Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 281

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Chapter 281

After a short fight that lasted about 5 minutes.

“Then I will go first.”

“… … okay.”

Shin Ha-yul left first.

Shin In-hyeok, who was left alone, remembered what happened a little while ago and his eyes lit up.

“Mythical magic… … .”

Mythic Magic Ignis.

I wanted to add the modifier ‘myth’ in front of it because it was some kind of magic. I’ll know right away

Mythic magic is definitely ‘something’ completely different from normal magic.

“I’ve heard rumors, but it’s amazing magic.”

Kim Seok-hyun, who had been hiding in Dalian a while ago, stood in front of Shin In-hyeok with an admiring expression.

“A spark that burns the very fabric of magic… … .”

“You burnt the magical structure. Did your eyes see it that way?”

“Isn’t it?”

“no. What Ignis burned was not magic, but something much more fundamental than magic.”

“… … ?”

Kim Seok-hyun narrowed his eyes slightly, not knowing what he was talking about.

Seeing Kim Seok-hyun like that, Shin In-hyeok smiled and continued.

“What Ignis burned was mana, not magic.”

Seokhyun Kim widened his eyes.

“M-Are you saying you destroyed mana?”


Kim Seok-hyun’s pupils trembled.

“How do you get mana… … .”

Burning magic and burning mana.

If you don’t know magic, you might think that’s what it is.

However, no.

There is a big difference between erasing magic and erasing mana, as big as the difference between heaven and earth.

“Mana is an immutable substance. It is impossible to erase or do anything. How can you destroy it by burning it… … .”

It is impossible to get rid of mana.

This was common knowledge in modern magic.

“It must be mythic magic only because it makes that impossible possible.”

Shin In-hyeok smiled as if he was having fun.

“What’s even more surprising is that it’s not finished yet.”

“… … Do you mean that?”


Shin In-hyeok remembered what Shin Ha-yul said a moment ago.

“They said that it’s still weak, so it couldn’t bring out half of its original power.”

“That’s half and half… … .”

Shin Ha-yul is still in the 6th circle.

It’s a long way off to say it’s complete.

If the apex of the mage is the 9th circle, it means that there are still three more steps to the top.

If you think about it that way, it’s understandable that it’s still at 25% power.

“If 25% is enough to completely burn the head of the household, 100% is… … .”

“If it was 100%, my life would have disappeared upon completion.”

Power and output are usually directly proportional.

25% power means only 25% output.

That is, the range is also only 25% of the original range.

4 times what it is now.

If that range of magic spreads, avoidance itself is impossible.

Since it is impossible to defend, there is no choice but to burn to death.

“More than I imagined… It’s great magic.”

“okay. It was an understandable magic that he continued the progress of Ray Bell Bytenor.”

Shin In-hyeok stroked his chin with a slightly troubled expression.

“Are you worried about anything?”

“I’m just thinking a little too much.”

There was a little problem because Ignis was too powerful a magician.

“All Elemental. I thought a little about whether it would be meaningful to pass on the arcane magic of the sorcerers.”

“… … ah.”

A vision among secrets that only successive heads of the Madoshin family can master.

All Elemental, a special magic that can freely mix and use the four elements.

Originally, I was planning to pass on the elemental that will come right from today to the servant Ha-yul.

but this is true

After seeing Ignis, I wondered if I should pass on magic.

Although there is considerable pride in the magic of all elementals, it is an obvious fact that it is inferior to Ignis.

“Still, considering versatility, wouldn’t All Elemental be more superior?”

Ignis is a powerful magic. But even so, it was only a one-shot fire-attribute magic.


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It is nothing compared to the versatility of All Elemental.

“I thought so too, but… … .”

Shin In-hyuk smiled bitterly.

“It is said that there are more than ten mythical magic besides Ignis.”

“Ignis-level magic… … Are you saying there are ten more?”

“okay. So I have no choice but to worry.”

Not to mention that there are other mythical magics besides Ignis.

Even if I dare to pass on all the elementals, it is questionable whether I will use them properly.

No, the time to be taught in the first place may be wasted.

“Even so, there is no choice but to deliver all elementals, which are no different from the identity of a magician family, to the next family head… … .”

“It is a difficult problem.”

The two were silent for a moment.

Then, Kim Seok-hyun seemed to realize something and his eyes lit up.

“Mythic magic, including Ignis, seems to have a fatal flaw in that it requires a long chant. Wouldn’t the transmission of all elementals be an alternative to overcome that shortcoming?”

Ignis requires about a minute of chanting to activate.

In a fierce battlefield where one second of misjudgment brings death, one minute of chanting is a huge disadvantage.

“I thought that too, but… … .”

Shin In-hyeok closed his eyes and let out a small laugh.

“They said that the shortcoming will be fixed soon.”

“If it’s a solution… … Are you saying that it is possible to shorten the chant?”

“It’s not about miniaturization.”

Shin In-hyeok smiled helplessly, as if he was dumbfounded even thinking about it again.


Kim Seok-hyun’s eyes widened to the point where they couldn’t get bigger.

“Ignis, four times stronger than now… … As a silent window… … ?”


Shin In-hyeok shook his head slightly.

“That is why I am thinking about it now. According to Hayul, the time to learn all the Elementals itself can be a waste of time.”

Mythical magic that overcomes the disadvantage of chanting.

As long as there is such magic, other magic has no meaning.

“I’m worried. I’m worried.”

Shin In-hyeok’s worries only grew.

* * *

After that.

I went straight back to my dorm room.

‘There’s only one month left to stay here like this.’

Me, Adela, and Soonchan passed the skipping exam.

But I haven’t graduated from the academy yet.

Graduation comes out in one month.

Classes are all exempted and attendance is free, but we are still students.

You don’t have to leave the room for about a month yet.

‘Well, at this level, I wonder if it’s right to just leave the room.’

Since the Olympiad, I have slept in this room only a few times.

If you’re not going to use it like this, it’s only right to leave the room.

Well, there are plenty of rooms left in the dormitory anyway, and it wouldn’t matter if I moved out or not.

‘I don’t know. When the time comes, the school will tell you to remove it.’

There is no need for me to step out and leave the room.

It’s a place where I’ve lived for the past year, so I’m kind of attached to it.

There is no other place than here to organize your thoughts alone.

I just sat on the bed.

By the way, the bed is very soft.

In addition to removing dust accumulated with magic, it also removed odors and moisture.

Thanks to this, the smell of sunlight is coming up from the bed.

I called Adela as I lay flat on the bed.


The call was connected before the call connection tone could be heard properly.

“You get it very quickly? What were you doing on your phone?”

-yes? Ah yes. I was watching a movie with Miho.


What are you watching with Miho?



“Miho is watching a movie?”

-yes. Did you like it?

“What kind of spirit is this?”

-It’s a romance movie.

-beautiful person!

Miho’s cries were heard through the receiver.

It was a cry full of complaints.

―Well, I think you want to quit quickly?

“… … I know.”

It sounded like that to my ears too.

“I was thinking of summoning Miho this way… … . Will it make a fuss if I do it now?”

-Do you think you’ll be very angry? I’m still saying something with my eyes.

“… … I see You seem to really like it.”

this is true I don’t know what to say. It’s not even funny.

You are watching a movie. I couldn’t have imagined it. All that Miho would enjoy the movie.

‘If you think about it, you have intelligence no different from humans. There’s no way I can’t watch a movie or something.’

It seems that he was a little indifferent to Miho. It is something to reflect on.

“okay. Then I’ll cut it right away Look at what you saw.”


-beautiful person!

Miho laughed lively, as if excited. would it be that good

―Then I’ll contact you again when it’s over.

“okay. i’ll wait.”

so the call ended.

I stared blankly at my phone, then lay down on the bed.

“A Gumiho who likes romance movies… … .”

I was like a person anyway. Even watching movies makes me feel more like a person.

‘Aren’t you going to change like a real person later?’

I just felt that way.

* * *

About 3 hours passed.

Even though it was evening time, Adela did not hear anything.

‘Are you watching a series?’

Since it’s a movie, I thought I’d get a call in 2-3 hours at the most.

It seems like you are watching a series rather than a short film.

Or is it a movie with a very long running time?

‘If this is the case, I’ll have to postpone summoning Miho a bit later.’

The current time is 6 PM.

Less than 30 minutes left until the appointment time.

I can’t postpone the appointment to summon Miho.

Apparently, summoning Miho will have to be done late at night or early in the morning.

Right before Adela leaves for the airport, that’s okay too.

‘Let’s leave only text.’

It looks like you’re watching a movie on your phone, so it’s kind of like calling back. I’ll understand the text.

I sent a message to Adela that I would call back later after 10:00 because I have business.

And immediately left the dormitory and headed to the meeting place.

The meeting place is a nearby Korean restaurant.

It is a high-end restaurant with separate rooms.

“Shin Ha-yul. I heard about it beforehand. I will show you to your room.”

Maybe it’s because it’s a high-end restaurant that serves a lot of VIPs.

The guide started right away without me having to say anything.

As it was, I followed the employee to the deepest part of the building.

“Excuse me.”

That’s how you get to the farthest room.

The waitress knocked on the door a couple of times and carefully opened it.

“You come early.”

As soon as the door opened, a man’s grunting voice was heard.

“James. There are still 10 minutes left until the appointment time. I don’t think I have anything to say.”

A soft male voice followed.

“joy. It’s late because it’s later than us.”

“Ugh. I guess who really isn’t a kkondae.”

Finally, a woman’s voice filled with annoyance was heard.

Listening to the voices of the three, I smiled bitterly and thanked the waiter with my eyes.

And immediately, I moved into the room where the voice was heard.

“All three. long time no see. Have you been innocent?”

As soon as I entered the room, all three eyes focused on me.

“yes. long time no see.”

Kim Kang-in, the owner of the Blue Magic Tower.

“… … Look at this bastard?”

Red Mage Tower Lord James Piller.

“oh… … .”

And Min Ga-yeon, the owner of the green magic tower.

Three people greeted me with various reactions.

“I heard that you do lung training, but… … . It sounds like you’ve achieved quite a bit. I almost didn’t know.”

The blue mage lord greeted me with eyes full of joy.

“A real monster.”

The red mage tower lord glared at me with an expression full of irritation and dissatisfaction.

“Did you grow up again?”

The green mage lord licked my whole body with a very interested expression.

“Sunchan grumbled about how it was possible that he never contacted me, but I can’t say anything if he has grown to this extent. ha ha ha!”

while I’m in France.

I pretended to be confined to my room in the name of lung training.

In the meantime, I have never contacted Sunchan.

It was natural. While in France, I couldn’t properly contact his father either. Is there any way I can contact Sunchan?

“Lord of the Magic Tower. How is Soonchan doing?”

There was no proper contact for nearly two months.

You may have been sprained.

“You will know when you meet him in person.”

Kangin Kim smiled meaningfully. It was a smile that reassured me.

“… … Are you really upset?”

Kangin Kim’s smile grew even thicker. It was a smile that made people uneasy.

… … I think it would be better to go see Sunchan right away, even tomorrow.

“Well, that’s it… … .”

The atmosphere of the blue mage tower changed completely. The soft atmosphere disappears anywhere, showing off a cold-hearted entrepreneurial atmosphere.

“What is this seat?”

Apply pressure with your eyes while looking at the red Mage Lord and the green Mage Tower Lord in turn.

“I was able to say that James and Ga-yeon secretly returned to Korea. He said he had a secret conversation with me. however… … .”

And finally, he turned his gaze towards me.

“Why is Hayul-kun involved in that secret talk… … . What are you hiding from me?”

Seeing the blue master of the tower, the green master of the tower let out a small sigh.

“Don’t fret. I’m thinking of telling you everything even if you don’t put so much pressure on me. This is the place we gathered to do that in the first place.”

The green mage lord took out a special communication terminal and started manipulating it here and there.

“You will know when you see it.”

The communication terminal that has been operated is installed in the center of the table.

I urge the blue mage lord to look at the center with a chin gesture.

The blue mage lord looked towards the center of the table with his eyes narrowed.

And at the same time as a woman appeared from the other side of the terminal.

―Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.

Kim Kang-in’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

“Sophia… … Anechefrey?”

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