Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 307

Chapter 307

Fourteen days had passed since Levi died.

“Shin Ha-ryul. This mudfish bastard… … .”

For a whopping two weeks, Hermes had not been able to pinpoint the location of Shin Ha Yul.

“Where are you hiding?”

Right after he was entrusted with the management of his subjects by the King of Black Mage.

Starting with the airport in Korea, the security system of all kinds of key points was occupied and they searched for Shin Ha-yul, but Shin Ha-yul did not even see a nose.

Even though they searched all over Korea with almost all their might, they couldn’t find a single hair of Shin Ha-yul.

‘It must be somewhere in Korea.’

Never used the airport.

Since it was necessary to prevent Shin Ha-yul from escaping to another country using the airport, the airport’s surveillance has always been maintained at the highest level.

It is impossible to pass through that surveillance and secretly board the plane.

No matter what kind of manipulation, no matter what kind of magic was used.

It was impossible to use the airport while avoiding the eyes of Hermes, who had already camped out.

Levi’s metamorphosis is impenetrable, so I’ve said it all.

‘Then, is the magic god hiding somewhere?’

If it was hidden somewhere, there would be no trace left behind.

I don’t know if it’s a fairly large piece of land. How well would you be able to hide if you hid in a small piece of land like the Korean Peninsula?

Hiding for 14 days, completely avoiding the eyes of Hermes, who can access not only CCTVs and police investigation networks, but also satellites of other countries?

It’s honestly impossible.

Therefore, Shin Ha-yul is not hiding somewhere.

‘Shin Ha-yul is hiding inside the Mado-singa’s mansion.’

The only place Hermes failed to find.

As if to be wary of Hermes, a place where all security systems have been replaced with pure magic systems that have nothing to do with computer networks.

The mansion of the madosing family.

There is a high probability that Shin Ha-yul is hiding there.

‘Then what shall we do… … .’

Through the investigation over the past 14 days, we were convinced that Shin Ha-yul was hiding in the mansion.

So what next?

‘Is there anything to think about?’

He kills Shin Ha-yul while holding a magic god.

‘By mobilizing the power of the Black Mage Tower, the magic god removes Shin Ha-yul.’

The only option is this.

‘Then how do I get rid of the magic god… … .’

Reluctantly, do you have no choice but to ask for support?

* * *

Meanwhile, that time.

An important meeting was going on at the Madoshinga.

“As expected, surveillance from overseas has weakened a lot.”

Charles said with a serious expression.

“I think now is the right time. You never know when Hermes will return the surveillance back to normal. If you want to move, now is the time.”

At Charles’ words, the blue mage pillar nodded.

“I agree. It’s clear that Hermes is focusing almost all of its eyes on Korea, judging by how it hacks and moves even military drones. You will regret it if you miss this moment.”

A spy sweeping operation.

Now is the time to put the operation into action.

“Even so, Sophia-sama called me 30 minutes ago.”

Shin In-hyeok, who was sitting in the seat of honor and holding the weight, spoke for the first time.

“They said they were carrying out an operation to wipe out the spies at 3:00 a.m. Korean time today.”

“Oh, what is it? Have you already talked about it?”

Charles made a puzzled expression, but soon glared at Shin In-hyuk with an expression full of anger.

‘If you said it in advance, your mouth wouldn’t hurt, you saved time, and you were good to each other. You rotten bastard.’

It was the clear look in his eyes.

“If this morning… … Is it 12 hours later? It’s pretty sudden.”

The blue mage lord’s expression was still serious.

It was only natural that it would become serious as they were facing a major operation to find and eliminate a total of 192 spies rooted in all kinds of companies around the world.

“No, that’s why it should be called a red flag.”

The blue mage tower rose from its seat with a stern expression on its face.

“Then I will go first.”

Shin In-hyeok slightly frowned at the sight of such a blue mage pillar.

“I want to tell you just in case, but the operation is in 12 hours. so… … .”

“I know. You must have forgotten what you heard 30 seconds ago.”

The blue mage tower lord grinned.

It was a fake smile, like a mask to hide anger, completely different from the usual refreshing smile.

“Chu Gang-bin will be treated in 12 hours. I have no intention of moving before that.”

Kangbin Chu.

A promising player who succeeded in joining the Blue Mage Tower 8 years ago.

A traitor who has now been possessed by the Black Mage Tower.

My desire to punish him right now is like a chimney, but emotions are emotions, and a strategy is a strategy.

I have no intention of moving before the start of the operation.

“Then where are you going?”

“I just wanted to have a meal at a nice restaurant one last time.”

“… … Are you talking about that guy named Chu Kang-bin?”


The corners of Kim Kang-in’s mouth twisted even more bizarrely.

“Even if they are traitors, they were once family. Lastly, I want to treat you to a meal. yes. In a very nice restaurant.”

Goosebumps grew on Charles’ forearm, who was facing that smile.

‘Oh shit… … .’

I have never seen such a bizarre and scary smile in my life.

Charles’ trembling eyes said so.

“Then I really will go. See you again tomorrow.”


“Captain Charles, I’ll see you tomorrow too.”

“… … uh? uh. That, yes.”

Charles awkwardly waved his hand like a broken machine.

Kim Kang-in lowered his head slightly and left the room.

Only Charles and Shin In-hyeok were left in the room.

“… … Was he really that scary?”

“Since before, I have not been as ruthless towards traitors. The brutality of dealing with traitors was beyond imagination.”

“… … Is it even cruel?”

From image to atmosphere.

Everything felt good.

What the hell did he do to be evaluated as being cruel to Shin In-hyeok?

“Are you curious?”

Shin In-hyeok asked with a warning expression, ‘You’ll regret it if you listen to it?’

“… … no. I won’t listen.”

Charles quickly shook his head.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.

For my mental health, I think it would be better not to listen.

No, you’re feeding the traitor one last supper.

I already get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Doing something more there.

Listening to it is obviously detrimental to your mental health.

“It still feels good.”

Shin In-hyeok clicked his tongue in regret.

I thought I could give you a pretty big trauma.

It’s a pity.

Shouldn’t you have just told me without asking questions?

“So what should we do?”

Charles turned his attention away from Kim Kang-in and again asked about the spy sweeping operation.

“You can do nothing.”

“okay? Also just waiting. I was just wondering.”

Korea is not included in this operation to wipe out spies.

Since all of Hermes’ eyes are on Korea, doing something in Korea isn’t a good choice.

South Korea was excluded from this operation.

Well, the previous mystery committee succeeded in getting rid of the spy to some extent through the case.

You don’t even need to do anything extra.

“Write. Waiting is not my nature.”

Charles stretched out his arms and stretched them out.

It was a stretch that seemed to insist that ‘I’m very proud right now.’

“But, well, a strategy is a strategy, so there’s nothing we can do about it. I have no choice but to wait for the report to come tomorrow morning.”

This operation requires rapid processing.

Therefore, the operation time is less than 3 hours.

We’ll start the operation at 3:00 AM Korean time, so the results will come out around 6:00 AM.

‘Well, it’s obvious that good news will come.’

As this is an operation planned by Sophia Anechevri and put into action, there is little chance of failure.

When you open your eyes tomorrow morning, you will hear good news.

Charles was so sure.

* * *


Charles’s confidence was misplaced in an unexpected way.

“… … what?”

the next morning.

“The waters of the abyss… … You suddenly started going crazy?”


Before news of the spying operation had even reached, bad news arrived.

“There have been reports that the monsters located in the Abyssal Sea are slowly moving towards Jeju Island.”

“How many are on the move?”

“… … every.”


Shin In-hyeok’s expression sank to the point where there was nothing more serious.

“The estimated number of individuals is 70,000. If you put an undetectable monster in the deep sea into your home, up to 100,000.”

“100,000… … !?”

Charles’ eyes widened.


Shin In-hyeok narrowed his eyes.

“Ha Yul is dangerous.”

Currently, there is Shin Ha-yul in Jeju Island.

“Well, then we should quickly send support to Jeju Island. What are you so leisurely holding on to? … .”

That was when Charles was about to shout urgently.

“Shin In-hyeok. this… … .”


Suddenly, the surrounding sounds disappeared.

Mana vibrates violently.

Feeling the energy, Charles and Shin In-hyeok stood up from their seats with serious expressions.

“Go, head of household!”


At that time, someone opened the door to the study and came in and shouted with an urgent expression.

“Ah, warlocks! Warlocks have been raiding!”

who did it

Misfortune overlaps.

“You need to evacuate right now… … !”

Woo woo woo woo-!

Then, through the ceiling of the study, someone appeared.

“I haven’t said hello properly yet, but I’ll be sad if you run away.”

It looks like 2 meters is good enough.

The bulging muscles that matched the big body stand out.

“Nice to meet you. The magic god will be better.”

The man took a pose.

The unique atmosphere of a skilled martial artist put pressure on Shin In-hyeok’s entire body.

“Then let’s go.”

and the next moment.

Woo woo woo woo woo-!

The man’s fist was swung with enormous mana.


The impact of the man’s fist, close to a storm, completely destroyed half of the mansion.

* * *

The Abyssal Sea caused a runaway.

‘I hope not. It’s really out of control.’

right after hearing the news.

I called my father right away.

It’s not that there’s no chance of being eavesdropped by Hermes, so I refrained from contacting him as much as possible, but now is not the time to worry about that.

In order to somehow deal with the disaster of the abyssal sea area runaway, I need my father’s help.

“I can’t reach you.”

However, he has no contact with his father.

It’s not just the father.

I can’t get in touch with Captain Charles or the other Mage Tower lords.

I have tried contacting everyone I can connect to through my emergency contact terminal, but no one responds.

It’s not like there’s a problem with the communication network.

Seeing tourists on Jeju Island who are currently struggling to make phone calls to their families in Seoul, the communication network is definitely alive.

‘Then what happened to Seoul?’

If there is no problem with the communication network, the problem is over there.

It makes sense that it was on the side of my father and Captain Charles.

‘What happened?’

My head got messy all at once.

‘It’s about time to start a sweeping spy operation. There’s no way I can’t get in touch because of that… … .’

South Korea was excluded from the spy sweeping operation.

Even if the others are on a mission to wipe out the spies and can’t be reached, my father should have been.

As long as Korea is excluded from the operation, the only thing my father can do is wait.

‘What happened to your father’s body? If the assassin sent by the Black Mage Tower was targeting my father… … .’

No, if something big like that happened, it’s normal that you should have contacted me. That’s not it.

‘Then what… … ?’

It was time to frown and think about it.

“Hey, hey!”

Therun grabbed my sleeve and pulled hard. An urgent voice, an urgent expression, and an urgent gesture.

“Look at this. here!”

He held out his phone to me, showing me the news that had just been posted.

[Following the cataclysmic surge of the abyss… … ]

A headline that just doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“The black magicians’ air raid on Seoul… … ?”

The knight was announcing the Black Mage Tower’s attack on Seoul.

‘At this time… … ?’

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