worries, there doesn’t seem to be any monsters in here. It can be said that there is no room for variables to arise… … .’

I wonder if even monsters can’t live in this poisonous air?

There are no monsters in this.

As long as there are no monsters, no big problems can arise.

There is no room for any variable to occur.

‘I can think a little more comfortably.’

I was somewhat at ease. A lighter step.

If we run like this for 15 minutes, we will say goodbye to this beggarly poisonous fog.

… … Of course, it’s a temporary farewell.

“Heir! stop!”

It was then.

Mimir exclaimed urgently.

A very urgent voice.

I immediately applied the brakes and stopped in place.

Then he looked at Mimir and asked.


Now that I have 10 minutes to spare, there is no reason to conserve oxygen by sparing the end.

“Heir. Do not say.”

Mimir glared at me and said.

It was an unexpected reaction.

Oxygen should be sufficient. Why are you so angry?

“I have a place to go after checking for a while. Oxygen might be dangerous.”

“… … ?”

Suddenly you have a place to check and go?

“Look here.”

Mimir pointed to the terrain to the right of where I was standing.

“According to my calculations, the terrain here can’t be this deep.”

Compared to other terrain, it is uniquely dug deeper.

‘… … surely. There has never been a terrain that has been sunk in this way.’

It is only here that such a change can be seen.

“This is not a natural change. Someone made it this way on purpose.”

I went straight to the sunken terrain and knelt down on one knee.

And as it is, the soil of the soil was examined.

‘… … There are traces of someone digging it up.’

Only the soil here has a strangely different color. Someone dug up the soil once, and the rather soft soil inside the soil and the dry soil outside are mixed in an awkward way.


Mimir called me.

I just nodded.

Without having to speak, I could understand at once what Mimir was trying to say.

Ooh, ooh!

As it was, I used mana to search around the sunken earth.

And after a while, I noticed something strange.

There is a sense of emptiness that shouldn’t be there below.

‘A secret passage?’

There is something that appears to be a passageway down here.

There are traces of recent digging on land that no one has entered for 42 years.

There is a space that appears to be a secret passage at that location.

that means this.

“… … here it is The man who made the poison here. You did something in it.”

There is something in this.

Whether it’s a veil stall or his number.

The cause that brought this land to this state exists within it.

It was like this.

“… … 8 minutes. I can afford that much.”

Mimir quickly checked the time and said.

“Heir. Let’s go into the beginning.”

I just nodded.

I found this suspicious place, but I can’t just pass by.

‘Because there might be people left inside… … .’

I drilled through the ground as carefully as I could.

A secret passage that slowly begins to be revealed.

I cautiously but quickly moved into the aisle.

* * *

The inside of the aisle was completely different from what I expected.

“Eight minutes and what, no need to worry about oxygen?”

“… … I know?”

Mimir nodded.

“I didn’t know there was a purifier installed.”

A look you didn’t expect at all.

“… … How are you purifying this amount of miasma?”

No, it would be more accurate to say that it was unpredictable.

I know how terrible the miasma is here.

Knowing how difficult it is to purify the miasma here, I never expected a situation like this to unfold inside the passage.

I removed the airbags installed over my nose and mouth.

“… … It’s really perfectly purified.”

Breathing directly through my nose made it even clearer.

The air inside is perfect.

If oxygen can be rated, it is a level that can be called first-class clean air.

“What did you do?”

I looked around.

A cave with nothing.

No, a tunnel that can’t even be called a cave.

In this shabby structure that was simply dug in the ground, you prepared a device that could completely purify miasma?

In such a barren place with no electricity, mana supply, or anything?

“There’s no way this is possible.”


It is as difficult as creating a lake on Mars.

“Heir. I checked again. After all, there is no magic engineering device in this.”

“… … There is none.”

There is not even a device like this in here.

I couldn’t find any mana circuits unique to the magic engineering device.

“… … How on earth is the miasma being cleansed?”

There is no purifying device, but the miasma is purifying itself.

How is that possible?

“Heir. First, let’s go inside a little more. Maybe there’s something inside that we don’t know about.”

“Is there such a thing?”

A device we can’t even detect. Could such a thing exist?

“I don’t know if it’s a veil stall.”

“… … but.”

If it was the veil that made this passageway, it would not be impossible.

There is a possibility that the miasma of this place is being purged in some way unknown to us.

“Because there might still be people inside. Let’s go slowly.”

I nodded and walked slowly.

A tunnel dug casually.

I made my way slowly through the tunnel.

“Mimir. What do you feel?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Moving forward, moving forward, nothing was felt.

There are no devices in it.

The further I went, the more I heard that certainty.


“… … I don’t know.”

Me and Mimir in an incomprehensible phenomenon. Both suffered a momentary brain freeze.

A technology we can’t even detect.

Are you saying that the power of the veil stall far exceeds our expectations?

‘if so… … It’s getting into trouble in many ways.’

All sorts of thoughts ran through my head.

Bad thoughts from the mystery filled my head.

Those bad thoughts grew as we went along the road.

“… … end?”

And those thoughts reached their climax the moment they reached the end of the tunnel.

Even though I came this far, I couldn’t figure out the cause at all.

Does that mean that there is a big difference in technology between us and Veil?

I couldn’t believe it.

“… … Mimir.”

“… … wait for a sec. wait a minute me. think… … .”

Mimir licked his lips in shock.

A look of incomprehension.

It was an expression that he couldn’t understand the current situation.

‘Yours. You’re more stupid than I thought?’

at that time. A voice came directly into my head.

familiar voice.

It was the voice of a woman she had recently become accustomed to.

‘I don’t know why you’re shocked. Aren’t we supposed to be happy?’

Goddess Umbra.

she was talking to me

‘Even though I told you this much, you still don’t know what I mean?’

Umbra said pathetically.

‘My contractor is stupid enough to not notice such a simple thing. This is a bit difficult.’

It naturally reminds me of Umbra shaking her head with a lamentable expression.

‘Even if it’s a god that’s hard to detect in the first place. I should detect it when it gets close to that distance.’

In an instant, my eyes widened.

god? An elusive god?

‘Is it because it’s still in the growth stage? I’ll understand that. Or maybe I’ll be a bit sad.’

Umbra sighed again.

‘Look Carefully.’

At the same time, black light flowed from Umbra’s holy relic.

Umbra’s unique shadow-like mana filled the area.

“… … !”

And at that moment, Mimir uttered a silent astonishment with a startled look on his face.

“Rye, successor. that… … .”

Inside the tunnel filled with black light.

There was something that alone rejected black light.

‘God of borders and gaps. Phineas.’


His holy relic was swallowing darkness.

‘really… … . Looking at it again, it’s fucking power.’

Looking at Finis, Umbra clicked his tongue slightly.

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