Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 396

Chapter 396

After that.

After conveying information about Disolutio to Mimir in as much detail as possible, he returned to the training ground.

“I am surprised. I thought I would start with the dissolutio tuning with the princess.”

By the way, Tay is also with us.

“It’s not that urgent to shorten Disolutio.”

I was honestly a bit surprised.

It’s still only 30 minutes since the body was smashed.

I didn’t expect you to finish your body recovery already.

Isn’t it called a dream magician for nothing?

“hmm. but. I won’t be writing anything right now. There is no reason to rush.”

“yes. Mimir also seemed to want to focus a little more on what he is currently researching.”

If you pretend now, pretend.

You can tell just by looking at Mimir’s expression.

Currently, Mimir is not in a state where he can focus on other things.

It’s better to leave it as it is until I finish what I’m researching now.

“And I have other things that I need to take care of first.”

I don’t know if I had nothing else to do.

Right now, there are much more urgent things left for me than the abbreviation of Disolutio.

“A ring of nothingness?”

“yes. We have to finish it soon.”

To create the eighth Infinity Circle. This is a top priority.

“okay. that’s not the most important thing It is also very late.”

“yes. Because I had a lot of work… … . I really just made a lot of preparations.”

Tay replied expressionlessly.

“Then, will you go back to the Luminous Magic Stone Cave?”

“yes. I think so.”

Due to the nature of the Infinity Circle, the higher the mana density, the better.

Green Castle boasts a sufficiently high density, but it is nothing compared to the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.

When it comes to weaving a new circle, there’s no better place than the Radiant Magic Stone Cave.

“okay. Then suffer.”

Tay-sama turned around.

I’ll go my way too, so you go your way too.

Tay-sama’s back said so.

“You want to go see Adela?”


I was expecting

What other reason could there be for restoring his broken body despite the annoyance of Tei-sama’s personality?

“I won’t go so far as to tell you not to steal it… … . Please refrain from stealing too blatantly. If Elena-sama notices, it will be annoying in many ways.”

“I don’t know if it’s real, but it won’t work here.”

fish in water.

Or wild horses on the meadow.

Greenseong is the same as Tei-nim’s home ground.

No matter how Elena-sama was in her prime, it would be difficult to detect Tay-sama’s gaze.

Tei-nim would describe it as ‘absolutely’.

“Originally, you would never get caught. But I think it would be caught by Tei-nim now. That’s why I’m telling you.”

But that’s the case with the usual Tei-sama.

Things are a little different now.

“Why am I now?”

“Because if you’re the current Tei-nim, you won’t be hesitant to cross the line.”

Judging from Tei-sama’s current state, he could tap dance on the line.

Tay-sama’s interest in Adela is by no means light.

There’s a good chance they’ll cross the line because they’re blinded by curiosity.

‘You can infiltrate the training ground, approach Adela, or even summon only Adela separately.’

Elena-sama will notice if you cross the line.

Then it gets annoying in many ways.

Now that time is running out, I want to avoid internal divisions.

“hmm… … . cross the line I cannot deny it.”

Tay was lost in thought for a moment.

Something seems to be troubling me.

“okay. what. There is still plenty of time. There’s no need to be marked for concentration by Elena already. okay. This time, I’ll just watch from a distance.”

“… … .”

‘this time’.

It was something that would frighten Elena-sama.

I really don’t know what he’s doing to Adela later.

‘I’m sure Elena-nim will try to block it… … .’

Thinking of Tay’s notoriety, I’m a little worried.

You can do to Adela what you did to Mimir.

‘I’ll have to be a little more careful.’

Considering Tei-sama’s curiosity, I should be careful from now on.

‘Even so, there’s no way something will happen right away. For now, let’s just focus on weaving a ring of nothingness.’

Nothing will happen right away.

I can just focus on my work now.

With that thought in mind, I moved on to the Radiant Magic Stone Cave.

* * *

A week has passed since Shin Ha-yul and his party entered Nokseong.

“… … Thank you for your effort.”

Adela took a deep breath and thanked Elena.

“Thanks for your efforts.”

Elena answered, wiping the sweat from her hand with the back of her hand.

Not as much as Adela, but her breathing is quite rough.

“Now… … No, it is quite difficult.”

Elena laughed bitterly.

Obviously, it was very relaxed until 3 days ago.

I never thought it would be difficult to deal with this much in just 3 days.

“At this rate… … I might really lose tomorrow.”

too fast too fast

I thought it would take two weeks at the earliest.

I never thought I would be in danger of losing in a week.

Even if the growth rate is fast, it is too fast.

“no. Until there… … .”

Adela caught her breath and answered as clearly as possible.

Until yesterday, right after training, I couldn’t speak properly. Now, let alone not being able to speak, the pronunciation does not leak at all.

That means you have plenty of room.

‘I became incredibly strong in one day.’

That’s not something that can be explained with the lukewarm expression of growth.

Well, ‘evolution’.

Just as a pupa evolves into a butterfly and can fly.

Adela has achieved a rapid evolution in one day.

‘I broke another wall in one night.’

Yesterday during training, he seemed to have realized something.

I never thought I would make that realization my own in one day.

I’ve seen many geniuses, but I think I’ve never seen a genius that’s as ridiculous as that.

‘How does it accelerate the growth rate the further you go?’

Even when I first met him, he was a genius at the level of eye-popping.

But it was never quite like this.

Adela now is a completely different person than when she first met Elena.

‘No matter how much I inherited the blood of the Sol Lunari family… … .’

How the hell did this body come into being?

What’s even more surprising is that even now, talent is growing in real time.

The more you train, the more your strength increases, the more your talent status grows along with it.

‘Talent is innate. It’s a corporation that never changes.’

Talent is growing.

It was a completely incomprehensible phenomenon.

‘At this rate, surpassing Hayul is not just a dream.’

If this growth rate continues now, you can reach the 9th circle within a month.

Exceeding the true God’s rate is just like a dream… … .

‘… … no. Anyway, that’s not it.’

Elena shook her head.

Looking back, this isn’t it.

‘Because there’s no way Hayeul’s growth rate is slower than Adela’s.’

Just as Adela’s growth accelerated, Shin Ha-yul’s growth rate must have also accelerated.

No matter how much Adela’s talent is exceptional, it can’t be compared to the talent possessed by Shin Ha-yul.

‘A level equal to or slightly inferior to Hayul’s. That’s the realistic limit.’

Shin Ha-yul and Adela.

I was sure because it was Elena who had trained them both.

The day when Adela surpasses the rule of God will never come.

‘As if I couldn’t even reach Ray’s feet no matter what I tried. Adela can’t surpass Hayul.’

There is a huge wall that can’t be crossed between a Bytenor type user and a general-purpose magic user.

With Adela’s talent, she can break down that wall to some extent.

But that’s it.

You can never break down that wall.

that’s neat

‘Even though I have that much talent, I can never stand at the top.’

It’s a really odd fate.

‘if… … .’

Bad thoughts ran through Elena’s mind.

‘What would have happened if Adela’s temper had tilted to the wrong side even a little bit.’

It was probably stained with evil with a high probability.

‘… … I hate to imagine.’

After despairing at the fact that he could never become No. 1 and harboring jealousy, he would not have eventually become the enemy of Shin Ha-yul.

“What are you two doing right now?”

Adela muttered to herself with a worried look on her face.

The expression and words of sincere concern for the two friends who will be training hard in a different place from themselves.

Seeing that, Elena smiled a little.

‘For Adela, is eternal second place a blessing rather than a curse?’

Adela is never jealous of her subjects.

I envy Shin Ha-yul’s talent, and I do not envy him.

“How strong Ha Yul must have become by now.”

Adela is just happy.

That there is a friend who runs in front of you.

That you have a back to follow.

The fact that there are rivals that you may or may not be able to catch up with even if you follow them for the rest of your life.

“Adela. I am so proud to have a student like you.”

“… … ?”

Adela tilted her head slightly.

Suddenly, out of the blue, what are you talking about?

Was it a trend worthy of praise? It was a look that thought so.

“I’ve been thinking about it ever since.”

“… … that, um uh… … .”

Adela groaned, not knowing how to react.

“… … He, thank you?”

After groaning for a while, he gave a short thank you.

The corner of Elena’s mouth rose even higher.

Adela’s cute expression.

Elena hugged Adela as it was.

“Eh, Miss Elena?”

“Stay still.”

With one hand, she brushes the back of Adela’s hair, and with the other hand, she hugs Adela’s back tightly.

“… … yes.”

Adela stood still in a rigid posture.

The expression that I do not know how to accept this situation now.

It was an Adela-like reaction indeed.

“… … How can you be so cute?”

Such an immature look is cute again. Elena placed her cheek against Adela’s as it were.

It’s a skinship that Elena does only to people she truly believes in.

“That, Elena-sama… … . I’m frustrated.”

“Am I warm and nice?”

“It’s warm, but… … . eww… … .”

Adela struggled with a look on her face, not knowing what to do.

As if enjoying Adela’s reaction, Elena hugged Adela even tighter.

“Even if it’s frustrating, please be patient. Because there aren’t many days left where I can hug you directly like this.”

“… … .”

Adela’s shoulders trembled.

“Yes… … Joe.”

Currently, Elena’s body is a virtual body made using the Dream Stone in Nokseong.

After the training is over, it disappears at the same time as it leaves the green castle.

“therefore… … Stay like this for a while… … .”

That’s when Elena closed her eyes and buried her face in Adela’s shoulder.


Suddenly, the air shuddered.

Ever since I entered the grounds of Halamanium, I have felt a lot of trembling.

“… … Guess who isn’t the beginning of black magic? I can’t read the atmosphere.”

It is mana gin generated by the dragon’s mana.

“It’s big.”

Adela’s expression became serious.

“yes. I wanted to be quiet for a week. This one is especially big.”

About a week after entering Nokseong, a total of 4 manajins occurred.

However, that was only about the ‘occurrence’ of mana gene.

“At least 70% of the dragons that appeared this time must be.”


It is estimated that the level of the dragon that can be detected with the mana output generated this time easily exceeds the danger level S.

It’s at least one level stronger than the one that appeared before.

“It’s progressing faster than I expected. I thought that this level would come out in a week or two.”

Expectations were wrong.

“This could shorten the training time even more.”

If the veil stall shows another movement like stepping on the accelerator, then this side can’t stay still either.

At that time, even if it means ending training early, you must respond.

“Can I not respond?”

“yes. For now, it’ll be fine. Because Sein Binoche is there.”

Even if it was a dragon with 70% mana charge, it wouldn’t work for Sein Binoche.

There is no need to move from this side.

“and… … If you need help, they’ll call you over there.”

Elena turned her gaze to the small communication device placed on one side of the training ground.

A special communication device jointly created by Sinhayul, Mimir, and Terun.

If something happens, there will be a response to that communication device.

“So you don’t have to worry about this… … .”

That’s when Elena tried to reassure Adela.


A siren sounded from the communications unit.

“This… … .”

red siren.

It was a signal calling for emergency assistance.

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