Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 317

Chapter 317

About 5 minutes after the Dark Mage King declared that he would show despair.

‘… … Nonsense.’

Sophia Annecefrey was in despair.

‘this… … what… … .’

The Dark Mage King’s remarks were not bluffing.

The power of the Dark Mage King was hopelessly powerful.

There was no way to deal with the 40 archmage corps led by Sophia.

‘Strength… … I thought I was in a state where I couldn’t fully control it yet… … .’

The Dark Mage King thought that he was currently breathing.

Immediately after reaching the 10th circle.

I couldn’t control the power that had become too powerful, so I thought I was trying to stabilize it.

That’s why, even in this situation, he doesn’t dare to move.

I thought so.

‘I was wrong.’

But it wasn’t.

The Dark Mage King wasn’t having trouble controlling his power.

The Dark Mage King wasn’t working hard on stabilization.

‘he is… … It’s already complete.’

The Dark Mage King is already perfect.

It handles the power of the 10th circle perfectly.

‘In America… … I was just playing.’

What seemed like a runaway in America was just a prank to tease Sophia.

The reason I didn’t kill Sophia was because I was confident that I could kill Sophia anytime.

‘it’s over. everything.’

Sophia’s despair deepened.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the current coalition has gathered more than 80% of the world’s best forces.

In other words, the wizards present here are no different from the representatives of the world.

But what about the current situation?

are being overwhelmed

No, it’s not a level that can be said to be overwhelmed.

He is being treated like a toy by one of the Dark Mage Kings.

No wonder Sophia was devastated.

“The Dark Mage King!!”

The red mage tower rushed at the black mage king with a determined expression.

With the momentum to burn all remaining life, he does his best to heat up the superheated hell.

The birth of superheated hell with a level of firepower that would not be strange even with the modifier of the previous level.

A huge blue flame that falls from the top of the Dark Mage King.

It was as if the blue sun was falling down on the earth.

Literally, the red magic tower spell, the great magic of a lifetime.

His will transcended the 8th circle and created a level of magic approaching the 9th circle.

No matter how much I am the king of black magic, if I use this magic properly, I will not be safe.

The red mage tower master was so sure.


“Who said you could stand on top of me?”

That’s just an illusion of the Red Mage Tower Master.

“Come down. grab it.”

The great magic of a lifetime of the Red Mage Tower Lord.

It’s like superheated hell beyond its limits.

8.5 circle magic with half a penny that wasn’t even a complete 9th circle.

To the Dark Mage King, who entered the 10th circle, it was nothing more than a kitten’s kick.

“Crawl on the ground, look up at me and scream. That’s the only freedom that’s allowed to crap like you.”

The Dark Mage King moved his index finger.

from top to bottom.

Light enough to move your wrist lightly.



Gravity began to weigh down the body of the Red Mage Tower Master.

An unbearable level of strength.

The body of the red mage tower master fell to the ground as it was.


The green magic tower used magic to create a wind buffer under the body of the falling red magic tower.

A perfect buffer like Min Ga-yeon that can even adjust atmospheric friction.

The cushion, which is safer than anything else in the world, completely took over the body of the Red Mage Master.


An explosion sounded like a cannon blast.

Min Ga-yeon’s wind magic did not completely absorb the impact of the fall.

‘What kind of psychokinesis is so strong!’

Min Ga-yeon bit her lip.

Every lightly used magic is fatal.

“James. can it happen?”

“… … It sounds obvious.”

James, pinned to the ground, shuddered and rose from his seat.

As if the shock had not been fully absorbed, the body staggered.

“I will treat you right now!”

A wizard came to James and used light magic.

Healing magic using light.

The light with healing power healed James’ body.

However, the effect was not very good.

In the first place, the fact that healing magic wasn’t very effective magic also played a role.

The problem was that the level of magicians using healing magic was only 7 circles.

“… … Shit. The absence of the White Mage Tower is painful.”

Healing magic specialist.

It was painful to lose the White Mage Master as soon as it started.

If she had been alive, a wound like this would have healed in an instant.

“You monstrous bastard… … .”

James looked up at the Dark Mage King, absorbing the healing light.

The Dark Mage King is playing, taking the superheated hell of his body triggered by James casually and tossing it up and down as if he were playing with a ball.

Seeing that figure, it seemed as if the will she had desperately held onto would be broken.

“Now they’ve become very nice eyes.”

The Dark Mage King looked over the wizards of the alliance and smiled a little, expressing his liking.

“If we had been so calm from the start, we wouldn’t have had to strain each other like this.”

The black mage king threw the blue flame he was playing with with the appropriate strength.

A superheated hell that floated about 5 meters in the air.

The Dark Mage King clenched his fists as he looked at the superheated hell.

Then, in an instant, the superheated hell disappeared without leaving any form.

James’ power was destroyed without even touching the hair of the Dark Mage King.

“why… … .”

Looking at the dark mage king, Sophia slowly opened her mouth.

He licks his lips with an angry expression.

I bit my lip so hard that blood dripped from it.

“Why aren’t you killing anyone?”

As I said, the power of the Dark Mage King is overwhelming.

If the Dark Mage King had made up his mind, at least half of the wizards would have lost their lives right now.

No, not even half, everyone would be dead.

“If you set your mind to it, you can kill it as easily as you would kill an ant, but why… … .”

It wasn’t using magic like the Dark Mage King was playing around with now.

If you use magic with all your might, everyone here will die in an instant.

“hmm. surely. I can kill either of you at any time.”

At that moment, the Dark Mage King’s momentum changed.

The playful atmosphere of the past is gone.

The single thought of killing the enemy in front of him filled the place instead.

“I could kill you by burning it in one shot.”

The Dark Mage King’s hair fluttered upward.

Then the world burned.

Magma gushed from the earth, and a rain of flames rained down from the sky.

Centered on the Dark Mage King, everything was stained with flames, including the ground and atmosphere.

“You can freeze them to death.”

and the next moment.

The whole world froze.

The rain of magma and fire froze as it was, and an ice age came to the world.

“It can bring death to you in ways you never could have imagined.”

Something huge started to fall from the sky.

Huge boulders that fall while burning.

“No words… … no… … .”


Dozens of them were falling at the same time.

The sight of dozens of meteorites, each with the power to destroy a decent city, falling simultaneously was beyond despair and deserved to be called spectacular.


However, those meteorites, as soon as the Dark Mage King raised his hand. disappeared in an instant

As if it never existed in the first place.

In an instant, he disappeared from this world.

It was as if I was dreaming.

I couldn’t believe what I saw with my own eyes.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I have kept you alive at my mercy.”

“… … .”

The Dark Mage King looked down at the astonished wizards and smiled with a rather benevolent expression.

“I’ll make a suggestion here.”

“… … What is your suggestion?”

Sophia barely managed to open her mouth.

The shock doesn’t fade.


The Dark Mage King looked down at everyone and chanted.

“I will spare half of you.”

Sophia’s brow furrowed.

“… … What do you think?”

I couldn’t figure out the Dark Mage King’s intentions.

“What? Aiming at this timing, I just want to praise the achievements of your alliance, which surpassed my expectations of attacking my castle, and to bestow mercy as the king.”

“… … mercy.”

Because it is the King of Dark Mage who can kill everyone in this place at any time.

Saving half of them was mercy, if you look at it.

“Is my life not enough?”

Sophia asked with a determined expression.

It is Sophia herself who is to blame, and no one else.

“It is impossible. In the first place, your life is an exception.”

The Dark Mage King has no intention of killing Sophia.

Therefore, Sophia’s life cannot be used as a bargaining chip.

“Give me half of my life, except for you. If you do, I will spare the other half.”

An assertion as harsh as it is cruel.

Sophia bit her lip again.

“why… … .”

Sophia glared at the Dark Mage King with an expression full of resentment.

“Why did you go so far… … .”

The Dark Mage King could kill Sofia anytime he wanted.

The reason why Sophia is still alive is simply because the Dark Mage King had no intention of killing her.

“It’s something you don’t have to know.”

The Dark Mage King replied with a determined look.

“Rather than that, answer me. half. Who will give their lives?”

The Dark Mage King scattered mana with his hand in his pocket.

The surrounding landscape slowly began to change.

The Dark Mage King’s mana soon turned into a sculpture.

“If it’s hard to decide, you can fight each other and decide.”


In the past, the Colosseum, where gladiators fought bloody battles in ancient Rome, has been reproduced on this land.

“If you don’t like fighting with your colleagues… … .”

The mana scattered by the Dark Mage King was collected.

Mana, which had been transformed into the Colosseum, became normal Mana again and gathered to the Dark Mage King.

“I can kill half of them arbitrarily.”

And soon, Mana became ‘death’.

Just like how the white mage tower master was erased from this world earlier.

The mana condensed with the nature of death itself flew towards the red mage tower lord.

The magic activation speed was so fast that even Sofia couldn’t react.

Just like that, the red mage tower, like the white mage tower, was about to be engulfed in darkness and disappear.


Min Ga-yeon moved.

As a wizard who handles wind magic, he is sensitive to speed.

Min Ga-yeon’s sharp senses succeeded in detecting the magic of the black mage king.

Min Ga-yeon drew her sword and swung it.

With the momentum to cut down the black mana fired by the Dark Mage King.

Squeezing everything out, he showed off a lethal sword that even cuts mana.

‘If this… … !’

Min Ga-yeon cut the black mana as it was.

and the next moment.

“hmm. I was thinking of killing one. Did you two die?”

Min Ga-yeon and James had disappeared from this world.

Min Ga-yeon’s sword could not cut off the black mage king’s mana.

The green mage lord disappeared from this world along with the red mage lord.

“The Dark Mage King… … !”

Sophia vented her anger.

“Why are you so angry? You guys didn’t choose, so I was considerate in my own way.”

Looking at Sophia, the Dark Mage King sneered.

“Ah, I see. Even if they are all the same miscellaneous things in my eyes, do you guys have different values?”

The Dark Mage King trembled in a slightly exaggerated manner.

“The existence of the Mage Tower Master was more valuable among you. If you think of it as a state or position… … okay. Roughly, the deaths of the two tower masters are on the same level as the deaths of ten other mages.”

“Life has no value!”

Ignoring Sofia’s anger, the Dark Mage King calmly stroked her chin.

“good. admit my mistake I will admit my mistake and make a new proposal.”

The Dark Mage King glared at each of the five remaining wizards in the alliance and smiled grotesquely.

“Give up all the lives of the owners of the Mage Tower who remain here. If you do, I will spare all the other 40 people.”

At the Black Mage King’s remarks, agitation spread like an epidemic among the members of the alliance.

Half of the deaths can include you.

That’s why I couldn’t be easily pleased with that offer.

But what about now?

Not half, five.

And that’s exactly what the lord of the mage tower was called upon to give up his life.

As a human with a survival instinct, it was unavoidable to be psychologically disturbed.

“ruler. choose Is it half a life? Or is it the lives of the remaining Mage Tower owners?”

41 wizards looked at the mage tower owners at the same time.

Seeing that scene, the Dark Mage King’s smile grew even thicker.

It was also like a low-level miscellaneous thing.

They say that their comrades are important, but when their own lives are in danger, they are willing to throw away their comrades’ lives as if they were devoted.

The Dark Mage King’s smile grew thicker.

“hmm. It seems that 41 has already made up its mind.”

It was time for the Dark Mage King to agitate the remaining wizards a little more and play with them like toys.


with the sound of something breaking.


The sound of something being cut resounded loudly.

“You arrived earlier than expected.”

Something that gets close quickly.

The Dark Mage King smiled and held out his hand.


A sword falling over it.

A roar echoed as the sword and hand collided.

“By the way… … .”

The Dark Mage King looked at the owner of the sword and twisted the corner of his mouth.

“You came with an unwanted guest.”

Saint Binoche.

As she met the black mage king’s eyes, her eyes shone.

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