Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 294

Chapter 294

Levi’s ability is metamorphosis. It is body transformation magic.

If someone you don’t know hears it, they might say, ‘Hey, is it just body transformation magic?’

But no.

Metamorphosis is not a magic that deserves the modifier ‘at best’.

‘It’s annoying.’

Shin In-hyeok turned into a whip and blocked Levy’s arm, and at the same time launched a counterattack.

Dual compound magic of brain and water attributes.

The pale yellow and clear water color, which are proof of the two properties, were mixed like paint.

The dual attribute magic bullet that was born that way. It stretched out and flew into Levy’s defenseless right arm.

If you were an average metamorphosis user, you would probably end up here.

The brain-attribute mana enhanced with the water-attribute moves to the main body riding the arm extended like a whip. Because my heart would have stopped.


“Do you think that will work?”

The opponent is not an ordinary metamorphosis user.

8th circle metamorphosis user.

As far as the magic of metamorphosis is concerned, it is no wonder that he is the strongest black magician in the present age.

Levi’s body, stretched like a whip, was restored to its original shape in an instant.

The whip, which stretched over 20 meters, was restored to its original form in less than 0.1 second.

“It uses the increased hit area to inflict damage on the main body. Not a bad way though. It doesn’t work for me.”

Levy’s body repair rate easily exceeds the speed of sound.

The wide attack range, a weakness of body transformation magicians, is a story that has nothing to do with Levy.

Shin In-hyeok frowned as if he was bothered.

I can’t get used to that ignorant speed of change.

‘The fortunate thing is that that rate of change only applies when returning the body to its original state.’

If I could change my body at that speed even when attacking, I wouldn’t have won.

Wherever you stand, something that has changed like a blade at the speed of sound is flying at you, so how can you respond?

“They say it shows the difference in class. Did you mean to show that your level is significantly inferior?”

Levi twisted the corner of his mouth and sneered.

Shin In-hyuk, the head of the Madosing family.

It was rumored that he was quite talented, so I was a little nervous.

I guess I was just nervous.

At this rate, there is no chance of losing even a single chance.

“Is that non-stop chattering all the warlocks have in common?”

Shin In-hyeok replied expressionlessly.

“Then, it must be that only the mouth is alive.”

“… … .”

Levi’s eyebrows twitched for an instant.

“I think it’s not me that only the mouth is alive, but you? Your talking skills are excellent.”

Looking at Levy’s expression, Shin In-hyeok slowly calmed down.

“no. I am different from guys like you.”

Mana that drains quickly.

A perfectly arranged mana circle.

“I don’t discuss magic with my mouth.”

Some mana seeped into the ground, and some mana became one with the atmosphere.


Blue and red mana floating around him.

The four attributes began to swirl around Shin In-hyeok.

“This is the real magic.”

and the next moment.

The four scattered mana unite into one.

‘All Elemental.’

‘Circle 8, 4 major attribute fusion magic.’

suddenly disappeared.

As if the magic hadn’t been activated.

As if something went wrong while using magic.

Magic and mana disappeared without leaving any form in this world.

‘… … misfire?’

That moment when Levy’s vigilance loosened just a little bit.

Shin In-hyeok held out his right hand toward Levi.

Then, slowly, he clenched his fists as if to squeeze and twist Levi’s heart in his hands.

‘Black core.’

That moment.

A very small orb appeared around Levi’s body.

A black sphere created from the perfect blend of four attributes.

A disparate magic that incompletely became one through the meshing of incompatible things.

black core.

At the same time as it settled right next to Levi’s heart.

“… … !”


It exploded with a roar like dozens of flash grenades going off at the same time.

The black core, which was the size of a fingernail, soon became a sphere with a diameter of 2 meters, enough to swallow a person lightly.

And exactly 1 second passed.

The Black Core has completely disappeared from this world.

emergence and extinction.

Both happened so quickly, it was like a daydream.

If the floor of the terrain where Levy was standing hadn’t been carved into a sphere, he would have thought he was dreaming.


Levy’s right arm fell onto the missing sphere.

Originally, it should have disappeared without a trace.

Seeing that his right arm was still there, it seems that he reacted instantaneously.

Reflexively jumps up, then body disappears. As it was, only the right arm, which was out of range of the black core, fell to the ground as it was.

It must be like this.


Soon enough, Levy’s right arm stopped rolling on the floor.

Blood drips from the cut.

It was clear to anyone that he was dead.


“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok did not relax.

Shin In-hyeok’s eyes, looking at Levi’s arm, were still the color of alertness.

Shin In-hyeok was convinced that Levy was not dead.

“They say that a body transformation magician who has reached the limit can restore his body from a single cell.”

Body alteration masters can do anything in terms of body manipulation.

Not only changing the shape of the body, but even restoring the collapsed body to its original state is free.

Even if brains are shattered, hearts melted, limbs crushed.

As long as there is at least one intact body part, Levy won’t die.

Levi’s magic, metamorphosis, is such magic.

“Wake up. Pretending to be dead doesn’t work… … .”


Just then, I heard Shin Ha-yul’s urgent voice from behind.


An urgent voice warning of an unexpected surprise attack.

Shin In-hyeok turned his body and turned halfway around.

At the same time, mana was raised to prepare for an attack.

Mana was quickly captured.

In the midst of trying to counterattack straight away in that state.

In the eyes of Shin In-hyeok, the image of Shin Ha-yul caught his eye.

He is looking at Shin In-hyeok with a calm expression while holding the huge staff on the ground.

It was strange.

To think that the person who had just called out urgently was standing there with such a calm expression.

Strangely, that wasn’t the end.

According to Shin Ha-yul’s warning, there must be something behind it.

However, Shin In-hyeok’s back was clean.

Not even an ant could be found, let alone an assailant.

How the hell did that happen?


At that time, Shin Ha-yul’s voice rang loudly again.

It wasn’t Shin Ha-yul’s mouth, but a voice coming from the ground halfway between Shin Ha-yul and Shin In-hyeok.

If you look closely, there is a mouth hanging on the ground.

A gross form consisting of only the mouth and vocal cords without skin or anything else.


After saying that, he changed his clothes.

It’s elongated to the point of deformity, but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what it was.

human finger.

Among them, it is black.

‘Did you extend your finger that was planted in the ground to that point?’

At that time, the index finger stuck in the ground slowly began to pierce the ground.

As if a wire buried in the ground is pulled and revealed in the air.

The index finger, which had been stretched like a string, was connected to Levi’s right arm, which was spread out in the distance.

and the next moment.

The body, which had been stretched like a rubber band, concentrated on a single point and formed the shape of Levi.

Levy caught Shin In-hyuk’s back in an instant.

As it was, he stabbed Shin In-hyeok’s defenseless back with his right hand, which had been transformed into a sword.

‘I won!’

This is an attack that cannot be physically blocked.

If I had prepared in advance, I would have stopped it, but I couldn’t stop it if I was distracted by other things and neglected the defense behind my back.

‘I can’t block my attack with the magic I prepared hastily.’

It punched the hole perfectly.

Completely overwhelmed in the battle of brains.

Levi was confident of victory in his heart.


“I was expecting it.”

It was the same with Shin In-hyeok who was sure of victory.


The unknowingly created barrier perfectly blocked Levy’s attack.

‘Did you stop it? how… … !’

Yuyamuya didn’t block it either.

Shin In-hyeok perfectly blocked Levi’s attack.

As if he knew in advance that such an attack would come.

Like I was expecting you to stab me in the heart from behind.

A perfect defense was being prepared.


‘Bar, counterattack?’

In addition, the counterattack was prepared.

The triple-attribute compound magic directly hit Levi’s body.

Levi’s body was destroyed by 70%, and he flew through the sky.

However, the injuries are short-lived.

By the time Levy’s body reached the ground. It was after Levi’s body regained its original form.

Metamorphosis was used to restore the body in an instant.

With his hands on the ground, Levy glared at Shin In-hyeok.

“… … How did you notice?”

Shin In-hyeok looked at Levi and took a leisurely breath.

“I would have expected it. Like your clumsy tricks. I had been stitching it for a while.”

If it was Shin In-hyeok as usual, he would have launched an additional attack before the opponent even had time to speak.

The current Shin In-hyeok didn’t seem to have such a mind.

As if giving Levi a chance, he leisurely waited for his opponent to recover.

“You expected that I would make a fake with Shin Ha-yul’s voice?”


“gibberish. Could I have expected something like this… … .”

In fact, it is right to give it a chance.

Shin In-hyeok was deliberately giving Levy time.

I was giving him time to think.

“You’re dumber than I thought. Why do you think I came alone?”

Shin In-hyeok smiled arrogantly.

“It’s because you were wary of hiding among your allies with metamorphosis. Because I knew you would use the voices of your allies to create confusion.”

Metamorphosis’ free body transformation specializes in disrupting the team’s connection.

You can create a fatal gap by using the voices of allies at the right time.

You can transform into an ally and stab yourself with a knife from behind.

There are countless other ways to divide a team.

Quantity is of no help when dealing with Levy.

That’s why Shin In-hyeok was waiting alone.

“I know everything about you. You can never beat me.”

“… … indeed.”

Levi’s eyes shone sharply.

I’d like to dismiss it as bullshit, but it doesn’t seem like bullshit.

‘As expected, Shadow was stuck over there.’

He probably heard everything about himself from Shadow.

‘That means that there is a high probability that all of the strategies I usually use won’t work.’

Things that Shadow might know don’t work for Shin In-hyeok.

In other words, most of Levi’s means are sealed.

‘But it can’t be pierced with the regular method.’

I hate to admit it, but you can’t win with a straight line.

‘The destructive power of all elementals and my metamorphosis are not compatible.’

The fit is pretty bad.

In the first place, the infinite utilization of metamorphosis is meaningful because there is literally a vast ‘utility’.

There is no chance of winning as long as all the means to show off the utilization are excluded.

‘Then the only way… … .’

There are only two ways left.

Either take advantage of the opportunity and run away… … .

‘Using my trump card, which neither Shadow nor Hermes knows about.’

It would probably be impossible to ignore Shin In-hyeok’s interference and break through this barrier, so escape is virtually impossible.

Then, there is only one way left, elimination.

‘It’s not finished yet, but I can’t help it.’

Write a trump card.

That’s the only way.

‘Now, then, where and how should I use this to maximize the effect?’

Levi changed part of his body to eyes so that Shin In-hyeok wouldn’t catch him, and looked at Shin Ha-yul waiting in the distance.

Shin Ha-yul, who just stood quietly, holding a staff bigger than himself.

Judging from the flow of mana around them, it seems certain that they are doing something.

I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was doing.

‘Am I stabilizing the barrier?’

Shin In-hyeok said he brought Shin Ha-yul as a supervisor. That’s probably a fake.

I wouldn’t have brought my son to such a dangerous place for such a trivial reason.

It is clear that Shin Ha-yul is carrying out the mission of stabilizing this barrier from within.

‘Then the answer came out.’

I came up with a plan to turn this situation around 180 degrees.

‘Use Shin Ha-yul to create gaps in Shin In-hyeok.’

A tinge flowed from Levi’s eyes.

‘… … .’

And looking at Levy, Shin In-hyeok and Shin Ha-yul also had their eyes shining.

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