Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 406

Chapter 406

After that, Shin Ha-yul went straight back to the site of Halamanium.

“… … The more you look at it, the better it becomes.”

Sein smiled happily.

Since we just finished a big battle, we should be able to rest.

How can you go back to training right away?

That steely willpower and enterprising spirit are commendable.

“How about it, have you thought about it?”

Sae-in looked at Shin In-hyeok, who was frowning next to him, and asked.

“… … Say it with a subject and an object.”

I don’t know what I was thinking.

Shin In-hyeok frowned and replied.

“Hayul’s marriage partner.”

“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok’s brow furrowed even more.

It was a look that said what nonsense.

“Although Adela Stewart is a good enough woman. There is a downside to being a bit less human. If you marry a woman like that, trouble will happen in the near future.”

Sae-in didn’t care about Shin In-hyeok’s expression and continued talking.

“The source is my experience. These were the words my husband told me before he died of illness.”

Among the people around Shin Ha-yul, the highest peak of a person who lacks humanity is definitely Sein Binoche.

How impersonal she was, to the extent that her husband said such a thing before he died.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. He wasn’t a bad husband. Those words were just words that came out as I recalled my last memories, and I had no other intentions.”

I know it wasn’t meant to be, but the words came as a big shock for some reason.

Come to think of it, she was a good prosecutor, but not a good wife and mother.

The husband’s will served as an opportunity for Sein to look back on himself.

“… … Just tell me the conclusion. What do you want to say?”

Shin In-hyeok asked with a very displeased expression.

“Without humanity, he is second only to being a sad fellow.”

Sein stroked his chin and made a curious expression.

“How could such a true child be born to such a father?”

“… … I will go back if I have nothing more to say.”

Shin In-hyeok frowned again and stood up.

“Hmm. I’m sorry Couldn’t you give this much time to the person who risked his life to protect Seoul?”

Shin In-hyeok stiffened in an awkward posture. An even more frowned brow.

Shin In-hyeok clicked his tongue as if he had no choice but to sit down again.

“Kuk-kuk. In that respect, he also strangely resembles Ha Yul.”

Saein looked at Shin Inhyuk and chuckled.

Strangely, they don’t seem to resemble each other, yet they are similar.

“I’m done with that impression, so go on with what you said.”

Shin In-hyeok folded his arms and closed his eyes.

Where, if you have something to say, go ahead. I’ll listen with one ear and let it flow with the other, but I’ll give it a listen.

It was a posture and expression that showed such will.

“What? It doesn’t matter what I’m saying Adela Stewart may be better off in many ways, but if she were married, her happiness might be a little less. I mean like this.”

“… … You say things that Sang-cheol would go wild if he heard them.”

Adela’s father, Sang-cheol Sang.

A close friend of Shin In-hyeok, who is now dead.

If he had heard of him, who is famous for being a fool of his daughter, he would surely have cast his magic on Se-in right here and now.

Sein’s words were so rude.

“Seeing as you don’t even bother denying it. I think I sympathize with you.”

Sein smiled and said.

“Have you heard something similar from your dead wife?”

“… … noisy.”

In fact, Shin In-hyeok heard something similar from his wife.

I guess you don’t love me Looking back, I wasn’t very happy.

My wife had said that to Shin In-hyeok before she died.

“is it. Was it a song? Then it would be faster to talk.”

Sein laughed.

“Certainly now that France is gone. My daughter’s background is poor. It can’t compare to Adela Stewart.”

The French famous Vino Sugar no longer exists.

The only thing left for Stella Binoche is the title of France’s last hope.

Other than that, no background remains.

“But it is cute. It is full of humanity and is lovely.”

But the only thing lacking is the background.

“The talent is excellent, and it is also a natural monument of innocence and innocence that does not exist in this era when only one person is looking at it.”

Talent, looks, etc.

Except for the background, none of the faces are affected.

“And how. If you marry Stella, you won’t have to worry about being harassed by her mother-in-law.”

“… … .”

When this fight is over, he will disappear.

Sein was talking back like that.

It was an outrageous black joke.

“and. another one. Family-wise, there is nothing to be a problem.”

family problem.

Adela Stewart is currently the only remaining blood of the Mystic.

Even if she marries Shin Ha-yul, she will be active as the head of the Sinbwi family.

“Personally, rather than the two leading each other’s families. I think it’s good to have one person helping out.”

That’s right.

It’s better to catch one rabbit with certainty than to catch both rabbits in a haphazard way.

Even more so, Shin Ha-yul is the leader of the Mado Singa. He would become the best in the world unconditionally, so why bother with other families?

“How is it? Don’t you think that this is a pretty good product?”

“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok’s eyebrows are more clearly straightened than before.

It was proof that there was a certain degree of humiliation in Sein’s words.

‘Certainly considering the family relationship, Adela… … .’

It is impossible to cut the lifeline of the mystery house here.

Accepting Adela as a daughter-in-law has many obstacles.

‘But as a family of wizards, taking a swordsman as a daughter-in-law… … .’

However, it is not cool to accept Stella as a daughter-in-law.

Shin In-hyeok’s head became complicated.

“Think carefully. I’m not saying this because it’s my daughter. My daughter’s talent equals mine. She will become a prosecutor who will surpass me in the not too distant future.”

“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok’s eyes widened slightly.

‘A swordsman that surpasses Sain Binoche?’

Sein doesn’t lie when it comes to swords.

If Sein said that, then the real Stella’s talent is at a level that surpasses Sein’s.

‘Then, being a prosecutor doesn’t matter.’

A swordsman with the power of Sein Binoche. If such a person becomes the master of the family’s master bedroom, he is about to gain a thousand troops and horses.

“It is a proposal that makes sense in many ways. I will think about it slowly.”

Shin In-hyeok’s heart began to lean toward Stella just a little bit.

Sein smiled with a satisfied expression.

“okay. Let’s think slowly. Anyway, it’s something to decide after this boring fight is over.”

“… … I know you. If I had known, I wonder what it would have been like if those words had been postponed until a little later.”

Now, the battle with Bale Stall is in full swing.

In a situation where the world’s life and death were at stake, what was the point of talking about marriage?

“Isn’t it said that flowers bloom on asphalt? In such an urgent time, there are things that can be said. and… … .”

Sein smiled.

“Think of the future and look forward to the future. That is the strength needed above all else to win. I think.”

Just because the present is urgent, there is no need to postpone thinking about the future.

As important as the present is, the future is also important.

Since Sein knows that better than anyone else, he brought up the topic of marriage now.

“It was packaged quite nicely, but in the end, isn’t it for saliva?”

“this. I got caught.”

Sein smiled mischievously.

“As expected, are they people without humanity? You see right through me.”

Looking at Sae-in like that, Shin In-hyeok also smiled very slightly.

“if… … .”

Shin In-hyeok kept a soft smile and spoke quietly.

“The battle with Bale is over. If you are alive… … . I will seriously think about it.”

“… … .”

“Of course, the most important thing is Hayul’s heart, so I can’t say anything about that. As a father, it would be possible to push at least.”

Sein opened his eyes wide in surprise. I never thought that such words would come out of Shin In-hyuk’s mouth.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes. It doesn’t mean much. just. If I’m going to take her as a daughter-in-law, I’d rather take the daughter of Sein Binoche than an orphan.”

Words that seem cold at first glance.

However, it was not a world that could not grasp the meaning contained in the depths of those words.

“… … is it. If that’s the case, I’ll have to do my best.”

Sein smiled bitterly and happily.

“Even for my daughter. She must survive.”

It was a strangely sad smile.

* * *

Immediately after returning to the grounds of Halamanium.

Mimir appeared.

It seems that he has squeezed all his strength into Elena-nim and Aslan-nim’s recovery.

It’s the expression of Jin missing everything.

“Heir. I’m here… … .”

Mimir sighed as he spoke, then suddenly stopped talking and widened his eyes.

“… … Rust?”

I was surprised by the unexpected scenery.

“Uh, how? why? Have I been inside that long?”

The site of Halamanium is located in Greenland.

It takes more than 12 hours to travel from Korea to Greenland.

Mimir knows that too.

So that’s what I’m saying now.

Was I stuck inside for more than 12 hours? I am asking like that.

“I think it took about 2 hours… … . why… … .”

Wasn’t it because he poured so much energy that he couldn’t even properly sense the passage of time?

You look so worried.

“don’t worry. In fact, it only took about two hours.”

“Oh, right? 2 hours right? i again… … .”

Mimir let out a sigh of relief.

He smiled lightly, showing sincere gratitude that there was nothing wrong with his body.

“however. Then you came back here in two hours?”

“no. He returned an hour ago.”

“… … 1 hours? Did you fly all the way here from Korea in an hour?”


“how? What, has a new jet been invented?”


Aircraft cannot exceed a certain speed.

Although he had overcome air resistance, he could not find a way to overcome mana resistance.

With existing technology, it is impossible to travel from Korea to Greenland in one hour.

“Then how… … ?”

“How is it? Like this.”

I slowly cast a shadow over my palm.

A magic that should not be used for 3 days because it was used to move from Greenland to Korea.

Mimir’s eyes widened at the appearance of Umbra’s shadow.

“Heir… … ?”

What happened.

Mimir’s eyes were asking like that.

“I made a contract with Umbra.”

“… … what? contract?”

Mimir frowned as if he was talking about beating a baton again.

“A contract with an evil god? what contract? Did you overdo it again? I told you not to push yourself so hard… … .”

Mimir said the same thing as Sain.

Don’t overdo it.

I never thought I’d hear that again in an hour.

Am I pushing too much?

I don’t think so.

“No, this is not the time to nag.”

Mimir thrust his face at me with a worldly serious expression.

“What kind of contract did you come up with? After hearing that… … .”

“Mimir. Calm down for now.”

“Do you look calm now? I heard you made a contract with some evil god!”

I moved my hands up and down, gesturing Mimir to calm down.

“It’s not because we signed a dangerous or unequal contract. calm down. It was a very reasonable contract.”

“… … rational?”

Mimir’s body froze for a moment.

He seems to have noticed that something strange is going on.

“I will explain in turn. It started after Mimir entered Elena-sama’s and Aslan-sama’s database… … .”

I explained to Mimir what had happened with Umbra.

The Apocalypse and Umbra’s hatred. and so on.

It took roughly 20 minutes to finish explaining in detail one after another.

“… … .”

All talk is over.

Mimir was silent with a serious expression.

As if thinking about the existence of the apocalypse, he is immersed in thought with his gaze directed downward.

“… … apocalypse. A traitor to the divine realm who killed all the gods except himself. No, a traitor to the divine system.”

Mimir murmured in a low voice.

“The object that all the gods hate… … . evil, good… … And if it’s a god that everyone hates, even the neutral one… … .”

A tear flowed from Mimir’s eyes.

“that’s right. If that’s the case, Persona’s lethargy is understandable. then… … .”

The keyword ‘Persona’ that popped out of nowhere.

It seems that he is thinking of something different from what I expected.

“Heir. Take out the Persona’s holy relic now.”

“… … Persona? Why all of a sudden?”

Since it is of no use in battle, the Persona’s holy relics are usually only embedded in Aes.

take it out all of a sudden

what is the intention

“I will explain later. hurry!”

“… … okay.”

I immediately took out the Persona from Aes.

“Heir. Say this to the relic now.”

Mask in my hand.

Looking at the persona’s holy relic, Mimir said.

“I’ll give you a chance to avenge the end god.”

I slowly followed Mimir’s words.

“… … Will you give me a chance to avenge the end god?”

and that moment.


Light began to flow from the mask.


Mimir shuddered with joy.

“this… … .”

Looking at the light emanating from the mask, I remembered what had happened an hour ago.

“Like Umbra… … .”

Inside the persona’s holy relic, the slumbering god was calling me.

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