Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 410

Chapter 410

‘… … why?’

Why is the corrupted mana flowing from inside the green castle?

‘The grounds of Halamanium are structured so that you cannot enter without my permission, so intruders cannot enter.’

Only warlocks can corrupt mana.

Saying that corrupted mana is flowing from the inside of the green castle is the same as saying that there is a black magician inside the green castle.

In short, it means that the black magician has infiltrated the grounds of Halamanium.

‘How the hell did he get in?’

I immediately activated Umbra, concealed my presence and mana, and started thinking.

‘… … Let’s think slowly. Right now, three people have been given the right to enter the grounds of Halamanium. It’s just me, Adela and Soonchan.’

Only the three of us can enter the grounds of Halamanium.

Others can never come in.

‘If there is another bitenoric user besides me, the story will be different… … .’

I am the only successor to the Bytenor style. There are no other successors in this era.

‘There’s no other bitenoric user other than me. There are no exceptions.’

This hypothesis does not hold.

Right now, only the three of us are allowed to enter the grounds of Halamanium.

‘So what?’

The reason why intruders came to a place where they could not invade.

How did the intruder infiltrate the grounds of Halamanium?

‘… … Could it be that Sunchan and Adela were followed?’

At that time, a plausible hypothesis flashed through my mind.

‘After Adela and Soonchan recover. If they had been followed by the time they returned to this place… … .’

What if they invaded in time for Adela and Soonchan’s return?

‘It’s possible. If Adela and Soonchan had precisely aimed at the opening to move to the grounds of Halamanium, and intruded. A third person can also enter the grounds of Halamanium.’

The admission ticket to the grounds of Halamanium is a comprehensive concept ticket that allows entry of the entire party, including the person himself.

If Adela and Soonchan aim for the time to enter, they can enter together.

‘But does that make sense?’

Aiming for Adela and Soon-chan to enter, they break in.

If you do that, you will be able to enter the grounds of Halamanium.

However, this is only a possibility in terms of the method that infiltration is possible.

In practice, doing so is close to impossible.

‘Even if Soonchan didn’t care, there’s no way Adela wouldn’t have noticed.’

Adela’s senses correspond to mine.

It’s not enough that Adela didn’t notice her tailing, she didn’t even notice that she approached to intrude at the end?

Even Elena-sama and Aslan-sama would have been attached.

Do the three miss the tailman’s presence?

It is impossible.

‘Of course, there is a possibility that there will be a person who uses monstrous stealth magic that even deceives my senses… … .’

What is the probability that such a person will suddenly pop out?

It’s very unlikely.

… … Probably not.

I don’t think there will be.

‘… … Let’s check.’

In fact, this is something you don’t need to worry about.

It’s something you only know if you check it out.


I put my hand on my choker and called out Mimir’s name in a small voice.

“Heir? What happened all of a sudden?”

Mimir immediately responded to my call and appeared.

His voice is full of tiredness. It must have been devoted to research until just before that.

At that time, the sensory synchronization between me and Mimir, which had been cut off for a while, resumed.

“This… … .”

Mimir’s expression became serious.

“A black magician? Is there a warlock inside?”

Through my senses, I sense the corrupted mana that filled the inside of the green castle,

I was able to quickly assess the situation.

“Why is there a warlock in Green Castle… … ?”

“I do not know either.”

Mimir’s expression grew even more serious.

It must have been a complicated thought in a sudden situation.

“Mimir. Can you contact Elena-nim and Aslan-nim right now?”

Normally, I would have waited for Mimir to finish his thoughts, but unfortunately, I can’t afford to do that right now.

“… … Elena and Asran? why to the two of you… … . ah.”

Mimir’s eyes widened as if he had realized something.

“… … I see Possibly infiltrated after your friends. That was it.”

Mimir looked at me and nodded.

“for a moment. I’ll try connecting right now.”

Mimir closed his eyes and concentrated.

A strange light emanates from my choker.

“We talked about it, Elena and Aslan. Both of them are still in Korea.”

About 10 seconds after the light started flowing out.

Mimir answered with his eyes closed.

“Of course, they say Soon-chan Ji and Adela Stewart are still in Korea.”

She is using her choker’s ability to communicate with Elena-sama.

“I never used your friends to infiltrate.”

Mimir opened his eyes and met mine.

The light from the choker stopped. communication was cut off.

“It’s not like that either.”

My prediction was right.

There’s no way Adela couldn’t detect tailing or something.

‘So what?’

The deepest part of Nokseong.

Feeling the corrupt mana flowing from the place where the training ground is located, I fell into thought again.

How did the black magician located there infiltrate the grounds of Halamanium?

‘I don’t know.’

There was not a single hypothesis that came to mind.

“Heir. I can’t get an answer like this. Let’s go.”

Mimir, like me, didn’t seem to have any hypotheses, so he suggested putting them into action.

“It may be dangerous, but I have no choice but to go.”

Someone infiltrated the grounds of Halamanium in a way we never expected.

I don’t know who the intruder was, but it’s certain that it’s a strong one.

It is dangerous to approach the intruder like this.

“… … okay. I guess I have no choice but to go and see it.”

But you can’t back down like this just because it’s dangerous.

Leaving him behind like this is the same as saying abandoning the grounds of Halamanium.

And abandoning the grounds of Halamanium is tantamount to giving up my growth to some extent.

It will never happen.

“let’s go.”

I further increased the output of Umbra.

No matter how great he is, it will be difficult for him to penetrate Umbra and detect me.

‘Once inside, confirm the presence of an intruder first.’

Deciding whether to move to get rid of him or run away is another matter.

I slowly moved to the gymnasium inside Nokseong.

darkening black.

It was to the point where my body stiffened without realizing how thick the mana was.

“Heir. I don’t think he’s a normal person.”

Mimir’s expression also hardened.

Mana alone can tell.

The guy in here is a considerable level of strength.

“This thick mana… … . Could it be that it’s not a veil?”

said Mimir in a trembling voice.

As if just imagining it was terrifying, he shook his head.

Please don’t be the veil.

He seemed to think so.

“It is not a veil. The mana of the veil was much darker and cloudy than this.”

The mana of the veil that I confirmed in front of my eyes three days ago was much darker than this.

This is not the mana of the veil.

“okay… … . Fortunately, it’s not a veil.”

Mimir rubbed his chest as if he was genuinely relieved.

“no. am i dumb? This is nothing to be relieved of.”

A momentary sigh of relief.

Mimir immediately corrected his words with a hard expression.

“To think that there are other people of this level besides Veil. Where did this guy come from?”

There is one more strong person comparable to the veil.

If it got worse, it got worse, it never got better.

“I can’t believe that the leaders of the four kingdoms have been resurrected in this era… … Is it?”

“… … It could be.”

I slowly leaned against the door.

“Let’s see. You will know when you see it.”

Half open door.

I slowly brought my eyes over the door.

‘That’s… … .’

A man stood in the center of the room.

A moderate-sized man with black hair reminiscent of corrupted mana.

Corrupted mana is swirling around the man.

‘… … that man Strong.’

You can tell just by looking at the quality of mana.

that man is strong

Probably, it will be stronger than the current veil.

“Region, successor… … .”

said Mimir in a trembling voice.

“… … know.”

have to step away

It’s not an opponent I can beat with my skills right now.

I slowly backed away.


“hmm. You make me wait a long time.”

I tried to take a step back.

“Come in.”

If the man in the room hadn’t talked to me, I would have.

“Are you not coming in?”

Through the crack in the half-open door.

The man turned slowly.

The man’s body slowly turning toward me.

“You are on guard.”

Soon after, I could see the man’s face.

“No, no way… … .”

Mimir muttered with a shocked look on his face.

“There is no need to be vigilant. I don’t have the right to hurt you right now.”

I’m probably making a similar expression to Mimir.

“Is this your first meeting? Or is this the second meeting?”

source of black.

all the evil in this world.

my enemy

“how… … .”

“That expression. I guess this isn’t the first time we’ve met.”

bale stall.

“hmm. That means that the magic I engraved on Ray has been properly activated.”

A veil stole as seen in Mimir’s Book in the past.

He clicked his tongue, frowning.

“Tsk. Have you failed?”

Veil untied his arms and held out his right hand.

“Sorry. If I had succeeded in killing you there, I wouldn’t have been used like this.”

Mana gushed out of his hand.

Black mana creeping in like ghosts reaching out from the abyss of hell.

That mana came right up to my nose and licked my skin once.

It was as if a snake from hell was licking my cheek.

“I’m really sorry.”

Mana licked her lips in regret and bit the open door awkwardly.


The iron gate that Mana was biting into was crushed.

As if an alligator had chewed up and swallowed the door, it was crushed.

“How nice it would have been if I could have torn you like that right here and now.”

Veil raised one corner of her mouth.

It was a look that was intent on making fun of me.

“… … .”

I stared blankly at the veil.

Mouth half open, just blank like a madman.

‘… … why?’

I couldn’t understand.

Everything from one to ten.

Not a single thing was understood.

“You don’t have to be afraid. Like I said, I don’t have the right to harm you right now.”

Veil gathered mana and stepped towards me.

“The current me is an imitation created by Ray. It’s a fake created to let you know how dangerous the warlock called Bale Stoll is.”

The words of the veil passed by my ears like a passing wind.

“Of course it’s fake, but it’s not a fictional existence. A fake close to the real thing made using the Dream Stone and Ray’s magic. A fake that is infinitely close to the real thing made by copying the real thing. That is me now.”

I know that this veil is a fake that is infinitely closer to the real thing.

As a person who knew the power of persona, I couldn’t not know.

‘why… … .’

That’s why I couldn’t understand.

“So I have no intention of doing anything to you.”

To say that the veil in front of you right now is a fake that is infinitely closer to the real thing means that the mana you feel right now belongs to the real veil.

“I will not show you my magic. I have no intention of moving at Ray’s will.”

This mana he felt right now was said to be the original mana of the veil.

“Kill it. Ray’s successor. With that, everything ends.”

And the mana I feel now is different from the mana of the resurrected ‘Veil Stall’ that I sensed in the East Sea three days ago.

that means this.

‘… … The veil we’ve dealt with so far… … It’s not a real bale stall.’

It was like this.

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