Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 309

Chapter 309

Tens of thousands of monsters slowly approaching.

Over the coastline, the mana emitted by the monsters slowly began to come into view.

Assuming the low speed is maintained, the remaining time until the monsters arrive at Jeju Island is about 15 minutes.

‘I have plenty of time.’

There is no problem with time.

Rather relaxed.

‘The question is whether I can make good use of that time or not… … .’

The problem is with me, not with time.

Will I be able to safely carry out the set mission within the set time?

That’s the point.

As usual, I will make up my mind that I can do it confidently.

well. This time around, I’m not so sure.

‘It should work out.’

As much as the core of this operation is in the newly learned skills, I can’t be sure.

I often succeeded in practice, but practice and practice are different.

There is no guarantee that it will work well in practice.

‘Let’s just practice.’

It was a time when I was coldly forging my mind with such thoughts.

“It’s still not too late. Think again.”

Therun, who had always had a serious expression next to me, said with a serious expression.

“It is impossible to stop that large army alone. It wouldn’t change anything if it was Sofia Anechefri instead of you who is here right now.”

Therun’s voice was shaking loudly.

“A monster of that size… … It is impossible for anyone to prevent the mana disaster.”

Therun is currently in synch with the Behemoth waiting in the sea.

What the Behemoth is feeling, Therun must be feeling it now.

His voice trembled in fear as he was receiving the momentum of a group of close to 100,000 monsters without filtering.

“So… … .”

“it’s okay.”

I just cut off Terun’s words.

With her eyes still looking beyond the coastline.

in a very soft voice.

“I am not stupid. Do you really intend to fight that great army head-on?”

Even though I say it with my mouth.

I don’t think there is a magician who is as good at self-objectification as I am.

I know my bowl.

I know my limits better than anyone else in this world.

As of right now, I can’t defeat that army.

Numbers are power.

Right now, I don’t have the skills to stop that level of violence.

“I am doing this because I have a countermeasure I have in mind, so you don’t have to worry too much. If it seems impossible, I will retreat right away.”

“What is that method?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have time to explain. Check it out with your own eyes. Terun-nim will be able to notice right away.”

I don’t know if anyone else

Terun Citrea would understand.

Because he is more knowledgeable about magical phenomena than anyone else in this world.

“… … .”

Therun kept his mouth shut with a mysterious expression and looked up at me.

His eyes were half mixed with doubt.

It was an expression that understood the true meaning of my words.

It looks like he doesn’t know if it’s true that there’s a real way, or if there’s no such thing as a way, but he’s pretending to be there for now.

“Believe me. Am I the kind of person who would be reckless in such a serious situation?”

“It’s not like that, but… … .”

Therun removed his suspicious glance and let out a big sigh.

“… … okay. I will believe you.”

When he raised his head again, Therun’s eyes were shining brightly.

Eyes that are firmly united with faith that cannot be found even a hint of delusion.

It was the look of someone who believed in me completely.

“I don’t think that would be possible. If someone tries to step out… … .”

“don’t worry. I won’t let anyone get in the way.”

Therun lowered his gaze, staring into the sea.

As if feeling Terun’s gaze, the Behemoth slowly appeared above the surface of the sea.

If someone tries to rush in, I will mobilize the Behemoth to stop it.

It was an action with such meaning.

“Even though there’s no way there would be a wizard who would do that in the first place.”

Currently, there is no magician in Jeju Island who can bravely step forward in a national disaster like this.

no. Would it be more accurate to say that even if there were wizards who would bravely step forward, there would be no wizards with the skills to back up that courage?

Currently, there is not a single high-ranking magician of the 6th circle or higher in Jeju Island.

There are only a dozen wizards between the 4th and 5th circles.

“I don’t know. Because there might be people who rush at you like you die and let me die.”

“Even if there was a guy like that, if he felt that mana, he would bounce right there?”

Calmly, the magicians who remain in Jeju Island are the ones who are worse off than not coming out.

That’s why I’m thinking of moving alone.

Judging objectively, doing it alone has the highest win rate.

“Anyway, leave it to me. Even risking my life, I won’t let you get in my way.”

“Don’t risk your life. If you die, it will be difficult in many ways.”

“but. If I die now, I will regret it even after I die. At best, the strands were caught in earnest. Even if I die, I must finish my research before I die.”

Therun smiled.

“okay. Cancel the saying “Even if you die.” I’ll try my best to block it without dying.”

“yes. That’s enough.”

Like Terun, I also smiled a little.

And again, I turned my gaze over the shoreline.


Miho, who was standing next to my leg, focused her attention on my calling.

“let’s go.”

Miho just nodded.

At the same time, a brilliant light began to emanate from Miho’s body.

“What, what?”

Therun shouted in bewilderment at the sudden burst of light.

The light stopped in an instant.

“… … Have you grown?”

The light disappeared, and Therun, who had regained his sight, widened his eyes with an expression of astonishment at the world.

“Wasn’t that a baby monster?”

“You’re still a baby.”

Miho, who has become an adult, elegantly wags her tail.

“If you look here, you don’t have nine tails yet, do you? I haven’t grown up yet.”

“ah… … ! I wondered why Gumi-marriage had not nine tails. It was like that.”

Terun nodded as if he understood.

“that’s interesting. A monster where the number of tails is an indicator of growth.”

“Oh, you can’t touch it. He’s sensitive to things like that.”

“I’m a tamer too? I have that much common sense. I will only see with my own eyes.”

Therun looked around at Miho.

Both eyes are full of curiosity.

“How many tails do you have exactly? one two three four… … .”

Therun started counting the tails one by one.


“yes. Seven gaps.”

Miho spread his wagging tail in all directions.

“Recently, one has increased.”

It was quite beautiful to see a total of seven tails spread out in all directions.

* * *

“What kind of fox can fly in the sky?”

Shortly after Shin Ha-yul rode Miho and flew towards the large army of monsters.

Left alone, Terun blankly watched Shin Ha-yul and Miho’s backs as they walked away.

An expression of concern.

They said there was a way, but I thought it was cool, so it wouldn’t be a way with a high win rate.

Maybe about 10%?

No, considering the scale of that disaster, it might be less than 5%.

‘I don’t know what method I had in mind… … .’

After all, a ploy is just a ploy.

It is of no help in the face of an overwhelming force.

Therefore, when I judged it soberly, the win rate was less than 5%.

In other words, the survivability of the Shin Ha-ryul is less than 5%.

Unless a miracle happens, survival is a difficult situation.

“If there is a God… … .”

Therun put his hands together and prayed.

As a person who believed only in science throughout his present and previous lives, he had never looked for anything supernatural like God.

I am also praying for the first time in my life.

“Please, a miracle… … .”

For the past 14 days, I have been living with Shin Ha-yul, and I have confirmed with my own eyes that the concept of a soul really exists.

Souls that you thought could never exist actually exist.

That is to say, it is possible that God also exists somewhere.

That’s why I pray.

To a god who may be somewhere.

please ask for a miracle

Therun prayed fervently.

And at the same time that the prayer is over.


A storm raged in the distance.

Shin Ha-yul and Mi-ho are proudly standing in front of a large army of monsters that have slowly begun to appear beyond the coastline.

Even though they were in a situation where they could shudder in fear, there was not a hint of anxiety or nervousness to be found in the backs of the two.

Far from nervousness, I feel more relaxed.


Lightning strikes again.

In the meantime, a huge sea snake appeared.

“Sea dragon!”

A monster that is said to gradually grow infinitely as it ages.

At that size, the minimum is S rank.

No, maybe more.

There wasn’t one such guy, but three of them showed up.

Is it because he is a sea dragon that grew up constantly consuming abundant mana in the mana treasure trove of the abyss?

Its size is large, but the density of the mana it contains is unusual.

‘That’s a bunch. There’s no way I can deal with those three alone!’

Therun’s face turned pale.

I don’t know if it’s just those three.

Under the sea right now, monsters like that will be infested.

That doesn’t work.

You must run away now.

“Shin Ha-yul!!”

Therun screamed at his throat.

Distance is distance, so there is no way we can reach it.

I shouted loudly with the feeling of grabbing at least a straw.


At that time, Shin Ha-yul slowly turned his head.

The two shining golden eyes stare straight into Terun’s eyes.

Intense eyes that make you feel relieved just by looking at them.

‘It’s okay, don’t worry.’

Those eyes seemed to be saying that.


At that time, a sea dragon opened its mouth and flew towards the servant Ha Yul.

The speed was so fast that the movement of the sea dragon seemed like an afterimage to Terun’s eyes.

“not… … !”


The sea dragon finished its action before he could even shout.

Miho and Shin Ha-yul enter the sea dragon’s mouth in an instant.

Now, as long as the sea dragon closes its mouth, the two will become minced meat.



The sea dragon never closed its mouth.

The translucent flames that rose unwittingly burned the sea dragon’s mouth.

‘That’s… … .’

A deformed flame, unlike any existing flame.

As I was looking at those fireworks, these words suddenly came to my mind.

“Soul… … fire?”

A flame that exudes a feeling very similar to the existence of a soul that Shin Ha-yul demonstrated before.

It swirled around Miho and Shin Ha-yul.


‘… … !’

next moment.

The sea dragon’s gigantic body burned in an instant, turning into dust and scattering.

Terun’s eyes couldn’t even see the harbinger of burning.

Translucent flames swirled, and the next moment the sea dragon’s body disappeared.

‘It’s like my soul is on fire.’

As the soul perishes, it is as if the body perishes as well.

It felt like that.

The swirling translucent flames stopped, and a momentary silence fell.

The sea dragons’ vigilance can be felt even here.

‘To think that a sea dragon in a runaway frightened them.’

Those nasty sea dragons were afraid of Shin Ha Yul.

He harbors anxiety towards an unknown enemy who killed his comrades in an incomprehensible way.

And Shin Ha-yul is smiling brightly at the sea dragons.

with a very happy expression.

Like a child who received an unexpected gift.

He smiled innocently and patted Miho’s back.

and at the same time.


Mana gushed out from Shin Ha-yul’s body.

A knot that symbolizes infinity.

Möbius pattern.

It settled down as if it were wrapping Shin Ha-yul and Mi-ho.



As it is, it is harmonized with Shin Ha-yul and Mi-ho’s body.

‘A ring of neutrality.’

‘Reverse Heaven.’

Mana began to flow backwards.

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