Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 315

Chapter 315

I definitely understood how the current situation was going.

“Kim Kang-in is also Kim Kang-in, but Shadow is also Shadow. Both of them have abnormal brain rotation.”

Kim Kang-in, who understood the current situation 100% and realized that his role was important, immediately took action to ask Sein Binoche for help.

And Shadow did not stop at grasping the current situation, but also predicted Kim Kang-in’s behavior, and contacted Kim Kang-in.

The two people’s appropriate response turned this desperate crisis into a genius one-woo chance.

To sum it up, it was this.

“well. Both of them were great responses, but if you had to pick someone who had a better response, Shadow. It must be him.”

“It is. If Shadow hadn’t contacted Kim Kang-in at that timing… … .”

“At least my arrival would have been delayed by half an hour. If that’s the case, you’ve already… … .”

“I must have become a dead man and wander the nine heavens.”

Sein flew all the way to Korea using Shadow’s shadow magic.

If Shadow hadn’t moved at that timing, Sein-sama’s arrival would have been delayed by more than tens of minutes.

I would have lost my life to Rapid.

“If it wasn’t for Shadow, it would have been impossible to inform Sofia-nim of the current situation.”

It was all thanks to Shadow that he was able to contact Sophia-sama, who is carrying out a top-secret mission of total elimination of spies.

As Sain said, Shadow’s role was more important.

“Not only that.”

Sein-nim raised his head slightly and looked up at the sky with his arms crossed.

“Right now, Shadow is fighting Hermes.”

It seemed that he was not looking at the sky, but at the satellite above the sky.

“Shadow and Hermes… … ?”

I was stunned for a moment, but soon understood.

“ah… … . That’s why Hermes didn’t respond to Rapid’s radio.”


Earlier, Sein-nim said this to Rapid.

They’re busy in their own way, so they probably won’t have the time to take care of you.

I mean.

I was wondering what that word meant.

It was like this.

“Then, that means that the current eyes and ears of the Black Mage Tower are completely blocked.”

Sein-sama nodded silently.

“Then now the question is… … . How perfectly you block the attack from the Seoul side… … .”

“Will the main unit succeed in dealing with the Dark Mage King safely? It will be these two things.”

Sein-sama lowered her gaze again and met my eyes.

“Originally here. Enduring the flood of monsters pouring down from the sea area was also a challenge… … .”

Sein-nim smiled as if he was dumbfounded.

“I never thought it would stop the congestion of the sea area itself.”

His eyes were full of emotion, half playful and half admiration.

“You showed off such a miracle, and you painted my face like that.”

“It wasn’t that great. just… … .”

I was speechless for a moment.

How am I supposed to say this?

“What is not great?”

At that time, Terun snorted with a ridiculous expression.

“Do you know how surprised I was when the mana in the Southern Sea stopped at the same time?”

“Hoo. Did you mean that all of this vast amount of mana stopped moving?”

“yes. He swipes his hands like this! It’s because the mana just stops when you move?”

Therun’s eyes shone brightly.

Should I say the expression of a dreaming girl?

No, that’s not such a cute feeling.

An expression like a scientist discovering a new research subject.

This would be an appropriate expression.

“indeed. He alone perfectly controlled the mana of this area… … .”

Sein-sama licked her lips with her eyes shining.

It’s a very interesting expression.

“He is indeed a master. At this level, I can be called Sein Binoche’s teacher.”

“Not that… … .”

“Now, wait a minute. S, are you the master?”

Terun shouted, interrupting me.

“Shin Ha-yul is your teacher?”


“No, that’s… … .”

Something seemed to be going strangely, so I quickly intervened.

“You’re not supposed to be a teacher who studied swords, right?”

But Therun interrupted me again.

It’s like they don’t even want to hear what I’m saying.

“You sound strange. What does a swordsman learn besides a sword?”

Therun’s eyes widened to the point where they couldn’t grow any larger.

“Sae, teach Sein Binoche the sword… … ?”

He looks at me with round eyes like a monster.

“The magic ability to control the mana of the sea area… … Even sword skills to the level of being able to learn a sword from Sein Binoche… … ?”

“Hey, Mr. Terun. I think you’re misunderstanding… … .”

I tried to speak up again to break the chain of misunderstanding.

“In addition to that, intelligence enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with me… … .”

“… … .”

It was useless.

Therun seems to have already fallen into a world of his own.

It’s like you can’t hear me at all.

“you. What is the identity? How could an ordinary 18-year-old be able to master all three of magic, swordsmanship, and learning… … .”

Therun’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

I already thought it was the limit.

Your eyes can get bigger here.

“Sir, I hope you too… … Did you inherit someone’s memories like me?”

“Passion of memories?”

Sein-nim’s eyes shone brightly again.

succession of memories.

The word must have sparked interest.

“okay. If you think so, the thesis makes sense.”

It seemed that Terun couldn’t even feel Sein-sama’s gaze.

I fell into a world of my own.

“Assuming that… … that’s right. Are you sure. The significance of Mimir’s thesis… … .”

“… … .”

I can’t say anything

No, it would be more accurate to say that there is no meaning no matter what I say.

No matter what I say, you don’t seem to want to listen.

‘I don’t know.’

I just have to leave it as it is for now.

Misunderstandings can be cleared up later. Right now, there are far more important things than clearing up misunderstandings.

“Sein. Then what shall we do?”


Sein-nim got out of his thoughts and focused his gaze on me.

“I can’t say that it has been completely resolved, but the congestion in the sea has been resolved for now. I think you’ll be safe, at least until this is all over.”

“Looks like it.”

The South Sea problem has been resolved.

The storm of the sea and the raid of the rapids.

Both sides resolved, all threats gone.

“There is no reason for us to remain in Namhae right now.”

Among the three incidents, the abyssal sea area runaway incident has been temporarily terminated.

“Either go to Seoul to support, or go to the main unit that went to the Dark Mage King. Shall we choose one of the two and move?”


“A good decision.”

Two choices.

Support from Seoul.

Or support from Sophia’s side.

“okay. Where do you plan to go for support?”

Sein-nim looked directly into my eyes with an exciting look.

I thought for a moment.

Which choice is the right one to make?

Both options have their own pros and cons, so there is no one right answer.

‘Which choice is the best, and which choice is the second best?’

Unexpectedly, the conclusion came quickly.

“I am… … .”

At my answer, Sein-sama’s eyes radiated a brilliant light.

* * *

Home of the Black Mage Tower.

About 30 high-ranking wizards, including Sophia Anechevri, were holding their breath and looking around.

“Even if it’s quiet, it’s too quiet.”

A huge mage tower made entirely of black, as befits the name of the black mage tower.

As befits the stronghold of a large criminal organization, I thought there would be at least dozens, or even hundreds of warlocks encamped.

what is this

Not to mention dozens of black magicians, I couldn’t find a single ant.

“Sophia. Could it have already been noticed and ran away?”

Min Ga-yeon, the owner of the green magic tower, carefully presented her opinion.

It makes no sense that there is nothing like this.

If it’s the base of a decent criminal organization, it’s the base of the Black Mage Tower.

If it’s this quiet, maybe it’s because he noticed it and ran away.


But Sophia thought differently.

“The Dark Mage King. He is not one to drop his last name and run away.”

Sophia prides herself on knowing more about the Dark Mage King than anyone else present.

There was no way that the Dark Mage King would have chosen to run away.

“He will be sitting at the top of this tower, waiting for us with arrogance.”

Sitting on a black throne, legs crossed, chin resting.

It will be waiting for the arrival of the raiders with eyes that seem to overlook everything in the world.

Sophia was so sure.

“Then it must be a trap.”

The expression of the red mage tower master, James Piller, became even sharper.

“I wonder if he dares to use such a cumbersome method… … .”

Sophia frowned.

With the personality of the Dark Mage King, did he bother to set up a trap or something?

The odds of that happening are never great.

“In case you don’t know, let’s enter with the utmost care.”

But just in case.

Even if the Dark Mage King didn’t prepare it, another official could have set up a trap in case of an unexpected situation.

There’s nothing wrong with being careful.


Including the green and red mage masters.

Hwang, the White Mage Tower lord, and the respective archmages nodded slightly.

“The master of the white magic tower. Then please.”

“Please leave it to me.”

As the name suggests, a woman who suits white better than anyone else took a step forward.

Each time she takes a step forward, it swells like an expanding light around her.

It was like the owner of a mage tower with a white name that symbolizes light magic.

‘Light searcher.’

The light that had been slowly expanding at the gesture of the white mage tower owner expanded all at once.

Search magic using light reflection.

Using the light, it searches not only the surrounding magic tower, but also the inside of the magic tower at the same time.

Enormous amount of light and mana to cover the entire area.

Each ray of light moves as if it were alive.

Indeed, it was a level of magic worthy of being called the White Mage Master.

“… … I checked up to the third floor, but no one is there.”

About 30 seconds passed like that.

The white mage lord said with a serious expression.

Bondi having no one inside is something you should like, but it’s a different story if there’s nothing like this.

It’s embarrassing.

“Does anything look like a trap?”

“First of all, nothing caught my senses.”

I don’t know if there are no people.

I couldn’t find anything that looked like a trap at all.

Thanks to that, the awkwardness is only doubling.

“Up there?”

The green mage lord asked.

“The structure of the third layer is so complex that it is impossible to send light over it. It’s impossible to detect unless you get a little closer.”

No matter how white the magic tower is, it is the limit of detecting the 3rd floor from this location.

“Then you have to enter first, no matter what.”

“… … I have no face.”

At Sophia’s words, the white mage lord lowered his head with an expression of disrespect.

“Keep your head up. Just being able to check up to the 3rd floor is amazing. It’s great.”

Sophia smiled benevolently and squeezed the hand of the White Mage Master.

The white mage tower master’s expression was moved.

Among the mage tower masters, he respected and respected Sofia more than anyone else, and as much as he was the white mage tower master, the impression was even greater.

“Then step back. Next, after we enter the first floor… … .”

That was when Sofia tried to turn the white mage tower back to the rear.


Suddenly, darkness flowed from inside the black magic tower.

at a speed no one will ever feel.

At a speed that only Sophia would have felt a little bit uneasy about.

Darkness covered the white mage tower master.

“A foolish thing.”

and the next moment.

The White Mage Tower has disappeared.

“Didn’t your precious pottery break because of your chaotic light?”

It completely disappeared from this world, leaving only the hands that were holding Sofia.

“That sin. Repay with your life.”

Sophia looked at the white Mage Tower with only arms left with trembling eyes.

And slowly raise your head.

I matched my gaze with the darkness that was walking slowly from the entrance of the Black Mage Tower.

“The Dark Mage King… … .”

A black man armed with darkness.

“Apart from that… … .”

The mana flowing out in the middle of nowhere is giving tension and fear to everyone.

“Welcome. Sofia Annechefrey.”

He greeted Sophia in an emotionless voice.


A form of darkness that vibrates violently.

It was as if the devil in the abyss was ecstatic.

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