Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 297

Chapter 297

I never held the hand that the Dark Mage King extended.

It wasn’t that I rejected the Black Mage King’s offer or anything.

I’d like to refuse right now, but right now I’m not in a position to do that.

The one holding the hilt now is the Dark Mage King.

If I just vaguely refused, my life would be in danger.

The best option I can choose here is to pretend to accept the alliance offer and pass this position safely.

Blindly refusing is not a rational choice.

So, whether I like it or not, I thought of holding hands.

however… … .

“Has the structure already begun to collapse… … . It’s much faster than expected.”

Before I could grab hold of the Dark Mage King’s hand, the Dark Mage King’s left arm turned to dust and disappeared.

I want to hold your hand, but there is no hand to hold.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. We will hear the answer again next time.”

Starting with his hands, the body of the Dark Mage King began to rapidly disappear.

As if a building that had been leaning little by little started to collapse at a certain moment.

The body of the Dark Mage King also began to disintegrate quickly.

“Think carefully until then. What a wise choice.”

As if a strong wind had blown over the sand sculpture, the dark mage king’s body turned to dust and disappeared into the air.

“Then see you again. Shin Ha-yul, the official successor of the by-tenor style.”

The black curtain began to disappear along with the disappearance of the body of the Dark Mage King.

“I look forward to a good answer.”

Beyond the black curtain that slowly lifted, I could see the faces of my father, the three tower lords, and Captain Charles.

“Shin Ha-yul!”


A voice full of worry came through the veil.

At the same time as everyone’s voices were heard, the strength began to drain from the body.

The end of the tension that had been tight was completely released.

‘first… … lived.’

The unexpected encounter with the Dark Mage King ended like that.

Leaving as many questions as the newly acquired information.

* * *

After that.

I returned to the magic house under the steadfast protection of Captain Charles and Uncle Seok-hyeon.

“Are you really okay?”

As usual, Mr. Seokhyun is driving.

Captain Charles is sitting next to me.

“yes. it’s okay.”

Director Charles scans every part of my body with an expression as if he has taken care of everything in the world.

“Check carefully. There might be something cursed on your body.”

“I have already checked several times. There is nothing wrong.”

“Check one more time. The Dark Mage King is a really scary guy. He may have fooled your senses and done something.”

“It’s really fine. My body is fine.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve been having this conversation already.

No matter how good I am, he won’t listen.

All I can say is to check again and again.

“And you said that. The one I met was not the real Dark Mage King, but a fake created by a guy named Levi using body transformation magic.”

The Black Mage King that appeared this time was assumed to be fake.

I’ve always tried not to lie, but this time it’s a little different.

As much as the veil stall and all sorts of secrets and stories are intertwined, it is impossible to reveal all the truth.

And as long as you can’t tell the whole truth, it’s impossible to convince everyone.

So I decided to make it fake for now.

Because that’s the cleanest way to get over it.

“How great would it have been if I had put a curse on something fake?”

“It is, but… … .”

Captain Charles glanced at me suspiciously.

“It was fake, right? Shin In-hyeok said that the atmosphere was not in an atmosphere where fake things could be imitated.”

“The appearance is embodied infinitely closer to the real thing. To some extent, I even materialized the mana of the Dark Mage King. You must have sensed it and misunderstood it.”

“… … .”

“And think about it. If it was real, would I have been able to come back alive like this?”

“It is, but… … .”

Captain Charles did not let go of his suspicious eyes.

I thought it was a pretty logical objection. It seems that the seeds are not eaten.

“You’re saying something doesn’t feel right… … . Was it really fake?”

“Because that’s right.”

Director Charles’s senses have reached the realm of psychic powers.

Even if my words are logically correct, if you say it’s not a feeling, it’s not.

That’s why you’re not letting go of your suspicious eyes like that.

‘Because he’s the best in the world for one real persimmon.’

Captain Charles was deep in thought with a serious expression on the world.

He seemed to be torn between reason and instinct.

“I can understand Captain Charles’ feelings. Leave your doubts there.”

Mr. Seok-hyeon, who had been concentrating on driving the whole time, spoke up for the first time.

“There is no reason for you to lie. As long as the Bocchan said he was a fake, then he is a fake.”

“That’s true, but… … .”

Captain Charles said, ‘Still, something is strange… … ” he muttered.

“For now, I get it. I don’t get it. I’ll pretend it’s fake for now.”

“yes. Thank you enough for that.”

It’s relieved that Captain Charles’ persistent offensive has stopped.

I feel a bit out of breath now.

“Then can I close my eyes now? a little… … No, I am very tired.”

“Oh sorry. You must be tired.”

Captain Charles put on an expression of sorry for the world.

Wasn’t too caring. It was clear on his face that he was thinking that way.

“Hey, come on. May I lend you my knee?”

Captain Charles tapped his knee and said.

It was a gesture to lie down here.

“it’s okay. I am like this… … .”

I’m not trying to sleep, I just want to close my eyes and organize my thoughts.

You don’t have to lie on your lap.

“It’s okay, what’s okay? As long as you sleep well, you should sleep comfortably. ruler. lie down.”

Captain Charles half forcibly placed my head on his lap.

“how is it. Is it comfortable to lie down?”

“It’s comfortable, but… … .”

The height is also suitable.

It is true that it is comfortable.

It’s true… … .

‘It’s a bit burdensome.’

Since he’s wearing short shorts, the thighs are just bare skin.

thank you very much

“It’s okay if it’s comfortable. ruler. Sleep with your eyes closed.”

As if telling me to close my eyes while I was talking about something else, he placed his palms on my eyes and urged me to close them.

… … this coercive attitude.

Even if I said I would wake up, it is clear that he would never listen.

It would be better to just lie down like this.

“… … Then I’ll close my eyes.”

“okay. sleep well.”

I closed my eyes and started meditating.

Organizing the newly acquired information and new questions based on that information.


Very slowly, I began to fall into the gaps in my thoughts.

* * *

early morning the next day.

I was lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

“… … Oh, my head hurts.”

Ever since yesterday’s incident, I’ve been trying hard to organize my thoughts.

There was no proper conclusion.

‘Why the hell did the Dark Mage King say that to me?’

I understood that the purpose of the Dark Mage King was to defeat the veil stall and gain freedom.

I even understood that I needed it for that.

But I don’t know why he bothered to tell me about it honestly.

‘Why did you say something that would be disadvantageous… … .’

The Dark Mage King cannot kill me. No, he shouldn’t be killed.

This information is top-secret information that should have been hidden until the end.

Once I was in the position of the Dark Mage King, I would hide this information no matter what.

It is because there is no reason to take a penalty by informing the enemy of a fatal weakness, ‘I can’t kill you’.

‘I wouldn’t know if it was information that would be discovered someday, why would I have to say something I would never have known if I hadn’t told it… … .’

The fact that the Dark Mage King’s purpose was to overthrow the Veil Stall was information that no one would know unless the Black Mage King himself told it.

Unless you know that, there is no way to know that the Dark Mage King can’t kill me.

Why did he take the penalty for disclosing such information himself?

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand.

‘Why did you do something that could have put you in the position of Eul? There was no reason for that.’

My head hurts a lot.

I think about it too much, and it feels like a puncture will go off in my head.

My head is hot.

When I put my hand on it, it was really hot. She overworked her hair, and it seems that wisdom fever has risen.

“If Mimir was here at a time like this… … .”

Mimir would have given me a good opinion.

Even if it wasn’t for that, talking to each other would have yielded much better results.

Mimir’s absence is felt even more today.

‘Anyway, one thing’s for sure… … .’

The sun is slowly rising outside.

I got out of bed and sat on the edge of the bed.

‘It’s about the fact that there’s no way I’ll form an alliance with the Dark Mage King.’

No matter what the Dark Mage King is thinking right now, I will never join hands with the Dark Mage King.

I’m not stupid enough to ally with someone who never knows when they’ll stab me in the back.

It’s no wonder that the Black Mage Tower is the world’s worst criminal group.

It is best not to associate with such people.

Even if heaven and earth were turned upside down, there was no reason to join hands with the Dark Mage King.

This is certain.

‘… … Ah, but the Dark Mage King must have known what I would think.’

There’s no way a person like the Dark Mage King wouldn’t have thought of me rejecting the alliance.

‘Then is the purpose of making me reject the alliance? no, that doesn’t make sense There is absolutely nothing that benefits the Dark Mage King.’

I forced myself to stop thinking.

Again, the question started to bite the tail and gave birth to new questions.

‘Then is the purpose to confuse me? no… … It doesn’t make sense to release such top-secret information for such a trivial purpose. this is not Obviously for another reason… … .’

An infinite chain of thoughts that has already been continued for more than 10 times.

It was after the sun had completely set when I was freed from this bondage.

* * *

So the question ends unresolved.

The current time is 6 PM.

I was called by my father and headed to the study.

“The post-processing is over.”

Arriving at the study, I immediately heard from my father about the clean-up of work.

From the discovery of traces of someone accessing the fake video prepared to deceive Hermes.

Even the fact that he succeeded in manipulating the cause of Levy’s death.

I heard over about 5 minutes that everything went well as planned.

“I’ll have to watch the progress for a while, but at least I don’t think Ha-yul will draw attention to you.”

The purpose of this operation was to leave the cause of everything to his father.

Ideally, Levy detects shadow magic at Incheon International Airport.

He wasn’t going to leave Korea until he found Shadow.

The fact that the existence of an executive named Levi remains in Korea for a long time is a big loss for us.

That’s why I conceived this operation.

It was Shin In-hyeok who held hands with Shadow, so he manipulated all the evidence in advance.

Lure Levy in the form of Shadow.

After that, deal with Levi.

With this, you can deal with one of the executives named Levi.

All eyes of the Black Mage Tower are focused on my father, not on me, so my risk is greatly reduced.

… … It was pretty much this scenario.

… … only.

‘Anyway, the Dark Mage King knows everything… … .’

I wonder if this means a lot.

The Dark Mage King knows that I am the culprit behind all the incidents.

There is no point in manipulating evidence like this.

As soon as the black mage king opens his mouth, everything gets exposed.

‘Of course, there is a high probability that the Dark Mage King will remain silent… … .’

as it has been so far.

There is a high probability that he will quietly stand by, not caring whether his subordinates move or not.

As much as the Dark Mage King wants me not to die, he won’t necessarily want me to be in a dangerous situation.

If you think so, the probability that this operation will return to success is very high.

However, considering the sudden and sudden action this time, it is not impossible that the course of action may have changed.

If you think about the current situation, it’s not strange no matter what happens.

‘still. Right after you ask me to form an alliance right away, you won’t suddenly become hostile to me.’

I said I was waiting for an answer.

I’m sure until then, I’ll show the same behavior as I do now.

It won’t be too late to change policy after hearing my answer.

‘Then, I guess I can start thinking that the operation was a success.’

I concluded that

… … however.

My confidence was shattered the very next morning.


next morning.

In the letter that arrived through the shadow of the crow, this was written.

[The goal is Shin Ha-yul. danger. Operation failed.]

I mean.

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