Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 327

Chapter 327

in excruciating pain.

Through the blurred vision, I could see Sein-sama’s back.

shaking etc.

It was the back of a dying person, no wonder he collapsed right now.

“three… … sir… … .”

Can not be done.

As of now, Sein-sama can’t defeat the Dark Mage King.

Fighting now is nothing but dog death.

“Don’t worry.”

At that moment, I felt a warm feeling on my body.

“three… … sir?”

At some point, Sein-nim was hugging me.

“I won’t give up.”

He hugged me and stroked my hair.

“Now I can’t lose to anyone.”

It was a voice and a hand that reassured people.

“so. Get some rest.”

My already hazy mind began to grow even more hazy.

“The next time you open your eyes, everything will be over.”

What did Sein-nim do to my body?

It was like taking a sleeping pill.

“three… … sir… … .”

The spirit I was barely holding on to collapsed in an instant.

“Sleep well.”

at the end of that voice.

My vision was blacked out.

* * *

Sein Binoche showed off his overwhelming talent from a young age.

With the development and settlement of AI, the status of wizards rises at once.

An era in which the position of prosecutors was at stake.

If it hadn’t been for Cein Binoche, current prosecutors might not even be called ‘prosecutors’.

If she hadn’t been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with wizards, the existence of a swordsman might have completely disappeared by now.

no. Not an assumption, it would have actually disappeared.

Despised by everyone, it must have disappeared beyond the times.

That’s why all the current swordsmen sincerely adore Sein Binoche.

If it wasn’t for Sein Binoche, if it weren’t for her talent, swordsmen would have lived a life that was incomparably worse than they are now.

“Enlightenment is. After realizing it, it is really insignificant.”

Such burdens strangled Sein Binoche’s talent.

The enormous burden of a sense of mission and responsibility was like a deterrent that prevented her from focusing on her sword.

“After taking a step back, I see a way to go one step forward. Now that he has left everything behind, he sees what he has longed for.”

Because we have to think about the future of prosecutors.

Because I am in charge of the future of all prosecutors.

Ever since Sein Binoche grew up, he had never swung his sword with a pure heart.

“Thank you.”

2 months ago.

Until I met Shin Ha-yul.

“I give all my thanks to you for appearing in front of me.”

Sein Binoche laughed.

with dying faces.

Like genuinely happy.

He smiled innocently.

“And just a little… … .”

Her innocence was filled with nostalgia.

“It’s also frustrating.”

Looking down at the collapsing, unconscious Shin Ha-yul.


He lowered himself very slowly.

“a little bit… … .”

As if in pain, he gently stroked the cheek of Shin Ha-yul, who was groaning with a frown on his face.

“How nice it would have been if you had appeared in front of me a little earlier.”

I saw a bright light.

I had a much more enjoyable day than my life so far.

“If so… … .”

Two months of living as a third person were more valuable than the 52 years of living as the family head of the Binosu family.

“If so, I would have been able to enjoy these wonderful days a little longer.”

so a little bit.

I was very resentful of Shin Ha-yul.

like hopeful torture.

I wish I hadn’t known.

If I hadn’t known this splendor, I wouldn’t have regretted it like this.

“No, shouldn’t you have been born 20 years earlier?”

Sain pinched Shin Ha-yul’s cheek.

With a very small resentment.

Slightly as if to complain to this hateful man.

Like rubbing a newborn baby’s cheek.

“… … I guess I’m getting old too.”

Sein smiled bitterly.

“Seeing you get so emotional.”

a sad bitter laugh.

With such a pitiful smile, he removed his hand from Shin Ha-yul.


Let go of your hand and get up.

I slowly raised my hand.

“If there is such a thing as an afterlife.”

Life is in the palm of her hand.

There was a desperate heart as Sein Binoche.

“At that time, I wish we were born in the same era.”

heart sword.

Her heart is gathered into one whole wind.

took the shape of a sword.

“You are magical. I’m with a sword That’s how we exalt each other, hone and grow together.”

the tip of the sword.

The pinnacle she barely reached at the end of her life.

It is an unknown state that no one has reached yet, so it doesn’t even have a name.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Sein thought.

What is the name of this sword?

Since it’s the last one, it might be a good idea to give it a grandiose name.

“… … It’s a strange feeling. Although there is resentment and sadness. I have no regrets.”


There is no need for grandiose rhetoric for the last sword of Saint Binoche’s life.

“no. Would it be a lie if I said I had no regrets? very little. okay. Very little, regret left behind.”

This sword is just a sword.

Because Saint Binoche’s life was a sword.

No other rhetoric needed.

“stellar. It’s just a little bit of having to leave him first… … It takes.”

Sein swung his sword.

A non-existent, intangible sword cut through the air.

“and… … .”

Cutting is an illusion.

A mirage that exists but does not exist.

Something that makes up this world.

“That I can’t see your future. very little… … I’m sorry.”

Is it the logic of the world to be cut?

Or is it the world itself?

Except for Sein, no one could know that.

What is certain is that Sein’s sword definitely cut something.


“okay. It should be like this.”

It is only that Shin Ha-yul’s body is being sucked into the cracks that Sein cut.

“I will ask you for Stella. If you take care of it, you can leave in peace.”

As if submerged in the sea, Shin Ha-yul’s body is slowly sinking.

“As you may already know, that child’s talent is greater than mine. If he is raised well, he will become a better prosecutor than me.”

Se-in took his gaze away from such a servant, Ha-yul, and turned his back.

“That child, the not-too-distant future. It will be a great help when fighting evil. Let’s grow well sometime.”

Rogue, Bale Stall.

Stella will be of great help in that battle.

“Oh, yes. while growing You can eat it as is if you like. I, the mother, will allow it.”

Lastly, Sein turned his head slightly and smiled mischievously while looking at Shin Ha-yul’s face.

“and… … .”

Sein’s words did not carry on to the end.

“He is a hasty fellow. Did he leave without enough time to listen to the last word of the disciple who is leaving for a long way?”

Before the words were even finished, Shin Ha-yul’s body disappeared.

Sein erased his smile.

“I made you wait.”

The warmth disappeared, and it became a sharp expression like a blade.

“It was a little surprising. I thought you were going to aim for the back.”

He glared at the Dark Mage King with an expression like a demon.

“I was thinking of aiming.”

It’s been a long time since I gave up leisure.

Just a moment ago, from the moment when he abandoned the 1:1 and used the despicable strategy of targeting Shin Ha-yul and Sophia, he discarded the word Jeongdangdang.

Even now, if possible, I was thinking of aiming for Sein’s gap.


“If there was a gap.”

I couldn’t aim.

There was no futility in Cein Binoche’s movements.

With her back completely turned, she was looking away, but there was no gap.

All I could feel from her empty back was wonder, not loopholes.

If you attack hastily now, you will be hit in reverse.

That was all I could think of.

The Dark Mage King’s intuition was warning him not to attack.

“It feels good.”

Sein took a step closer to the Dark Mage King.

“If you were aiming for my back and coming straight ahead… … .”

At that moment, the air was cut.

Suddenly, without any warning.

The world split in two.

“I would have made it like this.”

The Dark Mage King’s expression became even more serious.

Cutting through the air itself is not surprising.

A crazy swordsman who cut through space.

Cutting through the air itself is not a big deal.

‘… … I couldn’t see it.’

The problem was that the blow was not visible.

It is said that the empty space was cut unconsciously without any warning.

“Sophia Anechefrey. I’m sorry, but I think you’ll have to help me until the end. I don’t think I’ll lose, but just in case.”

Sein turned her gaze to Sophia, who was staring at the Dark Mage King from the side with a color of caution.

“FYI, I refuse to refuse. I don’t have enough strength left to keep you alive.”

“Do not worry. I thought I would stay even if I told you to go.”

Like Sein, Sofia has already made up her mind.

Your life ends here.

This is where you will die.

He will end his life here with the Dark Mage King.

“It’s a great look. That’s how Sophia Annechefridge is.”

Sein smiled a little and looked away.

Then, looking at the dark mage king with a serious expression, he smiles coldly.

“ruler. Then we wouldn’t have time for each other. Shall we start slowly?”

The air shook like a mirage.

A mirage that can only be seen by the Dark Mage King.

The mirage soon changed into the shape of a sword.

“Be glad.”

Sein’s sword shone brilliantly with only one thought to kill the Dark Mage King.

“Being able to see this sword is extremely lucky.”

Poles and poles are connected.

The same goes for magic and swords.

It is indistinguishable from the peak of black magic.

“Oh yeah. I forgot to ask this.”

Sein asked under the huge sword.

“What do you say your name is?”

I asked for the name of the Dark Mage King.

He wanted to know at least the name of the villain who would end up with him.

“It has no name.”

The Dark Mage King frowned with a sharp expression.

“Now I cannot exist as myself. Therefore, I have no name. Right now, I’m just the Dark Mage King. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“is it.”

Sein nodded slightly.

“I can’t help it if I don’t have a name. I have no choice but to give up.”

The sword floating behind Sein shook greatly.


It trembles loudly, as if it would fall off at any moment.

“In the other world, you come to me. Follow my name and appear before me.”

Sein’s sword shone.

As bright as her life, she shone.

“at that time. I will kill you again.”

Like a star giving off its last bright light before it dissipates.

“Keep it in mind. My name is Sein. It’s Sein Binoche.”

Beautiful, dazzlingly bright.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, a white ceiling caught my eye.

The smell of medicine brushing my nose and special medical equipment filling my surroundings.

Is this a hospital?

“Are you awake?”

Then I heard a voice from beside me.

familiar voice.

“Kim Kang-in… … .”

Kangin Kim was sitting by the bed and looking at me.

“Do you have any pain anywhere?”

“yes. There is no particular pain… … . Ugh!”

The moment you exerted your strength to raise your upper body.

A terrible pain arose throughout his body.


It seems that someone is hacking the whole body with dozens of knives.

“sorry. That was a good question. It’s a serious injury that can’t be okay.”

Kangin Kim got up from his seat and put his hand behind my back.

And just like that, he lifted my upper body.

“Don’t overdo it. It is a miracle that Ha Yul’s body is alive right now.”

I contemplated the inside of my body as it was.

“… … yes. I see.”

There was no need to contemplate for a long time.

As Kim Kang-in said, my body is like a mop.

And that’s not just a rag, but a rag that’s about to be torn to shreds and burnt to ashes.

“What happened?”

The fact that my physical condition is the worst is not particularly important.

In addition to making the Ignis runaway, he forced the circle into complete neutrality, giving a large load to the circle.

Rather, it is a miracle that it ended like this.

“How did I end up in the hospital?”

The question is, how did I get here?

“How did the fight end? What about Sein-sama and Sofia-sama?”

It is about the outcome of the battle.

“… … .”

Kim Kang-in’s expression darkened.

The moment I met that expression, my heart sank.

I could tell just by looking at his face.

“You two… … Are you dead?”

Kim Kang-in quietly took out a pile of documents from his bag.

Then, he took out a few photos from among them and handed them to me.

I handed over the photo with trembling hands.

“This picture… … .”

In the photo, Sein-nim and the Dark Mage King were taken.

“After the barrier disappears. When we found Saint Binoche, he was already in this state.”

In the photo, Sein-nim is standing with his eyes closed.

with a peaceful expression on the world.

With an expression of savoring victory.

He had his eyes closed with a soft smile on his face.

“Sain-nim… … You won.”


On the other hand, the Dark Mage King is spread out on the floor with a miserable expression on his face.

As if stabbed by something huge sword, huge stab wounds remain on the upper body.

The upper and lower body are divided in half.

The winner was Sein-nim.

“Sain Binoche… … The black magic killed the king and ended his life just like he fell asleep.”

I glared at the photo and bit my lip.

“really… … .”

Lastly, before I go crazy.

Sein-nim’s last words about not losing to anyone came to mind.

“really… … You won… … .”

It was complicated.

Even though the huge enemy, the Dark Mage King, had died, he didn’t feel happy.

It must be because more was lost than gained.

I slowly flipped through the photos, examining the traces of the final battle.

And after a while, I noticed something strange.

“I don’t have a picture of Sophia. How is Sophia?”

Sofia is not in the picture.

“Sophia is currently missing.”

“Are you missing?”

“yes. Judging from the traces of the battle, it’s certain that you fought together with Sein-sama in the last battle… … .”

No body was found.

That would be it.

“That means… … .”


And saying they couldn’t find the body… … .

“Sofia might be alive.”

It was like that.

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