Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 277

Chapter 277

the next time you open your eyes.

I was collapsed in the middle of the hotel room.

Mimir’s book lying next to me as I collapsed caught my eye.

Faded Book of Mimir.

You can tell without even looking at it.

The Book of Mimir has completely lost its power.

It lost its power and became an ordinary book.

I gripped Mimir’s book with trembling hands.

And I slowly unfolded it.

I know it’s not, but I just wanted to. Because a miracle might have happened.

“… … .”

But anyway.

There were no miracles.

Even though he opened the Book of Mimir, there was no response from the Book of Mimir.

“… … Mimir.”

really gone

I felt that way.

Sadness weighed on my head.

A head that lowers itself.

Was parting with your partner so heartbreaking?

My heart feels like it’s about to break.


At that time, a white hairball jumped into my chest.

A warm bundle of hair.

A fox with six attractive tails.

It was Miho.

beautiful person-

Miho cried bitterly.

Does Miho regret the breakup with Mimir?

Or, is it heartbreaking for me to be sad?

no, maybe both?

“… … Miho.”

I hugged Miho tightly and buried my face. Miho’s warmth seemed to reassure me a little.

Despite the strong hug, Miho didn’t show a hint of dislike.

As usual, he just licked my cheek while acting cute.

Miho’s kindness came as a great comfort.

beautiful person-

Miho cried again.

Is it because my condition has gotten a little better?

This time it wasn’t a mournful cry like before, but a cry of strength.

It was a cry that seemed to push me.

“… … okay. This is not the time to be like this.”

I took my face away from Miho and hugged him before standing up.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been hugged like Mimir’s book, but I twist my body here and there as if my posture is uncomfortable.

Then, as if he somehow found a comfortable position, he leaned against my chest with his forepaws placed on top of Mimir’s stand.

I stroked Miho and looked around.

There were all sorts of books all around.

Among them, piles of comic books stood out.

The comic book I brought Mimir to read before.

Roughly speaking, there are over 200 books.

In addition to that, there are also full of major books and dissertations.

These are all books I bought.

“… … It happened like this too.”

As Mimir’s Book disappears, foreign substances inside are thrown out.

That’s why these books are scattered around hotel rooms.

I sorted through the books and looked through them.

The comic book is very tattered.

How many times have you seen it?

At this rate, I think I’ve re-watched it at least ten times.

“If I had known it would be like this, I would have brought a little more.”

I like it like this.

What’s so hard about getting that comic book?

About a thousand, no. I could have bought an entire library and brought it to you.

regret it

What’s more regrettable is that it’s not just comic books that have lost everything.

From major books to dissertations.

All the books I had brought me were worn out and in a state that was no different from an old book.

Among them, one particularly old major book caught my eye.

The title of the book is [The Development of AI and the Future of Humanity].

I slowly opened the book.

The first thing that caught my eye was the handwritten memos written by Mimir in the introduction section of the subheading.

[The data from 3-4 to 3-6 seem to have some errors! Be careful when checking again!]

[The hypotheses from 8-1 show considerable similarities with Paper C. Later, it would be nice to cross-analyze the two data!]

└[It’s gone! Garbage research that only theories are plausible! dispose! Who made this nonsense into a thesis.]

Establishing hypotheses for oneself, denying hypotheses for oneself, examining the denied hypotheses again, and matching the hypotheses that have been considered with others.

This book was full of Mimir’s efforts.

Notes written without margins.

I read the memos one by one and turned the pages.

[Big deal! Running out of time! It is said that the spirit of Abamama entered the body of the heir today! Looking at the status, it seems that the day to enter the page of the sixth test is not far away!]

★★★ [Need to hurry a little more!]

next page.

[thank god! Some results came out!]

[It’s not perfect yet, but if you use the results of this research, you will definitely be able to forge the shadow of Umbra with mythic magic!]

[As expected, the answer was in AI!]

[Academics of this era were wrong in their approach to AI.]

[Real idiots. Me too. I couldn’t think of such a simple thing until now.]

Mimir’s excitement seemed to be transmitted through the notepad.

[All that remains now is fine-tuning… … ]

next page.

Immediately after the note written at the very beginning, there was a red bloodstain.

It was like a spilled nosebleed.

[It’s a surprise. Even in this state, I still have nosebleeds. that’s interesting. Is the body functioning normally? How far will Obama’s ability go?]

[No, what kind of structure does this magic consist of in the first place? I heard that it is a magic that duplicates the soul and places it here. So, is my soul fake?]

[FALSE… … . I kind of hate that… … .]

It was really insignificant to think about it even while bleeding from my nose.


My heart ached a little.

[Today, the page of the sixth test has been opened. Apparently, the heir has passed the final barrier.]

[Originally, I should have told you to go directly to the page of the sixth test, but let’s be quiet.]

[Until my research is complete. 3 days. No, 4 days… … A week if possible.]

[Almost finished, but… … . However, verification is required. okay. just one week Let’s say a week late.]

[This much… … Are you okay?]

one week.

I felt like I was going to cry at the emotions contained in that sentence.

[Complete. huh. Because it is also a country. To do something like this that even Obama couldn’t do.]

[thank god. I was able to leave a gift like this for the last time.]

[huh. I’m really glad.]

[really… … ]

The page with the last two sentences was crumpled.

as if soaked in water.

like shed tears.

[Then, finally, organize all the research results and write them down in an easy-to-understand way even for the heir, and that’s it. With this, all my work is done.]

[I can safely disappear now.]

That was Mimir’s last note.

I closed the book and closed my eyes.

It was heartbreaking.

My heart ached as I remembered the image of Mimir who had been shouting that I did not want to be separated earlier.

How did this idiot feel when he left such a memo?

What were your thoughts and how did you conduct your research?

While shedding tears, while spilling nosebleeds.

What the hell did I even do?

My hands trembled.

My head was blank.

My heart hurts so much.

I couldn’t think of anything else.

All I could do was look at the books Mimir left behind.

Then, all of a sudden, I found a new, crisp notebook alone among the old books.

[To Dear Heir.]

The note had that name.

I slowly took out the note and unfolded it.

[hi. I wrote a letter as promised.]

“ah… … .”

A crooked style that is different from the usual neat style.

It wasn’t the runes of the Bytenor Empire that Mimir usually used.

A letter written in Korean.

[korean. I thought I would try to study. I don’t know if the meaning will be conveyed properly.]

[I don’t know why you’re suddenly writing a letter in Korean. just. somehow unknowingly For the last time, I wanted to say hello in the heir’s native language.]

[Even if it’s a little strange, I hope you look at it cutely.]

The letters are crooked, but the grammar is perfect.

because that’s so weird

Oddly like Mimir.

I felt strange.

[first. What should I say There are so many things I want to say. I don’t know what to say.]

[If you continue to line them up, it seems that there will be more than enough to fill this notebook.]

[so… … just. I’m going to say a few short words with sincerity.]

[I could list a lot of touching sentences, but wouldn’t the successor cry then?]

[how is it. Am I overflowing with consideration until the end?]

[Did you fall in love again?]

Beneath this sentence, the lower page was blank.

I turned the pages slowly.

[thank you. Sorry. I was happy.]

On the next page, four sentences were written in big letters.


and below it.

There is a ps. like a small comment.

[ps. Regarding the research information, it is well organized next to it, so check it carefully.]

[It will definitely be of great help to the heir.]

[ps2. And take care of Adela Stewart. It will be a great help.]

[ps3. Oh. Inspector too! As long as they learn the sword properly, they will be stronger than most wizards.]

[ps4. Oh, and again… … .]

Also on the next page.

The next page too.

The letter was continuously commented with ps.

Until page 4, page 5, page 10 or more.

Just nagging together.

“I heard you only say a few short words, but you’re saying everything you want to say… … .”

A whopping 5 pages of notes.

After reading all the comments, I slowly closed the note.

“really… … until the end… … .”

It’s Mimir.

The point where there is too much nagging.

There are so many nags, and I want to complain.

Everything from one to ten was insignificant.

“Where are you going to just nag and run away?”

I put the note containing Mimir’s last letter on the side of the bed, and took out another note next to it.

“If you’re going, listen to all my complaints and go.”

It was a notebook where Mimir’s research results were recorded.

“Despicably. is not it? Are you Miho?”

Miho cried out loud as if he agreed.

“Let’s see. I will make you want to resent your past self who left after crying and saying all kinds of embarrassing things.”

Mimir struggles, saying that he is a dark history.

It will be quite a sight to see.

[AI is a magic support tool that acts on the brain. That’s why Heirs can’t use AI. Because the heir’s brain has the property of blocking all external interference.]

Mimir has done research on AI and grafting modern magic technology into the technology of the past.

This is the same as my idea of ​​turning the past impossible into possible using future knowledge.

If my guess is correct, here’s a hint.

[However, this is an incorrect statement.]

[Heirs can also transplant AI.]

[It’s not the heir’s brain that’s wrong, AI.]

[It’s just that the AI’s structure itself couldn’t match the brain structure of the successor.]

Research results that defy my common sense.

It was something that could be called a gift.

[If I make AI according to my calculations, the heir can fully benefit from AI.]

[You can benefit from AI’s surrogate operation.]

[You can overcome the only shortcoming of mythic magic that the chant is long.]

Accelerated chanting of mythic magic through AI proxy computation.

It’s Ignis’ shadowless spear.

Just imagining it gives me goosebumps.

[I think this is a new homework to be solved in the Bytenor style, and a new future.]

Isn’t this the research result that best suits the bi-tenor style that symbolizes evolution and the future?

That thought came to me.

[Then, how to create an AI suitable for the next most important successor.]

[Honestly, it’s hard to see that this is finished yet. All of this is just an indeterminate hypothesis based on a theoretical approach. As for the details, the successor will coordinate them through experiments.]

[Can you arrange that?]

I turned the pages as if possessed by something.

[An AI suitable for successors means an AI that does not directly act on the brain, but puts another core in the AI ​​itself.]

“… … Another core?”

[Shall we say dual core? Separately from the heir’s brain, another brain was formed in the AI. It’s a form of delegating computation to that AI.]

[That way, there will be no conflict between the brain of the heir and the AI.]

dual core.

Having said that, it really touches me.

[However, in order to do this, the AI’s performance needs to evolve by leaps and bounds. It is not an AI like a calculator that simply calculates the value entered as it is now. We need a fully autonomous AI that is as good as another brain.]

“Fully autonomous AI… … ?”

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck my head.


On the page of the sixth test, the knowledge that Master has instilled in me flashes through my mind like a panorama.

“Myth magic. The embodiment of the soul using persona. That is the secret of the birth of the Book of Mimir and the Book of Idred… … .”

And mythic magic, persona, is magic that condenses the personality itself into a single core.

in other words.

“If you put the results of Mimir’s research into the knowledge of the Persona structure that was passed down from Master… … .”

Possibilities began to appear.

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