Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 311

Chapter 311

The cause of the abyss’ flooding was the overflow of mana.

No, it should be precisely because of the overflow of monsters.

The abundant mana in the sea area gave birth to new monsters, and the additional mana emitted from the monsters that were born made the mana in the sea area even more abundant.

The mana of the sea that became so abundant made monsters conceive more quickly.

The increase in monsters made the mana of the sea area rich again.

The result of this cycle is this situation right now.

Mana, which had begun to overflow, naturally began to flow south along the current.

Following the outflow of mana, the monsters also began to move south.

This is the whole story of the current and abyssal sea area runaway incident.

In hindsight, this incident is a disaster caused by the South Korean government’s negligent handling and negligence.

The sea area was quiet, so it was a problem that it had been neglected for decades.

If he had only subdued the monsters periodically, this would not have happened.

No, it wouldn’t have been this far if I had been constantly researching.

If he had figured out in advance that the number of monsters was increasing, he would have been able to come up with countermeasures in advance.

‘It’s a shame because I have a solution.’

If I had been a little late in weaving a neutral ring, then I would have had to wait for death without using my hands or feet.

Thinking so, anger rises towards the officials who handled the matter roughly.

‘The person in charge was Song Han-soo.’

No, if you didn’t investigate, did you say straight up that you didn’t do it?

Why, according to the report from a month ago, there is nothing wrong with the Abyssal Sea. write the same thing

If this case is all settled, I will definitely impose sanctions on that public official named Song Han-soo.

How many people almost died because of that person’s sloppy habits?

Anger rises to the ground.

Key eh eh eh eh-!

I was sighing like that.

A monster that had been silent suddenly jumped up.

The other guys are still keeping their distance and just being vigilant, but is this guy fearless?

As it was, I poured the reverse mana towards the monster.

very little.

A small part of the mana that is being blown into the sea area right now.

Only 1% of mana was stuffed into his mouth.


As the mana was absorbed, blood spurted out and breath stopped.

“Miho, you are resting.”

I didn’t even look at his corpse, I looked at Miho, who was standing guard from behind me in an awkward position.

“Now that I’ve progressed this far, even if dozens or hundreds of monsters come, they can’t touch my hair. So, get some rest.”

Miho, who had been nervous about responding to the monster attack immediately before, calmed down again at my words.

“It’s okay, so take a break. It will be over soon.”

Miho made a blunt expression as if he was dissatisfied for a moment.

However, that expression was short-lived. He gave a small nod of his head as if he couldn’t help it.

A soft breath came from Miho’s mouth.

I’m desperately holding my breath because I don’t want to show that I’m tired, but I can’t fool my senses.

The power I felt in my eyes was somewhat weakened.

‘Miho is already at her limit.’

Miho can’t fight any more.

Just before, the fierce battle was already consumed as much as was consumed.

There was no way that it wouldn’t spread because he used high-powered magic like soul fire so wildly.

There is nothing Miho can do now.

‘Since he came all the way here in the first place, Miho has nothing more to do.’

Miho has already perfectly performed her original role.

Next is my turn.

‘Now slowly… … .’

He poured more mana into the sea.

With the maximum output I can pour out, with the maximum power I can endure.

I poured the mana that reversed my infinity circle into the sea.

‘It’s pierced.’

Just like rainwater breaking through a rock in successive drops.

My mana was concentrated at one point, and I pierced the mana that led to the sea passage.

‘I concentrated all my mana into this aisle… … .’

My mana, which was stuck in the shape of a needle in the sea area’s manaro, began to flow quickly into the sea area’s manaro.

The mana of ‘Yeokcheon’, which has the energy of reverse circulation, gradually eats away at Manaro.

‘2%, no. 3% tidy.’

Well, compared to the mana flowing through Manaro, my mana is only about fireflies in front of the sun… … .

That’s enough.

‘Turn around. Turn the other way!’

My mana is not ordinary mana, but the mana of ‘Reverse Heaven’.

It is Mana who has learned to rotate in the opposite direction and embraces the learned will of reverse rotation.

‘It’s not here.’

‘The direction is opposite!’

‘Reverse turn!’

‘The opposite is you!’

Deep in the sea, I can feel mana colliding with each other.

Since I was born in the nature without will, the sea area, the mana of the sea area, which had no will, could not resist my mana, which had a firm will.

‘It’s the opposite!’

‘It was the opposite!’

‘It’s the other way around!’

The will of my mana affected the mana permeated in the mana of the sea area.

‘Go the other way!’

‘Against the opposition!’

The mana that was inspired again like that inspires another mana.

The mana that was influenced like that inspired another mana.

My will began to slowly dye the mana that was like a pure white drawing paper.

‘With this… … finish!’

and that moment.


I heard something rattle.

Sounds like the howling of the sky and the weeping of the sea filled the heavens and the earth.


Then, the sound of mana colliding was heard.

Manawa overflowing and moving south.

Mana that flows back with my will.

The mana with the opposite flow collided as it was.

and the next moment.

All mana in this sea area stopped moving.

* * *

‘Nonsense… … .’

Right after I had the illusion that mana had stopped.

Therun immediately climbed on the back of the Behemoth and was preparing to go to the aid of his servant at any time.

Because stopping mana is not an act that a normal human can do.

Could it be that something went wrong that caused this to happen?

With that in mind, I was preparing to go to support.

however… … .

‘The flow of the sea area itself… … It just stopped.’

It was all useless worry.

The reason why mana stopped was not because something unexpected happened.

It was not a sign that an additional mana disaster would occur in opposition to Shin Ha-yul’s actions.

‘A human… … Stopping the mana of the entire sea area alone.’

Just, causing this phenomenon itself was the purpose of Shin Ha-yul.

One mage alone prevented the uncontrollable disaster of mana disaster.

“… … Are you crazy?”

I was so dumbfounded that I immediately cursed out.

What kind of brain structure is it that can come up with the crazy idea of ​​stopping the mana in the sea area?

Usually, you conclude that such a thing is not possible with common sense, and don’t you think of something else?

‘That’s not the level of flexible thinking.’

I knew very well that Shin Ha-yul’s thinking was flexible yet firm.

I didn’t know it would be like this.

‘No, I think I’ve succeeded in thinking that I can do that. But what if you actually do it… … .’

Everything from one to ten is absurd.

Didn’t even think like that.

Translating that idea into action.

I don’t understand all of them.


At that time, I suddenly remembered what Shin Ha-yul had said earlier.

‘He said he’d know right away when he saw it.’

Didn’t I say that there’s no time to explain the detailed method, just take a look, and if it’s Terun, you’ll understand the principle at a glance.

‘You know, bitch. I don’t know a thing.’

All I know is that the mana that flowed southward from the sea area stopped as it was.

By blocking the flow of mana, he saved Jeju Island from danger by preventing monsters from descending beyond that place.

Terun understood that this was the end. I understood the result, but I did not understand even 1% of the process and cause.

‘How did you stop the mana in the sea area?’

Compared to the mana of the sea, the mana of a single human is nothing but fireflies in front of the sun.

What Shin Ha-yul did now is like a firefly fighting the sun and winning.

The current situation is so absurd.

‘Is it related to defeating monsters in one blow?’

Earlier, an incomprehensible magic that instantly killed monsters in one hit with only 4 circles or less.

Maybe there’s a secret to that magic.

There is also a common point of ‘something’ that both cannot understand.

Assuming that there is a relationship, it wouldn’t hurt to think about it.

In the first place, there is no other hypothesis that comes to mind other than that.

‘The commonality between the magic that monsters bleed and self-destruct and the act of stopping mana in the sea area… … .’

Therun immediately fell into thought.

Organize your hypotheses by covering what you have seen with your eyes, what you have felt, and what you have gained.

‘A touch of the hand?’

When Shin Ha-yul dealt with monsters, he always held out his hand.

And when doing something strange in the sea, he squatted on the surface and put his hand on it.

‘It’s not a bad approach.’

It was a leap forward, but not a bad approach.

Therun continued his thoughts.

‘How to use it when you touch your hand at close range… … . What is it?’

There was no trace of anxiety in Terun’s expression.

It is a neat expression, as if he had been nervous.

‘Contact alone is too lacking in hints… … . Shall we take a peek when we come back later? … … no Maybe I can tell you a secret… … .’

The southward movement of the sea has stopped.

In other words, Jeju Island is out of crisis.

Terun had no reason to be anxious.

Terun looked at the back of his servant Ha-yul floating in the air with a blazing gaze and licked his lips.

‘At least if we’re together, I don’t think there’ll be anything boring.’

I was thinking of going back on my own after I finished my research on the Mimir thesis.

I have a feeling it will stick around for quite some time.

Therun licked his lips again and gave a small smile.

– support support… crackle!

At that time, a noise was heard from the walkie-talkie Terun had hung over his shoulder.

A walkie-talkie left by Shin Ha-yul.

The noise here is… … .

‘Connected to the Seoul side!’

Or, it is possible that he was connected to Sophia Anezepri.

Therun immediately grabbed the radio.

And, just when I was about to talk into the walkie-talkie.

-Rapid. go to the south sea

“… … uh?”

I was momentarily speechless at the cold voice I heard over the walkie-talkie.

female voice.

Beyond the walkie-talkie, despite the fact that it is full of noise, you can feel the liveliness as it is.

―Shin Ha-yul is there.

At that moment, Terun’s eyes widened.

Judging by that murderous voice, he probably wasn’t trying to send support.

That means… … .


This voice is most likely the voice of an enemy.

-check. I’ll go ahead and kill you.

‘It’s also an enemy!’


It is certainly. There is no doubt about it. This is the radio of the enemy, the warlocks.

‘I don’t know how the radio waves were connected and the enemy’s voice was caught on this radio… … .’

I was lucky to be able to eavesdrop on any radio.

‘A raider is coming. I have to run away before then.’

Since the warlocks were said to be encamped in Seoul, it would take an hour to get here no matter how fast they moved.

In the meantime, ride the Behemoth and escape.

The runaway in the sea has stopped, and even riding the Behemoth is enough to escape.

“Shin Ha Yul—!”

Shin Ha-yul responded to Terun’s voice.

Why? He looked at Terun with that expression.

Therun held up his radio and gestured with an urgent look to come here.

From Terun’s expression, he seemed to sense that the situation was not serious.

Shin Ha-yul hardened his expression and began to approach Terun.

And just then.

―Please deal with it as soon as possible.

-don’t worry.

The voice came from the radio again.

A much clearer voice than before.

―30 seconds until arrival. 10 seconds to process. I’ll kill you in one minute. you know? Why is my codename Rapid?

Along with the sound of triumphant laughter, a voice overflowing with confidence was heard.

‘Codename, Rapid… … . He seems like an executive whose name is only mentioned and who has the advantage of speed… … . Where are you, you say you’ll get here in 30 seconds?’

It was the time when Terun was lost in thought, seeing the Shin Ha-yul approaching so quickly.

-see. A man and some huge fox. And with a woman at a distance… … is that a behemoth?

Terun’s eyes widened at the man’s voice that followed.

‘Are you watching?’

The man is nearby.

At least we’re in a visible position.

“God’s rate… … ! The enemy is coming! run away… … !”

That was when Therun was about to shout loudly.

“… … !”

Suddenly, Shin Ha-yul cast a defense magic while twisting his body with a shocked expression.


The dagger that came out of nowhere collided with Shin Ha-yul’s shield, creating a deafening impact.

“wow. Did you stop this?”

The same voice as the one heard on the walkie-talkie.

‘Is that man Rapid?’

Codename Rapid.

“This, I think 10 seconds was gone?”

He licked his lips as he looked at Shin Ha Yul.

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