Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 265

Chapter 265

Charles headed to England to meet Sophia after a while.

As long as I am in charge of Shin Ha-yul’s escort mission, I shouldn’t have been away like this.

In France, there are all kinds of strong people including Kim Seok-hyun.

The probability of something going wrong with Shin Ha-yul’s safety is very rare.

“I understand the situation. But I’m still worried. The Black Mage Tower is so out of common sense… … .”

After listening to Charles explain the situation, Sophia still put on a worried expression.

It’s like looking at a child who was put out on the water’s edge.

“no way. You don’t have to worry. No matter what they do, Ha-yul won’t even touch your fingertips.”

Charles waved his hand with an expression telling him not to worry about that.

“Sain Binoche. That nobleman really likes Ha Yul. As long as you’re in Paris, you can’t get into trouble.”

“Sain with that child?”

Sophia’s eyes brightened as if she was very surprised.

As the position is the position, I have met Sein Binoche several times.

A cold-blooded absolute who doesn’t give affection at all.

That is the personality of Cein Binoche that Sofia has grasped.

To think that Sein likes Shin Ha-yul very much.

What the hell happened in the last 40 days?

“I’ll talk about that later. This is a pretty interesting story, but it’s not very important.”

Charles smiled as he recalled the story of Shin Ha-yul, Luan Palatia, and Bino Sugar.

He remembered the seriousness of what he had to say and hardened his expression.

“For now, here. This is information about the Black Mage Tower that Shadow gave you.”

Charles handed Sophia a stack of documents and two USB sticks.

For reference, the contents written on the pile of documents are printed as they are from the USB.

It was prepared in advance in line with Sofia’s analog sensibilities, who prefer to receive paper reports.

“As you can see, it’s worth it. Honestly, it’s far more extensive and superior than the information that Madam and I have been gathering for decades. Well, if it was natural, it would be natural.”

Insider of the Black Mage Tower.

As it was information provided by an executive, the density and quantity of the information was indescribable.

“Even the information about the base is so detailed… … .”

Sophia listened to Charles and quickly read through the materials handed to her.

Indeed, it was full of excellent information enough for Charles to say such a thing.

“I see no reason for us to be crouching now.”

Information on the spies of the Black Mage Tower hidden in each country.

Information on the abilities of each officer belonging to the Black Magic Tower.

Information on each base of the Black Mage Tower and how to get there.

It is a sin to stay still with this information.

Now it’s this side’s turn to go on the offensive.

“I’m asking you in case you don’t know, but it doesn’t matter if we wipe out the spies now, right?”

“uh. doesn’t care. The deal with Shadow is all over.”

The reason why I couldn’t wipe out the spy until now was to protect Shadow’s safety.

To be precise, it should be said that it was to protect Shadow’s identity, and to protect additional information to be obtained in the future.

As long as this deal is over, there is no need to be considerate of Shadow now.

“… … okay.”

Sophia quickly went through the papers and organized her thoughts.

Certainly now, as Charles said, is the time to go on the offensive.

It’s time to go on the offensive… … .

“What are you so worried about? Eliminate the spies all at once, and their ears and eyes will be closed. If you aim for that time, you will be the king of black magic no matter what. Even that guy won’t be able to respond properly.”

“… … .”

In terms of common sense, Charles is right.

Cut off the opponent’s source of information and form a large-scale subjugation party aiming for that time.

Aim for when the opponent’s eyes and ears are closed and apply all-out force.

This fatal blow is not something that can be stopped at all.

Now is the golden opportunity.

But for some reason, a feeling of insecurity creeps up in the back of my head.

‘The Dark Mage King… … If so… … .’

10th circle mage.

Black Mage King.

A monster beyond common sense.

If so, would he be able to block it somehow?

Such anxious thoughts filled Sophia’s head.

“Madam. Wake. It’s good to be wary of the Dark Mage King. What if I am afraid?”

“that… … .”

I am afraid of the Dark Mage King.

I wanted to deny that, but I couldn’t.

Clearly, Sophia is afraid of the Dark Mage King.

The fact that they didn’t even become a proper opponent after they met in the United States before was embodied as a thorn in the name of fear, and it is embedded deep in their hearts.

“Madam thinks like that. I can understand. Because his power was that strong.”

Charles opened his eyes sharply as it was.

“But Madam said that. He said he couldn’t fully control his powers yet. In fact, Shadow’s report also says that.”

Information analyzed by Sofia and information provided by Shadow.

Both of them were saying that the Dark Mage King was still not in perfect condition.

“Giving time to a guy like that isn’t the real worst?”

It was an undeniable theory.

If you’re going to see a match for sure, it’s better to see it a little sooner.

If you give it time for nothing, and the Dark Mage King succeeds in capturing all his power, then it will be incomparably more difficult than it is now.

“and… … . You don’t have time.”

Charles strongly bit his lip and stared at Sofia’s body.

The curse became much thicker than two months ago. In the previous battle with the Dark Mage King, the growth rate of the curse increased rapidly.

At this rate, within the next half year, Sophia Anechevri will be in charge of death.

Before that, I had to somehow defeat the Dark Mage King.

“Honestly, my life. It doesn’t matter anyway… … .”

Sophia smiled bitterly as if she had read Charles’ mind.

“… … do not say that.”

Charles glared at Sophia with sharp eyes.

Where do you say that again? It was the expression that said that.

Sophia smiled warmly.

It felt good, as it seemed that Charles’ consideration and love were transmitted.

If I had a daughter, would it feel like this?

“Anyway, I guess I’ll have to fight before I’m completely bedridden. My departure is a huge loss in terms of power.”

“huh. It’s best to end it unconditionally quickly.”

No matter how you think about it, time is not on our side.

We need to see the match as soon as possible.

“All right. Then let’s reorganize our strategy in that direction.”

* * *

evening time.

I was organizing the information obtained this time with Mimir in Mimir’s Book.

“Re-infiltration… … . It’s literally high-risk, high-return.”

If Shadow succeeds in re-infiltrating safely, this side will continue to be able to obtain new information.

However, if their identity is discovered and re-infiltration fails, there is a high probability that information from this side will flow to the other side.

They’re torturers, they’re mind manipulations, and they’re willing to use them, so it’s safe to assume that everything Shadow knows will be known out there.

“If you get caught, it will be a little difficult, but… … . are you okay. It probably won’t take.”

Shadow’s re-infiltration this time wasn’t as risky as I thought.

Because there is no way Shadow’s true identity will be discovered.


“hmm. Come to think of it, haven’t you said anything yet?”

Come to think of it, Mimir doesn’t know anything about Shadow’s current condition.


I handed Mimir two pictures.

One is a picture with the previous shadow.

And the other picture was a picture with the shadow of the future.

“… … Is this a picture of father and son? What is this?”

Mimir tilted his head as if asking why he was suddenly giving such a picture.

Since Mimir only heard about Shadow from my own words, it would be difficult to guess that the man in the picture was Shadow.

“They are both shadows.”

“… … what?”

Mimir opened his eyes and looked at the picture again.

Hold the two sheets in both hands and look at them alternately.

The eyes that had already widened widened even more.

“Because it removes Umbra’s shadow, is it this big?”

“uh. Aren’t you curious?”

I was very surprised too.

Shadow, who had disappeared for two days, appeared as an adult.

“… … Certainly, if his appearance has changed to this extent, there is little chance of him being caught.”

“right. In the first place, the fact that Shadow has become an adult is something neither Captain Charles nor Sophia-sama know.”

By the way, Sein-sama doesn’t know either.

When he met Sein-sama, Shadow said that he was wrapped in a shadow all over his body.

“Obviously, the risk isn’t that great. roughly… … . Can we say middle risk?”

“I see it as a narrowly low risk.”

I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve grown, but the atmosphere I’m embracing is very different from before.

The previous Shadow felt like an incarnation of emptiness, but the current Shadow doesn’t have that feeling at all.

It’s probably because I’ve regained the senses and emotions that were being eaten by the shadows.

Anyway, it is quite difficult to associate shadows from before by looking at the shadows of today.

To be honest, I almost couldn’t tell them apart.

The nature of the mana it possesses and the nature of the mana around it also changed. I would have believed it even if it was a completely different person.

“If the heir is so sure, that’s probably it.”

Mimir’s eyes lit up in interest. Her expression is that if possible, she would like to meet Shadow in person.

“Anyway, really… It’s fun.”

It seems that his spirit of inquiry as a scholar has been ignited.

“It’s fun that even after removing the core of Umbra, you can still handle the shadows. What the hell happened inside Shadow’s body?”

For reference, Shadow did not lose his power. The current shadow can still handle shadows.

Of course, it’s not exactly the same as before.

As much as Umbra’s core was lost, its power was considerably weakened.

Shadow movement, which could have traveled hundreds of kilometers, can now only move about 10 kilometers.

Large-scale magic such as the Shadow Temple can no longer unfold.

Compared to before, the output has dropped by more than 90%.

The only thing that hasn’t changed from before is the excellent stealth ability.

“Finding that out will help you tame him completely. It’s a pity that I can’t see it in person.”

Mimir narrowed his eyes as he saw the Umbra nucleus, a special sphere that looked like a group of shadows, on the table.

“Is it too hard?”

“hmm. little?”

Currently, Mimir is looking for a way to forge the core of Umbra into a medium of mythic magic.

If successful, I will be able to use the magic Shadow used.

“Should I say that these symbols of those belonging to the Division of Evil Gods are a bit picky? It’s not that difficult to tame… … . In fact, even Obama has only tamed the symbol of an evil god.”

Despite talking about despair, his expression is vivid.

The expression that this situation is very happy right now.

After all, is it natural to be a scholar and a researcher?

“But what, do you see any hope?”

“of course.”

Mimir smiled brightly with a confident expression.

“In the past, well, I would have had to raise both hands and feet… … .”

I stare at the pile of books that I put beside me with a smile.

All of them were books on the latest magic technology that I had brought.

“Because the current me is Ultra Mimir, a step further evolved than I was in the era of the Bytenor Empire. This tidying meal is a porridge.”

In short, a new approach emerged from studying state-of-the-art technology. It was like this.

“Are you great?”

“Stay with the compliments. If the research is successful, you will get doubled.”

Mimir laughed Betsy.

It’s a look that genuinely makes you feel good.

“Oh, and what about the Doctor? Are you done cleaning up?”

“ah. that? huh. I finished it a while ago.”

Mimir handed me a notebook.

“Well, speaking of results, fortunately, black magic is not freed from the shackles of the future.”

I opened the note Mimir gave me and quickly read it.

“It’s not that black magic itself has evolved, it’s Karies. It’s just using the symbols in mythology.”

“As expected.”

The Doctor’s magic was not an evolved black magic.

It was just using the power of Caries.

In other words, black magic did not unleash the shackles of the future.

Black magic is still weeded out.

It was like this.

“At least I let go.”

I sincerely let out a sigh of relief.

He’s still terrifyingly strong. What if he showed up here stronger?

I don’t think you need to worry about that.

“however… … .”

Mimir blurted out his words with a meaningful expression.

“Only one. It bothers me that warlocks are studying mythological symbols.”

“What will it take?”

“Studying something means you want to acquire something new, right?”

Mimir’s eyes widened.

“What the hell are these guys trying to achieve? It hangs.”

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