Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 304

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Chapter 304

A blond-haired man who suddenly appeared.

“The gumiho you are looking for is here.”

As he moved his right hand, Miho suddenly appeared.

He sleeps peacefully with one hand in his arms.

“where… … .”

Clearly, nothing happened until just now. Suddenly she popped out.

How did you do it?

“Since the nine-tailed fox gets in the way of the trials, I’ll keep it with me for a while.”

At that moment, Miho disappeared again.

It was a sight that made me doubt my eyes.

But there was nothing particularly disconcerting.

“You are the one who manipulated my senses and gave me the illusion of falling.”

“hmm. similar.”

There was no reason to panic.

I also had hallucinations of falling for 7 hours.

Miho disappears, what does it matter what he sees?

“Then are you the examiner for this ordeal?”

“that’s right.”

If the magician who used that ability was an enemy, he would have been embarrassed.

But this man is an ally.

Like Elena-nim and Aslan-nim, this test tube was prepared by Master.

As long as this man’s purpose is not to harm me, there is no reason to panic.

“Tay Lovine. I am the supervisor who was ordered by my master to protect Danteroa.”

He was also one of Master’s attendants.

“Ability is still a secret. Guess it.”

“Are you saying that matching abilities is also a kind of trial?”

“It is not. Just think of it as a bonus game. A service game that doesn’t matter if you match or not.”

Tei moves his left hand, perfect with his index and middle fingers! It made a sound.

At that moment, Tay’s left hand turned into a machine.

No, it did not change like a machine, but became a real machine.

Are Android hands like this?

“This is a hint. Guess what my ability is when the ordeal is over. If you succeed in guessing, I’ll give you a present. It’s a bonus game, but if there’s no reward, you’re not motivated, right? Oh, of course there is no penalty even if you miss it, so feel free to eat.”

“It’s an offer that doesn’t hurt me at all. great.”

A special magic that perfectly deceived my senses and put restrictions on my senses of mana manipulation.

I was still worried, but it went well.

“Until this ordeal is over, I will unconditionally reveal the secret of your magic.”

“okay. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The man replied with an expressionless expression that showed no expectation at all.

Maybe it’s not really what you’re expecting.

I just think he is a person with extremely few facial expression changes.

Proof of that is that he has consistently kept his expressionless expression since earlier.

“I don’t know if I can afford to think about my magic… … . Because that’s for you to figure out.”

The corners of the man’s lips rose very slightly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a subtle movement, but since he is a person with no expression, even that much of a change was noticeable.

“Then I wish you luck.”

Expressions and meaningful words that strangely unsettle people.

After those words, Tay slowly began to disappear.

“Oh yeah. The content of the ordeal is a secret. Originally, it’s an ordeal that you have to take care of yourself until here. Well, you’ll soon know what to do, but rules are rules.”

Tei’s body slowly disappears, starting with her legs.

It was as if someone had erased Tay’s body with an eraser.

“Oh, and I say it again. Don’t use facts. That’s because it’s quite a special magic among mythical magic. If you use it in this place now, it will be difficult in many ways.”

“I know.”

Perhaps this man intended to reveal himself after the second ordeal.

The proof is that ‘originally, this is an ordeal that you have to do on your own.’

‘Originally, I was planning on letting myself overcome this somehow, only to reveal myself in the next trial. Suddenly I tried to use Factio, so I had no choice but to show up in a hurry.’

The situation would be roughly like this.

So, here a question arises.

“I’m asking just in case you don’t know, but shouldn’t I use other mythic magic as well?”

The question is whether it is only Factio that causes problems when using it.

“no. Any other mythic magic doesn’t matter. Just pay attention to Factio.”

“It’s not just Factio.”

It’s not that all mythic magic doesn’t work, only Factio.

this is a hint

A top-notch hint that could reveal Tay Lovine’s magic.

‘Unlike other mythical magic, magic that causes problems by acting on the special properties of Factio.’

In other words, there is a high probability that a man’s magic and faction have a structure in which a repulsive action occurs at the same time as they meet.

‘A magic that has the property of resisting Factio and can freely manipulate the senses of the target.’


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It is outlined to some extent.

Now we just need to catch the details.

‘I don’t know how long the ordeal is left, but there won’t be any new information coming out during the process… … .’


If you get a couple more hints through the ordeal, you can confirm Tei’s magic.

“I think I know what you’re thinking… … .”

Tei, who was left with only his head, spit out meaningful words when he saw me like that.

“Probably not that easy.”

Koo Goo Goong-!

At the same time, all sides begin to tremble violently.

‘That vibration I felt before.’

This is the vibration I felt when I fell into this place, in the rose garden.

“I told you. In the first place, there would be no time to think about things like that.”

Tei’s face disappears in order of eyes, nose, and mouth, as if engaging with the vibration.

“Please don’t die.”

At the end of those words, Tei’s body completely disappears.


The vibration also stopped.

and right after that.


I heard something spraying out.

The sound of water gushing out simultaneously from dozens of drinking fountains.

Then, there was a sound like water flowing from a lake.

‘… … Smell of sour?’

A subtle sour smell.

It’s strangely different, but I’ve smelled it somewhere before.

‘This can’t be… … .’

It didn’t take long to realize what this smell was.

‘Gastric juice!’

Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

At that moment, a yellow liquid began to flow from far away.

Because it is acidic, it is a subtle bright yellow liquid with a sour smell.

It is certainly. is gastric juice

‘This crazy!’

I immediately jumped into the air using magic.

In an instant, gastric juices covered the place where I was standing.

Piles of roses around me, as if they had fallen with me, were covered in gastric juice.

‘What acid… … .’

The rose perishes as soon as it touches gastric juice.

It was an unbelievable melting speed.

I swallowed dry saliva watching the scene.

‘How much acidity can an object melt at that speed?’

A cold sweat broke out on his back.

If I had been a little late, my whole body would have melted in the gastric juices.

It was when I was so relieved.

Suddenly, I felt a warm feeling on the top of my head.

Suddenly, an alarm bell rang in my head.

Dangerous! Avoid!

My senses whispered so.

I immediately moved my body sideways.

At that moment, thick gastric juices started pouring from the ceiling like a waterfall.

The rain of gastric juices pouring down around the place where I had just been.

‘I almost died.’

Had I been a little late, I would have gone straight to the underworld.

‘You mean the public isn’t safe either?’

I suppressed my surprise and raised my gaze upward.

The ceiling from which gastric juices had just spewed out.

When I looked closely using the new eye, I saw that there were a lot of small holes.

‘… … Is it closing?’

It seems that all the roles have been completed by spouting gastric juices just now.

Countless holes that slowly begin to close.

After 3 seconds, all the holes are completely closed. disappeared without a trace.

All that remains is a smooth brown wall.

At that moment, hot heat erupted from the ceiling above my head again.

Innumerable holes appeared on the brown wall, which had been fine until just now.

I moved the position again to avoid the falling position of gastric juice.

A rain of gastric juices pouring out of countless holes.

‘If it’s within this area, does it mean that gastric juice can be poured out anywhere?’

Judging from the fact that the walls change freely, it is probably safe to say that this entire space is the outlet for gastric juice.

This kind of gastric juice ejection will continue in the future.

‘Even they’re pinpointing me.’

It was clear that the monster that was pouring out this gastric juice was clearly sensing me, judging from the fact that it pinpointed my position and poured down.

‘… … It’s dangerous.’

A direct hit with gastric juice itself isn’t that dangerous.

It’s not that there are no signs, and if you’re not careful, you can avoid all of them.

‘The gastric juice accumulated on the floor shows no sign of disappearing.’

But that’s all.

You can only avoid dripping gastric juice.

The pouring gastric juices pooled, and there was nothing I could do about the rising water level.

‘Stomach juice is still gushing out from the floor… … . At this rate, the entire space will be covered with gastric juice within 20 minutes.’

Judging from the height of this space and the rapidly rising water level, it really takes 20 minutes at the most.

After that time passes, I will be submerged in the sea of ​​gastric juice.

‘I have to do something before that.’

I can very well understand why Tay said he wouldn’t have time to think of anything else.

Certainly now is not the time to think otherwise.

Now we must do our best to escape from here.

‘The safest way is to escape through one side of the wall… … .’

the brown wall.

Judging by the gastric juices pouring out, it’s probably the stomach lining.

Breaking through that stomach wall and getting out is the safest way.

‘I don’t know if it will or not… … .’

Gastric juices that are poured out in a pinpoint fashion towards prey in the stomach.

The lure of a rose garden.

As it is a monster whose identity is to capture prey and dissolve it as it is, the stomach wall is bound to be hard.

It probably won’t even get scratched by some kind of attack.

In fact, you can tell just by looking at how casually he is enduring that acidic gastric juice.

This stomach wall is not at a level that can be penetrated by any means.

If my predictions are correct, there is little chance of breaking through.

‘Because there’s nothing wrong with trying it for now.’

I took out A.S and put it on, and took out ‘Caylum’ from inside.

Forming the pattern of Moebius, centering on Caylum.

All infinity circles rotated at full speed.

‘Ignis to maximum output.’

Activates Ignis, the most powerful and high-level magic among my magic, at full output.

“Red is a gift from God born only for me.”

Red mana began to gather in Caylum with the chant.

My voice, mana, and fire become one.

It takes the form of a huge flame.


A near-perfect Ignis completed after about a minute of chanting.

Maybe it’s because there was some level of achievement while solving the infinite fall.

Or is it because the monster’s belly is rich in mana?

The completed Ignis boasted a far more powerful majesty than any other Ignis he had ever used.

‘If it’s Ignis… … .’

No matter how great a monster I am, it will be difficult to withstand even if it has a solid stomach wall.

I focused Ignis on one point and fired.

Ignis, compressed as thin as a needle, crashed into the stomach wall.

Fire, fire, fire!

Ignis was roaring, and the walls of his stomach swayed.

‘There is a reaction.’


‘… … Is that all?’

That was it.

The walls of the stomach are just swaying.

There was no flesh burning or burns at all.

The stomach wall was intact.

‘A robber that even Ignis can’t even scratch… … .’

I was at a loss for words for a moment.

I expected it to be impenetrable, but I didn’t expect it to do any damage.

That’s what Ignis is.

My achievements are not enough, and I am still in a state where I can only produce about 1/4 of the power, but the ‘burning everything’ characteristic of the original flame has not gone anywhere.

That Ignis is a stomach wall that can’t do any damage… … .

‘What the hell is this monster?’

My pupils trembled slightly with bewilderment.

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