Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Dragons in mythology are portrayed as arrogant rulers.

Had he accepted the warnings of the gods, the species could have been avoided.

Caught in their arrogance and arrogance, they ignored the warnings of the gods to the end.

They fought against the gods until the end, and were destroyed.

Rather than being oppressed, he chooses death. Dragons are such a species.

Such a dragon is currently under the control of the Villain Alliance.

This fact means only one thing.

‘The red dragon has yet to regain self-consciousness.’

The red dragon has yet to regain its identity as a dragon, so it is under their control.

And to say that the red dragon hasn’t regained its self yet is the same as saying that it hasn’t been resurrected as a whole dragon yet.

In other words, the fact that the red dragon is under their control is proof that the red dragon is in an incomplete state.

“If the red dragon was in a state where no one was controlling… … . If he had regained all self-consciousness and was functioning as his original dragon, then there would have been nothing he could do.”

What if that red dragon was in perfect condition?

At that time, there really would have been no way to do anything.

“But now. It’s a different story if it’s in an imperfect state. I can take it down with my current power.”

You don’t know how relieved I was after watching Destroyer’s broadcast earlier.

“… … But just because a dragon is under their control, you can’t conclude that it’s in an incomplete state.”

Captain Charles raised his doubts.

“What if they somehow managed to completely control the dragon?”

“For this time only, there is no chance of that.”

Originally, there is no such possibility.

They are the ones who succeeded in resurrecting the mythical dragon again.

It wouldn’t be strange if he found a way to perfectly control the dragon.

But, this time around, that’s unlikely.

“A while ago, the internet broadcast Destroyer broadcast simultaneously to the whole world. That’s where he showed me the dragon. Do you remember?”

The evidence is the Internet broadcast that the former Destroyer sent out for the purpose of intimidating the world.

“Why is that?”

“The red dragon revealed in that broadcast was sleeping, right?”

“I was sleeping, but… … .”

Destroyer sneaked the dragon into the camera for intimidation.

At that time, he could confirm that the red dragon was sleeping.

To sleep means to be tired.

In other words, the fact that it is sleeping is itself proof of its imperfection.

“Just because he was sleeping, isn’t it hard to conclude that he’s in an incomplete state? Maybe it was just marinated for control reasons.”

“There is a possibility that it would have happened to other monsters. Dragons are different.”


“Dragons don’t sleep.”

“… … at all?”

“yes. Because they are a race born with the blessing of mana. you know? The effect of my aes. You can see it as being in a similar state.”

It’s like I don’t have to sleep when I’m using AS.

Even if the dragon does not sleep, it can always maintain its best condition.

“In addition to that. Dragons don’t have mental exhaustion. Since they are a race born from mana, their bodies are formed in such a way that there is no burden in dealing with mana.”

“… … That mad breath… … . did you say bruce? Is it okay to shoot it dozens or hundreds of times?”

“hmm. You can’t use it a hundred times. Before the mental power is exhausted, all the mana in the vicinity will dry up.”

“… … What is that stupid race?”

“Is it called a monster from the Age of Mythology for nothing?”

Dragons were the strongest in the middle world in the age of myths both in name and reality.

If it wasn’t for the intervention of the gods, he would have reigned in the position of the strongest until now.

“Anyway, that dragon was sleeping as if it had passed out?”

“Is that what you mean?”

Captain Charles tapped the table twice with his index finger and continued.

“If he was in perfect condition, he couldn’t have been asleep?”


“… … That makes sense.”

Captain Charles touched his chin with his thumb and was lost in thought.

In order to understand my words, you must think that there are no logical flaws in my words.

“Can I ask you one question?”

At that time, Kim Kang-in, who had been quietly listening to the story, spoke for the first time.

The look of something curious.

“I understand the dragon’s singularity. But that can’t be an answer to Captain Charles’ opinion. If they found a way to control the dragon in some way, and one of those control methods was to acquire a way to force it to sleep, then the whole topic is broken.”

It was a sharp question worthy of a blue mage lord.

Certainly my answer does not answer that hypothesis.

“I’m a bit lost in explaining things about dragons.”

However, I didn’t turn around because there was no way to answer that question.

There are so many things to explain, so when I tried to explain this and that, I just lost my words.

“That has already been verified.”

“How did the verification end? May I ask?”


On the hologram monitor in the center of the conference room, I displayed the official documents sent to Destroyer by the representatives of each country.

“here. Do you see these notices?”

“It’s an official official statement from each country.”

Official documents close to a declaration of war sent by representatives of each country.

More than 80% of countries have declared that they will not yield to evil.

“This is proof.”

Kangin Kim’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The expression of thinking about how this official document can be evidence.

“If Kim Kang-in was one of Destroyer, Roper, and Marco, what do you think he would have done as soon as he received this official letter?”

“What if I were them? That’s definitely revenge… … . ah.”

Kim Kang-in’s eyes slowly widened.

“Even after receiving this reply, we are not taking any retaliatory action… … ?”

You seem to have noticed

“yes. Despite showing willingness to fight in each country. They haven’t moved the red dragon so far.”

If they had been able to use red dragons freely, 2 or 3 more nations would have perished by now.

In order to break the will of each country to resist, at least two more countries as examples should have been reduced to ashes.

But they didn’t move the red dragon.

Even though it has a switch that can launch nuclear missiles, it did not launch nuclear missiles at hostile countries.

What is the reason?

There is only one answer.

“They are currently unable to use the red dragon.”

There is no problem with the nuclear missile switch, but there is a problem with the nuclear missile.

That’s the only story.

“From the legend of the Age of Myth, the information I have, and the current situation. All elements claim that the red dragon is imperfect.”

All circumstances fit perfectly.

The red dragon is in an incomplete state.

“If it’s imperfect, I can take it down.”

Hope has yet to fully bow its head.

* * *

After the action meeting.

Director Charles approached me while I was outside the building getting some fresh air.

“Why are you groaning here?”

“just. I was just getting some fresh air to catch my breath.”

Captain Charles stood next to me.

“Who is the captain?”

“Me too, the same.”

The night wind blows softly.

Even though such a catastrophe occurred on the other side of the globe, the wind blowing on the Korean Peninsula is refreshing.

“really… … It is very difficult to live in this world.”

He looks up at the sky with a wry smile.

“Later, when I met Madame again, I tried to do something I hadn’t done to get some compliments. It’s not going well.”

The emotions contained in the facial expressions are so diverse and complex.

It was an expression that was difficult to describe.

“… … I’ll hear you again when we meet again later. What have you been doing for two years, what have you been doing while the dragon was resurrected… … .”

Even though he said he didn’t like it, his expression didn’t seem that bad.

Far from disliking it, it looked like he was expecting something.

“Overnight… … . Will you nag until the sun rises? Oh, I hate it.”

It’s okay to nag, so I want to meet Sofia-sama again.

I want to hear Sofia’s voice.

It looked like he was saying that.

“What can I do? If I make a mistake, I will be scolded.”

“A heartless fellow.”

The captain glared at me.

“When a woman says something like this with a heartbroken expression, ‘I’ll scold you too.’ Shouldn’t you blow a sweet comment while doing it?”

“I do the same when there is a broken-hearted woman in front of me.”

“But why don’t you do it to me?”

“You’re the captain, aren’t you?”


The captain turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and gave me a terrifying smile.

“That means. Does that mean I don’t look like a woman?”

I slightly averted my gaze.

“This child… … ?”

Captain Charles rushed at me and put on a headlock.

“OK. If you think of me as a man, treat me that way.”

It didn’t hurt.

Rather than deliberately giving strength weakly, it must be because the wound is too big to give strength.

“If you move so violently, the wound will open again.”

“What do I know?”

I could feel the fishy smell of blood from Captain Charles’ side.

The wound isn’t open now.

It was the scent of blood flowing from a slightly opened wound earlier.

‘… … If you do this, you’ll get really hurt.’

As it is, within the range that does not overwhelm Charles, I apply force.

I got out of the headlock and grabbed Captain Charles’s hands.

“Then you really get hurt again.”

Captain Charles said, ‘What?’ glaring at me with a

“I’ll take up my complaints later, after the wounds are all healed. Calm down for a moment.”

“I’m calm enough right now, so let go of this.”

“If you let go, you’ll run again, won’t you?”

“of course.”

“Then no.”

I moved my body back and forth in line with the movements of Captain Charles, who was trying to get out of my hands.

About 3 minutes passed like that.

Captain Charles finally raised the white flag.


You must have been convinced that no matter what you do, you can’t get out of my hands in the current state.

“Where is that cute Shin Ha-yul, and only the smirking Shin In-hyeok, the second generation, remains… … . Whew. Whew!”

As if to hear me, he clucked his tongue loudly.

Finally, he sighed deeply.

“… … .”

After that, there was silence for a while.

I don’t know what to say. Captain Charles was making that expression.

Maybe I have a similar expression.

“… … That’s what came to my mind all of a sudden. Couldn’t we just call Madam and ask for help?”

“To Sophia?”

“uh. I heard that the Rid Furniture Factory cut the dragon as it is. I thought it would be easy to solve if Madame and Sain Binoche helped.”

“Certainly, with the help of those two, it will be easily resolved.”

Sophia-sama is also Sophia-sama, but Sein-sama’s combat power is unmatched.

Like an imperfect red dragon.

You will erase it from this world in an instant.

“however. Probably not.”

But no.

“Sofia-nim and Sain-nim, they probably won’t be able to move because of the Dark Mage King.”

Approaching me, the Dark Mage King began to awaken in earnest.

The two of you are doing everything you can to suppress such a dark mage king.

You won’t have time to pay attention to anything else right now.

‘If I could move, before I could say anything. He must have moved to deal with the red dragon first.’

The proof is that despite the destruction of France, he did not move.

It’s hard to expect help from Sein-sama and Sofia-sama just for this one.

“… … okay. It doesn’t work either.”

Captain Charles bowed his head.


I thought it was an opportunity to meet Sophia.

It’s a pity that I can’t.

He seemed to think so.

“then. The red dragon subjugation operation must be done by the four of us.”

Me, my father, Captain Charles, and the blue mage lord.

By four, you mean these four.

“no. There are five people who will be put into this mission.”



“Who else was there? ah. Even Adela Stewart?”

“Adela is included, too.”

“… … huh?”

Captain Charles tilted his head with an expression that he did not know what he was talking about.

“To our net. If Adela Stewart is included, isn’t it five? What do you mean by included?”

“There are a total of five people involved in this mission. Me, Father, Adela, Soonchan. And this is Stella.”

“… … what?”

Captain Charles opened his eyes and pressed his face towards me.

“I am?”

“Captain Charles and Kim Kang-in, please focus on healing your wounds.”

“I’m okay. It will be all better by tomorrow, the date of the conclusion of this wound… … .”

“Mana. You’re not moving properly.”

The injuries of the two of you are by no means light. I’m not in a state where I can fight.

I can’t move my body properly, and in addition to that, I can’t move my mana properly either.

“No problem.”

“If there is no problem, try telekinesis now. As usual. If you succeed in inducing the magic I used into telekinesis, I will understand.”

“… … .”

Captain Charles shut his mouth.

you know it yourself

With my current state, I can’t even use my telekinesis properly, let alone break the trajectory of my magic.

“I-I can’t use it right now, but I’m sure tomorrow… … .”

“Even if it gets a little better.”

I glared at the captain with somewhat cold eyes.

“It literally just got a little better. Such a state of affairs will only hinder the mission, rather than help it.”

It sounds like you’re talking a little harshly.

Can not help it.

If I don’t say something like this, Captain Charles won’t break his stubbornness.

“so. Rest this time. There will be many battles in the future. Please concentrate on restoring your strength for that time.”

this is the prelude

The prelude to the war with Bale Stall that will take place six months later.

Now is not the time to give up your life force.

“Mafia, Anti Magia, Destroyer. And finally to the red dragon. I will do everything somehow.”

The current time is 1:30 in the morning.

The red dragon ambush operation is 5 hours away.

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