Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 407

Chapter 407

“My prediction was correct. The masked god did not give up all his strength and disappear.”

Mimir stomped his foot excitedly.

A face full of happiness.

He had an expression like a researcher who had finally solved a mystery that had been unsolved for a long time.

“That’s why it didn’t work. It’s not that my research direction is wrong. It was just because I didn’t have enough strength.”

“wait for a sec. Don’t mutter like that to yourself. Please explain to me too. What happened?”

I know something has been resolved.

But I don’t know what it is.

Since I don’t know what kind of research Mimir is doing, I had no way to find out.

“Ah, yes. The Heir doesn’t know what’s going on at all.”

Mimir replied with an excited expression. Seeing that she speaks faster than usual, it seems that her mind can’t be more excited than this.

“So, to put it simply… … .”

Normally, I would have said, ‘I’ll let you know when it’s finished!’

It sure looks like it’s in a good mood. Seeing how he tried to explain the research in such a trivial way.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Then, the mask emitted light again. Three flashes of light accompanied by subtle tremors.

Just as Umbra communicated to me through the relic, so did Persona communicate to me.

‘come fast.’

Persona is urging me on.

Come in and let’s talk.

I was saying that.

“… … I think it would be better to put off talking about me.”

Mimir stopped talking and looked at me with a serious expression.

“Go once and come.”

Go ahead and come back before Persona gets offended.

Mimir’s eyes said so.

“… … uh.”

I just nodded.

I don’t know what his persona’s personality is, but there’s no need to offend him from the point of view of going to a conversation no matter what.

“I’ll be back.”

I blew mana into the persona’s holy relic, the white mask.

“Oh right.”

The mask absorbs mana.

Feeling my body flying somewhere, I said to Mimir.

“While I’m in and out of the relic, I’ll ask you to check the time.”


“huh. as detailed as possible. Seconds please.”

“… … why?”

“Because you need it?”

The information I got while meeting Umbra earlier.

It is necessary to refine the information that time flows differently inside and outside the relic.

Exactly at the ratio of how many to how many, time passes, and by what action does time flow differently.

You need to know these things in as much detail as possible.

‘Really, I might be able to complete the time magic.’

A magic that even Master could not complete. Time attribute magic. I might be able to complete that magic.

“Then why do you need it… … .”

It was time for Mimir to ask me for a detailed reason.

A brighter light emanated from the mask.


After warming up, my body began to transfer into the relic.

The darkness that came in an instant.

If you are used to it, the sensation of moving your familiar body somewhere else.

I don’t even feel dizzy anymore.

I opened my eyes calmly, not frowning.

“… … .”

A man is standing in front of me.

A man whose shape seems to have made the ephemerality into a person.

I can’t feel even the minimum emotions that I should have as an intelligent body.

It is like pure white drawing paper.

A drawing paper that can become anything depending on what you do in the future.

‘This man is the masked god.’

It was the god of the mask, persona-like appearance.

“Apocalypse God.”

A soft voice flowed from the man’s throat.

It was a neutral voice, hard to tell whether it was male or female.

“What do you mean you can avenge the Apocalypse God?”

Facial expression, posture, voice.

All factors that can judge a person are transparent as one.

Despite talking about revenge, I don’t feel any emotion.

“I mean literally. apocalypse. To be precise, it should be said that it is an alternate body of the God of the End. His double body has been resurrected in this era.”

“… … okay.”

All gods hate the last god.

… … said Umbra.

Persona must have hated the end god.

There was no passionate emotion to be found in his eyes.

“Even though he is an alternate body, the God of the End is the God of the End. Killing him is like revenge. That’s what you mean.”

“yes. That’s right.”

It was like having a conversation with a machine.


As if emotions don’t matter. Ask only the authenticity of the information.

“There is no way to prove its existence right now.”

In order to prove the existence of the end god to Persona, he must first meet Veil.

Since there is no way to meet Veil right now, it is difficult to prove to Persona about the double body of the Apocalypse God.

“okay. Then, when you can prove its existence, come back.”

The persona, which was already pale, became even more pale.

Was it that he had been motivated up until just now?

With the words to come back, the sense of existence itself began to disappear.

‘This is why you thought the persona was gone.’

I could understand why Master had left a message saying, ‘Persona passed all power and disappeared.’

As I look at it, it seems to disappear.

If it hadn’t been for the words ‘come back next time’, I would have thought it was really disappearing.

“for a moment… … . There are still things I want to talk about.”

This is not the time to be admiring the idiosyncrasies of personas.

I can’t let the persona disappear like this.

“Certainly, it is difficult to prove its existence right now. No, maybe a few weeks will be hard to prove. Now that he’s beaten us, he won’t be seen for at least a few weeks.”

If it wasn’t long before he was reunited with Bale, it wouldn’t have been a problem if he had just left it like that.

However, at least two weeks are left before Bale and I will meet again.

I can’t just blow away the long time of two weeks.

‘I don’t know the details, but it is certain that Persona’s help is needed for Mimir’s research. I can’t wait two weeks.’

I need to get confirmation of Persona’s help right here and now.

“If you can’t prove the existence of the God of the End, there’s nothing more to say. Come back in two weeks.”

Ignoring my words, the presence of a persona slowly disappearing.

Within the next 10 seconds, the persona will disappear completely.

And after that, no matter what I say, he won’t show up again.

You have to see the match before that.

“Apocalypse God’s alter body. It’s hard to confirm him directly.”

I said urgently.

“But one. I have something to prove.”

At that moment, Persona stopped moving.

As if my words had aroused interest, her sense of presence recovered only slightly.

“The Shadow God. Do you know the name Umbra?”

“… … know.”

Persona replied calmly.

I’ve heard the name

It was like saying that, it was a reaction without any inspiration.

‘As expected, the persona was a god belonging to the neutral camp.’

Calm as if he heard about Minsu next door.

It is clear that Persona belonged neither to the camp of good nor to the camp of evil.

I was so sure

“my friend.”

“… … yes?”

However, my confidence was quickly shattered.

“Chi, friend… … Say?”


Persona’s presence began to recover rapidly.

The name Umbra seems to have sparked interest again.

“I was performing, and it helped me a lot.”

“Umbra… … Can you help with the performance?”

“huh. Shadows make good props.”

I can’t imagine.

Umbra helping out with something like a performance.

‘What’s the relationship between the two of you?’

I began to genuinely wonder about the relationship between Persona and Umbra.

“Why Umbra?”

Persona, who reappeared, came one step closer to me.

I cleared the doubts that filled my head and said what I wanted to say.

“She witnessed the alter ego of the Apocalypse God.”

“… … Umbra?”


I lightly cast a shadow over my hand.

Looking at the shadow that Persona fluttered on my palm, I was lost in thought.

Naturally, I had no idea what he was thinking.

No emotion was shown on his face, so there was no way to guess.

All I can do now is wait for Persona to speak up again.

“… … okay.”

About 1 minute passed like that.

As if all her thoughts had been sorted out, Persona focused her gaze on me again.

“for a moment. Excuse me.”

Persona came slowly to me.

Light, quiet steps.

It was as if a cat was approaching.

“… … .”

The persona that came so close to the nose.

He looked into my eyes for a long time, then slowly lowered his gaze.

In line with the downward gaze, the right hand slowly rises.

At some point, his gaze and hands overlapped.

“Umbra did this… … .”

His hand and gaze were on the nape of my neck.

“I understand. The only thing she can do to the point of giving up on this is the second coming of the end god.”

Persona nodded with an expression of understanding.

“That’s enough evidence.”

Persona removed her hand from the nape of my neck.

And this time he held my hand.

‘What are you trying to do this time?’

Judging by the fact that you held the hand that casts a shadow, it seems that you are trying to confirm something more.

what are you trying to check?

“If Umbra entrusted everything to you, it would be right for me to entrust everything to you as well.”

At that time, indescribable energy began to flow from Persona’s hands.

“take it.”


The heart began to beat violently.

Again, my expectations were wrong.

Persona didn’t join hands to find out more about me.

Holding hands was to transfer power to me.

‘… … Because I don’t feel emotions, I can’t predict his actions.’

Facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice.

All elements lack emotion, making their behavior unpredictable.

Even if it’s not emotions, every action is extraordinary.

Who could have predicted

To think that the person who had been suspicious until just now would grab the scruff of his neck and hand over his strength right away.

“… … Kut!”

The pain is intensifying, as if to engage with the sound of an accelerating heartbeat.

A pain equivalent to the pain I experienced while accepting the power of Umbra earlier hit my whole body.


Like I don’t care if I’m sick or not.

Persona spoke up.

“There is something strange about it.”

Beyond the sight trembling with pain, Persona’s pupils came into my eyes, albeit vaguely.

“Apocalypse God. A heresy among heresies with power greater than the combined power of all the gods.”

His eyes harbored emotions for the first time.

“Apocalypse God. Why did he do something like division?”

For the first time, paint was engraved on white drawing paper called Persona.

question. curiosity. and anger.

Each color vividly filled the drawing paper.

“A being with that much power. There’s no way I’ve been beaten by someone. Obviously, they must have chosen to divide by their own will.”

Perhaps, it was the change in emotions that occurred because the power to control emotions that gave me strength was weakened.

“Why did he bother to split his body in two?”

Persona’s pupils filled my retinas.

“With your previous generation and the guy who was resurrected outside. Why did he split his own body?”

“… … !”

A keyword that could not be ignored came out of Persona’s mouth.

‘Did you know?’

He knew that my predecessor, Ray Bell Bytenor, was one half of the Apocalypse God.

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