Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 300

Chapter 300

In the middle of the South Sea.

We were crossing the sea leisurely on a Behemoth.

“How did you taming the Behemoth?”

How could you control a monster of this level so perfectly?

What and how can this be possible with timing?

“I didn’t use any special taming magic. What I used was a taming magic like no other.”

“… … You tamed the Behemoth with normal taming magic?”

It’s nonsense.

If that were possible, the status of monster tamers would have risen to an incomparable level.

The only thing that can be tamed with ordinary taming magic is at most an A rank.

As for black magic, it was absolutely impossible to tame non-standard monsters like Behemoth with formal magic.

“Even with normal taming magic, you can tame S-rank monsters. It’s because the conditions are a bit tricky.”

“What are the conditions?”

“First of all, you have to be a baby. Even if it’s an S-Rank monster, its mental barrier isn’t that strong when it’s a baby. If you start taming from then on, it will be tamed no different from other monsters.”

“It’s already ridiculously tricky from there.”

You may be thinking, “It’s not a big deal”.

That is an absurd condition.

Is it because of the long lifespan of S-rank monsters? They do not give birth easily.

It is said that the Dragon Bee, an S-Rank monster that is known to reproduce quickly, gives birth to babies every 50 years.

The breeding season of the Behemoth has not been revealed, but due to the nature of being a mammal, it will not be faster than other monsters.

Behemoth’s spawning cycle could easily exceed hundreds of years.

That’s why it’s hard to catch the young.

Even if you attack the habitat of an S-rank monster aiming for a baby, there is an extremely high probability that there will be no baby.

“And you have to cast a taming spell on them every single day from when they are young. Even as a Eucharist, obey us. It goes on for decades and hundreds of years.”

“… … Hundreds of years?”

“uh. hundreds of years.”

Therun caresses the skin of the Behemoth we are currently riding on.

“Actually, it took almost 500 years to completely tame him.”

“Even taking into account that taming is difficult for mammals, 500 years… … .”

It’s too long.

“No, are you saying that at least six generations have continued taming?”

“that’s right. Citrea is a joint product of the eighth family heads. Isn’t that great?”

“Should I say great… … It’s a huge obsession.”

Taming for 8 generations over 500 years.

“Originally, the Citrea family was a family of tamers who pursued the extreme of taming. It just makes me obsessive.”

“The Citrea family was a family of tamers. This is my first time hearing it.”

A child of Behemoth that was accidentally obtained.

If you are a family of tamers, you will naturally become obsessive.

“Well, of course, even though the family and everything are ruined now.”

“If you’ll excuse me, may I ask why?”

Judging from the current situation, it seems that Citrea has succeeded in taming the Behemoth.

Perfect taming of S-rank monsters, which is tantamount to a tamer’s dream.

Why did the family that accomplished such a great feat disappear into the far side of history without leaving any records?

I was genuinely curious.

“Simple. 160 years ago. The 23rd head of the family, Terun Citrea, refused to live as a tamer.”

“refusal… … .”

Considering Terun Citrea’s achievements, it is easy to predict.

He probably refused to become a tamer in favor of becoming a researcher.

“At that time, as other members of the family rebelled against Terun, it spread to a civil war within the family. I couldn’t stop the civil war, so it ended as it is. The Behemoth was also lost during that civil war. The Citrea family has disappeared into the far side of history.”

“… … okay.”

An incident that could lead to the extinction of a family.

Just how big of a battle was it? I can’t even imagine

“however. Then, what happened to Behemoth now? You said you lost the Behemoth, right? Then, even if you succeed in finding the Behemoth again, wouldn’t it be normal for the Behemoth to completely regain its wild nature and become a normal monster?”

“hmm. Did you think I would too? However, it was probably thanks to the repeated taming magic for 500 years that the taming was not canceled even after being neglected for decades. The Behemoth, whom I met again by chance, followed the squadron Therun without any hostility.”

“… … Can you?”

“I don’t know. I’m curious too. But what can I do to believe Not to mention the former Terun, he is also obeying me like this.”

“that… … It is.”

It was a very complicated story.

Even though they have been neglected for decades, they still follow people… … .

“Does it mean that monsters also have feelings like affection?”

“well. don’t know that Mind and emotions are not areas that can be found out through research.”

Therun smiled with a mysterious expression and caressed the Behemoth’s skin again.

“however. I believe there is.”

Warm eyes full of love.

“My child. He is really very gentle and very kind. right?”

Water gushed vigorously from the back of the Behemoth.

It was as if he was affirming Terun’s words.

“however. If you had this, when you come over from Japan. Didn’t she just wish she would ride him?”

“Will it be? How tight is the security? It would be fortunate if not a single Jindo dog was issued saying that a huge mass of mana was approaching from Japan.”

“ah. That’s right. Because this is the South Sea, I was able to roam freely like this.”

This is the Southern Sea, with the abyss at its center.

As it is a place where numerous monsters are lined up, the radar does not work properly.

That’s why there’s no reaction even though I’m walking around in a Behemoth like this.

This kind of mana reaction is common in the South Sea.

“Well, I actually used it a lot when I got into debt and ran away.”

“To say he jumped out of debt… … . I don’t think it’s something to say in front of investors.”

“no way. what between us We already know each other. Could it be that I will jump?”

Therun shuddered.

“ah. Or what, are you afraid that there will be problems later? If that’s the case, don’t worry. In the first place, when I owed such a debt, it was not my name, but a pseudonym. Later they come and tell you, ‘Give me Terune. If you don’t want to give it to me, why don’t you pay the money instead?’ You don’t have to worry.”

“… … Aren’t you too bullying?”

“What is a lamb? The bullies aren’t me, they’re the ones who lent me money. No matter how poor I am for money, I will not live off the backs of good people. Don’t worry, I ripped it off only from bullies.”

Therun laughed evilly.

“And what is it? Isn’t it legal to extort money from a bully?”

“… … How is that legal?”

“Moral law.”

“That’s another novel law.”

Whatever it is, there’s no problem.

I have to do that.

“How about some research?”

“very good. It’s going so well that there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Therun licked his lips and his eyes lit up.

“There can be no problem in the first place. The theory is so perfect, how could there be a problem? If there is a researcher who is overbearing here, you should just put down the pen. You are not qualified.”

“If you say that, there will be less than 10 researchers left in this world, right?”

I’ve said it many times, but just understanding Mimir’s theory 100% and realizing it is amazing.

“is it? but. I don’t even know what this means.”

Terun’s expression turned into annoyance in an instant.

“Especially those old bastards of the association. What would those bastards have said if they had seen this… … . You would have said ‘theory only façade’? Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want to kill it.”

“… … .”

Come to think of it, you said you had a big fight with the association.

‘I’ve heard from the head of the association that it’s just a theory and a façade.’

Perhaps Terun presented a new theory, and the president of the association completely ignored it.

That’s why there must be such a fight.

“Oh yeah. Speaking of research anyway. Isn’t the thesis called Mimir Thesis?”


“Is the name of the person who wrote this paper Mimir?”

“yes. you’re right.”

I reluctantly affirmed.

I could have wrapped it because I wrote it.

I didn’t want to do anything like stealing Mimir’s achievements.

Mimir’s achievements belong entirely to Mimir.

“okay. After all, it wasn’t your theory.”

“yes. no. Are you disappointed?”

Therun shook his head.

“no. at all. Rather reassured. To be honest, I was a little frustrated.”


“huh. I must say that I felt strange. An 18-year-old came up with this. I want to know what you have been doing all this time.”

A researcher who has been researching the complete autonomy of AI for two generations.

Terun Citrea.

If you think about it from her point of view, you might feel a sense of shame.

“So I think I’m lucky. I don’t know who this Mimir is, but he’s probably not younger than you. Then I thought it would be a little less weird.”

Come to think of it, I don’t know how old Mimir is.

No, does age mean nothing?

He must have spent quite a long time alone in Mimir’s Book.

In fact, his mental age must be at least Terun Citrea’s or higher.

“which… … What are you doing asking about this? Maybe this Mimir. Is he already a man he is not in this world?”

It was a reasonable inference.

If the author of this thesis is alive, there is no reason to entrust the research to himself.

Because it’s up to you to leave it to yourself.

The fact that he entrusted this research to himself implies the death of Mimir.

That’s what he must have thought.

“no. Not dead.”


Terun made a surprised expression.

“I’m just in a deep sleep. You will wake up again soon.”

“Oh, well. uh… … .”

Therun looked into my eyes with a complex and subtle expression in the world.

The look on my face thinking about what I meant.

“Do not worry. It’s not like I’m escaping from reality or anything like that. I’m just stating facts based on facts. Mimir will wake up soon.”

Perhaps they thought my words were escapist remarks.

Couldn’t it be that he couldn’t accept death and was caught in a stupid delusion that he believed he would wake up someday? You must have been so worried

“okay? Good luck then. Same for you… … .”

Therun blurted out his next words.

Maybe the next thing to say is, ‘It’s the same for me…’ … .’ I guess.

“If that Mimir wakes up again, make sure to meet him. Because there are many things I want to ask.”

To Therun Citrea, Mimir is the Messiah.

I can’t help but be happy to hear that Mimir is still alive.

“yes. of course.”

“okay. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Terun’s eyes shone brightly.

For the first time in his life, the thought of meeting a researcher superior to him made his heart swell.

“I have to work hard even for that day. If you make a mistake here, you won’t be able to raise your head properly when you meet that Mimir later.”

“hmm. I’m not that kind of kid, so don’t worry.”

“It’s not your problem. He said he couldn’t raise his head because he was shy.”


That was it.

“Then quickly get some ingredients. I’ll drain it a bit more.”

The materials needed for research are rather rare.

It’s taking some time to save.

So now research is practically stopped.

“You’ll probably have them all by the time you go back to Seoul.”

Mr. Seokhyun is going around all over the place collecting ingredients.

Wouldn’t it be the day after tomorrow at the latest?

“That would be nice.”

Terun replied with an expression of half anticipation and half anxiety.


Then, suddenly, lightning struck the dry sky.

“Suddenly, that area.”

It was proof that they had begun to enter the abyssal waters.

“Be nervous. I don’t think there are any monsters with big livers that can fight Behemoth… … . But, in case you don’t know.”


I quietly activated Shinan.

It was to get a sense of the surroundings.

‘This… … .’

And at the same time as the Shinan was activated, chicken flesh oozing out all over my body.

‘Thousands… No, ten thousand units?’

The presence of the monsters felt around him easily exceeded 10,000 units.

No, I only checked to a certain depth. Considering even the monsters in the deep sea, the minimum price is tens of thousands.

100,000 if you miss.

It meant that monsters of that level were roaming around here.

“… … Weird.”


“Even if there are many monsters, there are too many.”

According to a survey conducted a year ago, there were about 8,000 monsters in the Abyssal Sea.

It was never on this level.

‘What’s going on in the Abyssal Sea?’

A strange feeling of uneasiness passed through my back.

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