Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 389

Chapter 389

At the same time as the first gate of trial disappeared, the passage to Nokseong appeared.

A stylish aisle that stands out in green, befitting its name of green.

“Heir! You passed! Was it too fast?”

At the center, Mimir jumped and expressed joy.

“but. Because this improvement is a masterpiece among masterpieces. Wouldn’t you know if it was Obama in his heyday, he probably didn’t have the talent to block it with a level of 7th circle master! Mmmm!”

If Mimir’s current face is expressed in four idioms, wouldn’t it be ‘self-praise’?

Very elated.

“… … wow. Are you real?”

Just then, I heard Sunchan’s voice from behind.

I turned around and looked in the direction I came from when I heard Sunchan’s voice.

With Sunchan at the head, Adela, Elena-nim, and Aslan-nim are looking at me with different expressions.

“It feels really good… … . How the hell did you know that that was Ha-yul’s mana?”

Soon-chan looked at me and Adela alternately with an expression of amazement at the world.

Judging from what he said, when he succeeded in improving his mythic magic and scattered mana.

Only Adela seems to have noticed that it was my mana.

“I was also puzzled. If Mana hadn’t told her, it would have been hard for her to be sure.”

“anyway. You noticed that something was oddly different.”


“Then that’s great.”

“… … is that so?”

Judging by the flow of the conversation, my prediction seems correct.

‘That’s great. I can’t tell that apart.’

The reason why Mimir and I succeeded in improving the mythical magic was the moment when the dragon’s mana burst out again.

The current mythical magic could be completed by using the remaining mana emitted by the dragon.

‘Because it was magic that was used using the dragon’s mana, the structure must have been similar enough to be difficult to compare with the dragon.’

can you differentiate that?

It seems that Adela’s sensing ability has further evolved.

I wonder if this is beyond my ability to detect.

“Ji Soon-chan. After that kid, even you… … .”

Aslan-nim looked at me with an expression as if he had bitten an insect.

“Look at that. Did I say that a week would be enough for both of you?”

On the other hand, Elena-sama’s expression was very bright.

How bright it is, I wonder if even the sun would bow its head in front of the present Elena.

“… … .”

Aslan’s expression hardened even more. The look on Elena-sama’s face was full of annoyance.

“Asran, do I have to answer?”

“… … What do you want me to answer?”

“I am right. that I was wrong You must answer clearly. Wasn’t that a bet?”

“Why do you change the conditions at will? The condition of the bet would have been not to speak to each other.”

Through the conversation between the two, I was able to know the approximate situation.

Elena-sama won in a bet on Sunchan’s achievement.

“oh. Was it?”


“hmm… … . It seems that it was. great. I’ll take a look.”

“It’s not that I’m looking after you, the original contract… … .”

“Asran. Do not vomit.”

“… … .”

Aslan-nim sharpened his teeth. He frowned as if there was no greater humiliation than this.

“Why are you guys only at times like this… … .”

With that expression, I glared at Soon-chan, who was standing beside me.

Filled with all the resentment in the world, he glared at me with such force that lasers seemed to shoot from his eyes.

“That, the trial of the Luminous Magic Stone Cave. Soonchan, did you pass too?”

If Elena-sama won the bet, it means that Sunchini overcame the ordeal in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave within a week.

I wouldn’t know if it was Adela, but Sunchan passed it in a week.

is it a miracle

“… … hey. Why do you insist on asking only me?”

Sunchan said with a smile.

The eyes seemed to ask ‘Adela?’

“Adela is passable enough.”

“… … aha. Is it any wonder I can’t pass?”

Sun-chan’s smile deepened.

Where else can you talk? It looked like he was saying.

“To be honest… … . uh. I figured it would take two weeks at the earliest.”

“This bastard… … .”

Look at this bastard, he’s proud.

Sunchan’s face said so.

“under. done. I have to be patient.”

Sunchan refrained from lifting his finger with an arrogant expression.

It was quite disgusting to see the elated expression on his face.

“men and horses. I’m not the me you used to know A genius who passed the ordeal in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave in one week. It’s called Genius Sunchan.”

“… … Genie… … what?”

“Genius~ Sunchan~ Ji Sunchan for short.”

Roll your pronunciation pretending to be fluent.

“and… … .”

For a moment, I had the urge to give it a shot.

It’s so unlucky and disgusting.

“Let it go. I don’t know what the next ordeal will be, but I will overcome it faster than you next time.”

“… … okay. Good luck. I will cheer you on.”

I was going to say something for a moment, but I thought so.

Right now, Sunchan is invincible, so no matter what he says, he doesn’t take any damage.

The longer I speak, the more I lose.

In this case, it is better to just be moderately positive and move on.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for Ha-yul to pass faster?”

At that time, Adela walked away.

“Right now, Ha Yul seems to have achieved much greater growth than we did. The next ordeal will probably be too daunting to follow.”

Adela looked at me blankly.

Their eyes are full of wonder, admiration, and curiosity.

“How do you know that?”

Sunchan asked.

“just… … . It looks like that.”

Adela’s eyes took on a deeper color.

“Density of mana. the firmness of the circle. rotational stability. Everything is a step up from a week ago. no… … .”

Adela thought for a moment, then started talking again.

“I feel like I’ve been wearing clothes that didn’t fit, and now I finally find the clothes that fit… … Shall we say it?”

“… … !”

Mimir, who was quietly listening to the conversation, swallowed his exclamation with a surprised expression.

what is he expression as if to say

Adela seems surprised by her sensing abilities.

“… … Can you see something like that?”

“yes. I can see it.”

I’m probably making a similar expression to Mimir.

Saying that I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit, and now I’m wearing clothes that fit.

That word reflects my condition as it is.

How can you figure that out right away? She was genuinely surprised.

“It is a strange feeling. It didn’t look like the clothes that didn’t fit the mana before. After seeing the mana that has changed so much now. I think I just forcibly matched myself to the previous mana~”

Did he even look inside me?

It feels like something is missing.

“The analogy is so accurate that I have nothing to argue with.”

I smiled bitterly.

The expression was so precise that I couldn’t even reply.

Certainly, the mythic magic I used to deal with was a bunch of mythic magic that fit the expression of ‘clothes that don’t fit’.

“It’s embarrassing. When I think of the fact that I went around with confidence that it was a new evolution of the by-tenor style… … .”

In an instant, heat rose to his face.

It felt as if I was showing everyone evidence of my dark history.

“… … Ah, Mr. I’m embarrassed.”

In fact, Mimir’s face was very red.

As someone who refined the first mythic magic with me, it was only natural to share the shame.

“really… … If there is a hole, I want to hide.”

No, rather, Mimir seems to be more shy.

As a scholar rather than a wizard, it must be a bit more disgraceful.

Because I was confidently saying that I succeeded in a failed research.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever success comes with failure. Be proud. If you reach the goal of success with one failure, it is very fast.”

Miss Elena’s words were full of sincerity.

Seriously, we are proud.

His eyes seemed to say so.

“… … .”

Next to him, Aslan-nim clicked his tongue lightly.

I want to say something, but I can’t answer because of bets.

It was the expression and reaction that seemed to say so.

“I’m looking forward. What will the mythical magic created by Hayul and Mimir look like?”

Lady Elena was only looking at us, as if she didn’t care about Aslan’s reaction.

“I’ll show you at the next location.”

“oh? really?”


“Did you promise?”

“yes. I promise.”

Miss Elena smiled.

“New Myth Magic… … .”

Adela, who was quietly listening to us by Elena-sama’s side, murmured with a lively expression.

The eyes looking at me are unusual.

“Interesting. Let’s go to the next place right now.”

Should I say it’s the expression of a beast in front of its prey?

I feel a strange pressure.

I will thoroughly dig into my mythical magic and analyze it.

It was a look that showed such determination.

“wait a minute. a moment before moving. I have to go back and pack some things.”


“Right. You have to pack your things.”

At Elena’s words, Soonchan reacted with a pitiful expression.

The look of complete oblivion.

“… … stupid guy Forgetting such a basic thing.”

Asran-nim scratched Soon-chan for no reason.

“No, I might have forgotten. Are you even going to say that this is stupid?”

“Forgetting is proof that you are stupid. stupid guy.”

“no… … .”

“I will not listen to excuses. Dumb guy.”

“… … under.”

Seeing that he longs for nothing, it seems that he has a lot of feelings for Soonchan.

Sunchan… … . Until we leave the grounds of Halamanium, we’re going to have a hard time.

“Then I’ll be back soon.”

Miss Elena gestured to Adela to come and go.

Adela nodded, and nodded at me.

It was a gesture to come and go.

“I will help too.”

“are you okay. There’s nothing wrong with calling it a burden. I drank most of the water. I ate almost everything I had to eat.”


Without drinking water and food, virtually nothing is left.

In other words, I don’t even need help.

“All right. Then I’ll be waiting for you.”

“no. Waiting is also a waste of time. Hayul-kun, go to Nokseong first.”


“yes. Please do a preliminary inquiry. There might be something dangerous.”

“All right.”

Certainly, it would be more efficient to go first, even for exploration and securing a base camp.

“Then I’ll see you in a little while.”

“yes. See you later.”

Miss Elena waved her hand and said hello.

After that, Sunchan waved his hand lightly, and the four of them moved towards the Luminous Stone Cave.

“Then let’s go too.”


Leaving the four of us behind, Mimir and I also moved towards the green castle.

* * *

Green City.

True to the name of the green castle, the interior of the green castle was decorated like a saint.

From facilities that look like parade grounds, to dining rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms in the study.

All the facilities that could be provided in the castle were implemented.

How did you arrange all these facilities in such a remote area?

No, ten thousand years passed easily in the first place. How does it stay so neat?

With such a question in mind, I observed the structures inside the adult body one by one.

“this… … . Do you think it’s all made of magic?”

Any doubts I had were immediately cleared.

“It was made with magic?”


All items here are imitations made with magic.

All the walls, floors and ceilings.

You born out of nothing.

They are created through magic.

“Could it be creation magic?”

It is presumed that they were made using material-making magic and creation magic.

“… … Creation magic is magic that actually exists.”

“I know.”

Mimir also seems surprised.

Even Mimir must have never seen Master use creation magic.

“Then are all the books in the study made of magic?”

“I don’t think so. Traces of mana faded. It will be real.”

There was no magical aura in the book.

The books here are real, not magic fakes.


Mimir looked at the study with an intrigued expression.

It looked like he wanted to read the books that were sitting there right away.

“ah. right.”

At that time, I suddenly remembered what Master had asked me to convey to Mimir.

I was just about to tell you Suddenly she missed the opportunity to tell Miss Elena when you arrived.

“Mimir. There is something that Master wants to tell you.”

“… … Obama to me?”


Mimir’s expression hardened with tension. Her expression was like that of a daughter waiting for her father’s instruction.

“I want to be happy in this era.”

“… … uh?”

Mimir’s eyes widened.

Unexpected words came out, and he seemed to be taken aback for a moment.

“Go, suddenly?”

“Not all of a sudden. As a father, it is only natural that you want your daughter to be happy.”

“It is, but… … .”

Mimir twisted the side of his hair with a strange expression.

A look that doesn’t know how to react.

“And another one.”

Looking at Mimir, I sent another message.

“Here in the study, section B-3, there should be a book you want.”

“I… … The book you want… … ?”

Mimir’s pupils trembled.

“Happily in this era… … . The book I want… … .”

Mimir’s mouth was half open.

“Please be here… … ?!”

Mimir threw himself toward the study with an urgent expression.

Area B-3.

“Not this, not this… … . this too… … .”

I quickly flipped through the books on display in Area B-3.

I think I read about 30 books like that.


Mimir cheered.

I took out the book Mimir was looking at and checked the cover.

‘… … Advanced level of myth magic?’

[List of Mythic Magic.]

[Types of mythic magic and characteristics of each mythic magic.]

[The details and deepening process of each mythic magic are recorded.]

On the cover was written in Master’s handwriting:

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