Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 280

Chapter 280

“no. It’s not the real Therun Citrea. He just calls himself that way.”

“… … ah. It’s the same person.”

It’s a surprise.


haha Actually, it’s nonsense.

Terun Citrea passed away 63 years ago, at the age of 106.

Even if Terun Citrea is still alive, that means he would be 170 years old.

No matter how great a person is, he can’t live to be 170 years old.

can’t stay alive

“To call yourself Terun Citrea. It’s already quite a freak.”

“hmm. It’s a bit odd, but it’s not that geeky. It’s not like I’m eccentric or anything like that at all. Of course, I’ve only met him once, so I can’t say for sure… … .”

“Are you saying that there was nothing that caught your eye, Captain?”


“… … That means he’s a really nice person.”

Captain Charles’s keen eye is considerable. The fact that the captain looked good meant that he was a really good person.

“Aren’t you overconfident in my eyes? I am sometimes wrong.”

“He must be wrong because he is a human being. Still, you have a good eye for it.”

“Hmm. Well, it is.”

“I’m rather curious about what’s enough to fool the captain’s eyes.”

“uh… … . What was it?”

Captain Charles looked up and was lost in thought for a moment.

It’s an expression that doesn’t come to mind.

“thinking about it… … Aren’t you?”

“… … yes?”


“ok. Usually that bastard is a bastard! If you wanted to, you were all bad guys. He’s a good guy! If you wanted to, you were all good guys.”

“Doesn’t that mean it’s not just about having good eyesight?”

“right. To be honest, it’s more a matter of intuition rather than sharp eyes.”

Captain Charles shrugged.

“ah. Then maybe you acknowledged Shadow sooner than I thought… … .”

“ok. that’s right. He didn’t feel as bad as I thought.”

“… … Oh.”

You really have a great feeling.

what did he say about that

Should I say it’s an animal sense?

“What should I say? It looks like a dog.”

“… … What is this bastard?”

ah. The words came out strangely.

“No no. not an insult Literally a dog. I said it was like a dog.”

“What is different?”

“So, you say dogs can tell the difference between good people and bad people? I thought it wasn’t like that. In a word, he is the owner of animal senses.”

“Anyway, it’s a bit unpleasant to be like a dog, right?”

“I meant it as a compliment. Even wolves are canines, right? It’s like a wolf with extremely sensitive senses. It was like this.”

“A wolf with developed senses. a wolf Hmm. Hearing that makes me feel good again… … .”

Captain Charles tilted his head slightly with a mysterious expression.

Should I be offended by this or should I like it? It’s a sad expression.

“So you’re saying you can meet that Terun Citrea?”

Taking advantage of that gap, I quickly tried to change the topic.

“ok? Ah oh. I owe you something, and I will give it to you if you ask for some time.”

“It’s good. What is your major?”

“Of course it’s AI sorcery. Maybe AI will be in the top five in the world?”

“Five fingers… … I mean, you’re a really great person. Why is such a person independent?”

Even if you have a different personality, if you have good skills, you will be taken anywhere.

Not to mention people with good skills and good personality.

Terun Citrea has no reason to be an independent researcher.

Is there something fatally flawed?

“It’s because of the name.”

“ah… … . Terun Citrea. That’s the problem.”

“right. Terun Citrea is the mother of AI sorcery and a researcher called a legend. Who would trust and hire a researcher who calls himself a great person?”

“It sure is a bit like that.”


It seems that the country won’t even hire them.

“Well, they said there was some other work at the research foundation.”

“A job?”

“uh. Well, I had a big fight with a high-ranking person in the Foundation.”

“You didn’t mean to punch and fight, right?”

“Of course not. Well, they said they had a fight related to the thesis. I don’t know the details. Both sides claimed the other had insulted them. Only you know the details.”

Captain Charles straightened his hands and stretched.

“Anyway, I guess I was blacklisted after that incident. So it became impossible to belong somewhere.”

“So you are independent.”


Being branded by the top of the industry, there was no way I could belong anywhere.

“If you listen to what I have said so far, you are the right person for what I want.”

“So you said. I found a person who perfectly meets the conditions you said.”


Outstanding talent and flawless personality. In addition to that, as long as the association and Chuck lost, the probability of sticking with other places is very low.

Literally, this is the character I was hoping for.

‘The only thing that takes is the paranoia of calling yourself ‘Terun Citrea’… … .’

To be honest, it’s not even that bad.

It doesn’t matter if you have paranoia as long as your skills are clear.

“I have nothing more to ask. May I ask for an arrangement?”

“okay. Then I’ll make an appointment right away.”

“yes. Please contact me as soon as it is decided.”


Captain Charles made a circle with his index finger and thumb and sent an OK sign.

* * *

After that, we arrived at the main house after about 20 minutes of driving.


As if his body was getting tired from the long trip, Captain Charles stretched out.

Next, stretch your neck by bending it from side to side.

It’s an expression that I’m going to live for a while now.

“Is escort enough now? Then should I go first?”

“Ah yes. Thank you for your effort.”

“What is hard work? He just sat there.”

“That’s the biggest effort for the captain.”

Captain Charles glared at me.

“No matter how much you think about it, it seems like you’re treating me like some kind of shit-sucking dog.”

“Am I? It can’t be. You misunderstood.”

I laughed and trembled.

“I’ll take this opportunity to state it clearly, but I’m not particularly bad at waiting. I just kind of hate it.”

They usually say they can’t do that.

I swallowed the words in my heart.

“yes. I know. That’s why he said he did the greatest work. What a toil it is to do a job you hate.”

“It is, but… … .”

Captain Charles looked at me with an embarrassed expression.

“Just thinking about cancer makes me feel ignored… … .”

“You are really misunderstood.”

“Is it a misunderstanding?”

“sure. If I respected Captain Charles, I respected him, so why are you ignoring him?”



Captain Charles untied his furrowed brow and smiled a little.

“okay. Then it’s done.”

Then, this time, I turned my shoulders around and started doing shoulder stretches.

“Anyway, I really go. I’ll call you back later.”

The captain started running in place.

“yes. I look forward to contacting you.”

Then, with a small wave of his hand, he ran away like the wind.

In an instant, Captain Charles’ back changed to the size of a pea.

As I was looking at it, I suddenly thought of this.

‘It’s like a puppy happy to go out for a walk after a while… … .’

* * *

After that.

I went to my room and changed my clothes lightly.

I went straight to my father’s study.

Standing in front of the study, knocked three times.

“Come in.”

I opened the door and entered the study.

My father, as usual, was sitting at a desk lined with piles of paperwork.

“I just got back. Have you been innocent?”


My father gave a short answer, focusing his eyes on the paperwork.

It was a numb reaction and expression that I didn’t come back, and there wasn’t much inspiration.

“I heard about it. You solved a pretty big deal.”

“yes. Somehow it happened.”

Still concentrating on the paperwork, he said the next thing after about 10 seconds.

“I also heard that he had a fairly good relationship with Saint Binoche, derived from that incident.”

“yes. I was lucky.”

face or voice.

It was the grave itself.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem like he thinks of me particularly.’

Like Uncle Seok-hyeon and Captain Charles said, I couldn’t find anything special about me or being particularly soft on me.

Isn’t this supposed to be more strict with me than soft?

“What were you looking for?”

“I found it. Here it is.”

I took out Ignis’ medium from Aes and showed it to my father.

My father’s eyes fell off the papers for the first time.


As if admiring the mana of a different level from Ignis, his eyes shone.

“Is that a new textbook for reaching the 7th circle mentioned before?”

“no. That’s not it.”

Before I went to France this time, I told my father that I was going to find a new ‘textbook’.

I said that because I thought that would be the best way to convince my father… … .

Now that I think about it, I wonder if there was a need to lie like that.

I wish I could have just told the truth.

“This jewel… … .”

I slowly began to explain Ignis.

From why I needed it to what power it holds.

He even explained everything about mythology and magic.

“Myth magic. The primordial flame Ignisra. That’s a pretty big name.”

My father stroked his chin in interest.

“I want to see with my own eyes how powerful mythic magic is.”

My father removed his hand from the paper and stood up slowly.

And then slowly came to me.

“Follow me.”

“yes? where… … .”

where do you want to go

“The battleground.”

My father put on his overcoat and slowly walked out of the study.

* * *

A private training center located near the mansion. In the arena that exists inside, I was facing my father.

‘… … I didn’t expect this again.’

They are brought to the training ground, put on protective clothing, and told to do their best.

I know roughly what you want, but I want to know if this is right.

“Show me the power of the mythical magic called Ignis.”

Father’s eyes shone fiercely.

Mana came alive.

As if it were trying to chew me up and swallow me right now, it radiates vicious momentum.

“If mythic magic is only a grandiose name, and if it is just a level of magic that does not meet my expectations… … .”

You will have to be prepared.

My father’s eyes said so.

“… … .”

I let out a small sigh while receiving that kind of father’s gaze.

I didn’t know that I would have a sparring like this as soon as I returned home.

After all, life is all about going according to plan.

“All right.”

I let out one last long breath and sharpened my nerves.

full combat stance.

Only the single thought of excluding the enemy in front of me filled my head.

“I will do my best so that you will not be disappointed.”

The corner of his father’s mouth lifted slightly.

You seem to like the atmosphere I am giving off.

“But before that, I dare to say something.”

I took out the mediums of Caylum and Ignis from Aes and held them in my hands.


“Please don’t try to stop it.”

“… … Whoa.”

Father’s eyes narrowed.

While he was interested in my words, he seemed to have hurt his pride a little.

“That is a very arrogant statement. Is it something like me that can’t be stopped?”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this to disrespect my father.”

My mana rode the Infinity Circle and the Mana Core to a great circle, then flowed into Caylum through my right hand.

Caylum, a huge staff made of wood in mythology.

Above it, the pattern of Moebius came to mind.

“It is difficult even for Sophia-sama to stop Ignis at first sight.”

Ignis burns mana and magic.

Ignis couldn’t be stopped by any amount of magic.

“So please avoid it.”


The sound of Caylum crashing into the ground echoed clearly.

At the same time, the Möbius pattern began to expand rapidly.

Beneath the sentence of infinity, I slowly recited Ignis’s starting language.

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