Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 263

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Chapter 263

The autobiography left by Jeil Sol Lunari, like other autobiographies, contained only the story of Jeil Sol Lunari’s life.

There was no information that was particularly helpful to me.

The only difference from other autobiographies is that about half of the contents are not his own story, but the story of ‘Ray Bell Bytenor’.

“Sol Lunari. A constitution loved by Mana. A family born with mana delay… … .”

Adela muttered with a serious expression on her face.

Certainly there is no information in this autobiography that is certainly ‘me’ helpful.

But that’s literally just a story about ‘me’.

Adela is different.

“Maybe it’s because mana is closer than anyone else to the great power, those born in Sol Lunari usually die before reaching the age of 30.”

In the autobiography, the characteristics of the Sol Lunari family were recorded in great detail.

This information is like gold to Adela.

“Most of the Stewart family heads in the past have had short lives, right?”

“yes. Most of them died between the ages of 30 and 40.”

Adela’s eyes lit up with an expression that her doubts were finally resolved.

“I only knew that people from the Stewarts were born with weak constitutions… … . There was a reason for this.”

Most of the deaths of successive Stewart family heads are ‘death’.

It is said that they gradually lost the energy of life as if they had reached the end of their lives, and then died as if they were asleep.

“If the family heads hadn’t been short-lived, the Stewarts would not have been a prestigious family in France, but would have been the best in the world. That is, the premise itself was wrong in the first place. It’s not that geniuses are short-lived unluckily, but that they were geniuses because they were short-lived… … .”

If successive family heads hadn’t had short lives, they didn’t have that talent either.

Therefore, the premise itself of ‘if it wasn’t short lived’ is wrong.

It was like that.

“But the current head of the Stairt family is 50 years old, right?”


“I heard that the previous head of the family lived a very long time.”


“Then isn’t it different from what is written in this autobiography? It says that all mages born in Sol Lunariga have a short life here.”

“That is something I doubt too. There are people who have lived for a long time before, but since they were all without talent as magicians, according to this autobiography, it can be said that they did not have a ‘short-lived life’ because they did not receive ‘talent’… … .”

“The current head of household and the previous head of household are both members of the 8th circle. You can’t be without talent.”

“yes. That’s the question. Why are there only two exceptions… … .”

The reason why only the current family head and the former family head were able to escape the curse of ‘short-lived’ possessed by Sol Lunari’s constitution.

What is it?

“Perhaps the previous head of household and uncle. Did the two of you overcome the curse with your overwhelming talents like Jeil Sol Lunari?”

According to his autobiography, the only one in the Sol Lunari family that is not short-lived is the first Sol Lunari.

It is said that his overwhelming talent was at a level where he could completely suppress and control the poison of mana.

“no. That won’t be it.”

“I don’t know exactly what level of magician Sol Lunari was, but both of them were outstanding enough to be called the best of all time. Those two might have overcome the curse like the first Sol Lunari… … .”

“It’s not that you two lack talent.”

This is a problem before talent.

“It is true that the first Sol Lunari overcame the short-lived curse because of her outstanding talent. But that’s literally just the base, right? That’s not the decisive reason he was able to overcome the curse.”


Adela’s eyes widened.

You seem to have noticed

“My life is 19 years old. It started with the meeting with the lord… … .”

“that’s right. Best Sol Lunari. The reason he was able to avoid short life was because of Master’s help.”

Even if the talents of the previous and current head of the Steart family were at the level of reaching Sol Lunari, it would be impossible to escape the short-lived curse without Rabel By-tenor.

“Then why… … ?”

Adela’s expression grew even more serious.

Short-lived member of the Stuart family.

This issue is directly related to Adela’s life.

It’s only natural that it gets serious.

“What happened to the two of you… … .”

“… … hmm.”

Silence fell.

In that silence, Adela and I were absorbed in thinking about this incident.

“one. I have something on my mind.”

Then something flashed.

“What is it?”

“I mean the former head of the family. After the magic revolution. Were you born in a time of magical transition?”

magic revolution.

The event that the magic system changed drastically with the development of AI 101 years ago is called that.

“yes. After the magic revolution. He was born at a time when AI was starting to be commercialized.”

I knew it.

“But why do you ask… … ah.”

Adela opened her eyes as if realizing something.

“no way… Because of the AI?”

I nodded.

mana retardation.


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As close to mana as it is, he is inevitably vulnerable to mana’s toxin.

“that’s right. I wonder if the AI ​​acted as a filter in the middle and neutralized the toxin in mana.”

Since the toxin of mana is a toxin that acts on the brain, it is quite possible that the toxin has been neutralized by the development of AI.

* * *

arrive at the hotel.

As soon as I arrived at the room I had reserved in the name of Shin Ha-yul, I headed straight for Mimir’s room.

And on the way to Mimir, he relayed the conversation he had with Adela.

“AI acted as a neutralizer in the middle… … . huh. It is quite possible.”

Mimir’s eyes lit up in interest.

“Of course, if that happens, the nature of the mana body will lose its meaning, so the natural talents of the Sol Lunari clan will have declined considerably, but it is better to lose some talent than to die.”

“As expected, it also affects magical talent.”

“Of course it has an impact. Why is mana delay body manajichen? Mana is closer to Mana than anyone else, so what does it mean when AI acts as a primary filter?”

That’s right.

“But aside from that, both the former head of the Steart family and the current head of the Stewart family have a reputation for being the greatest talent ever, right?”

“Isn’t that because it compares before and after AI was developed?”

“ah. It could be.”

With the development of AI, the wizard’s overall skill has risen.

If you compare wizards born before AI was developed with those after it was developed, the wizards after development are inevitably stronger.

As an analogy, it can be said that a talented archer and a mediocre gunner.

“So Adela also has nothing to do with Sol Lunari’s short life?”

If the AI ​​solved Sol Lunari’s short lifespan, then Adela’s short lifespan with AI was also solved.

“hmm? no. No way.”

Mimir shook his head with an expression of what nonsense he was talking about.

“Adela Stewart. that woman is different You heard Mana’s voice?”

“… … ah.”

Being able to hear Mana’s voice means being that close to Mana.

In other words, even though Adela has AI, her constitution called mana retardation is functioning normally.

“By the way, the first Sol Lunari, who was called the greatest genius of the Sol Lunari family. He hasn’t heard anything like Mana’s voice either.”

“Adela is closer to Mana than the first Sol Lunari?”

“ok. more.”

Mimir opened the notebook as it was and started scribbling down various things.

“At that level, it’s normal to be poisoned with mana poison and die before the age of 20.”

“… … .”

20 years old.

Less than two years left.

My impression was frowned upon.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Adela Stewart will die before she turns 20.”

My brow furrowed.

You said you were going to die, but you didn’t suddenly die.

What do you mean?

“I mean, if it was the way it was, it would have died.”

“What if it was the way it was?”


Mimir stopped the pen, checked the notes as they were, and smiled in satisfaction.

“If it had been as before, she wouldn’t have lived two years at the most, but that woman ate ‘God’s grace,’ didn’t she?”

Come to think of it, Master also told Adela about God’s grace.

“God’s grace is a rare elixir that transforms the body of the person who consumes it into the body of a wizard more perfect than anyone else.”

Mimir showed me the notes.

“And the perfect magician’s body is Ray Bell Bittener. It means a body similar to that of Obama.”

Ray Bell bitenor.

Body similar to Master.

“That means… … .”

“okay. A constitution that is completely immune to mana toxins.”

Mimir smiled brightly.

“It’s not as good as Obama or the successor, but it comes close to its feet.”

The following sentence was written at the end of the calculation formula in the notebook that Mimir arranged.

“Current Adela Stewart is completely immune to mana toxin.”

[Sol Lunari + God’s Grace = Invincibility]

I mean.

* * *

next morning.

I headed to the promised place.

‘I never thought I would come here again.’

The meeting place is none other than the mansion of the Binosu family.

When I was active as ‘Luan Palatia’, it was a place I came in and out of fifteen times.

I hope you will come back here again.

Standing at the entrance of the mansion, I blankly looked up at the mansion.

‘I bet he didn’t notice, right?’

The one who called me was none other than Sein Binoche.

To call me out of the blue when I’m a stranger I’ve never seen before.

something is unpleasant

‘Couldn’t it be? It must have been just a light tea party, right?’

Lillian-sama has talked about me many times before.

Considering Sein-nim’s curiosity, there is a high probability that he called because he was curious about me.

‘okay. How many people know about this… … . There’s no way he would have noticed.’

I concluded that

“Why don’t you go in, what are you doing here?”

“Did you arrive early?”

Standing there so blankly

Stewart arrives mother and daughter.

It came towards me, who was standing at the entrance.

“Are you nervous? Or is it because you’re scared?”

Lillian-sama pokes my cheek and smiles mischievously.


“No. Otherwise, there’s no reason for you to stand here blankly.”

Lillian-nim looked at me with warm eyes as if she were looking at her son.

“don’t worry. three. He’s known for his scary image, but in reality he’s not that scary. Just do it as usual.”

“… … yes.”

I wasn’t hesitating for that reason, but I affirmed it because I didn’t think there was a need to refute it.

“You will know when you meet. Let’s go in.”


Lillian-nim pokes my cheek again and goes inside the mansion.


The maid welcomed us.

“hi. Is Sein awake?”

“yes. You coughed a while ago. He is waiting for you in the tearoom now.”

“okay? I’m surprised I thought you wouldn’t be awake at this hour.”

The current time is 1:00 noon.

For Sein-nim, it is the same time as dawn.

“Then can we go straight to the tea room?”


“okay. okay.”

“I will guide you.”

“are you okay. It’s not that I don’t know the way. I think you’ve accumulated a lot of fatigue. Rest.”

“no. Nothing like fatigue… … .”

Lillian smiled.

It was a smile as if forcing him to say, ‘It’s okay, so take a break.’

“yes. Thank you for your consideration.”

The maid bowed her head as it was.

“let’s go.”


Lillian-sama came out and looked at Adela and smiled, then headed upstairs along the stairs.

When I was active as Ruan, I passed through the stairs and hallways that I had passed many times, and arrived at the familiar refreshment room.

“three. Shall I go in?”

Lillian-nim didn’t even listen to the answer and opened the door to the tea room.

And the moment you enter the tearoom.

“… … !”

“… … !”

Life spurted out of the tea room.

A dark life reminiscent of death.

My survival instinct reacted to that killing.

As it was, he lowered his stance and took a posture to respond to the attack.

But it never happened that someone attacked us.

“three. Anyway, isn’t this too much of a prank?”

A life that is rapidly dying out.

In the center of the tearoom, which had become a relaxed atmosphere as usual, Saint Binoche was laughing like a beast.

Lillian-sama and Adela didn’t seem to be visible.


He looked only at me and gave me a meaningful smile.

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