Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 283

Chapter 283

that morning.

I was moving to the airport with Sunchan.

“Big. The Golden Trio will be reuniting after a while.”

Soon-chan put a pad on the back of his neck and leaned back against the car seat.

I don’t feel pouted or sad at all.

Sunchan’s expression and attitude were not much different from two months ago.

“No, but you don’t have to contact me if you are going to visit Adela. I’m just trash.”

FYI, I didn’t do anything.

Sun-chan had been like this since we met.

“… … isn’t it? Come to think of it, I should have thought I would go first before you said it. Could I be trashed?”

You don’t know how embarrassed I was as soon as I called Soon-chan in the morning.

I thought you would be 100% pissed off, but it’s nothing like this.

It seems that he was tricked by the blue mage lord.

Come to think of it, Sunchan couldn’t have been upset about something like this.

Sunchan must have had time to adapt to the blue mage tower, so he probably didn’t have the energy to pay attention to anything else.

“I played drums and janggu by myself, and it was a mess.”

“What is new?”


What is this guy like?

“Is it going well with Hee-yoon sunbaenim?”

“Okay, that’s fine. It’s so good that I can get out of bed.”

Above all, Sunchan is currently in the early stages of dating.

I can’t be sad that I didn’t contact you.

“Are you really happy every day these days? I became very close with the Mage Tower seniors. It goes well with Hee-yoon sunbaenim. My father is still on a winning streak.”

Positive energy pours out from every facial expression and gesture of Sunchan.

Even if you are happy, it is a very happy expression.

Looking at that expression, for some reason, the playfulness was intense.

It’s nice to see a friend happy, but since they’re so happy, should I say that I just wanted to be grumpy?

“What are you talking about? Do you know that luck and unhappiness are proportional?”

“What man?”

“Prepare for the misfortune to come. As much as I am happy now, misfortune will come.”

Soonchan snorted.

“Curse it all.”

“Oh, can I curse you? Then tell me in advance. Then I wouldn’t have turned around like this.”

I said with a broad smile.

“Please, I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

“This bastard. You can see that this is full of heart… … .”

Sunchan also smiled brightly.

“… … OK. thanks. Please, may the curse take effect when it is with you.”

That’s when the two of us were glaring at each other and laughing.

“by the way. Isn’t the car moving too much? Adela must have already arrived… … .”


Suddenly the ground trembled.

“What, an earthquake?”

Intense vibration that starts from the ground and travels up through the tires.

It was a vibration reminiscent of an earthquake, as Soonchan said.


“no. It’s not an earthquake… … .”

this is not an earthquake

This vibration is not a natural vibration. Tremors of artificial mana are transmitted through the ground.

Before I could say anything, Sunchan and I both rang at the same time.


Urgent Disaster Notification.

Soonchan and I checked the message at the same time.

[Emergency Disaster Notification]

[Terrorism at Incheon International Airport]

[Citizens urgently want to evacuate]

“… … also.”

My prediction was right.

A terrorist attack occurred at Incheon International Airport.

* * *

Near Incheon International Airport.

Korea Terrorism Response Team Command Room.

The head of the response team was listening to the briefing on the current situation with a serious expression.

“Currently, Incheon International Airport has been completely taken over. A total of 7,732 citizens were held hostage. Not only South Korean citizens, but citizens from a total of 22 countries are being held hostage, so it is highly likely that it will become an international problem if not properly resolved.”

“… … What are the terrorists’ demands?”

“It is the life of every wizard in Korea.”

The team leader pressed his forehead with a serious expression.

“Insane proposals, as if they had no intention of negotiating… … . Is it the real Anti Magia?”

“yes. I’m sure.”

Anti Magia.

anti-magic group.

A counterforce that denies mana, hates magic, and hates the privileged wizards.

They are a dangerous group that does not hesitate to commit suicide if necessary.

“Then, if negotiations fail… … .”

“yes. They said they would blow up Incheon International Airport if they didn’t accept the demand.”

“… … damn it.”

The horse is an anti-magical force.

In fact, it is the worst criminal group set up by crazy idiots.

Under the pretext of eliminating magic from this world, he does all sorts of evil things.

This is something that can be understood just by looking at the current suicide bombing.

Taking 7,000 hostages and demanding the lives of all Korean magicians.

This means, in effect, that they have no intention of freeing the hostages.

In fact, don’t ask me, it’s nothing different from terrorism.

What kind of idiot group is this?

“time is?”

“I will give you three hours.”

What’s more stupid is that they give you a respite while making such ridiculous demands.

We gave you a choice. You want to get that justification.

“3 hours… … There is not enough time to prepare anything.”

“… … yes.”

Originally, it would start with negotiations to get a little more time respite.

As long as the opponent is Anti Magia, that is impossible.

Conversation with Anti-Magia does not work. This is common knowledge worldwide.

If they said they would give it 3 hours, that’s it.

There is no further time delay.

“What should I do?”

“How are you doing… … .”

The team leader lowered his head with a gloomy expression.

“I would rather ask. What should I do?”

Originally, they would have used methods such as dispatching a response team or infiltrating special forces.

As long as the opponent is the opponent, that is impossible.

‘Anti Magia’, the identity of Anti Magia, is blocking all means.

“damn… … .”

Anti Magia is an imperfect substance that explodes in response to mana.

Magic cannot be used where there is Anti Magia.

If magic is used, the entire area will be reduced to ashes with Anti-Magia.

“Have you confirmed the number of Anti Magia they have?”

“Once confirmed, there are five. As is known, it is secured with a vest.”

He wears a dangerous substance called Anti Magia fixed to his vest.

It means that it doesn’t matter what your life is.

“Damn it. How the hell did you bring in 5 Anti Magia? Has the intake route been confirmed?”

“that… … Not confirmed.”

“The search party is like incompetent bastards… … .”

The team leader scratched his head as if he had no answer.

Sincere anger soared at the search team that missed 5 Anti Magia.

“manager! The guys have been contacted again! Shall we connect?”

“… … Connect.”

“I will connect you!”

The man manipulated the terminal and connected communication with the terrorists.

A terrorist who appeared through a holographic image.

A man with a stern look, who seemed to be from the Middle East, grinned.

―Are you the top manager?

“okay. chief officer in this case. I am Kim Hyun-soo, the head of the anti-terrorism team. State your needs.”

―Only the team leader?

The terrorist’s expression frowned.

―I guess I still haven’t grasped the situation properly.

In that state, he licked his lower lip and grabbed the collar of a man who was tied next to him.

―I don’t want to talk to a small pup like you.

Then, he brought the gun he was holding in his other hand to the hostage’s head.

―Sa, save me!

“Hands off that gun… … !”

Take it off!

There was no time to shout like that.


The terrorist pulled the trigger.

A stream of blood oozing out of a hole in his head.

The man was turned into a cold corpse.


A tearing scream echoed from the scene.

It was the screams of the hostages who were holding their breath watching the situation from behind.


The terrorist pointed a gun at one of the screaming women.

Then he pulled the trigger again.


Then shoot the screaming man again.

I shot an old man who screamed at the sight of such a man.

The act continued seven times.

-hmm. It’s a little quieter now.

The terrorist smiled contentedly.

―Originally, I was planning to kill only one as an example, but somehow it turned out to be eight.

“… … .”

The team leader licked his lips.

I wanted to curse at him, but the one holding the hilt now is the terrorist.

Couldn’t be more nerve-wracking here.

-I’ll give you 10 minutes. In the meantime, connect with the president. If not connected within 10 minutes… … .

The terrorist fired without even looking back.

As if it doesn’t matter who the target is, they fire indiscriminately.

“stop! Stop!”

A terrorist who continues to pull the trigger without stopping despite the team leader’s shouts.

The shooting continued until the bullets ran out.

―Now I stopped at 20 people, but 100 people next… … No, 1000 people will die.

The terrorist licked his lips.

―Then I will wait for your call.

After that, the terrorist cut off communication.

“… … .”

“… … .”

All members of the anti-terrorism team, including the team leader, chewed their lips with a look of resentment.

They lamented their incompetence as they had no choice but to watch citizens die in front of their eyes.

“… … Connect with the Chief of Staff to the President.”

Most of all, I hated this reality of having to obey the demands of a terrorist even though I was in this position.

* * *

Blockade points near airports.

I was watching the situation with Soonchan.

“… … Anti Magia?”


This is the information I just heard from Mr. Seokhyun.

The terrorist is Anti Magia.

In a different sense from the Black Mage Tower, they are a low-quality terrorist group.

No, in a sense, they are a group of worse quality than the Black Mage Tower.

The Black Mage Tower is a ‘black company’ that pursues its own profit.

The Anti-Magia guys don’t have anything like that.

A typical thinker. Since they are fanatics who believe that their ideas are correct, they are even more difficult to deal with.

“Isn’t it a big deal then?”

“It’s a big deal.”

It is impossible to prevent the terrorism of Anti Magia.

This is something you can tell just by looking at the statistics.


Until now, the terror of Anti Magia has never been stopped.

“… … Fuck this.”

Sunchan chewed his nails and cursed.

“Why now? Why is Anti-Magia… … .”

The look of impatient death.

“Why did the terror strike just in time for Adela to arrive? why… … !”

Adela is among the 7,000 people currently held hostage.

If it stays like this, Adela will die.

It was natural for Sun-chan to be nervous.

“Still, is there any way? I don’t know if Korea is different, but security is the best. some way… … .”

“doesn’t exist.”

Just then, Mr. Seokhyun appeared behind us.

He contacted me and joined me right away.

“Currently, the anti-terrorism team has not taken any countermeasures.”

“I can’t… … .”

“It is the same with the Blue House. The Blue House has set a certain policy on the line of abandoning the hostages now.”

“… … Burr, throw it away? It hasn’t even been 20 minutes since the terror started. Have you already decided to throw it away?”


“Nonsense. That’s not okay. It makes sense that the country abandons its people so easily… … .”

“It can’t be helped.”

Mr. Seokhyun frowned and answered coldly.

“Anti Magia’s demand is the death of all mages with Korean nationality. I cannot grant such a request. so… … .”

“So you are forced to abandon the hostages? does that make sense? If the request is outrageous, you should think about saving it. Throwing away… … .”

“I would also like to save the Blue House. but… … .”

Uncle Seokhyun frowned, as if he was also indignant.

“As long as you have 5 anti-magia… … It is impossible to subdue them.”

An imperfect substance that automatically explodes in response to mana.

Anti Magia.

You can’t use magic to subdue them.

However, it is meaningless to mobilize military units that mainly handle firearms.

What they carry is not just a magic deterrent, but a bomb that explodes in response to magic.

It is not just a bomb, but a high-powered bomb with the power to blow up Incheon International Airport lightly.

If they show any signs of trying to mobilize the military, they will immediately explode the Anti-Magia.

then that’s it.

Incheon International Airport will be destroyed with 7,000 hostages and a military unit.

The best response doesn’t change the result.

Rather, only the military units that were put in are dying.

“If they’re the ones who think about preserving their own lives, there’s a way… … .”

As fanatics who neglect their own lives, there are no gaps.

Anti Magia’s 100% terror success rate didn’t come out of nowhere.

Their terror is just as notorious.

“then… … .”

Sunchan clenched his fists tightly.

“So you’re saying we have to watch Adela die?”

“… … .”

Mr. Seokhyun was silent.

“I can’t do that. it can’t be… … .”

Sunchan bit his nails with an expression that he would do something.

It was a gaze that showed the will to save Adela somehow.

“Don’t think weird. The things you are thinking right now are actions worse than not doing it.”

“How do you know?”

“I know what you’re thinking just by looking at your expression.”

Will is good, but literally only will is good.

It is impossible to change the result by will alone.

“… … How are you so calm?”

Sunchan glared at me.

“They say Adela will die in three hours. But why is she so cold.”

unrepentant guy.

Sunchan’s eyes said that.

“That’s why you’re sober.”


I just put my fist on Sunchan’s chest.

“If you’re not cool at times like this, when are you going to be cool?”

“… … !”

Sunchan opened his eyes wide.

A face that instantly turns cold.

“Wake. If you’re not cool, you can’t save anything.”

This word was a wedge.

“that… … . no. after.”

Soon-chan let out a deep breath for the last time and bowed his head to me.

“… … My head is too hot I’m really sorry.”

As if he was ashamed of having almost lost himself in anger, as if he was sorry for saying mean things to me. I apologized with her sincerity.

“You can’t apologize. Because I fully understand.”

rather happy

The fact that my friend is someone who can be angry enough to lose himself in a friend’s crisis.

“I’m really sorry… … .”

“It’s okay, take a deep breath while you’re apologizing. Being so excited is just a hindrance.”

“Hindrance… … . After all, is there any way?”

“uh. There is one way that comes to mind. So take a deep breath I might need your help.”

I patted Soonchan’s chest once again and turned my gaze to the man.

“mister. What happened to my request?”

“Here it is.”

Mr. Seokhyun handed me about 10 documents.

“What is that?”

Soonchan put his face close to me and checked the documents.

“Anti Magia ingredient analysis table? What do you do with it?”

Anti Magia, which is said to be an impregnable explosive that has yet to find a proper countermeasure.

“If you lose weight, you will win 100,000 won. We have to dig through the enemy’s weapons first.”

That doesn’t apply to me, who read all the books in Mimir’s book.

‘also. It’s a blank stone.’

There are ways to deal with Anti-Magia.

“mister. Can I get in touch with the head of the counterterrorism team?”

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