Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 372

Chapter 372

After that, I left the prison and returned to my inn.

“… … Mimir. what do you think about it?”

A dragon’s soul is very, very special.

It was destroyed by the gods and sealed by the gods, so it can’t be found by any means.

In terms of rarity alone, it is one step higher than the Bytenor type.

A third-class villain found such a great thing, and even broke the seal?

I honestly couldn’t believe it.

Clearly someone is behind it.

I thought so and took action.

And my expectations were exactly right.

Marco didn’t get the dragon’s soul with his own power, but someone gave it to him.

“The mysterious person who gave the dragon soul to Marco. Is it a bale stall?”

The unidentified person who transferred the dragon’s soul to Marco was called ‘Stall-sama’ by his subordinates.

“I don’t know. First of all, it seems certain that it has something to do with the veil stall… … .”

A high-ranking black magician with a rank of 8 or higher.

Called ‘Stall’.

In addition to that, the feat of finding the remnants of the myth of the dragon’s soul and releasing the seal.

This unusual profile.

It is clear that he is related to Bale Stoll.

“There are three possibilities that come to mind right now.”

Mimir spread his fingers one by one and said.

“Is the real Bale Stoll, or is he the heir of Bale Stoll, or is someone who worships Bale Stoll self-proclaimed the surname Stoll?”

“… … Bale Stoll’s successor?”

I had already considered the possibility that it was Bale Stoll himself, or that some of his worshipers were calling themselves Stalls.

However, that second possibility.

The possibility of being the successor to Bale Stoll was not even considered.

“Can Bale Stoll have an heir?”

Even so, the black magic that Bale Stoll uses is a power created by sacrificing everything in the future and past for the sake of the present.

There is no way that there is an heir to magic that has abandoned the future.

That’s why he unconsciously ruled out the possibility of a successor.

But, could there be an heir?

“It’s true that it doesn’t exist as it was originally. It’s true that he shouldn’t have an heir… … .”

Mimir frowned in displeasure.

“The Dark Mage King. Didn’t he open a new horizon for black magic?”

“Are you referring to the new black magic created using the medium of mythology?”

“uh. that.”

Mimir’s expression changed even more sharply.

“In other words, does that mean that black magic has achieved a new evolution?”

“… … yes?”

evolution is evolution

“And having evolved doesn’t mean there is no future.”

“… … That would make sense.”

I sold the past and the future for the present, but in preparation for an unexpected defeat, I left a very small possibility of the future.

Is it like this?

“If there’s even a little bit of possibility left in the future, doesn’t that mean there’s also the possibility of a successor?”

The successor means the future.

If it is a power without a future, there can be no successors.

However, if it is a power that has a certain degree of future, there is a sufficient possibility that a successor will exist.

“… … It deserves to be there.”


I got it.

Certainly the possibility exists.

“But, if there is a successor. Why didn’t you show up until now?”

Let’s assume that the successor to the veil stall exists.

According to Marco, that person is a high-ranking warlock of the 8th class or higher, so he must have started learning his powers around the same time as me.

If the successor really exists, it should have been revealed a long time ago.

“There must have been a black mage tower. There is no reason to hide.”

Being the successor of Bale Stoll is the same as being the potential master of all warlocks.

If I were him, I would have started by building up some strength and taking control of the black magic tower.

If it was impossible to take control, he would have asked for help.

“well. It may be the owner of an overly cautious personality… … .”

Because of his prudent personality, he did not reveal himself until the end.

This is a plausible hypothesis.

“Or it could be that he noticed the Dark Mage King’s true purpose and hid himself even tighter.”

The true purpose of the Dark Mage King.

Kill Bale Stall and get out of the rut.

If the successor to the veil stall actually exists, and if you noticed the black mage king’s true intentions, then it’s quite understandable that he hasn’t shown up until now.

“… … Well, it’s just a hypothesis close to delusion with no evidence or anything.”

“In the first place, the hypotheses being built now are bound to be close to delusions.”

“It is.”

The only information we currently have is that he is a high-ranking warlock of the 8th class or higher and that he was called ‘Sir Stoll’.

Due to the lack of information, it is impossible to form a valid hypothesis.

“anyway. There are only three possibilities.”

Either Bale Stole himself.

Either the successor to Bale Stoll.

Are you a believer in the veil stall?

“The worst of this is if he’s a true bale stall.”

“… … right. That’s the worst.”

If the man is Bale Stoll himself, it becomes quite difficult.

If he’s a true bale stall, that means the remaining reprieve could be six days, not six months.

“… … My head hurts.”

My head hurts a lot.

I still had a lot of doubts. An even bigger question was raised.

My head is too complicated.

No matter how complicated it is, my brain is overloaded and it feels like it’s about to explode.

“first… … Let’s put aside the question of his identity. There is no point in thinking about it any more.”

I forcibly endured the headache that pressed my head, and opened a new hwadu.

“The important thing now. How did he get the dragon’s soul? and… … .”

“The soul of that dragon, Marco. What was he trying to gain by handing it over to him?”

Mimir took my word for it.

“yes. that’s the point If you figure that out, you’ll be able to see some outline of his true identity.”

If you know the purpose, you can also know about the opponent.

We have to figure out his purpose somehow.

“however. Even if you find out his purpose, you don’t know anything about his whereabouts.”

Mimir was troubled with a difficult expression.

I don’t know where or how to get that guy’s information.

He seemed to think so.

“I don’t know where it lives, but I know where it might appear.”

“… … What?”

Mimir stared at me with an expression as if asking what the method was.

“First of all, isn’t Marco’s use of the dragon’s soul to stage terrorism itself one of his goals?”

I don’t know what he was trying to achieve, but Marco’s use of the dragon’s soul to carry out worldwide terrorism itself must have been included in the plan of the guy named ‘Stoll’.

“Then, for him, the fact that Marco is captured and the terrorism itself is in vain is going against his plan.”


Mimir let out an exclamation as if he had noticed.

“Is he going to use the remaining dragons to re-increase the scale of terror for his own purposes?”

“Looks like it’s highly likely.”

And now that the doll named Marco is gone, there will be no choice but to move directly to increase terror.

“maybe. If you follow the dragon’s trend, you will be able to get information about it.”

Chasing the dragon’s trend.

It’s something that needs to be taken care of right now.

If you solve the problem, the information about the person named ‘Stall’ will naturally come into your hands.

“Mimir. I’ll get permission to access each country’s database right now. Log in there… … .”

“You want me to track the movement of magic stones around the world and make a map of magic stones? okay.”

Mimir smiled confidently, as if asking him to leave it to him.

“I will take care of this, so the successor… … .”

“know. In the meantime, I’m telling you to focus on making the mana transferred from the dragon into your own.”

“As expected, heir. If you pretend, you pretend.”

I also looked at Mimir and smiled with the same expression.

* * *

A week has passed.

In the meantime, the World Alliance succeeded in dealing with a total of 11 dragons.

3 in Europe. 2 in North America. 2 in South America. One in West Asia. And two in East Asia. 1 in Africa.

This is a total of 11 pieces.

“haha. It’s smooth.”

“I mean.”

A countermeasure meeting held whenever a dragon’s location is discovered.

Since everyone has returned to their home countries, a meeting is being held using a communication device.

“Shin Ha-ryul. Everything the little hero said was right.”

“He is a really great kid. Beginning with magic skills, the eye and insight that sees through the essence of things. And even the responsiveness to save all of them at 100% or more.”

“House Shin In-hyeok will be fine. For having such a wonderful son.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

very nice atmosphere.

As if a week ago, when did we criticize each other and fight?

“Is that all? How about Mr. Ji Sun-chan and Ms. Adela? Had it not been for their support, Europe would have suffered great damage once again.”

“haha. It is the hope of Korea and the hope of the world at the same time.”

“These children are the future of this world. ha ha ha.”

Originally, everyone would check the power of the country called Korea and spit out hateful sounds.

Today, no one is showing any sign of that.

Far from saying hateful things, everyone is sincerely congratulating Korea for its success.

“House Shin In-hyeok. This time, I’m going to send a gift to Sunchan Ji and Adela to express my gratitude. Could you pass it on?”

Adela and Ji Soon-chan.

The two are now called heroes.

A dragon slayer who fights dragons all over the world.

The number of people who saved their lives thanks to them exceeds at least 10 million units.

“… … It doesn’t matter, but I was asked to refuse items that are too expensive.”

Perhaps because of that, gifts for Ji Sun-chan and Adela are flooding in from all over the world.

All kinds of presents full of intentions to build a connection between the two of them.

“haha. I know. They’re both turning down the heavy gift, because it’s so famous.”

So, the two nailed it by refusing expensive gifts.

Saying that it was undesirable to shoulder the burden of being a present, I sent all the presents back.

“Because letters written by children flocked to the government. I would like to send it.”

“It doesn’t matter anytime as long as it’s a letter.”

Shin In-hyeok nodded slightly.

“However, please understand that we transfer after first checking.”

“haha. of course.”

A warm atmosphere prevailed even more.

“Hmm. So, what was the scale of the damage from the terrorism that occurred in West Asia this time?”

As if he hated the tickling atmosphere, a man cleared his throat and took out the medicine.

Now, isn’t this enough chatter? You’re making that face.

“Oh, dear. sorry. I should have come forward and told you.”

At that time, one of the representatives of the countries affected by the West Asian terror stood up.

“First, let me tell you about the results. The damage from this terror is almost zero.”

“… … Whoa.”

“0? Are you saying no?”


The man smiled heartily.

“There was some property damage, but no human damage. There were no injuries.”

“Huh. Can you?”

“I heard that this terror occurred in the capital city.”

“yes. you’re right.”

“By the way, there were no injuries?”

“Amazing. How could that be?”

“I was lucky.”

The man’s smile deepened even more.

“At that time, Shin Ha-yul was in that position.”

The man displayed the screen at the time of the incident on the screen.

“What is this… … .”

Everyone let out a gasp of astonishment.

The foreground of the picture that emerged over the image was so astonishing.

I had no choice but to scream.

“alone… … Did you create a protective wall covering the entire capital?”

Beyond the photo, the magic that Shin Ha-yul seems to have spread far exceeded the line of common sense.

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