Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Home of the Black Mage Tower that exists somewhere.

A sanctuary where only the King of Darkness and those permitted by the King of Darkness cannot enter.

At the center of the sanctuary, the Dark Mage King rests his chin on his face with an expression of joy in the world.

‘… … scared.’

Hermes knelt down, bowed his head, and looked at the dark mage king, who was silent with a smile.

I’d rather be angry or something. It’s all the more scary because I’m just laughing quietly without saying anything.

‘Are you trying to dispose of me like this?’

this case.

Hermes is also somewhat responsible for the Doctor’s death, the destruction of the laboratory, and the loss of research materials.

First, he failed to properly carry out the ‘Doctor’s Care’, which was instructed by the King of Darkness.

First of all, this is a huge responsibility.

Far from stopping the Doctor’s runaway, he didn’t even properly grasp what had happened to the Doctor.

The disappointment of the Dark Mage King is indescribable.

‘It’s all because of that damn doctor. This wouldn’t have happened if I’d had some CCTV installed in the lab.’

If there were CCTVs in the lab, I would have been able to figure out what the lab was like in advance.

This is all because of the doctor who refused to install the CCTV, paying all sorts of excuses.

CCTV keeps breaking due to Ignis’ runaway, and I should have installed a new one every time.

It’s a shame not to do so.

Aside from believing in Nubes’ stealth, he should have had a means to keep an eye on the Doctor.

Hermes gritted his teeth, chewing on his regret.

‘To make matters worse, even the Shadow Guy… … .’

Regarding the possibility of Shadow’s betrayal, of course, I had informed the Dark Mage King a long time ago.

Hearing this, the Dark Mage King ordered Hermes to keep an eye on Shadow.

In other words, not being able to figure out Shadow’s betrayal in advance is also Hermes’ responsibility.

‘I wonder if it was just betrayal, I even had a hand in killing the doctor… … .’

Hermes could not be free from the responsibility of this incident.

It is no exaggeration to say that 40% of the responsibility for this incident lies with Hermes.

‘… … It’s unfair. It’s really embarrassing.’

To be honest, from Hermes’ point of view, it was unfair.

CCTV showed that the doctor came out uncooperatively and there was nothing he could do.

Shadow’s betrayal is also hard to figure out right away considering Shadow’s ability.

How much more do those two variables combine?

Who would have predicted that Shadow would use that fleeting moment to move to France and hit the doctor in the back.

From Hermes’ point of view, it was like being struck by lightning while sleeping.

‘I can’t die because it’s unfair at this rate.’

I know it’s a big responsibility, but I can’t die like this.

I will try to make up for this mistake by surviving at all costs.

‘Do you think I will die before I create my own country?’

Hermes chewed his lips and made up his mind.

“Dark Mage King. I’m really sorry. The aftermath of this work must be… … .”

It was time for Hermes, who had made up his mind to do so, to suppress his fear and ask the King of Darkness to make a request.

“It is done.”

The Dark Mage King interrupted Hermes and answered.

“I’ll put this matter aside.”

Hermes’ eyes widened.

“me… … Are you saying you’ll forgive me?”


Hermes looked up at the Dark Mage King with trembling eyes.

The Dark Mage King was still smiling as if he was in a good mood.

“This is like a natural disaster. No one can be held responsible for the occurrence of natural disasters.”

“ah… … .”

Hermes’ eyes widened. It was a deeply moved expression.

“Dark Mage King… … .”

The Doctor’s incoherence and Shadow’s outrageous behavior.

An event that could be accepted as a mistake by Hermes was expressed as a natural disaster.


‘The Dark Mage King… … He loves me.’

The reason is simple.

To avoid putting the blame on Hermes.

To keep Hermes’ position intact.

In other words, it is because the King of Dark Mage cares for Hermes very much.

“I don’t know what to do with your words of thanks.”

It was natural for Hermes to be moved.

“When the report is over, go back to your location and focus on your mission.”

“yes. I will.”

Hermes stood up from his seat with his head bowed, and bent his waist at 90 degrees.

It was a greeting with the utmost courtesy that Hermes could show.

“Apart from responsibility, I will definitely catch the traitor Shadow and bring him before the Dark Mage King.”

“okay. I will look forward to it.”

Hermes’ emotions surged.

you expect

While working as an executive of the Black Mage Tower, this is the first time I’ve heard such a word.

‘He realized that I am the most trustworthy among the executives.’

Hermes grabbed his chest and smiled brightly.

The dream of becoming the second-in-command of the Black Magic Tower and later receiving a portion of the world and establishing one’s own country did not seem too far off.

“Then I’ll see you again.”

So, Hermes left the room with an expression like a dreaming girl.

As if the Dark Mage King had no interest in such Hermes, he rested his chin on his chin and stared into the sky leisurely.

“… … Natural Disasters.”

As if the Doctor’s death, Shadow’s betrayal, and Hermes’ mistakes were nothing compared to what he had gained this time.

He smiled with a happy expression on his face.

“I thought I would die of old age waiting.”

The reason why the Dark Mage King described this incident as a ‘natural disaster’ was not because he was thinking of Hermes.

I just said it because it was the truth.

“welcome. Ray Bell bitenor. and… … .”

The Dark Mage King’s smile grew even thicker.

“… … It’s not too far away now.”

It’s not long now until the day your wish is fulfilled.

* * *

Time passes quickly.

By the time the heat of the case has cooled somewhat.

I arrived at Paris International Airport, France.

By the way, I didn’t come to the airport to return to Korea like this.

I came to the airport to pretend I had just arrived in France.

“good. kid. Kim Seok-hyun said he had arrived at the location. Follow the back road like this and go to Gate 7.”

Captain Charles double-checked the stealth artifact I was using and gave me a small pat on the back.

“It won’t happen sooner or later, but be careful because you might get caught. If you think you’re going to get caught on the way, pretend you’ve sneaked out of the crowd. Then we’ll figure it out on our own.”


Currently, my fake identity, ‘Luan Palatia’, is listed as dead.

In other words, I am currently an illegal alien with no status.

It is quite difficult to enter Korea in this state.

So, I conceived this operation.

Haya, Shin Ha-yul’s grand operation to visit France.

In another name, it will be an illusionary Shinha-yul delivery operation.

It was designed to pretend that I had just arrived in France, so that it was natural for me to be in France.

In this way, I will be able to regain the identity of Shin Ha-yul.

I just need to kill some time and go back to Korea.

This way you don’t have to give brokers any additional information.

What a perfect operation.

I give infinite applause to Mr. Seok-Hyun for conceiving such a wonderful operation.

“Then go.”

Captain Charles gently pushed my back.

I continued forward and headed for Gate 7 through the side road.

Since the officials used the side road to move, there was no meeting with people.

I wondered what it would be like to meet with the people involved, but it seems that such things have already been resolved in advance.

After all, I need to know Mr. Seokhyun’s workmanship skills.

While admiring Mr. Seok-hyun’s ability, he is advancing on the road.

“young master. This way.”

At the end of the aisle, Mr. Seokhyun appeared.


If you’ve come this far, you can rest assured.

I took off my hood and artifact and stood next to the uncle.

“You have been through a lot.”

“no. Uncle has been through a lot. It wouldn’t have been easy to decorate like I was in Korea.”

It’s not an easy task to make a person who doesn’t have it into a person who has it.

How do you do it so perfectly?

If it wasn’t for Mr. Seokhyun, it would have been impossible to avoid Hermes’ eyes.

I am sincerely admirable.

“Let’s go at once. We need to get out before it’s too late.”


The old man turned around and headed toward the exit of Gate 7.

I also followed the man to Gate 7.

And without raising any suspicion, I came out to the airport lobby.

Adela was clearly visible among the crowds in the airport lobby.

As the purpose of my trip to France this time was to visit Adela in hospital and to meet her, Adela came out to meet me.


No, to be precise, it should be said that they are pretending to meet you.

I started acting while observing the expressions of the people around me.

“long time no see. how have you been doing?”


“How is your body? I heard you were hurt in this incident?”

“are you okay. I lost consciousness for about two days, but thanks to the help of kindhearted people, I was cured without any aftereffects.”

For reference, Adela’s two days of disappearance is assumed to have been fainting for two days.

Fainted, a friendly citizen couple helped Adela, who is doing today and tomorrow. After that, as soon as I opened my eyes, I returned to the mansion.

It was pretty much this scenario.

For your information, the friendly citizen couple were taken care of by the hunting dog mercenaries.

His status was a problem, but he pretended to be an illegal alien and pretended not to be able to come out.

In fact, there are more illegal immigrants in France than expected, so he said he thought it was just that and moved on.

“Two there. Right?”

“Right. She said she was hurt. Did you come because you were worried?”

“and. Look how sweet God is.”

“Are the two of you really like that?”

A murmur grew around them.

Whatever my mouth says, Adela and I are quite the celebrities.

The performance of the Olympiad was so great that the face was sold as soon as it was sold.

‘… … okay. In this way, the fact that I have just arrived in France will spread through social media. Perfect.’

No one will doubt that I have just arrived in France.

This is a perfect criminal success.

“I need to get out before the crowd gathers. Come over here. I have the tea ready.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Deciding that this was enough, Adela came out and took Mr. Seok-hyun out of the airport.

And as it was, I got into the limousine parked near the entrance.

Uncle Seok-hyeon was in the passenger seat, and Adela and I were in the back seat.

“Knight. Please depart.”


The car starts as soon as we board.

Adela and I sighed at the same time.

It was a sigh of relief.

“Good for you.”

“I know.”

Now, wherever I go, I can confidently declare that I am Shin Ha-yul.

It feels like I finally got my name back.

“It was hard. It must have been difficult to act.”

“hmm… … .”

Adela laughed bitterly.

Even with empty words, it was an expression that said that it was not hard work.

“thank you so much. I will definitely repay you.”

From helping me completely in France to saving my life at the end.

There is a mountain of debt to pay off.

“You don’t have to worry about it. Isn’t it natural for friends to help each other?”

“Because being thankful is something you’re thankful for, even if it’s just a friend. I will do my best to repay this. tell me if you need anything I will do everything in my power to help you.”

“hmm. If you go that far, I won’t decline.”

Adela and I looked at each other and gave a small smile.

“Then when are you going to return home?”

“Four days later.”

“You are staying longer than expected? I thought you would come back right away.”

“Because it’s strange to go back so fast. I wonder if that would be appropriate.”

“It is, but… … . So, what are you going to do with the Black Mage Tower? In four days, even if you send an assassin, you can send dozens of people… … .”

The reason I didn’t come to France as a servant was to avoid the eyes of the Black Mage Tower.

“hmm. it’s fine now. Right after the incident, French security is as strict as Korea’s… … .”

Currently, security in France is tight, but too tight.

It was not the timing for the assassins of the Black Mage Tower to come in and out.

“I don’t think they’re going to send anything to target me in this chaotic situation where the Doctor died and Shadow betrayed me.”

Things are very different now than a month ago.

Now, openly, there is nothing wrong with being in France.

I just need to stay comfortably in France for 4 days and then go back to Korea.

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about my safety.”

“Then I’m glad.”

As if Adela was relieved, she smiled softly.

“Oh, and this… … .”

Adela glanced at the front seat and handed me a book.

“I don’t know if that will help. I was looking through the library at dawn and found this book.”

The title of the book Adela handed me was written in ancient characters that I was very familiar with.

[First Sol Lunari]

“I just found it, so I haven’t been able to interpret it yet. But maybe guessing from the title of the book… … .”

“It seems like an autobiography.”


An autobiography is the only book worth emblazoning your name on the cover.

I slowly opened the book.

The first sentence of the book was:

[My life is 19 years old. It started with the meeting with the lord.]

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