Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 288

Chapter 288

Korea has prevented the Anti Magia terror.

The fact quickly spread around the world.

[How Korea neutralized Anti-Magia.]

[Will the annihilation of Anti Magia be possible?]

[An 18-year-old student who neutralized Anti Magia alone?]

[Shin Ha-yul. Subdued Anti-Magia with single-blooded blood. During the operation, zero deaths.]

There was literally an uproar.

To the fact that the Anti-Magiara stopped an insurmountable terrorist group.

The fact that you don’t have to give in to the threat of Anti Magia in the future.

The whole world cheered.

However, the cheers of people around the world are nothing compared to the cheers of Korea.

[A hero born in Korea. Shin Ha-yul!]

[How did Shin Ha-yul become the current Shin Ha-yul?]

It’s worth cheering just for being able to prevent the terrible crime of Anti Magia without causing much damage.

What prevented that was Shin Ha-yul, who is known to be the most promising in Korea.

It is an unreasonable request to ask Koreans, who love the words “prospect and enhancement of national prestige,” not to get excited.

[How is this 18 years old? How is this 18 years old? How is this 18 years old?]

[Shin Ha-yul is a god. Shin Ha-yul is God. Shin Ha-yul is God.]

[Excluding all the gukppong, it was really crazy. I thought he was just a promising player. Doesn’t this just mean more than active duty?]

All kinds of communities in Korea were currently burning with stories about Shin Ha-yul and Anti Magia.

Everyone is drunk on the so-called ‘Gukppong’ and is writing and joking around.

[Official moxibustion! Discover how to neutralize Anti Magia!]

[I’m tired.]

[Wow, I see that the magician has the patent? Does this really seem to be the information analyzed by Shin Ha-yul?]

[Excited n. It’s not that the Shin Ha-ryul isn’t great. I went too far there. It’s just luck that the timing overlapped.]

[no. It’s not fluttering, think carefully. Magicians don’t even touch magic stones or research of this kind. But how could he be analyzing Anti-Magia.]

[This is true.]

[I looked for it. None of the affiliates of Madosinga do magic stones or this kind of analysis.]

[omg. Then, did Shin Ha-yul really solve everything?]

As always, all sorts of brain teasers that started off as official filled the internet.

The curious thing is that you can’t even find a post cursing or belittling Shin Ha-yul.

Of course, it should be there if you search all over, but it’s too few compared to the pouring posts. There’s no point in looking for it.

[I’ve been reading the Wiki right now. Real life scenario crazy. Shin Ha-yul seems like life itself is a movie?]

[Ah haha ​​it’s perfect. The resurrection of a genius who fell into hell.]

[What can I say? If you were a genius from beginning to end, wouldn’t it have been such a good image?]

[agreed. I have a really dirty personality, but I said everything I liked.]

[2222. My hipster sensibilities are drawn to the one-of-a-kind wizard with no AI.]

[Ah haha ​​Shin Ha-yul was without AI. I keep forgetting lol]

[Thinking back, it was really crazy. Before I got an AI transplant, I was just a poop-packing machine that could only feel a little bit of mana.]

[Yes. How can you use magic like that in such a beggar state? Is that why you’re a genius?]

If Shin Ha-yul was a simple genius, he would not have received such a favorable response.

A heroic narrative about the storms and storms of Shin Ha-yul’s life, the days when he fell into the abyss of despair, and standing tall again even after going through that despair.

It is eliciting a favorable response from all.

[after. Now you just have to avoid getting seriously injured. Please grow up like this.]

[I believe that there will be no bastard who says Shin Ha-yul is a bubble now.]

[Ah haha ​​it’s already world class haha]

In addition to the title of the first Olympiad gold medal winner and MVP award, the title of hero who saved 7,000 citizens was added.

Well, this has become a character that you can’t hate even if you want to hate it.

[Let’s inject lethal doses of gukppong today. ㄱㄴ Overseas reactions are spreading all the time. I don’t sleep today.]

[oh. exorcism. respect]

After the end of the Olympiad.

The Shinha-yul Syndrome, which had been slowly extinguished, was rekindled.

“No fuss. With just one terror stop.”

A Japanese folk song.

A man who had been watching the reaction of the Korean community all the time shook his head as if he had no answer.

“ah. It’s no fun.”

I threw the phone on the bed moderately as if I was tired of it.

I lay down on the bed with a pod on the back of my neck.

“what do you think?”

Then he looked at the man standing next to him and asked.

“I feel sorry for you.”

Tall stature and broad shoulders.

A handsome appearance that even if you ask 10 people, all 10 will answer that you are handsome.

Black hair and black eyes.

The handsome man covered in black answered calmly.

“What are you sorry about?”

“I heard that you invested quite a lot to get Anti Magia into Korea this time. Since it all went in vain… … .”

“So sorry?”

“yes. amount invested and manpower. And considering Levy’s waste of time… … It is unfortunate in many ways.”


The man who was called that laughed.

“why? What do you think would be different if you were there?”

“yes. At least I don’t think it would have failed so vainly.”

“It’s good that you are full of confidence. That’s why I chose you.”

Levy crossed her legs with her pods tucked behind her neck.

He looked very relaxed.

“… … It seems that Levi-nim is not sorry.”

“me? What, what?”

Levy showed off his composure even more, shaking his legs moderately.

“What about money, if you tell Hermes, you can get it as much as you like. Manpower can be saved if I want to. I don’t really think it’s a loss. It’s my time. Well, I’m not really the kind of person who lives every day tight, right? It’s not even that much of a loss.”

Levi chuckled.

Even though he had failed in the mission he had been preparing for quite some time, he didn’t look bad at all.

“I don’t think that’s the only reason.”

Even if you don’t think of it as a loss, failure is a bad feeling.

You can’t be so calm and weak after going through failure.

There is something else.

“what. It’s only been 3 days. Are you done figuring out my personality already?”

Levy laughed out loud, as if he was having a lot of fun.

“that’s right. Actually, there are some things I gained from this failed mission. Is that so? I don’t feel too bad.”

“There must be something I don’t know.”


Levi’s eyes were stained with life.

“Sato. I don’t know about you, who has only been in the Magic Tower for 3 days, but I had a very close friend. I have a friend called Doctor… … .”

“Looks like something happened to him.”

“huh. dead.”

Levi lifted his upper body and sat down on the bed.

“He didn’t just die, he died because he was betrayed by the same executive.”

“… … betrayal. Did that happen before I signed up?”

“uh. Write. As an executive, I feel ashamed for nothing.”

Levi blushed in genuine embarrassment.

“The code name of the traitorous executive is Shadow. He’s a special ability that handles shadows… … .”

Levi’s expression darkened.

“At Incheon International Airport this time, I found traces of shadow magic being used.”

“… … .”

Satou’s forehead trembled at Levi’s words.

‘Shadow magic was used?’

I was surprised by the unexpected answer.

“I mean, that damn traitor bastard. You mean you’re hiding in Korea right now?”

“I guess that would make sense.”

“And the fact that the guy who was running away from us dared to show his strength and stop the terrorism… … .”

Levi slowly lifted the corners of his mouth and blurted out his words.

“There is a high probability that it has something to do with Shin Ha-yul, who prevented this incident… … . It’s like this.”



Levi shouted, making a ‘click’ sound with his fingers.

“So I can’t help but be happy? I seized a golden opportunity to avenge my friend!”

“understand. There is absolutely no reason to be sorry.”


Levy lay back on the bed and assumed the same posture as before.

“Then why are you still not leaving Japan… … .”

“that’s right. I want to go to Korea.”

Capture Shin Ha-yul, who seems to be related to Shadow.

It’s never too late to think about it later.

“understand. Then I can prepare to go to Korea.”

“Because it’s Sato. I like that you talk fast.”

Levi chuckled.

“I was worried until the end. I think I did a good job choosing you.”

“For me, I am very grateful. May I ask you something?”


“I heard that some of the candidates were far superior to me in many ways. I wonder why he chose me over him.”

“Oh that? No big deal.”

Levi’s eyes shone fiercely.

“He was a little like a child.”

“The small stature… … Is there a reason?”

“then. Of course not.”

Levi replied with a look on his face as if asking something so obvious.

“Shadow. There must be many executives who don’t know about him because he always covers himself with a shadow. Gnome. It means that your body is no different than that of an elementary school student.”

“Then the reason for excluding the other candidates is… … .”

“that’s right. Could it be that he was trying to cheat? I heard it from Hermes. Shadow can change his face to some extent with shadow magic, but he can’t change his body shape. So I cut and chose you.”

Levi smiled brightly.

“Because it’s safe with a physique like yours.”

Sato, a man with a strong physique standing over 190cm.

With that, you can safely entrust your work.

“I was chosen because of my physique. Something doesn’t feel right.”

“Ahaha! Is this hurting your pride?”

“yes. little.”

Levi burst into bread.

“Because it’s fun. Other secretaries couldn’t joke with me like that because they were scared.”

“If that was rude, I’m sorry.”

“no. It’s fine, so do what you do.”

Levi closed his eyes.

“Then I’ll sleep now. Tell me when you are ready to enter Korea.”

“yes. We will prepare it as soon as possible.”

“Yep. i’ll wait.”

Levi closed his eyes and waved his hand moderately.

Satou bowed his head to Levi, then turned around and slowly left the room.

“… … .”

Satou’s eyes shone fiercely as he completely turned his back on Levi.

* * *

The case is over safely.

Two days passed.

It was a pretty dreadful two days.

I never get used to being harassed by reporters.

I think I interviewed a lot of reporters.

Even so, it was shocking that it was that much because it was cut along the family line.

“What, did you get a disease that shouldn’t be spent quietly even for a day?”

Captain Charles looked at me and shook his head.

“Didn’t you say you were busy?”

“busy. I’m crazy busy.”

Captain Charles let out a big sigh.

“But what can I do? Madam said to go to you first. Whew.”

Captain Charles scanned my whole body with only one eye open.

“Even though I said that I’m sure I’ll be fine, I still insist on going and checking… … . I really need to know about our madam’s overprotectiveness.”

“… … haha.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just laughed it off.

“Oh yeah. Let’s ask the whole Kim. How did you neutralize Anti Magia?”

The thesis on the anti-magia containment method has not yet been published.

I’m in the process of refining it, so it’ll probably be released in a week or so.

That’s why you ask such a question.

… … But Captain Charles isn’t the kind of person who’s interested in things like that.

Why are you asking this?

“hmm. therefore… … .”

I slowly began to explain the analysis of Anti Magia and how to deal with it.

In the process, I adequately explained that I had imitated Shadow’s magic, even on the surface, and Adela’s performance.

“Hey~ Adela Stewart. That crybaby did such a big thing.”

In Captain Charles’ head, Adela still seemed like a crybaby.

Adela, who was sobbing at the time of the mystery committee incident the other day, seems not to be forgotten.

“however. I’m sorry to you for explaining in detail. To be honest, I didn’t even understand half of it.”

“… … In my heart, I wondered if that would be the case.”

He was always making an expression of ‘Ah, what the hell is that talking about?’, but how could he not know?

“But why did you ask? You’re not the type to be curious about things like this.”

Director Charles is not very interested in this kind of theoretical part.

First of all, I thought there must be a reason, so I answered honestly.

I wonder why.

“hmm. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t asking because I was curious.”


Captain Charles put his phone on the table.

I was on the phone with someone.

Looking closely at the screen, there was a familiar name written on it.

[Terun Citrea]

“He I was wondering if you really found a way to blockade Anti-Magia by yourself.”

Captain Charles stuck out his tongue and smiled.

“Ah, you don’t have to worry because I didn’t hear the personal things I said before. Exactly, only the story of Anti Magia was conveyed.”

Captain Charles pointed to the microphone mute button and said.

I muted it when talking about personal things.

It must be something like this.

“Anyway, Terun. I did as you asked. Now it’s your turn to fulfill your promise. When will you meet me? The sooner this is possible, the better.”

—… … .

There was no answer.


—… … .

I can’t hear the voice, but I hear other sounds.

Is this the sound of hitting a keyboard?

“hey. Terun! Terun Citrea!”

That was when Captain Charles shouted and shouted into the phone.


“Wow, what a surprise!”

A voice far louder than Captain Charles’s voice rang through the speaker.

It was a woman’s voice.

―This is revolutionary! This discovery must have advanced mankind’s science and technology by 13 years! If this technology fits my research… … . Charles. I’ll call you later!

With that said, the call ended.

It seems to have been cut off from there.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Captain Charles and I stared blankly at each other.

“hmm. What should I say? That is worth it.”

Apparently, I’m not as normal as I thought.

“… … You didn’t say you weren’t a geek. I said I’m not a geek.”

Captain Charles slightly looked away as if he was embarrassed.

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