Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 346

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Chapter 346

After that, we rummaged through the collapsed facility.

“It’s not 99% anymore, it’s 100%. Sophia is alive.”

After that investigation, I was convinced again.

Sophia is alive.

“There is only Sofia-sama who can handle magic with so many different attributes to this level.”

I looked mainly at the traces of collapsed facilities.

A total of eight attribute magics were confirmed.

Based on the strength of the collapsed facility, I calculated the power of magic.

All of them were at least circle 8 master class magic.

Only Sofia-sama could handle such a massive attribute with this level of power and output.

“Is there any possibility that there will be multiple raiders?”

Adela presented a new possibility.

The destruction of this facility may have been caused by multiple attackers.

If this happens, my precondition that I dealt with the eight attribute magic alone collapses, and my hypothesis collapses.

Adela’s sharp point.

Ordinary people would have exclaimed ‘Ah!’ the moment they heard that.


“no. There is no chance of that.”

I am not.

“One person attacked this facility. I am a lone criminal.”

He already knew that the assailant could be revenge.

At the end of the recognition, the verification was completed.

“I checked the remnants of mana left throughout the facility. Their temperaments and characteristics are almost identical.”

My ‘God Eye’, which has evolved one step, can read even the remnants of the magic that was activated three days ago.

“It’s a magic that was activated three days ago… … Are there any traces left?”

“If it had been organized to some extent like the upper floor, it wouldn’t have stayed there, but unlike the upper floor, it was completely neglected here, right?”

Of course, if the facility hadn’t been neglected, there wouldn’t have been any remnants of mana left.


Adela nodded her head in agreement.

“Incredible. To read the remnants of mana that flowed from the magic that was activated three days ago… … .”

“It’s not that great. Adela, you’ll soon be able to see this much, too, right? Your eyes are getting more and more like mine.”

My God’s Eye and Adela’s Mind’s Eye.

It was obviously a demon whose name was somewhat similar.

Starting from a certain moment, the power they possess is also becoming similar.

No, it would be more accurate to say that the great talent called Adela is evolving the mind’s eye.

Currently, Adela’s ‘Eye of the Mind’ has changed into a kind of ‘Eye of the Mind’ that is different from the ‘Eye of the Mind’ of the Stairt family.

I don’t even know if I should call it ‘mind’ now.

According to Adela, it’s just a matter of drawing out the original power of the Mind’s Eye.

I honestly don’t know.

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe that such power was hidden in my heart.

It’s just that Adela evolved her mind’s eye with her natural talent.

“hmm… … . I can’t easily imagine. The day will come when my eyes will be similar to yours… … .”

Adela tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

It was an expression that he couldn’t imagine such a future.

“I will definitely come.”

“… … is that so?”

“With 100%.”

Adela answered quietly with a puzzled expression.

It was a soulless answer.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think that’s the case… … It was clear that he was thinking ‘.’

“That, anyway. It means that there is a high probability that Sophia-sama is still alive.”

Adela changed the subject.

“huh. right. Only Sofia-sama can do this on her own.”

“… … successor.”

Then Mimir called me.

The voice is quite serious.

“I’m sorry while we were having fun talking.”

Like the voice, it calls me with a worldly serious expression.

“I found an entrance that appears to be a secret passage.”

“… … A secret passage?”

Are there secret passages?

“This institute. Didn’t I say that there were only four basement floors?”

“There was only an indoor drawing road up to the 4th basement floor.”

“There’s a secret passage that doesn’t even exist on the interior blueprints?”

“Maybe it was a facility that was added separately after it was built.”

Mimir beckoned me to come closer.

“Heir. I’m sorry. Could you check with the Shinan?”


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Then he turned his gaze and gestured to Adela.

“Adela Stewart. you also. I’m not sure, so please check. Probably nothing special, but just in case.”

“Ah yes. I will try.”

Adela trotted over and squatted down next to me.

Adela and I began to investigate beyond the secret passage.

“… … how is it?”

about 2 minutes like that.

All investigations possible at this location have been completed.

“It’s strange.”

“… … I have something.”

Adela and I spoke out the results of our respective investigations.

“Explain in detail.”

Mimir looked at me and Adela in turn and asked.

“First of all, the heir. What’s strange about it?”

“I want to explain in detail, but there is nothing to do.”

I slowly got up from my seat and looked at Mimir.

“I can’t see anything.”

“… … yes?”

Adela reacted before Mimir. It’s a look of surprise.

“Can’t you see? What are you not seeing?”

Then Mimir frowned.

“It’s not that I can’t see anything. Literally can’t see anything. I’ve tried all kinds of numbers. There is nothing to see.”

“I tried using the new eye, but I can’t see anything?”

“uh. at all.”

Mimir’s brow furrowed even more.

It looked like he couldn’t understand the current situation.

“That… … Can’t you see?”

Seeing us like that, Adela opened her eyes wide and asked.

A more serious look than Mimir.

It was an expression of disbelief that I hadn’t seen anything.

“I’m open like that… … . can’t you see that… … .”

The gaze was focused on Adela.

“Adela Stewart. What did you see in your eyes?”

“… … A monster.”



Adela’s expression twisted.

“You mean there are monsters?”

“… … no. It’s different from monsters. That… … that… … .”

A face that reminds me of something unpleasant in the past.

It was an expression of disgust.

“Should I say that the presence is too huge to simply dismiss it as a monster… … . Should I say that it is not of this world? … .”

“… … What are you talking about?”

Mimir asked with a slightly frustrated expression.

“therefore… … .”

Adela said after a moment of thought.

“I can’t explain it well. anyway. That is something unknown beyond monsters.”

“Something unknown?”

“yes. I can’t explain it well, but it feels like that.”

“… … .”

Mimir narrowed his eyes and thought.

“So you’re a strong guy? To the extent that it cannot be compared to monsters.”

Mimir condensed his words, trying to somehow organize Adela’s words.

“no. It’s not just because it’s strong, so it’s not described as a monster. Rather than being strong, should I say dangerous? … .”

“Strong or dangerous, isn’t that what you mean?”

“no. different. That guy… … . eww… … . So… … .”

Adela thought again.

A look of frustration as well.

It’s like he doesn’t know what to say himself.

“okay… … .”

Seeing Adela like that, Mimir gave a small nod.

“I understand the nuance.”

It looked like he understood roughly how special the guy down there was.

“Anyway, there’s a pretty dangerous guy down there. The successor hadn’t seen such a dangerous looking guy. Is this important?”

Mimir’s expression became serious.

As much as Adela would say, there’s a dangerous guy hiding down here.

I couldn’t identify such a dangerous guy.

He seemed to have doubts about that fact.

“It’s an unknown monster that can’t be seen with God’s eyes… … .”

Mimir turned his gaze to me.


What are those eyes trying to say? I got it right away.

“Let’s go down and check it out?”


An unknown monster that I can’t even confirm with my own eyes.

Let’s check out the monster yourself.

Mimir’s eyes said so.

“I am against it. It’s too dangerous.”

Adela voiced the objection.

“The intended purpose of obtaining information about this facility and Sophia has already been achieved. I don’t think there is any need to overdo it.”

Mimir turned his gaze to Adela.

“As you said, it is right that Jung Seok should leave now. however… … .”

Mimir lowered his gaze down the secret passage.

“My senses are telling me. If you leave him now, you will regret it.”

In that state, he patted his head.

“If I leave him there, something big will happen in the near future… … I have a hunch.”

“It’s just a feeling. Thinking of the truth now… … .”

Mimir and Adela glared at each other as if fighting spirits.

“I think it’s right for me to go too.”

Adela turned her gaze to me.

‘Why up to you?’ It was a questioning expression.

“Even if Mimir’s senses are set aside, I think we should check them.”

I made eye contact with Adela and said.

“Why is my faith not working? If you don’t figure it out in advance, it can become a big stumbling block later.”

“that… … .”

Until now, my new eyes were invincible.

There was nothing that could escape Sinan’s surveillance network.

“If I leave that unknown monster unattended, there is a possibility that my Shinan will become powerless in the near future.”

However, that invincible title has now disappeared at this point.

Something unknown that my eyes can’t detect.

With what kind of ability is that unknown something invalidating my divine eye?

need to check that out.

“I think the odds of that happening are slim. By any chance, if that technique were to flow to the remnants of the Black Mage Tower, it would be quite difficult.”

Even in order to prepare for an all-out war with Bale Stall that will break out in the not-so-distant future. Any variable that could occur should be completely blocked.

“and… … . Me too, this is just a feeling. I think he might have the answer.”


“The answer to why Sophia raided this laboratory. And the answer to why Sophia is hiding her existence from us.”

It seems that the unknown monster has all the answers.

Such a feeling of foreboding is hitting my head strongly.

“Then let’s go in.”

* * *

After that, we decided to infiltrate inside the secret passage.

Adela raised her hands against the strong will of Mimir and me.

“how is it?”

Just after sneaking into the secret passage like that and arriving at the 5th basement floor.

Mimir asked me.

Do you still not see anything after going inside?

It was a question with such meaning.

“Still. I don’t feel anything.”

“Even though I’ve come this far, I can’t feel anything… … .”

Mimir must have known in his heart.

Because Mimir’s senses are connected to mine to some extent.

Even though I know, I just wanted to ask.

“Adela Stewart. you?”

“… … I see it more clearly.”

Adela’s complexion is not good.

I expected it from the time I was violently reluctant to infiltrate.

The unknown monster in Adela’s eyes seemed to have considerable power.

‘What kind of guy are you… … .’

It’s not easy to imagine.

Adela is such a monster to be scared of like that.

What kind of a guy are you?

“I guess I have no choice but to check this with my own eyes.”

Mimir finished his thoughts for once.

“Adela Stewart. Please guide me.”

“… … yes.”

Adela hesitated for a moment, then nodded with a helpless expression.

It looked like he really didn’t want to approach him.

“here. It’s in front of you.”

“How long do I have to go?”

“If I walk at the same speed now, it will take about a minute.”

“… … 1 min? barely?”

Mimir widened his eyes in surprise.

I’m probably making a similar expression.

“You’re so close, can’t you feel anything like this?”

“So I was surprised. I’m exuding such a naked presence… … You say you don’t feel that… … .”

“… … .”

An unknown monster located 1 minute away.

Adela couldn’t even sense that the monster spewing out such frighteningly bloody momentum was so close?

“Mimir. Have you ever had Master’s Divine Eye disabled like this during the Empire?”

“no. As far as I know, none.”

“What about Elena? Have you ever heard of it?”

“no. Neither do I.”

Miss Elena shook her head.

“The thing that deceives Ray’s eyes is the veil stall. It was something he gave up on.”

“To the extent that I gave up even that veil stall… … .”

Even the veil stall, the invincible divine eye that raised both hands and feet was neutralized.

“Then, it can be considered as a matter of luck to have discovered that unknown being right here and now.”

“Okay. If that technology ever falls into the hands of Bale Stoll… … .”

If that technology ever ends up in the hands of Bale Stoll, then you really don’t know what will happen.

Even for the sake of the future, the unknown monster in front of us must be eliminated right here and now.

“Mimir. Get ready. Because there is a high probability that we will fight right away.”

“I was preparing anyway.”

Mimir went into battle.

So that whenever a battle breaks out, I can immediately start assisting.

All preparations have been completed.

“Elena-sama, too, please.”

“yes. Leave it to me.”

At Adela’s request, Miss Elena immediately started preparing for battle.

“Miss Elena. If there’s one thing in a while, I’ll ask for Adela.”

I said looking at Elena-sama like that.

“yes. I know.”

Elena-sama cut me off and smiled.

It was a smile full of meaning, not to worry.

I just nodded, and turned my head in the direction I was going to go.

“Then let’s go.”


I walked forward slowly as it was.

about 1 minute like that.

A half-destroyed iron gate caught my eye.

“… … Arrived.”

Inside, the unknown monster Adela talked about awaits.

“I will go first. Please help from behind.”

“… … yes. be careful.”

As it was, I slowly moved my steps beyond the broken iron door.

I entered through the gap in the broken iron door and entered the room.

“This… … .”

And at the same time, I was able to confirm the identity of the unknown monster that Adela had spoken of.

“The Guardian of the Beginning… … .”

The past far ahead of the era of the Bytenor Empire.

The distant past called the Age of Myth.

Disappeared a long time ago, no. A race of sloths that perished on their own.

It’s not a subclass like Drake or Wyvern, it’s a dragon from the beginning.

“Dra… Gon… … ?”


His huge pupils filled my retinas.

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