Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 373

Chapter 373

The Presidential Palace in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

He was having a private meeting with the president in the VIP room that exists inside.

“I really don’t know how to thank you.”

no. Is it hard to see yourself as single?

Because Mimir is attached to me.

“You speak very well. Ugh.”

Mimir clicked his tongue as he looked down at the president.

A look that I don’t like very much.

“I really want to squeeze one.”

He clenched his fists and pretended to hit his head.

“When you ask for an entry permit because you have business in Egypt. While giving all sorts of reasons, he refused. Thank you for coming now, damn it.”

It was only natural for Mimir to react like that.

By the way, the Egyptian president was too uncooperative.

It was so uncooperative that even the entry permit was not properly issued.

Without the help of the United States, it would have been impossible to officially enter Egypt.

The person who had been so uncooperative is now bowing his head in gratitude to me.

It must be the same.

“Greetings are fine. I just did what I had to do.”

To be honest, I feel the same way as Mimir.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it came out cooperatively from the beginning?

Why have you been so uncooperative, complicating things.

can’t understand at all

“… … Great.”

The president smiled shyly.

He seems to know that what he is saying now is shameless.

“About the delayed issuance of the entry permit… … .”

The president began to make excuses, gesturing with gestures and gestures.

“It’s not because there’s a specific reason, it’s just because the legal process took so long… … .”

“You don’t have to make such desperate excuses.”

I firmly cut off the president’s excuses.

“What name am I called these days? Because I know everything.”

“… … .”

The president kept his mouth shut.

A face that gradually turns red.

If there is a hole, I want to hide it.

It looked like he was saying that.

“I understand. Most of the people I was deeply involved with ended badly.”

A week ago.

I was called a little hero, and I was praised by people all over the world.

However, such a warm atmosphere did not last less than three days.

Starting from the point when the dragon’s rampage was restarted, the titles for me began to change.

“The one who drives death. Reaper. It is said that such a being is coming, but it is understandable to be reluctant.”

Now on the Internet, I am nicknamed ‘the god of death’.

It is a nickname given because most people related to me die.

Sofia Annechefrey.

Saint Binoche.


and so on.

Most people related to me are dead.

That’s why you bought it.

It is called the one who drives death.

“Not that… … .”

Cold sweat ran down the Egyptian president’s forehead.

“You can’t deny it. Sure enough, something bad happened to Kyle recently… … . You just have to be anxious.”

The incident that put a period on my nickname occurred four days ago.

England’s up-and-comer, and the next green mage.

Kyle Ventia.

Four days ago, he fought a battle with a dragon and was killed.

After that incident, my nickname became ‘Reaper’.

Kyle Ventia died because he had a relationship with me.

If you have a relationship with him, you will die.

Rumors like that spread all over the place.

“really… … . It’s nothing to be ashamed of. To be swayed by such absurd rumors… … .”

The Egyptian president covered his face with his right hand and bowed his head.

A face that would die of shame.

My ears are very red.

“I would like to formally apologize. sorry.”

The Egyptian president bowed his head again.

“and. I would like to formally thank you once again. Thank you for protecting Cairo. Thank you for protecting the people.”

The president raised his head and met my eyes straight.

Eyes full of sincerity.

His gaze was full of sincerity.

“… … hmm. yes.”

I let out a short sigh and replied with a bitter smile.

What more can you say to someone who apologizes so sincerely?

“If you are truly grateful to me, I would appreciate it if you could easily issue an entry permit next time.”

All I can do is end this sarcasm.

“… … haha. It’s a word with bones. I will keep it in my heart.”

The president replied with a wry smile.

“Then I’ll just go.”

I made eye contact with the President and stood up.

“Are you leaving already? I’m going to have a meal and go… … .”

“We will eat on the go.”

“On the move… … ? Are you going away?”

“yes. I am going to Saudi Arabia.”

“It’s just after the fierce battle. You don’t get enough rest… … .”

The Egyptian president’s eyes were full of worry.

A look that genuinely worries me.

I really want to be the person who came out uncooperatively to me until 3 hours ago.

“You don’t have to worry about my condition.”

“still… … After using such great magic, moving right away… … .”

The two eyes show not only concern, but also respect.

Perhaps he saw my magic and admired it from the bottom of his heart.

It deserves it.

Even if I think about it, my magic is fraudulent.

Because the Egyptian president is also a wizard before being a president.

If you witnessed the scene in front of your eyes, it would be like that.

“It’s really fine.”

I made eye contact with the Egyptian president and smiled leisurely.

“There is nothing too overwhelming. I have already recovered.”

“… … yes?”

The Egyptian president’s eyes widened.

“Bur, are you already fully recovered?”


“that is… … I will… … .”

A look that couldn’t be more surprising.

A textbook expression of surprise was in front of me.

“how… … ?”

How can that be?

that’s what you’re asking

I made eye contact with the president again and smiled a little.

“anyway… … I really want to go.”

The president still glared at me with wide eyes.

Until I turn around and leave the room.

His gaze showed no sign of disappearing.

“That disgust. It’s as funny as the expression.”

right after leaving the room. Mimir giggled at the closed door.

“Are you just reacting like that? What kind of expression would you make if you saw the power of the heir?”

The dragon that appeared in Cairo this time had only 7% mana charge.

It was a level where I didn’t even need to put all my effort into it.

The barrier-type defense magic installed in Cairo was at least close to power.

“Are you going to faint?”

Even though it was such a level of magic, it showed such a violent reaction.

If you see my power, wouldn’t I faint on the spot?

“Sleep… … . I would love to see that.”

Mimir’s eyes shone with genuine curiosity.

“Well, whatever. The countries that were uncooperative with this incident must have changed their minds a bit, right?”

“I don’t know everything. there will be an effect In fact, there was an immediate response from Saudi Arabia.”

About 20 countries are reluctant to enter the country.

Saudi Arabia was also one of those 20 countries.

I just got a call from Saudi Arabia.

I will issue an entry permit and everything, so please come quickly.

“Ehh. Now get some rest right. this is right What kind of death god are you?”

Mimir clicked his tongue and shook his head.

This is the world done right.

It looked like he was saying that.

“Assuming other countries come out so cooperatively… … . I think it can be completed in about three days.”

“What are the 3 days? It can be completed in two days.”

Mimir moved his hand in the air.

Then, a data map popped up in front of me.

It is a dragon search map created by Mimir by integrating data from all over the world.

“A lot has been done. Isn’t it about 70% complete?”

“72% to be exact. Thanks to Elena and Aslan’s hard work, it has been completed so far.”

Once this is completed, it is possible to wipe out the dragons all at once.

“It’s amazing to see you again. this. this map. How on earth are you specifying the location of the dragon?”

“Oh, this? No big deal. Based on the data obtained by analyzing and calculating the change in mana obtained from the place where the dragon appeared earlier, the mana change data of the world was entered, the frequency of occurrence of dragons, and the main distribution of mana stones were additionally entered… … .”

From the mouth of Mimir, all kinds of data used in the design of this dragon search map and how to use that data.

And stories about calculation formulas derived from its usage sprung up.

To be honest, it was hard to understand even half of it.

What is the default value after analyzing the dragon’s mana properties with Desiapianto’s hypothesis?

“The problem was to compare this value with the amount of mana in different parts of the world. Fortunately, in this era, there is a mana-sensing satellite, right? Thanks to that, it’s easy… … .”

Mimir’s words didn’t stop even after I completely left the presidential palace.

The words are getting harder and harder, and now I can’t understand even a quarter of it, let alone half of it.

“By comparing this value with this value, we succeeded in characterizing the unknown. As a result, this value was derived. So, I substituted this value and combined it with the terrain data of each country. Do you understand?”

Mimir smiled at me.

‘This easy calculation. If you’re a successor, you’ll understand, right?’

expression as if to say

Looking at Mimir like that, I smiled.

‘He’s really… … How smart are you?’

I thought it was already in full bloom.

It seems that Mimir’s talent was still in the process of growing.

* * *

About three and a half hours have passed since I left Egypt.

I have arrived in Saudi Arabia.

As soon as we arrived in Saudi Arabia, we started collecting the necessary data to complete Mimir’s map.

Mana was collected, locations where dragons were likely hiding, and manastone production factories and sales lines were reviewed.

“Mimir. here. Sounds like bingo, right?”

“bingo? I guess we should call this a jackpot, not a bingo level?”

After about 5 hours of searching, we succeeded in finding the place where the dragon is kept.

“Finding a dragon?”

A sleeping dragon similar to the one previously found in the basement of the Rid Furniture Factory in Italy.

I slowly approached him.

“however… … Why is no one there?”

There is no one to see around.

It’s normal to have one or two of Marco’s men.

No human presence can be found in this abandoned facility.

I wondered if he was hiding his presence, so I tried searching with the Sinan activated at full power.

Not a single ant was detected.

“Is it an object abandoned due to lack of manpower?”

“Abandoned due to lack of manpower… … . It’s not likely, but… … .”

Mimir nodded, saying he might think so.

“for a moment. I’ll check. If you look at the data log, you will be able to figure out if it was neglected.”

Mimir put his hand on the computer near the dragon and started hacking.

For Mimir now, breaking through that level of security is not a task.

“Heir. this computer. Are there signs that someone has touched it?”

Mimir’s expression became serious.

“There is a log of someone entering this dragon’s stabilization code four hours ago.”

“Not a few days ago, but four hours ago?”

“uh. Exactly 3 hours and 52 minutes ago.”

“… … okay? So you’re saying it’s not a neglected entity? Have you been away for a while?”

“Even if you were away, there’s no way you would have left without anyone like this, right?”

There’s no way I would have left this guy alone.

Even if there was something that had to be vacated, it was normal that one person should be left behind.

“right. I don’t know if he entered the runaway code and ran away… … . There’s no way I’ve entered the stabilization code and left it empty.”

It would be understandable if he ran away with the nuclear bomb’s explosion timer set.

You entered the stabilization code and left?

Is there a reason for that?

“Mimir. Do you have any other information I can give you?”

“for a moment. I’ll check.”

That’s when Mimir tried to connect to the computer again.

“… … !”

Suddenly, a chill went down my spine.

‘Pretending to be popular?’

I feel popular.

Until just now, where there was nothing.

Unknowingly, popularity rose.

I turned to face that direction.

another angle, another angle.

In the dark, someone wearing a blue robe is approaching me.

It was a familiar silhouette, but the gait was oddly awkward.

“I don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief. Get out of here right now.”

A woman in a blue robe appeared in front of me through the darkness.

I knew at once who that woman was.

“you… … .”

Sofia Annechefrey.


“The Dark Mage King… … is it?”

Black Mage King.

He glared at me with Sophia-sama’s face, with dark eyes that I couldn’t believe was Sophia-sama.

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