Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 408

Chapter 408

As soon as she was given power by Persona, she was kicked out.

I have nothing more to say about this.

Persona drove me away with a look that seemed to say that.

“Did you come out soon? Are you done talking already?”

Mimir welcomed me back.

He is genuinely surprised. How did you come back so quickly? expression as if to say

I could tell just by looking at his face.

“Has it been about a minute and a half since I entered?”

“uh? uh. 1 minute 32 seconds 08 to be exact.”

“It’s also a 1:10 ratio.”

It was the same as when I met Umbra.

It seems certain that time passes 10 times slower inside the relic.

Is it roughly 1:10.372 ratio?

We’ll have to build up a bit more data, but it’s unlikely we’ll deviate too far from this ratio.

“… … also?”

Mimir was lost in thought as if pondering my words.

Since asking to check the time beforehand, he is chewing on the word ‘as expected’ just now, and is grasping the general situation.

“… … Did time pass 10 times slower when you entered Umbra’s Relic?”

about 10 seconds like that.

Mimir quickly finished assessing the situation.

“that’s right.”

“… … okay. You asked for a detailed time check to find out if Umbra is unusual or if all the relics are unique. I understand.”

A tear flowed from Mimir’s eyes.

“But do you really need to check? Do you want to go inside the relic and train?”


It’s not that I haven’t thought about it.

Using time that flows 10 times slower, train with 10 times efficiency.

If this is possible, it will be stronger than the 100% veil.

“I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t.”

But that’s impossible.


“Inside the relic, all material concepts except for mana are forcibly fixed.”

Training is what I do to grow my body.

I increase my body’s mana adaptability, make the circle more solid, and increase the mana processing ability by strengthening the blood vessels.

Build and build these things to set the stage for the next circle.

This is wizard training.

“The fact that material concepts are fixed… … . Are you saying the body doesn’t grow at all inside the relic?”

“that’s right. It neither grows nor degenerates within the relic. The state of the body when entering the relic is forcibly fixed.”

Once inside the holy relic, no such change will occur.

You can buy ten times the time, but you get nothing from training.

“Since mana can move, it would be possible to build a sense of control, but that is not a training that has much meaning to me.”

“What is control… … .”

I can’t even say it with my mouth, but the control is already close to perfect.

You don’t need to practice any more than this.

“Sorry. If training was possible inside the relic, it would have been practically the same as winning.”

“… … I’m sorry too.”

Mimir licked his lips in regret.

“But then why did you ask to check the time? If you don’t intend to do something inside, isn’t there any reason to check the detailed time cost?”

As soon as Mimir finished speaking, his eyes widened.


The expression of realizing something.

“Is it because of time magic?”

“that’s right.”

After all, is Mimir a Mimir?

I came to the same conclusion with the same flow as me.

No, what do you think is the same.

I am a conclusion from direct experience, but Mimir is a conclusion from second-hand experience.

And it’s usually more difficult to realize something through indirect experience.

Mimir came to the same conclusion as me at a faster rate and under less favorable conditions.

Again, in this theoretical aspect, Mimir seems to be one level higher.

“huh. I think that’s a good approach. Although there is time magic in the Bytenor style, it is a bit incomplete.”

As it is an imperfect magic, more information is needed.

“The fact that time passed slowly even though the body moved directly means that time magic was involved to some extent in the existence of the holy relic itself. If we can make the information about him entirely ours, we might be able to perfect the time magic.”

Mimir’s eyes shone brightly with emotions such as curiosity and passion unique to researchers.

“Heir. Data inside Persona’s Relic. Did you prepare it separately?”

“of course.”

To understand why time flows differently, you need to find something special within the relic.

In order to find out, I collected the data inside Persona’s holy relic separately.

For reference, I didn’t measure it with something like a machine.

There is no machine that can detect the special energy within the relic.

The data collection inside the relic was conducted solely with my senses.

“Make that data into a document and hand it over to me. I will analyze it on my own.”

“okay. I’ll do everything I have to say for now, document it right away, and hand it over.”

“ah. right.”

Mimir gave a small exclamation.

“Time magic wasn’t important right now.”

He seems to have realized that we’ve been talking about something different from our original purpose.

“how was it?”

It was a question with multiple meanings.

What was Persona like?

What did you and Persona talk about?

And did Persona safely transfer power to me?

“In conclusion… … .”

Among them, the last thing Mimir is most curious about is whether the persona gave me power.

“It was handed over.”

I floated Persona’s mana on the palm of my hand.

It’s similar to the previous Persona, but oddly different.

A mysterious energy that seems to have deepened is swaying over my palm.

“This mana… … .”

Mimir’s eyes slowly widen, and the corners of his mouth also slowly rise upward as if engaging them.

“… … The quality of mana is different from the existing Persona. It’s not at the level of a deteriorating copy, but it can be considered something completely different. … … okay. Because of this, the results of the study did not come out properly.”

A reaction as if the wizard, who had been stagnant for a long time, succeeded in jumping over the wall with some kind of opportunity.

Every action, gesture, and facial expression of Mimir is colored with joy.

“With this mana… … .”

Mimir pressed his face closer into my palm.

I gazed lovingly at the persona’s mana swaying in my palm.

“I can complete it.”

Mimir’s voice was full of confidence.

I don’t feel the cryptic anxiety peculiar to the researcher at all.

All I feel is confidence.

“Unconditionally within a week.”

I know what it’s like when researchers react like that.

I’ve been studying with Terun-sama for two and a half years, and I’ve seen it a few times, so I can’t help but notice it.

‘All the formulas have been solved, and now all that remains is the stage of detailed coordination.’

Research has already been completed.

All that remains now is not research, but mathematical calculations and coordination of physical laws.

The research has reached a stage where it can be completed if there is enough time.

“Heir. I’m sorry, but I’ll be away for one more week.”

“Do you have anything to be sorry about?”

Looking at the strangely apologetic Mimir, he answered with a smile.

“Come and go comfortably. I will be working hard on my training.”

Needless to say, there isn’t much Mimir can do to help in the early stages of training.

The training I am going to conduct now is like an athlete sharpening his senses through training.

No matter how much you try to teach others around you, it is meaningless unless you realize it yourself.

‘Of course, if you have a good coach, you can achieve faster, but… … .’

That doesn’t mean much to me either.

My current body is a beginner athlete who has just started training, but my head is the best master.

Having Mimir in my training is honestly a waste of manpower.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry, because you have about ten days to spare.”

No need to rush too much.

It would be better to finish the study slowly.

It is effective in many ways.

“no. I will finish it within a week.”

Mimir replied with a determined expression.

“It will be finished within a week, and after that… … .”

The gaze looking at me is strangely hot.

A very strange feeling of heat.

“Let’s see.”

It felt like saying, ‘I’ll let you see it again.’

“I won’t let you ever say you don’t need me for training again.”

“… … .”

It seems that he took to heart what he said earlier that he didn’t really need your help in training.

“Then I’ll come.”

I’m silent because I don’t know how to respond to Mimir’s words right now.

Mimir spoke first.

“Go and come.”

Mimir made eye contact with me and smiled bashfully.

“Today will be the last time we make eye contact at the same height.”


Mimir is now making eye contact with me at the same height.

Eye contact was possible because Mimir’s feet were floating about 30cm in the air.

Mimir and I have always made eye contact at this height.

“What are you talking about?”

No more eye contact at this height.

What do you mean?

“never mind.”

Mimir stuck out his tongue and smiled mischievously.

No, should I say that I was laughing rather than playfully?

The future work is very much expected. It was a look and a smile that seemed to say so.

“anyway. I’ll go quickly and finish it quickly.”

“Ah oh. go and come.”

Mimir waved a small hand, and Danteroa disappeared from each other.

‘… … what?’

My head stiffened for a moment at Mimir’s incomprehensible reaction.

What is Mimir thinking?

“ah. right.”

Then, suddenly, something I hadn’t said came to mind.

‘I should have told you that Persona knew Master’s secret.’

The last words I heard from Persona.

‘He is the one who was resurrected from your previous generation and outside. What was the reason for his splitting up his own body?’

I should have conveyed those words to Mimir and exchanged opinions.

Starting with time magic, other topics continued one after another, so I lost the timing to speak.

‘I wanted to hear Mimir’s opinion.’

Persona knew that Master was an alternate body of the God of the End.

Knowing that, he declared that he would help me.

‘An enemy who killed himself, his friends, and even his family. apocalypse. Wouldn’t it be enough to resent being a descendant of such an enemy’s double body?’

Being the enemy’s son, daughter, and how to look like the enemy in the end.

It is normal for the disciple of the enemy to look like the enemy.

It is not an exaggeration to say that I am not an ordinary disciple, but a reincarnation of the enemy who has fully inherited the power of the enemy.

Do you usually lend your power to such beings?

‘No, it can’t be.’

I would never lend

No matter how hard the enemy was, he would never have helped.

‘Of course, considering the pale emotions unique to Persona, there’s a possibility that I don’t hold grudges against me as a descendant… … .’

Persona is unique.

They seem to think differently than normal people.

If that’s his personality, there’s a possibility that his vengeance won’t be passed on to future generations.

‘no. Even so, it makes no sense.’

Even if Persona had broken the chain of vengeance, it would make no sense at this point.

‘Persona met Master in the past.’

There was a sentence like this in the literature left by Master.

[The Masked God Persona transferred power to me without saying anything.]

[They handed over their powers and disappeared as if it didn’t matter.]

Persona made the choice to relinquish her powers to Master, despite having confronted Master directly in the past.


Why did Persona respond favorably to Master?

‘… … No, this isn’t just a persona issue.’

Come to think of it, Persona isn’t the only one who reacted favorably to Master.

‘Ignis. Factio. All of the many other gods. I handed over my power to Master.’

According to Umbra, the Apocalypse God is the enemy of all gods.

Despite the fact that the clone of such an enemy was right in front of his eyes, he calmly surrendered his power.

What could be the reason?

‘Because Master is not something to resent. This is the only reason.’

There was only one reason that immediately came to mind.

This is also a hypothesis that makes no sense in many ways, but this was the only hypothesis that could explain this situation.

‘… … Isn’t Master the alter ego of the God of the End?’

Master has nothing to do with the God of the End.

According to this hypothesis, most of the questions are resolved.

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