Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 312

Chapter 312

It’s the worst.

‘Apparently, at this timing, an executive is attacking… … .’

Currently, I have squeezed all my strength to stop the congestion in the sea area.

Right now, my power is less than 40% of my usual power.

The odds of winning by sticking with the executives in this state are not high.

I wonder if it’s around 5% at most?

‘That is, of course, Rapid… … .’

No, as long as the opponent is Rapid, the win rate will be less than 5%.

For me, who is currently in less than 40% condition, Rapid’s speed is like a nightmare.

Right now I have very little means to react to that speed.

The only thing I can do right now is to use my divine eyes to block attacks with my senses.

Other than that, there are no means of counterattack or means of evasion at all.

As long as there is no means of counterattack, the only thing waiting for me is defeat.

‘I don’t know if Miho was in a normal state… … .’

Miho is more exhausted than I am.

Miho is not in a state to fight right now.

To put it bluntly, now Miho is nothing but a hindrance.

‘Miho. You’re resting inside for now.’

I used ‘Factio’ to reverse summon Miho.

During the reverse summoning, Miho showed resistance, but he didn’t care and finished the reverse summoning.

“It is a summoning beast that can be summoned freely… … . Good? It’s a little coveted.”

Rapid is still relaxed even after seeing Miho disappeared.

Contrary to such rapidity, my expression became more and more serious.

‘At this rate, it’s inevitable.’

There is no hope.

The weight of victory is sharply leaning toward Rapid.

“… … How did you know?”

I asked, looking at Rapid, who was still licking his lips in interest.

The current situation without an answer.

It was a last-ditch effort to pass the time.

“Oh, is that?”

Rapid retracted the dagger, stood up straight, and pointed at the sky with the hand that was not holding the dagger.

“They saw it on satellite.”

“It would be impossible to identify a person’s face with a satellite camera.”

“that’s right. It’s impossible to identify a face with a satellite camera. however… … .”

Rapid lowered his raised hand and pulled out another dagger from his waist.

The daggers held in each hand were turned around and performed techniques.

“Can you confirm that someone is fighting the monsters here?”

He took out the third dagger and started juggling.

“You saw the battle and identified me as me?”

“no. That’s not it.”

Soon, the dagger increased to four or five.

There were over ten daggers before I knew it.

“Look behind you.”

The man juggled, pointing his chin behind me.

A Wendron was floating there.

“By the way, that’s a drone from a military base in Jeju Island.”

“Military drones… … . Hacking the drones of the Jeju Island military base to check the battle area. I was sent here, and my face was identified. It’s like this.”

“Yeah. Are you smart? Exactly.”

Rapid retrieved the daggers he had thrown here and there one by one.

In this way, each of Rapid’s hands held 15 daggers.

“But then, it would mean that you found me a minute or two ago at most… … . Were you near Busan? No, it doesn’t make sense to fly from Busan to here in 1 minute… … .”

It was also a question to pass the time.

I already know that with this man’s ability, it would take less than a minute to get here from Seoul.

“Were you in Busan? No way. haven’t you seen the news? Of course I was in Seoul.”

“From Seoul to here… … . You mean you came in a minute or two?”

I pretended to be surprised and made a fuss.

Rapid grinned, apparently liking my reaction.

“Do you think it would have taken a minute?”

“1 minute… … below… … ? How fast is… … .”

I pretended to be terrified.

The man’s expression brightened even more.

My surprise must have been to my liking.

‘I know roughly what kind of personality he is.’

If you’re the owner of this personality, it’s enough just to give it a little lift.

You seem to have a lot of pride in your speed, so if you focus on that side and fill up your self-esteem little by little… … .

‘Even if I can’t do it, I can earn 5 minutes.’

And in 5 minutes, my condition will normalize to some extent.

It’s only about 60%, though.

That much is sensible.

At 60% condition, it would be enough to stare at the counter.

“How on earth are you able to move so fast?”

I used words and sentences that a man would like.

A man would think he was an overwhelming force and be conceited.

To taste the vanity I have to offer, they will bite the bait.

“curious? This is the top secret of the top secret, so I can’t tell you carelessly… … .”

Again, as expected.

There’s no way I wouldn’t take the bait with that man’s personality.

“good. I wrote heartily. As a last gift before death… … .”

Just like that, the man was about to brag about his magic to me while waving his dagger in moderation.

“… … .”

Stop talking abruptly and frown.

“Noisy. I will take care of it.”

He even spat out nonsensical words. Judging by the gaze not looking at me, he must be talking to someone other than me.

Since the man is wearing in-ears on his ears, he is probably talking to the other person over the in-ears.

‘Is it Hermes?’

And the opponent over the in-ear is probably Hermes.

“Oh, great. It’s terribly dense. okay. Got it.”

The man clicked his tongue and furrowed his brow.


that look. that reaction. that tone.

It is certainly.

I don’t know what Hermes said, but Rapid decided to follow Hermes’ advice.

Rapid won’t listen to me anymore.

“I’m sorry for repeating what I said. I can’t do it because it’s too nagging.”

The man turned his dagger around, focusing his gaze on me.

“Well, after I die anyway, curiosity and everything else will disappear. Don’t feel too unfair.”

And just like that, he spread the dagger he was holding in all directions.

Daggers spread out around me and the man.

All that was left in Rapid’s hand was a single dagger.

The remaining 29 daggers are scattered in all directions and fluttering in the air.

“Then go well.”

I was wary of thinking it was telekinesis, but I didn’t see any signs of mana dwelling there.

Beyond the level of no mana, the dagger itself has no craftsmanship.

It was just an ordinary well-sharpened dagger, nothing more, nothing less.

‘What are you going to do with that dagger… … .’

That’s when I was thinking about it.

“… … !”

An alarm bell went off in my head.

Dangerous. avoid

My senses were constantly sending red alerts.

I immediately activated the new eye with the maximum power that could be used now, and moved my body.


Rapid passed by, stabbing his sword where my neck had been before.

With the dagger in my right hand pulled out all the way, it brushes through my body at lightning speed.


A solid red line was drawn around my neck.


I was avoiding and avoiding.

Since speed is speed, it seems impossible to completely avoid it.

I can feel the heat of the cut on the nape of my neck.

There is no pain yet, perhaps because of the momentary adrenaline rush.

Judging by the amount of blood flowing, it wasn’t a serious wound.

I’m pretty good at avoiding this.

‘The problem is now… … .’

As it was, I turned my gaze toward the location where Rapid had passed.

Right now, because of the acceleration, Rapid is flying far away.

We need to reposition ourselves before he turns around again.

It was when I thought so and fixed my eyes completely in the direction Rapid passed.


Contrary to my expectations, I met eyes with Rapid, which completely changed direction and flew towards me again.

With a clear mockery of his intention to make fun of me, he swung his sword as it was.

‘This can’t… … !’

Can’t avoid this!

I didn’t even have time to think about it all.

Before that, Rapid’s dagger touched my throat.

Due to its impatient movement, it is unable to respond to its high-speed attack in a collapsed stance.

‘It was cut.’

I thought of the sight of my head separating from my body and flying through the sky.

got it right

There was no time to react.

I am defeated.

In the midst of realizing it and helping yourself.

“Open your eyes! Because I brushed it off on purpose! It’s just the beginning, and I’ll be sad if I give up already!”

Rapid laughed excitedly and shouted.


“Three strokes with this!”

The Rapid, which was behind me just a moment ago, was positioned in front of me before I knew it.

As before, he swings the dagger at my throat.


Even though he was able to completely sever my throat this time, the man deliberately swung his dagger just enough to lightly graze my skin.

“Four strokes, five strokes!”

That was the beginning.

“9 strokes!”

start of farming.

With me as the center, the man attacked me in all directions, changing directions.

Sometimes from behind, sometimes from below, sometimes from above.

They came flying from all directions and swung daggers at me.

“Fifteen strokes!”

When the man’s attack was about 15 times, I started to see how the man was attacking me.

‘I’m changing the direction by using the daggers scattered around as stepping stones.’

In the place where the man swung his dagger and flew at the speed of lightning, the man scattered daggers were located.

The man used the dagger as a stepping stone and changed direction, scattering the dagger he was holding around him.

Holding the dagger that was used as a stepping stone, he rushed at me.

It was a very strange sight.

‘… … How can a dagger scattered in the air withstand that acceleration and serve as a stepping stone?’

It’s normal to fly far away with a dagger like that.

How could such a dagger withstand Rapid’s speed and power?

“20 strokes!”

At the moment I was thinking about it, the man’s attack exceeded 20 times in total.

In the meantime, the man still swung his sword just enough to brush my skin.

On purpose, despite having had the opportunity to kill me over 20 times.

As if mocking me, the man left scars on my neck.

“With this… … last… 30 strokes!”

So the 30th blow.

Since it was the last blow, I thought he was trying to slit my throat.

The man’s dagger again only lightly grazed my skin.

On my neck were dozens of small abrasions inflicted by men.

“I was just going to kill you. Anyway, Gao is there. I don’t think it’s a repeat. I showed it myself.”

A man stood tall in front of me and grinned.

“how is it? Do you know what my abilities are?”

“… … .”


I thought it had too much sincerity for a strategy to trick me.

Was it like that

“yes. I guess I know a little about it.”

“really? Did you find out?”


I’ve seen it 30 times, how could I not know?


“Isn’t it an acceleration-adjusting magic that can be used on yourself and objects?”

“… … .”

Rapid exclaimed ‘Ya~’ with a surprised expression.

“You’re the first person to see this at a glance. Aren’t your eyes a joke?”

Rapid laughed and clapped.

“that’s right. My ability is not something like body strengthening ability, but accelerated adjustment. It is the ability to control the speed of my body or an object. Just now, by forcing the object’s dagger’s acceleration to 0, fixing the position value, using it as a stepping foot, and reflecting the acceleration energy I applied as it is… … .”

The man started talking about his secret.

It is said that it is impossible to make significant speed out of nothing with acceleration adjustment.

In order to adjust the acceleration, it is said that an acceleration value must be given.

To use his own body as a trigger to give that acceleration value.

The theory of acceleration control magic, which was difficult to understand at once, popped up one after another.

… … Of course, I am not included in the category of ‘if it’s possible’.

“how is it? okay?”

“yes. I definitely understand.”

I definitely understood.

What form of this man’s acceleration adjustment unfolds?

‘… … If it’s that way, it’s not like there’s no way to respond.’

Every time a man changes direction, he must step on that dagger unconditionally.

In other words, if you know the position of the dagger, you can predict the trajectory of the man’s attack.

‘No matter how fast I am, I can avoid it if I know the trajectory.’

I can do it.

Assuming hundreds of attack routes from 30 daggers, the best evasion can be executed one after another.

‘Because of that prank-like attack, a certain amount of speed was familiar to me. If I can find out the man’s breathing and mannerisms, I can counterattack.’

The unique breathing and habits that all humans have.

Rapid’s attack is straight and simple, so there’s no way he’s not spoiled. If you just figure it out, he can reverse it in one fell swoop.

‘Use Rapid’s speed in reverse to kill.’

Speed ​​is equal for everyone.

If you use Rapid’s speed in reverse, you can take care of him with little force.

Let’s wait for that time.

I forged my heart coldly and focused on the man’s every move.


Rapid frowned.

He doesn’t seem to like that I’ve regained my composure.

“I thought you would be frustrated because there was no answer. This is a bit unexpected. Did you find any way?”

“yes. When I heard it, I thought it was nothing. I think we can win.”

“Sounds funny. Aren’t my abilities great?”

As expected, it was as easy to provoke as it was easy to float.

Rapid’s expression began to express anger that could not be hidden.

“okay. So where do you stop? If you block me, I will admit it.”

Rapid, who had received so much heat, took up his stance once again. Just when he was about to scatter daggers everywhere.

Key eh eh eh eh eh-!

Suddenly, monsters popped up from all directions.

The sea area became calm, and the monsters who had been quiet together began to get excited again.

“Oops. It was a monster dense area here. I should have restrained myself a little.”

Influenced by the corrupt mana that Rapid spreads, it must have turned ferocious.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. There’s no way those guys can hurt me.”

Looking at the monsters that filled the surroundings, Rapid shrugged. It was an expression that said there was no problem with monsters.

‘Certainly, if it’s at that speed, monster attacks won’t matter.’

All you have to do is avoid the monsters’ attacks.


‘Why should I… … .’

I am not.

I don’t have the speed like Rapid.

I can’t fully respond to the attack of the monsters.

No, it would be more accurate to say that he could respond to the attack of the monsters, but he could not respond to the attack of Rapid, which would attack in the gap.

‘… … Dangerous.’

The light of hope that had just begun to bloom was extinguished in an instant.

In the melee that unfolds with the participation of monsters, it is impossible to predict 100% of Rapid’s attack route.

‘I have to do something about the monsters first.’

If I don’t deal with the monsters first, I have no chance of winning.

‘But how? How to deal with monsters? How to deal with monsters without showing any gaps to Rapid… … .’

It was when I was wrapping my head like that.

Woo woo woo woo woo-!

‘This sound… … .’

I heard something crashing through the air in my ears.

A sound similar to the one before when Rapid was approaching.

The sound of something man-sized crashing through the atmosphere.

‘Could it be the enemy’s reinforcements?’

For a magician, I couldn’t feel the presence of fly magic.

Judging from his free fall, breaking through air resistance with his bare body, he couldn’t be a magician.

If you’re not a wizard, the odds are very high that your opponent is a warlock.

‘No way Destroyer… … ?’

That heavy weight and falling speed. A man of enormous size who is said to be the highest in strength among the officers of the Black Magic Tower.

Could it be the Destroyer?

If that’s the case, this time it’s really a no-win.

Even if heaven and earth are turned upside down, 2:1 cannot win.

It was when I was biting my lips like that.

‘… … ?’

Suddenly, Rapid’s expression caught my eye.

The expression is not very good.

For a look at the reinforcements, the gaze is as sharp as a blade.

‘Isn’t this the enemy’s support?’

A crackling sound pierced the air.

Between the sound of something cutting through the wind and descending, the unique metal friction sound resonated clearly.

Is it the sound of a sword being pulled out of its scabbard?

Is it an illusion?

It was a familiar sound, as if I had heard it somewhere.

‘Where did you hear that?’

That’s when I was so immersed in thought.


The sound of something sharp cutting through the air resounded loudly.

and right after that.

“ocean… … go… … ?”

Unknowingly, the sea was cut in two.

“Did you avoid it? Not a bad pace.”

Behind me, I heard a familiar voice along with the sound of someone gently landing on the sea.

“For a wizard, it was very easy to watch. I will praise you.”

Solemn, elegant, charismatic voice.

“… … I hadn’t heard that a giant like you would appear.”

Rapid’s voice hardened.

“Sain Binoche.”

Splash, splash.

She stepped out of the water and stepped forward, standing tall in front of me.

“What? don’t feel so unfair I first knew about it a little while ago.”

After sticking out the sword he was holding at Rapid, he smiled as if he was enjoying the world.

“I’ll be here.”

Smile and slowly swing your sword from left to right.



This time, the bodies of the monsters were separated into upper and lower parts.

‘What else is this… … .’

the sea vertically.

Monsters horizontally.

The two sword strikes created by Sein Binoche’s sword cut the world into quarters.

“This has calmed me down a bit.”

In a quiet world where the cries of monsters have disappeared.

Sein Binoche slowly led the sword. Then he half-turned his body, looked at me, and smiled slightly.

“What is it, Master? Doesn’t it seem like you’ve been watching a lot while you haven’t seen it?”

before. It was a very mischievous smile that I often saw in France.

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