Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 271

Chapter 271

Dark wizards filled the surroundings.

There are only thirteen numbers that can be checked with the naked eye.

Those hiding nearby, waiting for an opportunity, opened an additional column.

Twenty-one guys keeping a distance and being wary of other places.

As many as 44 assailants were immediately identified.

There’s a high probability that there are people out of my detection range, so I’d guess there are 5-60 of them.

“Answer me. It’s the first time I see your face… … . you guys What is your relationship with the forest witch?”

The warlock who asked me a question earlier asked me again.

As you can see, that man is the leader.

The amount of mana he possesses is unparalleled.

Minimum 8 circles.

Just looking at the amount of mana he had, it was more than Tkishna Parade.

‘Why is a guy like that on the page of the test?’

Surely Master didn’t put the warlock on the page of the test.

Is something wrong too?

“If you don’t answer, I will deal with it.”

The leader-type warlock raised his staff at me.

Mana that expands even more.

The already huge amount of mana has become even more massive.

‘… … 9th circle?’

A level of mana that was incomparable to Tkishna Parade.

It is certainly.

The man in front of me right now is a 9th circle black magician.


Indeed, the 9th circle black magician.

Although it is a magic that seems to have been spread lightly, the power it holds is unusual.

If Ignis had been prepared, I would have been able to block it somehow. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use Ignis right now.

Insufficient casting time.

There is no way to stop that magic for me right now.


“The welcome is high.”

I don’t have to stop that magic.


Aslan, who came out of the rift following me belatedly.

He glanced around with demonic eyes.

Then, he moved his hand from left to right as it was, drawing a large horizontal straight line.

“It’s annoying. Pests.”

At that moment, the space was cut.

Even when Sein Binoche-sama swung the sword before, I had the illusion that space had been cut.

It was literally just an illusion.

She just compared her excellent swordsmanship to cutting space.

However, Aslan’s magic is different.

Literally cut through space.

Just with that single gesture, the top and bottom of the space were divided into two.

As a result.

Half of the assailants filling the surroundings lost their lives.

20 warlocks are rolling on the ground with their necks and bodies separated, pouring blood.

‘… … oh my god.’

At first glance, it was said that he could kill half of the warlocks who seemed to have at least 7 circles in one blow.

Is it really an out-of-the-way place?

I was in awe of the strength of Aslan Polo Hamruin.

“Tsk. Half survived.”

If he slaughtered half of the Warlocks of Circle 7 or higher at once, he would be satisfied.

Asran looked completely dissatisfied.

It seemed quite dissatisfied with not being able to annihilate them all at once.

“Are you tired of peace? Tsk. It seems to have rusted a lot.”

He clenched and opened his hand and clicked his tongue a little.

It wasn’t sarcastic, it was sincere.

Aslan sincerely thinks that his skills have rusted.

“… … Aslan Polo Hamruin.”

The leader-type warlock frowned and glared at Aslan.

“You guys. how so quickly… … . Could it be that the operation leaked?”

“Operations. It’s an operation… … .”

Athlan let out a small exclamation as if he had remembered something.

“Right. you guys Where did you want to see it? Geara is Costaritu?”

“… … .”

The man’s gaze grew sharper. The expression of a person who has been stabbed to the point.

Apparently, that man’s name was Gearan.

“… … It seems certain that information has been leaked.”

Gearan Costaritu.

Apparently, the man’s name and existence were top secret among top secrets.

Otherwise, there was no way I could have been so sure just knowing the name.

“no. There was no leak of information.”

Aslan frowned as if he was very displeased.

“Your operation was a success. We didn’t catch your trends at all. It took a lot of damage from the huge force called Elena Law Greenwood to break away from the front line.”

“What nonsense… … .”

“It’s nonsense. I’d rather it be bullshit. If so… … .”

Aslan’s eyes were filled with dark clouds.

It was the expression and gaze of someone who sincerely regrets something.

“It is a strange feeling. Should I be thankful that I can stop your tricks, even if it’s a fake? Or should I be saddened by the fact that nothing will change in the end.”

Aslan held out his hand.

Point your index finger at Gearan, and concentrate mana on your index finger.

“Even if the strategy went awry, it doesn’t matter. Aslan Polo Hamruin. No matter how much you are, you can’t beat me. There are only two people in this world who can stop me. He and Ray Bell Bytenor. Only that heinous hypocrite.”

“I admit it.”

Aslan gave a hint with an expressionless expression.

“Certainly, the only person in the empire who could stop you at that time was the lord.”

“… … at that time? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Your power was that strong. I was thrilled by the patience of Bale Stoll, who had been hiding a guy like you until the end.”

“Can’t you hear me? What the hell are you talking about, I ask… … .”

The mana that had been concentrated in Aslan’s index finger contracted and compressed at once.

As if feeling the overwhelming momentum emanating from that mana, Gearan was at a loss for words.

“But not now. Now, even if dozens of people like you come to me, I won’t lose.”

“That magic… … what?”

A lump of mana that has been extremely compressed and has become so small that it cannot be seen properly.

Pointing at it, Gearan shouted.

“It is natural not to know.”

Silence fell.

It was as if time had stopped.

“Because this magic was successfully developed after 7 years from now.”

“… … what?”

“… … Seven years?”

This time I was also surprised.

What do you mean 7 years ago?

“I want to torture and kill him slowly, but unfortunately the circumstances don’t allow that.”

Aslan held the concentrated mana in his hand.

No matter how tightly I clenched my fists, the muscles in my right hand swelled.

“I will grant you one last mercy for giving me a hint about this situation. I will kill you comfortably, without pain.”

end with that.

“Twisted world.”

The world twisted.

distorted vision.

It felt like entering a space filled with broken glass everywhere.


And by the time the broken mirror-like world comes to an end.

Me and Aslan in the forest. And there was only a nine-tailed fox left.

“how… … What is this magic?”

Aslan did not respond to my words.

“… … You scolded me.”

I don’t know why, but I just stroked my chin with a troubled expression.

Was there something wrong with the magic just now?

Could it be that the excessive use of magic caused aftereffects?

Considering the level of magic, it was reasonable.

That’s when I came to my own conclusion.

“That walnut tree. It must have been Elena’s favorite tree… … .”

Aslan said something out of the blue.

“… … A walnut tree?”


At the place Aslan pointed, there was a walnut tree with only the stump remaining.

“It got very difficult. If Elena finds out about this, she won’t leave me alone… … .”

“… … .”

Was it because of that?

“It’s a magic I haven’t used in a while, so I won’t listen to it even if the controls are a bit off… … .”

It was when Aslan-nim was seriously talking to herself.


A longing voice came from behind.

“I wanted to come back after a long time, but they even made a garden as a housewarming gift. Be kind too.”

Even though it’s a voice I know, it’s a bloody voice that makes me feel like I’m hearing it for the first time.

“… … Elena.”

“yes. If it’s an excuse, I’ll give it a listen.”

Elena Law Greenwood.

Forest Wizard.

She was smiling fiercely and glaring at Aslan.

“Of course I’ll just listen.”

Aslan’s expression was distorted.

“I hate that side of you.”

“oh. is that so? I am surprised.”

Elena-sama’s expression became even more bloody.

“When I was still in the royal capital. He only did what was right whenever he had a chance, so I thought he was enjoying it.”

Elena-sama walked towards Aslan-sama with a smile on her face.

“ruler. Asran. It’s time to scold after a long time.”

“… … .”

A drop of sweat ran down Aslan’s cheek.

* * *

After that, Miss Elena’s anger subsided after 20 minutes.

“Tell me the truth. Did you do it on purpose? Even if you touch it, you touch the tree I cherish the most.”

“… … Simply put, it was a mistake. After the war, he hadn’t used magic properly for half a year, so he completely lost his senses.”



“If it’s a lie, you really won’t forgive me?”

“Can it be a lie? The suicidal act of flipping Elena Law Greenwood’s seizure switch because I’m crazy… … .”

“What is As?”

Elena-sama smiled even brighter. Aslan-nim kept her mouth shut.

“You always have a lot to say.”

“… … .”

Aslan-nim looked away.

It seemed that he had finally realized that the best thing to do in the current situation was to keep his mouth shut.

“Wouldn’t it have been better if it had been like that from the beginning?”

Miss Elena looked at Aslan with the look of a child caught in a prank, and let out a small sigh.

Then he turned his gaze to me.

“Hmm. greatness. Long time no see… … Should I say that?”

The murderous expression from a while ago disappeared like a lie, and it became the expression of a girl suffering from shame.

“yes. long time no see.”

“As expected. From my point of view, we met again in 10 minutes.”

Miss Elena fanned it with her hand.

“Ugh. It’s hot. Maybe it’s summer… … .”

Miss Elena had a tearful farewell with me 10 minutes ago.

After such a farewell, seeing me again right away, my face deserves to be red.

“hmm. I get it roughly. We broke up emotionally for no reason. Seeing you again so soon, I don’t know what to say. That kind of feeling… … .”

“Asran. Jack in the mouth.”

Elena-sama pretended to put Zach on her mouth.

Aslan-nim kept her mouth shut.

It almost seemed like there was a relationship between the two.

“Be quiet until I tell you to speak. Otherwise… … .”

Miss Elena smiled as she pointed to a walnut tree with only the stump remaining.

“You know?”

“… … .”

Aslan-nim nodded.


Miss Elena smiled brightly again and turned her gaze to me.

“so… … what happened? I haven’t heard anything like this from Ray.”

“I-I’m sorry, but I don’t know. As far as I know, what I said earlier is over.”

I’ve already told you everything I know. There is no information beyond this.

“Ugh. is that so.”

Miss Elena touched her chin with a serious expression.

“… … It’s embarrassing. I need to know the situation so I can come up with a plan to deal with it.”

After those words, silence passed.

It was silence that inevitably came as Elena, the subject of the conversation, was lost in her thoughts.

“Yes, Miss Elena. Aslan-nim seems to have finished grasping the situation to some extent.”

“… … Are you Asran?”

“yes. If you think about what you said while fighting Geara, you came to some conclusion… … .”

“What is Gea? Did you just say Gearan?”

“yes? ah. yes. Gearan Costaritu. Didn’t you tell me?”

“yes. He only heard that it happened while fighting warlocks.”

Elena-sama’s expression became even more serious.

Geara. Geara. I mumbled so and closed my eyes.

“Why is this guy who should have died… … . Asran. How are things going now?”

“… … .”

“Don’t hesitate and answer quickly. I heard you noticed something?”

“… … .”

“What is As?”

Asran-nim kept silent.

“Asran? Are you protesting because you feel bad right now? When you say nice things… … .”

It was time for Elena-sama, frustrated by Aslan’s silence, to get angry.

Suddenly, the conversation I had earlier came to mind.

“Yes, Miss Elena. Shouldn’t I have to cancel what I said to Aslan earlier… … .”

“What I said earlier… … . ah.”

It seems that Elena-sama also remembered it.

“Asran. You may speak now.”

“I’m going to live for a while.”

Asran-nim was keeping the word that Elena-nim had told her to keep her mouth closed.

“really… … . Only in times like these do you really listen.”

“I don’t understand. What do you say even if you listen, and what do you say even if you don’t listen? Which rhythm should I tune in to?”

“Wouldn’t it be a problem that could be solved on its own if you had some flexibility?”

“Until now, I have acted with flexibility in others.”

“That’s where you look at the flexibility… … . no. Let’s talk about this here. It seems there will be no end to this.”

Miss Elena put her forehead on her head and shook her head.

“Okay, let me explain. Why was Gearan here? And how things are going now.”


Aslan-nim crossed her arms and began to speak slowly.

“This place. The time frame from which the pages of the sixth test were based was seven years ago, not the end of the war.”

“… … 7 years ago.”


Aslan’s eyes shone with an expression of interest.

“It seems that this situation came about because the pages of the third and fifth exams where we were located were merged with the page of the sixth test, which embodies the world as of seven years ago.”

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