Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 335

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Chapter 335

Greenery that suddenly spread out.

Plants growing like crazy around Adela.

And Stella, who is looking at me while cutting down those plants.

I was momentarily dazed by the unexpected appearance of magic in the forest.

“Heir. Wake. This is not the time to be bruised.”

Mimir advised to be sane.

Serious expression and tone of voice.

At first glance, the serious voice instantly raised my tension to the highest level.

“That kid. It’s completely runaway. You need to calm down.”

Adela’s mana is unusual.

Unlike Adela, who handles magic more gently than anyone else, the mana contained in the tree attribute magic that Adela is currently using is quite harsh.

I frown to the fullest among the trees and flowers that cover my surroundings.

As Mimir said, it seems clear that the magic is running out of control.

‘Let’s calm down first. It’s a matter of figuring out the situation after that.’

Stella is also in a dangerous situation.

The first thing to do is to do something about this situation.

I went straight into action.

“Can I help you?”

Mimir asked me if I could support him.

“no. are you okay.”

I answered while rotating the Infinity Circle inside my body at maximum speed.

“It’s not a situation where you need to use mythic magic or high-powered magic. I alone am enough.”

A tear flowed from Mimir’s eyes.

“Ah, that’s right. You said you were the 7th Circle Master.”

An exciting look.

He seemed to know what I was about to do.

“okay. Then I’ll be watching.”

Mimir took a step back.

As if it wouldn’t affect my mana manipulation at all.

It completely disappeared behind my sight.

“I look forward to it.”

Mimir’s voice was full of anticipation.

At that moment, the circles within me began to rotate in two directions.

one in the right direction.

another in the reverse direction.

“What kind of world would complete neutrality be?”

Heaven and Earth were rotating in perfect symmetry.

‘Completely neutral.’

And the impossible balance of the two opposing concepts began to infuse change into the world.

Heaven makes the flow of time flow normally.

A reverse flow reverses the flow of time.

The collision of the two concepts makes it possible to stop the time of the world for a very short time.

“… … Wow.”

In a world where everything has stopped.

In a quiet world inevitably coiled.

Only Mimir’s exclamation filled the world.

“This is complete neutrality… … .”

In this world, next to Master, the person who is familiar with bi-tenor expression is Mimir.

Of course you would have known about complete neutrality.

“How is this possible? Everything, including time, stops. In that world, only the caster can move alone.”

However, knowing and seeing are different.

There is a difference between what you only know as a concept and what you experience with your own body, like heaven and earth.

Mimir’s surprise was understandable.

“No, more than that, why didn’t Obama use such a great magic?”

Mimir muttered as if he was genuinely puzzled.

I could tell by the murmur.

Mimir probably doesn’t know much about the singularity of complete neutrality.

It seems that there is no mention of the uniqueness or exceptionality of complete neutrality in the literature.


I walked slowly through the stopped time and answered Mimir’s question.

“Complete neutrality won’t work against Bale Stall. That’s why you didn’t use it.”

“Doesn’t work? why?”

“Why doesn’t it work? I don’t even know that far.”

As for the theory of complete neutrality, I don’t know exactly.

The experience and number of implementations are still overwhelmingly insufficient to grasp everything.

“I don’t know why, so how can you be so sure it doesn’t work?”

“It didn’t work even for the Dark Mage King.”


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two and a half years ago.

In the final battle, I showed complete neutrality against the Dark Mage King.

Unlike now, the output was very low, but the stability was outstanding as it is now.

The structure itself was completely neutral, and the Dark Mage King was moving freely.

Although it seemed to have some physical limitations, it was clearly able to move at its own will.

And that means.

“The fact that the Dark Mage King was able to move means that there is a high possibility that the Veil Stall that exists above him can also move?”


It makes sense.

“Because complete neutrality has the characteristic of stopping even the caster’s mana. There is no benefit to using it against a bale stall that moves freely inside.”


Mimir nodded in agreement.

“According to that hypothesis, it is understandable why Obama did not use complete neutrality… … . huh. I think you’re right.”

Complete neutrality is not invincible magic.

Obvious flaws and weaknesses. And it’s an ordinary magic with the law of destruction.

‘no. Is it a little bit like adding the modifier ‘ordinary’?’

I stood in front of Adela’s nose while thinking such silly thoughts.

He slowly raised his hand and placed it on Adela’s forehead.

‘Well, it’s not because of performance, but because it’s normal in a conceptual sense.’

And right away, he started preparing to calm Adela’s mana.

Of course, I can’t move mana in this place, so it doesn’t make much sense to prepare like this… … .

‘Completely neutral.’


That’s just a problem if this world disappears.

The balance between Heaven and Earth was broken, and the world returned to its original law.

“… … !”

As if to prove that time moves again, Adela’s startled expression and rabbit-like eyes filled my retinas.

Looking at Adela like that, I gave a small smile.

Then he used the magic he had prepared in advance.

“Keep your eyes closed for a moment.”

Mana flowed through my palms and along Adela’s forehead.

Adela was instantly consumed by my mana.

eyes that close.

Adela just passed out.

At the same time as Adela passes out, the trees and flowers begin to wither in an instant.

Through the withered vines, Adela’s body began to fall.

I took Adela’s body and held it in my arms.

“It’s done.”

Among the green that disappears in an instant.

I looked at Stella, who was standing blankly in the distance.

Stella was staring at me with an expression as if she had seen a ghost.

“also… … .”

Those eyes soon turned into eyes of burning desire.

No surprise, no surprise.

Then, with a clear expression, he thought it was so.

He smiled intriguingly.

It was a look of envy that made the recipient feel a great burden.

* * *

After that.

Adela had been asleep for about an hour.

It was a very quick wake up for Mana being completely shut down.

If he was an ordinary wizard, he would have slept well for 10 hours.

Even with each and every one of those minor resilience, Adela was beyond the category of an ordinary wizard.

“… … sorry.”

As soon as she woke up, Adela, who had finished grasping the situation, immediately apologized.

He knelt down on the bed and bowed his head with an expression that he couldn’t help.

“I think I made it clear. Never use it when I’m not there.”

By the way, it is not me who Adela is apologizing for.

Of course, the opponent I’m on my knees facing is also not me.

“Because wood attribute magic is dangerous. I begged you to forget about it until I woke up again.”

Elena Law Greenwood.

Adela is being robbed by Miss Elena right now.

“Your intuition told you that? Do you think it makes sense for the wizard to act as he goes? That’s a great intuition. Telling me to use magic I haven’t used properly yet.”

“… … .”

Adela’s complexion is pale.

I was completely overwhelmed by Elena-sama.

“… … uh Just looking at it brings up the trauma.”

Mimir, hiding behind me, murmured in a voice only I could hear.

His body trembled with an expression of seven colors.

“Have you ever been scolded?”

“Of course not. There is no one in the Empire who has not been scolded by Elena.”

“Master too?”

“of course. Obama must have been scolded the most?”

“… … wow.”

A vassal who scolds the king.

I can’t easily imagine it.

Also, since it’s Elena-sama, I can understand it.

“You see? A mage must always remain cool. In any crisis situation, you must remain cool and calm. That is the most important condition for a wizard.”

“… … yes.”

Miss Elena’s nagging came out like a storm.

Jogon Jogon laughing.

He seemed to be talking calmly, but it sounded like a tiger growling.

This is why people who laugh and beat people are the scariest people.

If you scold me while laughing like that, it’s rather scary.

‘I should never make trouble.’

It was bloody enough to make such a pledge without even realizing it.

“… … .”

Adela’s pupils trembled.

With her head down, she glances at me gently.

It was an emergency rescue signal asking for help.

‘I wish I had been scolded like that.’

20 minutes after waking up.

If she had been scolded that much, Adela would have reflected enough.

The time has come to let down the rope of salvation.

“You know? If Ha Yul wasn’t there, you would be… … .”

“That, Miss Elena.”

Miss Elena turned her head at my call.

“What is it?”

sharp gaze.

wow. Making direct eye contact is even more brutal.

No wonder Adela is so troubled.

I almost inadvertently took a step back.

I suppressed the fear creeping up and said what I was going to say.

“How about doing it that far? Adela seems to be reflecting enough.”

“… … .”

Elena-sama came out with axe eyes and glanced at Adela alternately.

Maybe it’s because my eyes are narrow, but it’s more scary for nothing.

“The prosecutor Adela dealt with took a shot at the sword… … No, it was a test with about one toe inserted. He must have sensed that the other person was trying to use the mind sword, and momentarily thought that that was the only way.”

“… … yes?”

Miss Elena’s eyes widened at my words.

“Did you just say it was a sword?”

“yes. It’s a sword.”

“At that young age, he reached the point where he could handle the sword. Did you say that?”

“It is not at a level that can be said to be manageable. Like I said, tiptoe lightly. It’s only because her claws are raised.”

“Even if it only touches the hairs and not the claws, it’s amazing.”

The anger slowly began to fade from Elena-sama’s expression.

“To think he was already glaring at Shimgum at such a young age… … . Incredible. There was no such swordsman in the Empire.”

Elena-sama is the type who finds great satisfaction in teaching others.

He is a person whose greatest joy is to see talented children grow up.

For such Elena-sama, the rapid progress of a genius named Stella must have been an indescribable joy.

“Heart sword. It’s a heart sword. okay. Then your intuition wasn’t entirely wrong.”

Miss Elena stared straight at Adela.

“There are few magics that can counteract the mind sword. If I felt the sword and used my magic to react to it… … . That is a reasonable decision.”

The reason Elena-sama was angry was because she thought that Adela hadn’t made a rational decision in battle.

But what about the reality?

“Of course, even so, it is something to reflect on for using magic that has not yet been properly polished… … .”

Adela’s intuition was not wrong.

The only way to break the situation was Elena-sama’s wood attribute magic.

“Why didn’t you tell me? He wouldn’t have been this angry if he had told me that he was trying to use the Shim sword.”

Responding to the opponent’s mind sword, and finding a countermeasure is not something to be scolded for, but deserves praise.

Elena looked at Adela with a slightly apologetic expression.

“… … I’m not sure.”

Adela replied slowly.

“Aren’t you sure?”

what did you not know?

“I wasn’t sure that the sword Miss Stella was trying to use was a heart sword.”

Adela bowed her head with an expression of disdain.

“I don’t have much interest in the sword side… … . I only knew that there was such a thing as a sword. so… … .”

“You only knew that a soul sword existed?”

Miss Elena’s eyes widened like rabbits.

“But how did you react? No, how did you see through the realm you only knew by name before that?”

Even though I didn’t know the details of the mind sword, I felt the danger of the heart sword and reacted.

How is that even possible?

“just… … .”

Adela slowly opened her mouth with an expression that she didn’t know either.

“Just. I just remembered the sword, and this is the only way to stop that attack. I’m so sure… … .”

Miss Elena let out a small laugh.

“… … oh my god.”

Then he smiled and looked at me.

“This is why you entrusted this child to me.”

Blood as a teacher boils.

“He is more interesting than I thought.”

You were making that face.

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