Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 415

Chapter 415

A moment of silence passed.

Both Umbra and I were lost in thought as if our heads were complicated.

“… … anyway. My reasoning ends here.”

Umbra spoke first.

“Are you any help?”

“yes. of course. It was a big help.”

My white mind became clear to some extent.

“okay. Good luck then.”

Umbra chuckled.

“Well, even if you don’t tell me, you will know. In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you first. Take note of what I said. Never swear.”

“yes. I know.”

Inference is just inference.

No matter how certain a hypothesis may seem, it should not be blindly believed.

“I will keep it in my heart.”

At my confirmation, Umbra smiled a little.

“okay. Coordinate well with your capable partner.”

His role is finished with this. What follows is up to you.

It was a smile that seemed to say so.

“by the way… … .”

Umbra’s eyes sharpened.

I glared at Persona, who was still immersed in thought in a daze beside me.

“How long are you going to stay like that?”

“… … .”

Persona showed no reaction.

He is still immersed in his own world, thinking over and over again.

“He is really… … .”

Umbra shook her head and approached Persona.

Then he raised his fist and punched him in the head.

“… … ouch.”

The persona gave off a sick look with an expression and voice that didn’t look sick at all.

“Why are you hitting me all of a sudden?”

“I hit him to come to his senses. why?”

Umbra gave a scary smile. It was a cold smile that sent chills down his spine, even though he was watching from the sidelines.

“I was still awake.”


Umbra snorted.

“It’s done. Tell me what you think.”

“… … my thought?”

“okay. your thoughts Didn’t you think you were so lost in thought because something came to your mind?”

“… … .”

Persona’s eyes narrowed very slightly. It was an expression of seriousness for no reason.

It was a very intense emotional change for a persona.

“… … I was thinking about some old things.”

“Once upon a time?”


Persona’s expression went blank again.

“A little bit about what happened when you met the contractor’s master.”

“… … Are you talking about the double body of a person called Ray Bell Bytenor? Have you ever met him?”

“huh. there is.”

Persona had met Master during the Empire.

“… … I met you. But why?”

Persona fell silent again.

I don’t like to say

The silence seemed to say so.

“hmm… … . Nothing.”

Persona avoided answering.

I have nothing to say about this matter.

no, i don’t want to

It was the expression and answer that showed such a firm will.

“There’s no way you were struggling so much over something that was nothing. What is it?”

“It’s really no big deal. Rather, what happened between the Human God and the End God.”

Persona turned the topic.

It was a forcible change of topic from anyone’s point of view.

“Don’t turn around. What did he say about meeting his master… … .”

“There is a way to know about their past.”

“… … what?”

Umbra stopped talking and opened her eyes.

“… … Is there a way?”

Are you deliberately changing your words and what? That word is not a topic that can be ignored.

“huh. there is. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% possible. Perhaps, it is possible.”

Apocalypse gods and human beings.

A story of the past that has no way of knowing, with no lore remaining.

Is there any way to know the story?

“What method?”

What kind of method would it be?

“Find Mora.”


Umbra made a pitiful expression at Persona’s words.

“… … okay. There was a way.”

Was there such a tomb?

He nodded his head a couple of times with eyes that seemed to say that.

“Mora… … sounds like a god’s name Is that right?”

“that’s right. It is the name of God.”

That’s the name.

“Goddess Mora. Another name is the goddess of time.”

“hour… … !”

If you are the goddess of time… … .

“Borrowing her power, the end god and the human body. You will be able to find out what happened between the two of you.”

* * *

After hearing about Mora, Shin Ha-yul immediately left the relic.

“I thought it would disappear right away. There seems to be a little grace.”

Shin Ha-yul is leaving.

In a world where only the two of them were left, Umbra insinuated.

“Mana… … . Because divine power is not a power that disappears so easily.”

Mana and divine power are different only in terms of expression, but in fact they can be regarded as the same power.

The structure has only changed slightly with the passage of time.

Its basis is no different from divine power.

“Sometimes time flows differently outside and inside. Considering the remnants of mana remaining, it will last for about 5 minutes.”

Of course, the basis is the same, but it’s not really the same.

Divinity is a slightly higher concept than mana.

“okay. Well, not bad. Five minutes is enough time for the two of you to chat and say hello.”

Umbra turned to Persona.

“so. What were you talking about earlier?”

“What are you talking about?”

“a moment ago. You know what I was talking about openly.”

Persona only said that she was thinking about the time she met Ray Bell Bytenor, but then evaded her words.

“The contractor seems to have given up on his thoughts because Mora was sold on him. I’m not. What were you thinking?”

“… … Because it’s nothing.”

“I know best that you are not a great person to spend your mind on useless things.”

Umbra brought Persona closer to her face.

“Tell me the truth.”

When Umbra was talking about the past to Shin Ha-yul.

What was Persona thinking?

“I don’t have time. tell me quickly.”

Umbra stared intently into Persona’s eyes.

If you don’t tell me, I won’t forgive you.

His eyes seemed to say so.

“… … Before.”

Persona began to speak slowly as if it could not be helped.

“The previous contractor of the current contractor. Did you say Ray Bell bitenor? when he met him. I sensed the aura of the end god in his body.”

“… … what?”

Umbra widened her eyes with an expression that said, “What kind of ghost is that?”

“You sensed the energy of the end god?”


“… … But did you just pass on your power?”

Umbra looked at Persona like a madman.

“I could feel the energy of the end god, but it was very weak.”

“No matter how weak it is. How can you give power to a guy who smells like an apocalypse… … .”

Umbra shook her head in disbelief.

“… … Wait a minute. Ignis. Didn’t he say he passed his powers too?”

Umbra let out a laugh with an expression of absurdity.

“Are you crazy as a group? Why are you handing over your power to someone who smells like an apocalypse?”

“Because I didn’t know at the time.”

“… … what?”

“That the end god is extinct.”

“that… … .”

A monster from the divine realm that possessed overwhelming power, a god of the end.

Who could have predicted his death?

“So I was just going to do it. It’s not even thick. just. I thought there must be some power scattered by the Apocalypse God.”

“no. No matter how… … .”

To transfer power to a person who seems to be related to the end god.

It was unimaginable in Umbra’s mind.

“And above all, the apocalyptic aura permeating him had a hostile aura towards him.”

“… … hostile?”

“huh. Something. It must be because I feel like I’m impatient because I can’t eat it.”

Persona recalled the day she met Ray.

An unidentified man approaching with the aura of the end god.

Persona ceded power to the man without hesitation.

“That gave me strength.”

“… … Judged as a person who opposes the god of the end. Did you give me strength?”


If the power of the apocalypse god had even the slightest hint of familiarity to a man, he would never have surrendered his power.

“… … okay. If that’s the case, that’s understandable. Ignis is like that too… … .”

Umbra nodded with an expression of understanding now.

“So the contractor appeared in front of me. When I said that the end god was divided. I could immediately realize that one of the split was the Contractor’s teacher.”

The persona was before, when the two of them had a conversation with Shin Ha-yul.

I once said that I knew that the other half of Apocalypse was a Ray Bell bitenor.

The reason is this.

Persona had previously sensed the aura of the Apocalypse God in Ray’s body.

“Roughly speaking, the one with the power of the end god is the veil stall. The other one would be a Ray Bell bitenor. That’s what I was thinking.”

The reason why the god of the end divided himself into two was to remove unnecessary things from his body.

Persona thought so.

I wondered if it wasn’t Ray Bell By-tenor who fell out because he didn’t need it.

“however. It wasn’t like that.”

But no.

In the first place, Ray Bell Bytenor and Bale Stoll were not the fragments of the End Gods.

Two of them are fragments of the human body.

The end god was handled by the two of them.

“so. It’s complicated in my head.”

“… … why? Because all the premises from one to ten are broken?”

“There is that too… … .”

Persona’s eyes narrowed.

“Ray Bell bitenor. I can’t understand that that man was also endowed with the power of the god of the end.”

“… … why?”

Umbra asked back with a look on her face asking for a more detailed explanation.

“Umbra. I know you would have come to the same conclusion as me. apocalypse. If that man intentionally splits his human body into two in order to be resurrected, then it is normal for the power of the god of the end to be focused on only one side. It will be much more efficient.”

According to Umbra’s hypothesis, it is normal that all powers of the end gods should be focused on the veil.

“But the power of the Apocalypse God resided in Ray Bell Bytenor’s body. I just don’t understand that.”

The reason why they were hostile was because the End Gods hated humans.

The power of the god of the end was surely dwelling in the body of Ray Bell Bytenor.

“… … It is strange.”

Umbra’s expression also became serious.

“And another one.”

Persona continued to speak while staring straight at Umbra.

“Apart from the things I don’t understand, there is one thing that worries me.”

“worry? What are you worried about?”

“The power of the current contractor… … . I said bitenor.”

Persona said with a hard and cold expression.

“Considering the power of the Apocalypse God that I sensed in the past from Ray Bell Bytenor… … . Bytenor. It means that there is a high probability that the power of the end god dwells in that power as well.”

Umbra’s eyes widened.

“If the power of the By-Tenor style itself contains the power of the end god… … .”

Persona paused once and said.

“It’s as if the match has already been decided.”

If the god of the end has messed up something in the by-tenor style, there is no victory on this side.

“Not only will it end in a one-sided defeat on our side, but there is a good chance that the current contract holder will be absorbed by the end god.”

If the power of the god of the end is sleeping somewhere in the power of the By-tenor type.

If it is set to awaken by some kind of trigger.

It is possible that Shin Ha-ryul is absorbed by the End God as it is.

“Why didn’t you tell me something important like this? Shouldn’t you tell me in advance to prepare?”

This is something the contractor needs to know.

“If I have to say it now, it just makes me feel uneasy. It’s too much of a loss to get caught up in anxiety over these hypotheses that have no evidence or anything.”

“still… … .”

Shouldn’t you know what you know?

Umbra swallowed the words.

“That’s why I told you to go find Mora.”

Goddess Mora.

Another name for the goddess of time.

and by another name.

“Empress of the Divine Realm, Mora will do something for you.”

Empress of the Divine Realm.

It is not too late to worry after meeting her and hearing her story.

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