Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 336

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Chapter 336

after that.

I left the chokers containing Mimir and Elena’s spiritual data in the lab and came out.

I didn’t remove the choker for the purpose of maintenance.

It was just that Mimir seemed to have something he wanted to talk to Elena-sama alone, so I arranged a place for him.

‘I wonder if I’m going to cry in the arms of Elena-sama by now.’

A rough picture is drawn.

Mimir desperately holds back his tears and tries to smile.

And Elena, who sincerely confides her heart to Mimir.

At the end of the process, Mimir must have shed tears.

The expression of Mimir smiling while crying is good in the eyes.

‘Because there must be a lot of things I want to say. Let’s stay together until tomorrow morning.’

Coincidentally, Adela also needs to stabilize her mana due to mana runaway, so she has to take off her choker.

I don’t really need Mimir’s help either.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving it that way.

‘Oh right. I have to tell Terun-sama in advance.’

I slowly texted Mr. Therun.

[Tonight, please don’t let anyone into the lab.]

At least this should be enough.

Terun, the main developer of this research, knows about Mimir and Elena next to me.

Even if you tell me this much, everyone will notice what the situation is.

‘Well, actually, even if you don’t say anything like this. Terun-nim probably wouldn’t even think about going to the lab today because she’s been bombarded with questions from Adela.’

Adela is in Terun’s room today.

Terun personally promised to give a detailed explanation to Adela, who was excited about this new generation of AI technology, and is now keeping that promise.

Considering Adela’s sea-like curiosity, it is certain that she will suffer all morning.

The probability that Mr. Therun can go to the lab tonight or early in the morning converges to 0%.

‘Well, it’s just in case.’

Even if the probability of going to the laboratory converges to 0%, it is not a perfect 0%.

There may be one case at a time, so it’s best to contact us in advance.

‘Oh yeah. While doing it… … .’

I took out my phone from my pocket and sent a call to three other researchers.

Please don’t go to the lab for today.

With such contents, I sent the contact as politely as possible.


With that being said, I wouldn’t bother going to the lab.

I put the phone back in my pocket.

‘I’ve eliminated any possibility of interference. Please have a nice day.’

I moved my steps while remembering Elena-sama and Mimir enjoying themselves.

“Oh. Are you here soon?”

walking like that

On the stairs to the third floor, I ran into Stella.

“I was on my way to my room. Are you feeling better?”

I thought you were resting in your room.

He must have put a lot of effort into dealing with Adela, who had run out of control earlier.

Are you feeling better already?

“hmm. To be honest, it’s not okay… … .”

Stella smiled bitterly and lifted the basket she was holding in her right hand.

Includes sandwiches and drinks.

“I am so hungry.”

“Oh, sorry. My care was not enough.”

Dalian was played before dinner. That is, Stella has not touched any food since lunch.

can’t you think of that

There was a lack of consideration in many ways.

“no way. I’m not a kid As for the rice, I take care of myself. You don’t have to apologize.”

Stella smiled brightly.

“Of course, aside from that, I feel a little bit sad about the fact that you didn’t follow me immediately after I collapsed.”

“that… … .”

Right after Adela’s runaway stops and Adela collapses.

Stella, like Adela, also lost consciousness and collapsed.

As a price for dealing with the power of the mind sword, which was not yet fit for the minute, he lost his mind as it was.

I entrusted Stella to another staff member, moved her to a separate infirmary, and took Adela to another infirmary.

From Stella’s point of view, it’s worth feeling sad.

“I understand. I heard that you are a childhood friend, so it’s only natural that you think of her as more important than me.”

“It’s not like that… … . Considering the seriousness of the situation, Adela first… … .”

“You don’t have to make excuses. I understand everything.”

Stella smiled, giving off a hint of sadness.

A cold sweat runs down my back.

I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, but I feel like I’ve done something very wrong.


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what to do with this situation

It was when I was rolling my head like that.

“… … just joke.”

Stella wiped away her sad expression and put on a full smile.

“i know. He did not necessarily prioritize Miss Adela, but prioritized the seriousness of the mana runaway situation. If it was me who caused the runaway, you would definitely have put me first.”

Stella stared straight into my eyes. A look that understands everything.

“Right now, I am satisfied with that. Miss Adela and me. Just the fact that the two of them are on the same starting line is enough.”

He smiled brightly at that expression.

“But wait. It will make me a priority in a few years.”

Between those smiles, a very small sadness peeked out.

I made eye contact with Stella, and put on an awkward expression.

Stella’s kindness was always direct, so it was difficult to react.

“Okay then let’s go.”

Stella took my hand like that.

“Looking at it, you haven’t eaten anything since lunch, have you? Eat together.”

Then he lifted up the basket full of sandwiches he was holding in his other hand and showed it.

Pulling my arm, I started heading towards my room on the 3rd floor.


As he dragged me along, he suddenly stopped walking and turned towards me.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t heard your impressions yet.”

“What do you mean by observation?”

Stella removed her hand from mine and posed like a confident little princess with her arm at her side.

“It is my sword. how is it? Are you a little surprised?”

“ah. I forgot to tell you about it.”

Like an arrogant little princess, she smiles brightly with an arrogant expression.

“yes. It certainly surprised me.”

The chin, which had risen as high as before, went up even more.

Come on, praise this body.

It was a look and gesture that seemed to say so.

“To think that you would do something stupid, such as using a skill at a clumsy level that you haven’t mastered properly yet in real-life sparring. I really couldn’t have imagined it.”

“… … yes?”

Stella’s expression hardened.

“I would have told you. Whether it’s swords or magic, skills that haven’t been honed to 100% or higher through practice shouldn’t be used in real combat. This is not only me, but Sein-nim’s teaching as well.”

“that is… … uh, so… … .”

something is going wrong

It was a look that thought so.

“It’s good that Kim said it. Seeing that you feel hungry, it seems that your condition has recovered to some extent. Get down there and sit down. As the person who was asked by Sein-nim to take care of you, I have a lot to say.”

Stella’s pupils trembled.

This isn’t it.

His eyes seemed to say so.

“Be happy. I realized a lot today after watching my second teacher’s admonition process.”

I grinned.

It’s an excuse, so please kneel.

“Have I been too kind up until now?”

With such thoughts, he smiled very brightly.

“no. uh, over there… … .”

“Did you not hear me?”

“… … yes.”

Stella’s lips trembled and she knelt down in her seat.

The sandwich basket neatly placed on her lap is quite pitiful.

“You see? It is not something that can be dealt with with a superficial approach like that. What you’ve done is no different than a child trying to get a kitchen knife from the shelf just by reaching the shelf above the ceiling. In the first place… … .”

Recalling Elena-sama’s image, I scolded Stella.

“yes. I’m sorry… … .”

Stella bowed her head with a sullen expression.

* * *

next morning.

I headed to the training ground with Mimir.

“Did you cry well yesterday?”

“… … Who cried?”

Mimir took off his pretense.

“If you’re going to lie, report your condition. know? you. My eyes are swollen now.”


Mimir rubbed his eyes in surprise.

“Hey, don’t lie. It’s not like I have a real body. How does a holographic image make your eyes puffy… … .”

“It’s not a lie.”

I took a picture of Mimir through the function of the choker.

And he showed it to Mimir.

“look. Is it swollen?”

“… … .”

Mimir was speechless.

surprised expression.

It is an expression of how on earth can there be such a change to oneself who does not have a substance.

I was just smiling at Mimir.

“… … How did you do it?”

In the end, Mimir couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked.

It seems that he decided that there was no answer by thinking alone.


I replied with a triumphant smile.

“The power of persona went into the development of this new generation AI.”

“Pe, Persona?”

Mimir’s eyes widened even more.

“Mythic magic, you mean Persona, right?”

“that’s right.”

In two and a half years, I managed to acquire two more Mythic Magics.

One of them is Persona.

“The day I met Master the other day. When you left first and were left with Master. You asked for information on the structure of the Book of Idred and the Book of Mimir. There, I found out that the magic called persona played a major role in creating the two books.”


If translated directly, go.

This magic is unique among mythical magic.

As unusual as it is, there are so many variations according to use.

“So, you mean we fixed our souls with our persona contracts and settled them in the book?”

“that’s right.”

One of its uses is now spoken by Mimir.

To settle someone’s soul somewhere.

Master used that power to settle Mimir into the Book of Mimir.

“wait for a sec. That means… … .”

Mimir widened his eyes.

“I… … You mean it’s not just a copy?”


Elena Law Greenwood.

Asran Polo Hamruin.

Mimir Bel Bytenor.

All three knew that they were clones of their original selves.

The original self is separate, and he is already dead. He says he is a fake derived from the original. he knows so

“You, Aslan-nim, and Elena-nim. Everyone is who they really are.”

But no.

Three is not a fake.

Originally, it was only that his soul interacted with his persona and gained his will. they are the real ones

“The contract between the souls made through the persona is not a contract that takes away the soul right away, but a contract that is applied after the death of the target. So you must have misunderstood.”

I explained the structure and characteristics of Persona, Idred’s Book, and Mimir’s Book in as much detail as possible.

It was a series of complex theories that ordinary people could not understand even 1% of.

The person listening to the explanation this time is none other than Mimir.

He is a genius among geniuses, about 100 million light years away from the ordinary.

“… … It was such a structure. Then, it makes sense that my memory is frozen at the time of signing the contract.”

Mimir understood everything at once.

“Then, are you saying that the change that makes me feel like I have a body right now is because I penetrated the gap in my spiritual body formed by my persona?”

No, beyond understanding at once, I started to move on to a concept beyond that.

They say that a genius knows ten if he teaches one thing.

It was a perfect fit for the present Mimir.

“Then, it makes sense that Adela Stewart was able to use Elena’s magic.”

“… … huh?”

… … no, that’s a bit wrong.

“Considering the structure of the persona, what is connected through the choker now is not just a connection between the outside and the mind, but the connection between the spiritual body and the spiritual body. It should be seen as a connection to something beyond the mind.”

Mimir’s genius was not so much that if he taught one, he could figure out ten.

If you teach one, it should be said that it is at the level of finding out a hundred, no, a thousand.

“With such a strong connection, it is not impossible for Elena’s inherent mana and nature to flow into Adela Stewart.”

Mimir’s eyes lit up.

It was the eyes of a scholar who gained a clue to a new study.

“This is a great discovery. If this theory proves true, this research will evolve even further.”

Mimir stopped talking and looked at me.

“Heir. Anything to take notes? No, is there any way to take notes?”

“There should be… … .”

Among the functions of the choker, there is a hologram type writing function.

If you use this function, Mimir will be able to take notes.

“Then the function… … .”

“for a moment.”

I cut off Mimir’s words like that.

“I’m sorry. Can you organize your thoughts a little later?”


“Before that, there is something I need to help you with.”

We slowly arrived at our destination.

I opened the training ground door.

At the training ground, Stella was waiting for me, fully prepared.

“I need some support from you.”

“… … Are you going to fight him?”

“no. That’s not it.”

If it was Dalian, he wouldn’t even need Mimir’s help.

“I have observed strange movements on the French side. That’s why it’s hard to secretly send Miss Stella back.”

What I need right now is not sparring support, but mythic magic support.

“So I’m going to use Umbra to send Miss Stella back.”


Newly evolved mythical magic with Mimir’s support.

“Auxiliary of mythic magic. please.”

Today is the day a new myth is born.

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