Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 292

Chapter 292

Shadow’s letter arrived unexpectedly.

There was a shocking statement that Levi, an executive, would arrive at Gimpo Airport in three days.

“It’s a letter that means more than what’s written.”

After hearing the contents of the letter and the situation at the time, my father frowned with a serious expression.

“yes. So my head hurts too.”

From an ordinary person’s point of view, one might say, isn’t it just an executive coming to Korea?

But no.

There is a lot of meaning in this letter.

“First of all, Ha-yul, I think it would be best for you to hide yourself for a while. It seems their purpose is you.”

“yes. I think it would be good to do that for now.”

That is, the purpose of executive officer Levi is me.

It’s not written in the letter, but it’s certain.

If my safety wasn’t in danger, there’s no way Shadow would have sent such a letter.

You might think that I sent it because I had some spare time, but looking at the contents of this urgent letter, I don’t have enough time.

It is certainly.

Levi’s purpose is me.

“Well, I have a question. An executive named Levi would have no reason to target you.”

“yes. That is my question too.”

Considering the current situation of the Black Mage Tower, there was no reason to aim for me.

It is said to be designated as an elimination target, but now that I have lost many executives including the doctor, I don’t think they will move the executives to eliminate me alone.

There must be another reason.

“reason. Reason.”

My father frowned, lost in thought.

Rethinking the current situation, he was thinking of a reason for Levi to target me.

My expression probably doesn’t have much to do with my father’s.

‘Why Levi might be targeting me…’ … .’

In this internally chaotic situation, what is the reason for sending an executive to Korea, where the vigilance is strict because of Anti-Magia?

If I were an executive of the Black Mage Tower.

When to move an executive

When I thought so, the answer came right away.

“Is it a purge of traitors?”

No matter how manpower is lacking, no matter how chaotic the situation is internally, the traitor must be purged.

The traitor who betrayed them and disgraced the name of the Black Mage Tower must be caught.

It’s also the best way to sort out internal chaos.

“What is the connection between the purging of traitors and the targeting of you?”

“Hermes suspected that there was some kind of relationship between Shadow and me. I somehow got over it at the time, but… … .”

“Now there are no other hints. I decided to investigate you with the feeling of grabbing at least a straw. Is this?”



My father’s eyes lit up with an expression that made sense.

“But the evidence is still lacking. There is no reason to send an officer to investigate your surroundings. Because Hermes is in the Black Mage Tower.”

“… … Yes.”

Just like his father said, there are not enough reasons to send an executive.

“In the first place, while you were in France, we constantly sent information that you were here, even manipulating the video. As long as the place where Shadow betrayed is France, doubts about you should have almost ceased.”

“Even if they suspect me, it’s not enough to send an executive. This is it.”


As long as it’s not exposed that I’m Luan Palatia.

There is no reason for the Black Mage Tower to send an executive to me.

“If I had known that I was Luan Palatia, there would be no way I would have sent just one cadre.”

“okay. If it were me, I would have sent at least three people.”

In many ways, the words don’t match.

“surely… I don’t think they’re dispatching executives out of suspicion of my relationship with Shadow.”

Father nodded silently.

“Then why… … .”

I looked at the letter Shadow sent me again.

[Levy. 23rd at 4:14. Kim-Po.]

Even looking at it again, the letter seems to have been written in a hurry.

What meaning did Shadow put in this letter and sent it to me?

‘There must be something.’

There is definitely something.

No matter how urgent it was, there was no way Shadow sent a letter like this without thinking.

There was definitely something there, as he had taken the considerable risk of sending a letter while undercover.

‘Let’s think again from the beginning.’

I recalled the situation when this letter arrived from Shadow.

First of all, the method of sending with concern for security is that the letter is hidden in the shadow of a crow.

It can be said that it is a shadow-down process that only those who can use shadow magic can check… … .

‘… … wait for a sec.’

At that moment, something flashed in my head.

‘They sent a letter that only those who can use shadow magic can check?’

The flash of a moment soon turned into a certain doubt.

‘okay. that’s right. Why didn’t I notice this?’

i get it.

What is the meaning of this letter?

I clearly understood what Shadow wanted to convey to me.

“Looks like you’ve realized something.”

As if he had read the expression of joy on my face.

my father asked me


I nodded my head with a confident look.

“What is Levy’s purpose, what Shadow is trying to convey. I know for sure.”

* * *

3 days passed.

23rd at 4:14.

Executive Levi arrived at Gimpo Airport at the scheduled time.

As Levi was currently using his Japanese identity, there were no particularly major departure procedures.

Just authenticate to the automated immigration screening machine and you’re done.

It may seem like a lax security system to the point where someone wonders if it can be so lax, but it’s absolutely not the case.

Korea’s security system is at a level recognized even in the world.

It’s not that the security system is weak, it’s that the Black Magic Tower’s infiltration method is excellent.

To be precise, should I say that the ability of an executive named ‘Levy’ is fraudulent?

‘Because Korea is the most comfortable. Immigration screening is also fast.’

Levi’s ability is metamorphosis.

It is the ability to change one’s body freely.

With this ability, Levi can freely change not only his face, but also his body type, gender, iris, fingerprints, and even the nature of his mana.

For this reason, it cannot be caught by the Korean security system, which uses fingerprints and other checks.

It’s not even a fake identity, it’s taking away the identity after processing a real person, so there’s no chance of getting caught.

In fact, for 17 years, Levi’s identity has never been discovered.

“I want to buy a bus ticket to Gangnam. Where should I go?”

Levi went to the counter and asked in broken Korean.

Normally, he would have had his subordinates do trivial tasks like finding the way, but unfortunately, Levi was the only one who came to Korea.

You have to do everything by yourself.

“Ah, in that case, go all the way over there… … .”

The guide smiled and told us where to go.

“uh… … . sorry. Can I ask you in Japanese?”

“Ah, you are from Japan. sorry.”

The guide started guiding again in Japanese.

That’s how all the explanations are over.

“oh. okay. thank you.”

Levi expressed his gratitude with a refreshing smile.

“It was nothing. Then I hope you have a good trip.”

Poor Korean and fluent Japanese.

He looked like an ordinary tourist.

‘I like Korean because it’s like this. Pronunciation has to be precise, so it’s easy to pretend to be clumsy.’

Of course it’s all smoke.

Levi can speak 12 languages ​​perfectly, including Korean.

The reason why I spoke Korean sloppily is because the Japanese I am using now have no contact with Korea.

I don’t think anyone would doubt it, but there is a case of one in ten thousand.

It is good to remove the buds of doubt in advance.

‘Then next… … .’

Levi took his phone out of his pocket and called somewhere.

It wasn’t a phone call to Sato and other officials of the Black Mage Tower.

“hello. yes. mother. That’s me.”

The person on the phone is the mother of the person now in disguise.

Likewise, in order to remove the buds of doubt from the beginning, he made a call after seeing that he had arrived at his mother.

“yes. Just arrived. yes. I will buy you a present when I return.”

Levi’s performance was perfect.

Observing the subject for the past three days, it was impossible for even a mother to see through Levy’s acting, which had grasped every little habit.

“Then I will contact you again.”

That’s how Levi ended the call.

As if nothing had happened, I headed towards the bus terminal.

Today’s Levi was the perfect traveler to anyone’s eyes.

‘Then, is the girlfriend next? I looked a little distant from my girlfriend, so I took a little time… … .’

Levi picked up the phone again with an expression that he didn’t want to call.

I still need to contact you.

The inner feeling is revealed in the expression on the face.

And I called my girlfriend.

“… … it’s me. arrived.”

A cold yet warm voice. It was a voice and facial expression that revealed the cold war state of entertainment.


Executive Levi’s perfectionist tendency was revealed as it was.

He looked so morbid that he wondered if he had to go this far, but he was able to keep his identity undetected by anyone until now because he worked with such a thorough attitude.

“okay. I’ll call you again.”

so the call ended.

I also bought a bus ticket to Gangnam.

All that remains is to leisurely board the bus and head to the hotel.

‘This Asakura is Indian. He only gets to the hotel, he pretends to be stuck in the hotel and it doesn’t matter if he moves on his own.’

Levy waited for the bus as it was and began to organize the things he had to do in the future.

First of all, since I have to infiltrate the magic house, I will have to take care of someone from the group and disguise myself as that person.

To do that, you need to gather information first.

Perhaps, if you ask Hermes, he will find a suitable cutting edge.

‘Then, enter the house of sorcerers and look for traces of Shadow.’

You can think about the aftermath after that. After all, the course of action will change depending on the results of the investigation.

There is no need to set things up in advance and stiffen your thinking.


Levy called out joy inwardly.

It couldn’t be more perfect than this.

It was when I was praising myself like that.

“… … !”

Suddenly, the profile of a familiar figure caught Levi’s eyes.

A small body like a child.

A heavy gaze comparable to him.

An atmosphere that seems to go well with the color ‘black’ more than anyone else in the world.

‘Shadow… … ?’


It was the true face of Shadow that only a few executives knew.

* * *

Near the bus terminal.

I was moving to the central lobby, disguised as a shadow using hallucination magic and face change magic.

“I found it.”

I manipulated the earplugs in my ears in disguise and reported to Captain Charles, who was watching the situation in the control room.

– You found it? who?

“Flight KA-1111. Passenger of seat 37A is Ren Asakura. This is Levi.”

-Are you sure?

“yes. Among the passengers on flight KA-1111. Only he reacted to my current appearance.”

―There was a reaction? didn’t i see

“It must have been difficult to see through the camera because it was so fleeting. In the first place, I was able to confirm it thanks to Shinan.”

It was a momentary trembling, but I saw it clearly. Asakura Ren’s eyes were clearly shaking when he saw me.

―Did you check the mana?

“I checked, but I couldn’t find anything unusual about Mana itself. As expected, Metamorphosis’s mana conversion seems to be able to fool even my eyes.”

—… … It’s a real idiot-like ability. It doesn’t mean that if he decides to hide, he can’t be found.

“yes. Yes.”

The power to freely change the body as well as mana.


It was impossible even with my divine eyes to find Levy, who was completely mimicked.

That’s why he set up a strategy to disguise himself as Shadow.

Since Levy’s purpose is Shadow, he thought that if he found Shadow in an unexpected place, he would most likely react.

―What about him now?

“There is no sign of following. They seem to think it’s a trap.”

– No pursuit. Then you can move on to plan B.

“yes. I think you can do that.”

Asakura Ren.

Levi doesn’t show any signs of following.

As if nothing had happened, he was just waiting for the bus with an expression like a tourist.

―By the way, you’re not following me? He’s a real thoroughbred guy.

“yes. There was almost no change in facial expression. If it hadn’t been for this gap, there probably wouldn’t have been a change in expression.”

That’s about it, aiming for the timing when he’s most careless.

If he was nervous, he wouldn’t have been able to find a change in his expression.

-Anyway, I’m glad I found it. I got over a hurdle with this one.


If you haven’t succeeded in identifying Levy here.

I would have been a bit bothered.

I’m glad you succeeded.

-however. Can I ask just one question?

“What is it?”

I answered indirectly as I moved along the designated escape route.

―How did you know that Levi’s purpose was Shadow?

“Didn’t I tell you?”

-uh. I just heard that Levi is coming to Korea to investigate you to find Shadow.

That’s right.

Come to think of it, I didn’t go into detail.

―I thought it was all written in the letter Shadow sent. From what I heard, there was no mention of such a thing. how do you know

“hmm. To put it simply, there was a hint in the way Shadow sent the letter.”

―How did you send the letter?


Moving along the escape route, slowly dispelling the magic cast on my body.

Teleported a short distance using shadow magic.

With this, Hermes’ eyes were completely out of sight.

Now Hermes will determine that I am the real Shadow.

There is no way to escape Hermes’ eyes unless it is the movement of the shadow of the shadow.

I’m sure you would think so.

“Shadow used shadow magic to enclose a letter in the shadow. He crafted it so that it could only be opened by someone who could use the same shadow magic.”


“Isn’t that strange?”

-huh? what’s weird

“How did Shadow know that I can use shadow magic and send the letter like that?”

—… … uh?

It is normal for Shadow to not know that I can use shadow magic.

Shadow disappeared long before I used shadow magic.

-I know? You learned shadow magic right before the incident. How did you know I sent you such a letter… … ? At the time of the Anti Magia Incident, the entire system at the site was completely destroyed, so the fact that you can use shadow magic couldn’t have been leaked to the outside world.

I paused for a moment and replied.

“The correct answer is that information related to the incident flowed into the Black Mage Tower.”

―To the Black Magic Tower?

“yes. At the time of the terror, information that there were traces of using shadow magic was transmitted to the Black Mage Tower through some route. Delivered to Shadow who is infiltrating the Black Mage Tower. It was finally delivered to me in the form of such a letter.”

-okay… … . Then everything is explained. Shadow sent a letter like that. The fact that Levi came to Korea.

“yes. Levi came to Korea in pursuit of shadow magic. To purge the traitor.”

Considering that shadow magic was used at the site of the Anti-Magia Terror, there is a high probability that the shadow is near me.

Levy made that decision and came to Korea.

—… … great really Shadow, who sent the letter with that meaning, and you, who clearly understood it.

“There is still one more left.”


“The hidden meaning of Shadow’s letter.”

-What else is left?

“yes. Perhaps this is the most important piece of information.”

The whole story of the Anti-Magia incident was delivered to the Black Mage Tower.

that means that.

“There is a high probability that Anti Magia and the Black Mage Tower have joined hands.”

—… … what?

The Black Mage Tower and Anti Magia joined hands.


“In the worst case, there is a possibility that the entire anti-magia terrorist group has fallen into the hands of the Black Mage Tower.”

It was like this.

―That means… … .

“yes. There is something we don’t know.”

something is going wrong

“Anyway, it seems necessary to reconsider the operation itself to wipe out the Black Mage Tower.”

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