Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 383

Chapter 383

Master is standing in front of me, looking at me.

that face. that mana that atmosphere.

Both in name and reality, he is Ray Bell Bytenor himself.

“If you have passed the ordeal of the Luminous Magic Stone Cave, it won’t be too difficult to win the victory from me.”

But that’s all.

The man in front of me right now is just a Ray Bell bitenor.

It’s not the ‘Ray Bell Bitenor’ I know.

“Any questions?”

He is younger than the masters I know.

Certainly younger than the previous Master I met by chance in Mimir’s Book.

No, it would be more accurate to say that he was young than to say that he was young.

“If there are no other questions… … .”

“Did you project your past self?”

Master looked at me with a small smile.

It seems that you liked my question very much.

“It is true.”

Because of the question, you must have judged that you have an excellent judgment of the situation.

“Now I am an immature lay bell bitenor who has just created the science of bi-tenor style. I am only 20 years old.

“… … 20 years old.”

Same age as I am now.

“The state is a 7th circle master. If you have safely passed the trial of the Bright Magic Stone, you will be at the beginning of the 8th circle… … . It won’t be that difficult to defeat me.”

“7th Circle Master… … Are you God?”

I know that Master made his first bi-tenor style when he was 16 years old.

Since you said you’re 20 years old now, it means that it’s only been 4 years since you made the By-Tenor Sik.

‘But you’re already a 7th circle master… … .’

Bondi academic is the law that the pioneer loses.

Because those who walk alone on a road no one has ever traveled are the pioneers.

Compared to latecomers, achievement is bound to be much lower.

‘In just four years, I, a latecomer, reached the level that I barely reached in two and a half years… … .’

It was shocking.

I also thought I was on the fast side.

Does it mean that there is another sky above the sky?

“The question and answer will suffice.”

Mana shimmered in Master’s body.

A very familiar vibe.

Maybe it’s because I’m the same bitenor type magician, but the nature of mana itself is very similar to mine.

“Come. I will yield the first move.”

No other questions will be accepted. Such willpower stands out.

“One last thing… … . Can I ask just one more question?”

“If it is at a level that can be answered with a single answer, I will allow it.”

Only questions that can be answered with yes or no will be accepted.

It was like this.

“It’s such a simple question that you don’t have to answer verbally.”

From my point of view, it was an irrelevant restriction.

“After this test is over. Can we meet again?”

The corners of Master’s mouth turned slightly upward.


We can meet again.

“Is that so.”

If so, that’s it.

“All right.”

Then there is no reason to talk now.

The questions that fill my head now can be cleared later.

“For now, I will focus all my attention on defeating Master.”

The corners of Master’s mouth rose even higher.

“That’s great mana control.”

Master lowered the center of gravity.

He positioned himself so that he could respond to my actions at any time.

“Oh, one last thing before the start. I will clear up a misunderstanding.”

I looked at Master like that and said slowly.

“Master seems to think that I am a beginner in the 8th circle.”

Master’s eyelids trembled slightly.

Probably because you knew what I was going to say next.

“no. My level right now is a 7th circle master. It is like Master.”

“… … .”

Master’s expression strangely changed.

He said my achievements were lower than he expected, but he looked like he was disappointed.

It seemed that they looked at me with great respect for having reached this point as a 7th circle master.

“But I didn’t ignore the test in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave, so don’t misunderstand.”

“… … Whoa.”

Master’s expression changed again.

The half-mixed feelings of anxiety and disappointment are gone.

The place was filled with anticipation.

“With the status of a 7th circle master, did you withstand the mana emitted by the Bright Magic Stone?”

funny face.

He looks like he wants to die, wondering how such a thing is possible.

It was the curiosity of the founder of the by-tenor style.


Master’s fighting spirit rose even further.

“That’s what I mean. It is clear that your current bi-tenor style has a different form from the bi-tenor style I know.”

Just by hearing that I had withstood the mana of the Bright Magic Stone to the level of a 7th Circle Master, I could see that the By-Tenor style had evolved one step further.

The speed of judgment of the situation is frighteningly fast.

Is it too?

“I’m curious. Leaving my hand, what form would the bi-tenor expression, which became yours, have? The trend of the times has brought the bi-tenor style to what position.”

Laughter was in full bloom.

The expression that couldn’t be more fun than this.

“I will show you now.”

I prepared the first spell.

As a disciple, you cannot disappoint your master.

Go to full power from the beginning.


Among the magic I possess, the magic that boasts the most power.

The primordial flame Ignis.

Myth became reality and covered the world.

Master’s eyes widened.

He wasn’t surprised to see me use Ignis.

“Mythical magic without caylum, with no chanting… … .”

The original mythical magic was a high-risk, high-return magic that required chanting for more than one minute.

But not now.

With the development of a new generation AI choker, the processing speed has increased exponentially. Mythic magic no longer requires long chants.

“Right. Maximize processing speed. Is that a new evolution of the Bytenor style?”

Master smiled proudly.

Looking at the flames filling his eyes, he smiles brightly with an expression of happiness in the world.

“This mana movement. I saw it as replacing the chant by outsourcing the processing of magic.”

“… … .”

I read the structure right away at first glance.

It was a brilliant observation that gave me goosebumps.

“That processing consignment technology. I saw it as a key technology of the present era. Judging by the movement of mana… … .”

Master’s gaze turned to my neck.

“Is it the choker you’re wearing around your neck?”

“… … yes. That’s right.”

I only used magic once, but everything was read.

It felt like being naked.

“excellent. By grafting modern technology into the bi-tenor expression, it evolves. It’s a great evolution of the bitenor.”

Master’s eyes shone sharply.


and right after that.


Master’s mana burned like flames.

“Somewhat clumsy.”

ordinary flames.

A weak flame that cannot even be compared to Ignis.

Insignificant fire magic rose on a scale similar to that of Ignis.

“The access was good. However, the ending was awkward.”

The flowers of flame raised by Master hit my Ignis.

Fire, fire, fire!

Two flames collided with each other and began to collide.

The amount of mana held is the same.

Output and range are not too different either.

only one other thing.

It’s just the ‘gyeong’ that you have.

Ignis’ ‘class’ is overwhelmingly high.

Now, if those two magics collide, 100 out of 100 Ignis wins.

It’s normal to win.

“Heir. You seem to be thinking of the chanting of Mythic Magic as a mere magical process.”


“Not like that. The chanting of mythic magic is not that simple.”

A strange thing happened.

“You should have thoroughly pondered the meaning of chanting.”

Ignis started to be consumed by the flames.

Fireflies began to devour the sun.

“Your mythology is too weak.”


Ignis disappeared.


astonished and marvel.

Those feelings filled my head.

‘To think Ignis was overwhelmed by ordinary flame magic.’

I was pushed back by ordinary magic.

Ignis was defeated by ordinary flame magic.

That fact came as quite a shock.

“Do you know why Ignis was pushed back?”

Master took fire magic.

Between the fading flames, Master’s smile was clearly visible.

“… … I do not know.”

I don’t know.

I can’t even imagine

“It’s worth not knowing. Like I said, you seem to think of chanting as simply an inconvenient tradition compelled to use it for magical treatment.”

uncomfortable tradition.

The word filled my head.

‘An inconvenient tradition. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it. Good thing to get rid of… … .’

This is an accurate expression.

I was just thinking that I should throw away the chant.

It’s just an unnecessary tradition.

I thought it was just an outdated relic of the past.

“I will give you one homework.”

Master’s mana shook explosively.

“Realize the essence of the chant and come.”

like a flame

no, like the sun.

As if all the mana in this area belonged to Master.

“This is a gift.”

I was getting overwhelmed.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the legendary every move in front of me.


Master slowly raised her hand.

“Red is a gift from God born for me.”

Ignis’ chant shook the world.

“… … .”

When the chant was all completed.

A myth was born before me.


A real myth, different from my embarrassing myth.

* * *

“Heir. Come on. How was the test… … .”

Mimir greeted me when I came out after finishing the exam.

He started talking to me with a bright expression, but stopped talking as if he felt something strange.

“… … what’s the matter? what happened?”

He sees my expression and tilts his head.

From the look on my face, he must have expected something to happen.

“I met Master inside.”

“… … uh?”

Mimir’s pupils narrowed.

Surprised expression.

“Oh, you met Obama? how? Why is Obama from the first test?”

There was a record about the site of Halamanium in the Book of Danteroa.

What form does each district have in the book? It was written how to make the structures work.

But that’s all that’s written.

There is no record of the test to be taken when crossing each area.

As much as he did not know the contents of the test, Mimir’s surprise was natural.

“What kind of test was it? What did Obama say? No, did you remember what happened in Mimir’s Book before that? If she remembers… … .”

Mimir’s questions rained down like machine guns.

Previously, in Mimir’s Book, we had a bad breakup.

It makes me impatient.

“First of all, what was Master’s condition like? I don’t know about that. Only questions and answers related to the test were allowed. You wouldn’t allow such private questions and answers.”

“ah… … . I see.”

Mimir put on a slightly disappointed expression.

“The content of the test is Dalian. The condition for passing was to win.”

“… … win? Obama?”

‘Where are those ridiculous conditions?’

It looked like he was saying that.

“Ah, of course, I didn’t mean to beat the master in his prime. The master inside was the master when he was 20 years old.”

“… … aha.”

Mimir nodded in agreement.

“Abama at that time would have been in the 7th circle. It must have been worth a try.”


Did you think it was worth a try?

No way.

“I was unilaterally overwhelmed.”

There was no such thing as a win for me.

I was overwhelmed from start to finish.

“Even if it wasn’t my strength without me, I was pushed back enough to say I was overwhelmed? Even with the assistance of a choker?”

“uh. I was completely defeated.”

The difference between Mimir helping me directly and not helping me is quite large.

Mimir’s absence can be seen as a loss of 30% of my power.

“If Mimir had supported me, it wouldn’t have happened.”

If Mimir had been there, it would have been a more competitive match.

But that’s it.

In the end, I would have been defeated overwhelmingly.

“… … why?”

Mimir asked with an expression of incomprehension.

“It has internal stability… … . The class of Shinhwa being dealt with was so different.”

I still remember clearly.

The scenery that seemed to welcome Shinhwa right in front of my eyes.

If the god Ignis was alive, wouldn’t it be like that?

“What do you mean? I don’t know if it’s something like magic utilization. As for mythic magic, the successor can’t be pushed aside.”

In Mimir’s mind, Mythic Magic is superior to the instant type I use.

I’ve been thinking that way too.

“Just being fast wasn’t good enough.”

I had fundamentally misunderstood what a brothel was.

In this era, it’s a dead act.

Because it is the darkness and trauma that I had before I got the Bytenor ceremony.

If you can throw it away, it’s better to throw it away. I was so determined.

“Mimir. We were taking mythic magic too lightly.”

Mythical magic was not simply powerful, high-powered magic.

I just realized that

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