Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 390

Chapter 390

African continent.

A land of the dead teeming with monsters.

In the center of the land, Sein Binoche was facing the dragon alone.


Sein’s sword decapitated the dragon.

End with that.

The dragon stopped breathing.


Sein put the sword into the scabbard and observed the dragon disappearing.

As usual, the form as a dragon disappears.

Going back to Drake’s form.

“Somehow, before the amount of mana charge, it seems that the difference in power also occurs depending on the level of the object that became the body.”

Existing dragons are a type of chimera with a dragon’s spiritual body in Drake’s body.

Is it because of the structure? It seems that depending on the level of the drake, there is a difference in the power as a dragon.

“Iknow, right. Maybe +-4% for each individual.”

“It is exactly 3.6562%.”

Sophia and the Dark Mage King helped each other.

By the way, I didn’t specifically borrow Sophia’s body to speak.

I only communicated my intentions using the connection between the souls.

“… … Guess who isn’t the king of the monsters, that’s accurate.”

“Is it a compliment?”

“It can’t be. It’s sarcastic.”

“hmm. It’s a compliment.”

“Is it sarcastic?”

Sophia and the Dark Mage King grumbled as usual.

Sein let out a small sigh.

‘They really fight to the point of exhaustion.’

Lately, as the Dark Mage King has started talking more often, these arguments have become more frequent.

Thanks a lot, my head hurts.

Looking up directly from the head, you can’t hear it with one ear and let it out with the other.

Even if you stop it, the argument will start again soon, so it’s meaningless.

Sein sighed again.

“I have a question.”

The only way to stop the quarrel between the two is to throw a new topic and block the fight.

“What is it?”


The two answered Sein’s words at the same time.

“I’ve been wondering, but isn’t Drake a monster that is known to have practically perished? Where does it come pouring out like that?”

This question was not only to end the argument, but also to solve the questions I had always had.

“Ah, that… … .”

“A drake used as a sacrifice to a dragon is not a real drake.”

The Dark Mage King ignored Sophia’s words and replied.

“Drake remains as a successor. ‘Tyrant’ Drake is not a monster of that level. That’s a degraded copy imitating Drake. It is a synthetic monster created through genetic manipulation.”

“… … make?”

Sein frowned.

“Is that possible?”

Is it possible to artificially create low-level monsters?


The Dark Mage King declared.

“Of course, it is not possible to create a perfect monster. The only thing that can be created is the monster’s ‘body’. The ‘soul’ that dwells in that body cannot be materialized.”

“… … Whoa.”

A strange color flowed from Sein’s eyes.

“In other words, the body can be made, but there is no means to create a soul, so monsters are just lumps of meat that cannot be moved. Is this what you mean?”


“hmm. Does that mean the soul of a dragon was stuffed into that meaningless piece of meat?”

Sein nodded with an expression of understanding.

“understood. It is said that the technology is useless without a dragon. I knew very well why I was rotting that technology until now.”

If it was possible to artificially produce a monster the size of a drake, this world might have fallen into the hands of the mafia a long time ago.

If mass-produced drakes were used to stage terrorism all over the world, there would be no way to stop them.

“But you know very well. Can you tell that far just by looking at Drake’s corpse?”

“No way.”

The Dark Mage King laughed.

“No matter how much I am, I cannot see the corpse and know the secret story of the birth of the body.”

“… … then?”

How do you know that in detail?

Sein asked with that meaning in mind.

“That technique was created by the Black Mage Tower. I have no choice but to know more.”

“… … .”

Sein’s expression crumpled.

I was wondering where this technology came from.

It was made by the Dark Mage King.

“He is deeply sinful in many ways.”

“I think I am innocent in this case. I just did my normal research. I’ve never killed a single person with that research.”

The Dark Mage King shrugged.

“What’s wrong with that? You don’t mean to say that killing monsters is a sin, do you?”

“… … .”

Sein shut his mouth.

If only the monsters were used while conducting research.

There is no such great sin in that act itself.

Monsters are not life, but germs that eat away at this world.

As long as I didn’t play with my life, I really didn’t do anything wrong.

“… … The words are always clearing water.”

“I was just telling the truth.”

Sein clicked his tongue slightly.

In fact, the more I look at it, the more I hate it.

“anyway. You don’t have to worry about Drake. Can I understand this?”

“Yes. When all the dragon souls are consumed, that is the end.”

No matter how much Drake was mass-produced, it was meaningless without the dragon’s soul.

There is no need to worry about fighting a large number of drakes.

“That’s a million bucks. If even a swarm of Drakes appeared all over the world in this state, even ten bodies would be insufficient.”

Sein turned his shoulders around.

I’ve been using space charms too often lately, and my body feels sore.

‘If it were my body, it would have been okay to use it several times.’

The body of Sophia Anezefri is the body of a ‘sorcerer’.

Durability is too low

“three. Can you stop complaining about using someone else’s body?”

Sophia, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, said with a single smile.

“I wasn’t complaining. It’s a little bit disappointing.”

It’s a pity.

If only the body had been original, it would have been possible to jump through time and space by using the space charm hundreds or thousands of times a day.

“If this body were mine… … . bale stall. I should have been able to cut down even his gold.”

More than anything. There would have been no need to react so passively now.

If Sein Binoche had been intact, he would have been able to cut through the bale stole.

“Hmm. Certainly that is a bit disappointing.”

The Dark Mage King licked his lips.

“It is not something you will regret. If I had been intact, I would have cut your soul right here.”

There is nothing in this world that Binoche, who is in perfect condition, cannot cut.

If Sein Binoche had been intact, the Dark Mage King’s soul would have been extinguished a long time ago.

“indeed. I didn’t think of that.”

The Dark Mage King smiled as if he was having fun.

“Then, from my point of view, this situation is the best… … .”

The Dark Mage King stopped talking and frowned.

“… … An uninvited guest has come.”

It was the same with Sein and Sophia.

Seeing the mysterious man approaching from afar, he frowned.

“Did you finally move that heavy hip after a week?”

A black aura that can be seen in the distance.

The mana of a man I had never seen before.

“Bail stall.”

Beginning of black magic.

bale stall.

He showed up after a week.

“be careful. bale stall. That he reappeared in front of us… … .”

“It has regained its strength to the point where it can interfere with us. I guess that’s what it means. Know.”

Sein slowly drew his sword.

“I guess… … . You’ll be late coming home.”

The bale stall has now reached a distance that can be identified with the naked eye.

Sein looked at him and smiled bitterly.

‘If I return early today, I promised to teach you the sword.’

It seems that I will not be able to keep the promise I made with Stella.

“Sain Binoche. Throw away all sorts of random thoughts. Get ready. His momentum is unusual.”

“I feel it too.”

Sein erased all thoughts from his head and entered a battle posture.

“Sophia Anechefrey. Please help.”

“Please leave it to me.”

* * *

A resting room located inside Nokseong.

Adela, Sunchan, and I were relaxing in the resting area that was probably prepared as my bedroom.

“Big. good night. Just sitting on the sofa is healing.”

Sunchan laughed haphazardly as he stretched out on the sofa.

As if the current situation is so good, he is smiling.

oh oh oh

Adela is sitting next to Soon-chan, drinking banana milk.

The expression that the soul drink I drank in a week is so sweet.

Looking at that expression, I feel sorry for nothing.

‘I completely forgot that I had kept it in A.S.’

I thought of Adela’s mentality, so I brought a few boxes to A.S.

I forgot about it.

My head was full of thoughts that I had to improve my mythic magic.

I wasn’t even thinking about it.

‘When food and drinking water were brought out, I should have taken them out together.’

it’s my negligence

I did bad things to Adela.

“But can we rest like this?”

Soonchan asked as he was united with the sofa.

“You should rest. What does it mean to not rest and just train?”

Rest is more important than training.

It is through rest that you can learn what you learned in training.

Training without rest is just torture.

“It is, but… … .”

Soon-chan tilted his head, examining himself here and there.

“… … Looks like you’ve had enough rest already.”

I already took a lot of rest.

It was the words and actions that seemed to say so.

“Because I want to get my condition up to peak before going into the next training session. Shut up and rest.”

“… … .”

Sunchan looks at me with an anxious expression.

“How hard will the next training be, will you let me rest like this?”


“… … That word makes me more anxious.”

A vague answer is more frightening than affirmation or denial.

Sunchan’s eyes trembled as if he was anxious.

“I’m not pretending to be ignorant to make you anxious, I really don’t know.”

“huh? okay?”


Actually I don’t know either.

What kind of training will you take in Nokseong? There was no information about him in Danteroa’s book.

“I have to go into the main training ground to find out.”

A place I haven’t been to yet.

The main training ground beyond the green door in the deepest part of Green Castle.

Details of the training can be found by going there.

“I see.”

Soonchan nodded with an expression of ‘I didn’t know that.’

“Don’t worry too much. I must die.”

“… … Those words make me more anxious, Sasha.”

Sunchan giggled.

“By the way, where are you three and what are you doing right now?”

Mimir, Elena, and Aslan.

It was asking where the three of them were going and what they were doing.

“You’ve rested as much as you can, are you going to ask me now?”

“… … Great.”

Sun-chan averted his gaze with a shy expression.

When I saw Sunchan like that, I laughed for no reason.

Because it’s the same

“For now, Elena-nim and Aslan-nim are adjusting their schedules in Danteroa’s Book.”

“also? Isn’t it already over?”

“Because things have changed. Haven’t your achievements gone far beyond what you expected?”


Since the skills of the two had risen to a level superior to what was expected, there was no choice but to reestablish the plan.

“So how long will it take?”

“It won’t be.”

I’ll just draw a rough sketch, so it won’t take too long.

“Even if it takes a long time, an hour?”

“aha. That’s right.”

Soon-chan put her hand on the back of her head and leaned back on the sofa.

“Is Mimir coordinating the schedule as well?”

“no. Mimir… … .”

How should I answer this?

“On personal business.”

“… … Personal affairs?”

“uh. There must be something to investigate about mythic magic.”

Mimir is now stuck in the Book of Danteroa for a different reason.

Earlier, when he said that he needed to organize and analyze the data on the books he found in Area B-3 right away, he got stuck in a corner of Danteroa’s book.

It’ll probably stay there like that for two days at the most.

“Mythical magic… … .”

Sun-chan blurted out his words with a strange expression.

“I want to see you soon. What kind of bizarre magic is that.”

It was an expression of indifference.

“… … Mythic magic.”

Adela, who was concentrating on drinking banana milk next to her, reacted first.

“Can I ask you one question?”

“… … huh? What?”

question? what is it

“You know, there’s a magic that ran out of control while training with me before.”

“Oh, Disolutio? huh. Why?”

Mythic magic of destruction.


A magic that I tried to use at the training ground before, but suffered greatly.

There is a criminal record of trying to use it forcibly, causing a runaway, and destroying the research center in half.

“That magic. Can’t we use it now?”

Saying that, Adela’s eyes were filled with confidence.

“Now… … can you write?”

In an instant, many thoughts ran through my head.

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