Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 348

Chapter 348


Mimir shouted loudly.

The world’s urgent voice.


And at about the same timing, the dragon moved.


The whole space trembled.

A vibration different from an earthquake.

A feeling as if a huge rock had fallen.

The dragon only touched the ground, but it was as if a mountain had fallen.

‘It’s normal not to be able to move… … .’

The one who shouldn’t have been able to do anything but blink.

Standing upright on two feet, staring at me.

‘how… … ?’

There’s no way I can move

Because of the separation between the body and the soul, he would not have been able to move.

How the hell are you moving?

“Wake up, Heir!”

Mimir filled my vision.

A look on his face telling him to think about it later and move first.

In an instant, my mind flashed.

okay. Now is not the time to be thinking.

How did the dragon start moving.

It doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that the dragon is moving.

And that dragon is revealing its intent to kill us.

Now is the time to put all your energy into running away.


At the same time as my cry, Miho moved.

Standing in a position to protect me and Adela from the dragon, I ignite transparent flames.

So that, whenever the dragon attacks, you can respond right away.

All the nerves are focused on the dragon.


Then, the dragon moved.

With the momentum to erase at once the insignificant things in front of my eyes.

He gathered mana and condensed it in his mouth.


Mimir shouted in a panicked voice.

It was a voice that conveyed the seriousness of the situation.


No more words were needed.

I know without saying

There is only one thing I have to do now.



Hundreds and thousands of mana codes floated around Mimir.

The chant of coded mythic magic filled the surroundings in an instant.

And that code soon becomes one.


It became a mythical fire.

Ignis, the primordial flame that created and burned this world.

It flew aiming at the dragon’s jaw.

‘No matter how much a dragon is, it can’t be fine if Ignis gets hit directly right before using the breath.’

A counterattack that takes advantage of the gap that inevitably occurs before using a large technique.

I don’t think I’ll be able to defeat a dragon like this.

We should be able to create a gap where we can escape.

I made that decision and prepared to leave the battlefield.


“no! late!”

That was a mistake in my judgment.


Than my Ignis touches the dragon’s jaws.

The speed at which the dragon’s breath spewed out was faster.

‘I spewed it out before it was finished.’

It released a breath that had not yet been completed.

He seemed to have expected that if he waited for completion now, his damage would be great.

He poured his unfinished breath towards Ignis.

Hwareuk, hwareureuk, tuk-!

And that unfinished breath completely swallowed Ignis.

Since it was forced out, it should only be half of its original power.

With only half that power, he crushed my Ignis casually and stepped on it.

‘Dangerous… … .’

Even after erasing Ignis, the energy seems to remain. A breath coming to burn us.

‘I can’t use magic.’

As a reward for using Ignis as an infinite spear, you cannot use magic for about 2 seconds.

Right now I have no means to stop that.

woo woo woo-!

But fortunately I am not alone.

Miho stood in a position to block the approaching breath and poured out the soul fire at full power.


Miho’s soul fire blocked the momentum of the dragon’s breath for a moment.

Was it because Ignis had broken the breath’s momentum in the first place?

Miho’s soul had endured for quite a long time alone.


‘Miho can’t be alone.’

Miho’s hard fight was also short-lived.

The breath soon began to swallow Miho’s soul.

When you think about it, it was natural.

In terms of power, Ignis is far superior to Soulfire.

It was that breath that swallowed Ignis at once.

Even if he had weakened to some extent, there was no way he could block it with Miho’s soul fire.

‘One second. It only takes one second.’

After 1 second, all my cooldowns end.

If you only have 1 second, you can use Ignis again.

If Miho can hold out for just one more second, he can turn around.


‘… … no. After all, it’s impossible for Miho alone.’

No matter how hard Miho struggled, it was impossible to buy more time than this.

It wouldn’t be strange if Miho’s soul fire went out right now.

like a windmill.

If this continues, let alone 1 second, it will disappear after less than 0.1 second.

‘Something. Is there any way How I can help Miho now. There must be something. Something must be… … !’

It was a time when I was turning my thoughts at the speed of light.

Koo Goo Goong-!

Again, the earth trembled.

It’s different from the vibration that reminds me of the giant’s steps that I felt earlier. It was a weak vibration, different from the earthquakes I had felt all along.

To put it bluntly, it is a slight trembling-like vibration that inevitably occurs as something pierces through the ground.

The vibrations were spreading from the center of the ground under Miho’s feet.

‘This vibration… … .’

That weak vibration is a vibration that I have experienced before with my body.

‘This could be Elena-sama’s… … ?’

A harbinger of magic that I saw many times during training on the pages of the previous, third test.

I know that magic.

“Rise up.”

I heard Adela’s voice.

“The source of life. The source of all things.”

Elena-sama’s voice overlapped that voice.

“A thorny light.”

That moment.


Through the ground, dark blue thorny vines rose up.

A plant I’ve never seen before.

A type of thorn tree that has never been seen in literature.

It penetrated the space where Breath and Soulbul were fighting.

and that moment.



A slender thorny vine that seemed to exist everywhere quickly changed its appearance into a gigantic tree.

‘While absorbing the dragon’s mana… … Are you growing?’

That growth continues to this day.

The thorny vine, which was at the level of a sapling, soon became a gigantic giant tree.

The giant tree soon became a millennium tree that had lived for several centuries.

And when that millennium tree grew once more and became a perpetual tree.

“… … .”

Only silence remained in the world.

Dragon’s breath.

Miho’s soul fire.

Only the trembling sounds of the flowers and leaves of the dark blue giant tree that swallowed them all filled the space.

“Elena-sama… … ? This… … .”

I created this spectacle, wizard. Elena Ro turned her gaze to Greenwood.

I had heard that forest magic was great magic, but I hadn’t heard of this much.

How the hell is this possible?

I looked at Elena-sama with such questions.


“What is this… … .”

Miss Elena didn’t seem to be in a position to answer my questions.

The person who created this situation is more surprised than anyone else in the world.

“There’s no way a thorny light can grow to that extent… … .”

Like he didn’t expect it to happen either.

He is astonished at the world with an expression of how this could be.

He was glaring at Adela with that astonished look.

“Adela. How much is your talent… … .”

“… … ?”

Facing Elena-sama’s gaze, Adela just tilted her head.

“Elena! Surprise yourself later!”

Then, Mimir shouted again.

“… … !”

“First jump out!”

At that, everyone turned around at the same time.

Miho, Adela, and I kicked the ground at the same time.

Right after releasing the breath, I wouldn’t be able to move right away.

If you aim for this timing now, you can run away.

With one heart and one mind, we ran towards the corner of the road going up to the third basement floor.

And that’s when I set foot on the stairs leading to the third basement floor.

『No one can leave this space without my permission.』

A voice came from somewhere.

A strange and terrible voice, as if it were not spoken by a living person.


With that voice, an intangible energy spread out.

And that intangible energy soon became a translucent barrier.

“… … hard.”

A solid barrier that seems indestructible by any means.

Even if Ignis was unfolded with all my might, it was at a level where it was impossible to break it.

Breaking this barrier is next to impossible.

“This isn’t real… … .”

Mimir’s voice trembled.

It’s not like he reacted like that because the escape route was blocked.

There is another reason for Mimir’s astonishment.

The reason this barrier was created now.

He was shocked because he knew the identity of the unidentified voice he had heard before the barrier was built.

“Dragon words… … .”

Dragon language.

Like the breath, magic that is the symbol of the dragon.

According to tradition, whatever a dragon says using dragon words becomes a reality.

Since magic outside the box has appeared, I have no choice but to be surprised.

“How can you even use a word in such an imperfect state… … !”

Drake’s body and dragon’s spiritual body.

A fusion of different bodies and souls.

Such an imperfect existence handles not only breath, but also high-level magic called dragon words.

What the hell is going on?

『I saw.』

Then, the dragon’s voice was heard again.

A voice that plugs directly into my brain.

『Your death.』

Mana-forged language strangled our entire bodies.

『To be horribly crushed and twisted to death.』

To my eyes, his words were clearly visible.

Like a giant noose, it comes towards us.

It seemed that a great death was approaching.

‘How to avoid… … .’

An irresistible death.

A death that I cannot understand even with my own eyes, nor can I respond to it with my own eyes.

Since it is a myth that precedes the origin of the Bytenor style, it is a heresy with no way to deal with it.

‘does not exist.’

I watched it slowly approach and bit my lip.

and soon.


Just when those two-letter words started to fill my head.


Somewhere, there was the sound of iron rubbing against iron.

The sound of a sword being pulled from its scabbard.

‘This sound… … .’

Somewhere, I feel like I’ve heard of it.

The familiar sound of iron friction.

“In the end, you end up taking risks like this.”

Following that friction sound, a similarly familiar voice was heard.

“That’s what I said. It is better to deal with it.”

A familiar voice and a familiar way of speaking.

However, something is awkward.

It’s obviously familiar, but something doesn’t fit.

“Don’t blame me. This is entirely your mistake.”

Clear voice and manner of speaking.

If you think of the two separately, you’re used to it.

It’s awkward to hear the two together.

right after that.

Something cut through my body.

An intangible aura that is unknown whether it is sword skill or mana.

it cut through my body


Cut the noose of approaching death.

‘This… … .’

Even after cutting death, which he said would never be stopped, he does not stop.

‘This black… … .’

I know this sword.

Everyone knows a sword that can cut everything.

‘center… … knife?’

I slowly turned my head and looked in the direction the voice came from.

A blue robe with a unique cross-shaped emblem engraved on it.

I saw the face of a figure brandishing a sword under a fluttering robe.

“Stick there for a while and reflect—”

The face of the person who had been searching for his sister for two and a half years.

“—Sofia Anechefrey.”

Sofia Annechefrey.

Sophia was there.

With a look that doesn’t match and a hard tone that doesn’t match.

with a nostalgic atmosphere.

He stood proudly holding a sword that did not suit him.

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