Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Rapid was genuinely perplexed at the moment.

‘Why is Sain Binoche here?’

Rapid takes great pride in his strength.

The ability to freely control the acceleration of oneself and surrounding objects, and the ability to use that ability freely.

I am confident that I will not lose in a 1:1 person-to-person battle.


‘I can’t beat Sein Binoche.’

Cein Binoche is out of the category of ‘just in case’.

‘In front of a real swordsman, my sword has no meaning.’

The officers of the Black Mage Tower openly ignore the swordsmen.

The swordsman is nothing, and Sein Binoche, their king, is also nothing.

Everyone says so.

‘Stupid bastards. That’s what you can say because you haven’t seen Sein Binoche’s battle.’

But that’s something I can do because I’m ignorant.

Rapid is different from those stupid executives.

Rapid witnessed the power of the monster named Sein Binoche with his own eyes.

I saw it with my own eyes and was convinced that I couldn’t win.

that’s a monster

It would be foolish to engage in close combat with that monster.

‘I have to run away.’

Rapid has already lost the will to fight.

There was no will.

If you have the will to fight even after seeing that swordsmanship that splits the sea and slaughtered dozens of monsters in one blow, then you are either a mediocre idiot or a considerable giant.

And Rapid is common sense that doesn’t belong to either of them.

It was very natural to choose to run away.

‘No, more than that, what the hell is Hermes doing?’

As I gazed at Sein, who was standing leisurely in the distance, anger surged up for no reason.

Sein Binoche fell from the sky.

There is no way that Hermes could not have found such a Sein.

In other words, even though Hermes knew of Sein’s approach, he did not give any words to Rapid.

“Hermes. What nonsense are you talking about?”

I roughly understand.

Hermes is currently in a position where he must hold on to his subjects unconditionally.

This operation must not fail now.

That’s why I didn’t tell them that the world was approaching.

Knowing in advance that Rapid would run away immediately.

“Hermes! Answer me! What are you thinking… … .”

Rapid placed his fingers on the in-ears he had in his ears and shouted.

“This bitch… … .”

Hermes, who hadn’t responded yet, was genuinely angry.

“Don’t say too much. It’s not like I didn’t tell you even though I knew of my approach.”

“… … what?”

Sein said something out of the blue.

“You’re going to be busy in your own way, too. I wouldn’t have had time to look this way.”

“… … What do you mean?”

Hermes is busy?

For Hermes, this must be the most important situation.

Any reason to focus on anything else?

“Think for yourself. I have no intention of explaining that kindly.”

Sein slightly turned his gaze and looked at the nape of Shin Ha-yul’s neck.

The nape of the neck and top were stained red from the blood flowing from thirty shallow cuts.

“Tell me in advance. I have no mercy whatsoever to show you.”

Sein’s head went cold.

The anger that stemmed from Shin Ha-yul’s wounds forged her into a colder sword.

“… … .”

Rapid swallowed dry saliva.

‘now. I was cut with just a glance.’

We were just making eye contact, but it gave me the illusion that my neck and body were separated.

It was such a ruthless life.

“I guess… … It seems that the situation is going more strangely than I thought… … .”

Rapid took a step back as it was.

The situation was not going well, and I was thinking of running away.

“Are you thinking of running away?”

Through his eyes and actions, he seems to have read Rapid’s thoughts.

Sein asked quietly.

“Does he have the will to fight a meaningless monster like you in this meaningless situation?”

at that time. The sea, which had been split in half, regained its original form.

It was as if a huge tsunami rained down from both sides.

The reunion of the sea, which had been split in half, caused the sea to stir very violently.

“Give up. You cannot run away from me.”

The corpses of the monsters that Sein cut into pieces poured down like rain on the wildly fluctuating waves.

Into the swirling sea, the blood of the monsters was mixed in with a heap.

“well. I don’t know if it sticks directly. I don’t think I can stop you from running away.”

Rapid began to step slowly.

A precursor to activating Acceleration Adjustment Magic.

It was a preceding motion to apply the pre-stored acceleration to the body.

‘Originally, I would have kicked it right back like this, but… … .’

As I said, no matter how strong Binoche is, he can’t keep up with his speed.

At this distance, I could run away unconditionally.

… … only.

‘The opponent is Sein Binoche. Let’s not be vigilant.’

As long as the opponent is the opponent, easy judgment is prohibited.

‘It’s a monstrous year that has evolved another step in 5 years. I need to have one in case.’

Rapid stepped on and his eyes lit up.

Then, he scattered mana around him.

A simple scattering with no magical elements involved.

It seemed meaningless for a moment, but this action had a clear purpose.

Key eh eh-!

Dozens or hundreds of monsters popped up around them.

‘That’s right. Well done.’

Corrupted mana excites surrounding monsters.

Rapid scattered mana recklessly to excite the monsters around and create a melee situation.

‘Looking at my previous appearance, I don’t think I’ll be able to last even one second… … .’

Considering the swordsmanship that cut all the monsters in half with one blow, it wouldn’t mean much.

Whatever it is, it will buy you some time.

‘One second is enough.’

All you have to do is run away at the moment when Sein Binoche is focusing on the monsters.

Rapid praised himself for saying it was a great ploy.


“It’s not a bad trick, but… … .”

That’s just Rapid’s own thoughts.

“one. I will teach you.”

Sein Binoche gripped the sword again.

“Strategy is something that only works for opponents of a certain level.”

Key Yiing-!

The clear and sharp sound unique to the blade resonated particularly loudly.

“No matter how great the rabbits prepare for the operation. Just as it is impossible to defeat a lion.”

Sein held the sword straight to the left.

tilted slightly at an angle.

This time, he gripped the sword with both hands, as if he really wanted to cut.

“None of your tactics work for me.”

and the next moment.

‘perishing… … !’

Death came suddenly.

I didn’t even see Sein’s sword swing.

I just noticed, something was coming.

‘It must be avoided!’

I just avoided it with all my might, thinking that I had to avoid it with a superhuman sense unique to a person facing death.

Rapid exploded all the acceleration he had accumulated to get out of this position.

only 2 meters.

I invested everything to move that much.

As a result, Rapid’s body bounced a distance of about 2 meters at the speed of light.

This is a very bad practice in terms of value for money.

Someone might say this while looking at the current Rapid.

Investing everything because of momentary anxiety, moving only 2 meters. Isn’t that just too stupid?

I mean.

‘This shit… … .’

But I can say for sure.

It’s not like this is stupid.

Quite the opposite.

Everyone would be convinced if they saw the horrors created by the world’s sword.

‘The monsters that jumped to the surface of the sea broke in two at once.’

without any premonition.

I didn’t even see Sein wield a sword.

When I noticed, hundreds of monsters were cut in half and were dead.

“I feel good. It’s a waste of sense to leave it like a warlock.”

Looking at the location of the monsters’ cuts, it was confirmed that they were exactly cutting off the spot where Rapid was standing just before.

‘If I hadn’t avoided it, my head would have been cut off.’

Cold sweat poured down Rapid’s back like rain.

What kind of monstrous swordsmanship is this?

The escape itself was nothing short of a miracle.

‘I should thank Heaven for giving me this miracle.’

Rapid quickly came to his senses.

amazing is amazing

Thank you for the miracle that has come, it is time to act quickly.


Rapid used the remaining acceleration as a full force and kicked the air.

‘After anyone makes a strong attack, there will always be gaps.’

Miracles or whatever, once you dodge that attack.

Next is your turn.

Aim for this gap right after the powerful attack and escape.

‘No matter how monstrous a bitch I am, I don’t think I’ll be able to unleash this level of attack in a row.’

Rapid’s body began to gain speed.

I will run away to Seoul like this.

No, using the accelerating speed, he escapes to another country as it is.

Rapid organized his thoughts like that.


“I would have told you.”

at that time.

Sein moved his sword again.



He held it lightly as if he was caressing a child’s wrist.

as it is.

“I can’t run away.”

He glared at Rapid, who was moving away, and muttered.


Rapid turned his head halfway and looked at Sein.

A face full of sarcasm.

“It’s already too late!”

Acceleration has already picked up.

It was too late to respond.

The golden time has already passed.

No matter how old he was, it was impossible to cut down a rapid that had accelerated up to this point.


Sein Binoche’s sword swung from top to bottom.

Before, when I cut the sea.

When the monster was cut in two, the same majesty could not be found.

In the first place, the trajectory itself of the sword’s swing seemed very slow.

“What are you going to cut with that tortoise-like sword?”

A sword strike that was gently swung as if dancing a sword dance.

The wind pressure from there was so high that it could not even be called a breeze.

“What are you going to cut?”



That was something I could do without knowing.

These are only words that people can say because they are ordinary people who do not know how ridiculous the sword that Sein is unfurling now is.

“There is nothing that I cannot cut because I want to cut it.”

Rapid burst into laughter.

“What with that stupid sword? Is there anything you can’t call? Fuhaha!”

and that moment.

Sein’s sword stopped.

The sword swung from top to bottom stopped moving at Sein’s feet.

“… … what?”

That was enough.

“this… … case… … .”

Rapid’s body stopped.

I felt like I felt something strange. She is standing in her place and looking at her own hands.

“this… … what… … .”

trembling eyes and mouth.

Rapid’s puzzled pupils were reflected on Sain’s retinas.

“Because I wanted to cut you.”

Seeing such a rapid, Sein withdrew his sword.


The sword returned to its scabbard with a clear resonance.

Sain, who finished the delivery, turned his back on Rapid.

“Wherever you are, my sword will reach you.”

and that moment.


Beyond Sain’s back, blood fountains splashed from Rapid’s body.

Starting from the top of the head, chest, back, groin, lower body.

The color of fresh blood poured out in all directions from Rapid’s body, which was cut in half in perfect symmetry.

“please. Go to Hell, and boast about it.”

instant death.

Rapid ended his life without even leaving a last breath.

“On my sword… Being killed by the sword would be a pretty glorious death. Hearing that, even the King of Hell’s Hell might admire it and reduce his sentence.”

Sein walked out on the sea as it was.

Splash, splash.

On the sea where the corpses and blood of monsters riot.

Alone and lofty, he continued his steps.

Standing in front of Shin Ha-yul like that, Sae-in smiled mischievously again.

“I will ask again. within the past month. Hasn’t it grown considerably?”

Shin Ha-yul burst out laughing.

I can’t even hear Sein’s mischievous title of ‘teacher’.

“This… … It’s not a level that can be expressed as increased… … .”

I couldn’t believe it even though I saw it with my own eyes.

There was no time to worry about trivial things like names.

“It’s a heart-to-heart match… … .”

Chicken meat sprouted all over Shin Ha-yul’s body.

I thought I knew enough about Saint Binoche’s brilliant talent.

“The day of the heart-to-heart. Is it the state of becoming one with the sword? I had a lot of trouble deciding what to call this stage. It’s a name that fits perfectly. It sounds good.”

But it seems it wasn’t.

“… … You know what?”


“Sain-nim, through the past, present, and future… … You will be the most talented prosecutor.”

“haha. However, that is an overestimation.”

“no. I am serious.”

Saint Binoche.

It seems that her talent was not at the level of reaching the sky, but at the level of lightly piercing the sky.

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