Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 260

Chapter 260

While Shadow went to call Captain Charles.

Adela wakes up.

“Are you feeling better?”

Calm voice and clear eyes.

It must have been up a long time ago.


Because the voices of Shadow and I weren’t small. don’t even break it

“I’m fine.”

“… … What a relief.”

Adela let out a sigh of relief. She looked genuinely worried. Judging by the look on my face, it seemed that my condition was serious.

“What happened?”

“… … .”

Adela was silent for a moment.

It wasn’t that I was silent because I couldn’t grasp the intent of my question.

Pretending to be asleep a moment ago, I listened to my conversation with Shadow, but there’s no way he couldn’t grasp the context of my question.

I’m just thinking about what to say first.

“You don’t remember at all?”

“I couldn’t really remember anything until a little while ago. It just brought back a bit of memory.”

“How about a little?”

“That someone else’s soul entered my body.”

From the beginning, the name Ray Bell Bytenor was excluded.

As much as he did not know how far Adela knew, he blurted out his words as insurance.

“If you think that far, you are probably guessing. How things turned out.”

Adela looked at me with clear eyes.

A look on which not a single speck of delusion can be found.

In this case, it was a refreshing expression that there was no question at all.

Apparently, Adela knew who had entered my body.

“As you would expect, the Ray Bell Bitenor-sama who dwells in your body solved everything.”


Adela knew everything.

“You have been asleep for two days because of the aftereffects.”


“The aftereffects of your body not being able to fully withstand the power of the great wizard Ray Bell Bytenor.”


And I see.

Even if my body is inhabited by Master’s soul, my body is still my body. It is just the body of a clumsy wizard who has just entered the 6th circle.

‘With a body like that, I used enough magic to completely annihilate Karies… … .’

It was natural for my body to have aftereffects.

“But I think my body is too refreshed for that.”

Too much soul in an insufficient body.

At a glance, it was not strange even if my body exploded.

But after passing out for only two days, it’s over.

How was he able to recover so quickly?

“Did Master do something to my body before he disappeared?”

Right before the end of the possessing.

Did he leave after casting stabilization magic on my body?

“no. He didn’t do anything.”

Adela shook her head resolutely. It seems Master didn’t do anything.

“Unless Master did something… … what did you do?”

The only people who could help me in that situation were Master and Adela.

If it wasn’t Master, the only thing left according to the law of elimination was Adela.

“yes. I absorbed the overflowing mana in your body.”

“absorption? You mean you absorbed all the mana overflowing from my body and got it right?”



“just… … Since I was holding her hand, it flowed in on its own.”

“… … ?”

I didn’t understand what you meant.

No, I understand what you mean, but should I say that I don’t understand it?

“I was only holding my hand, but my mana took care of itself and was absorbed into you. My runaway has subsided?”


“Does that make sense?”

It’s surprising that he absorbed mana with a different nature.

Absorbing mana that is running out of control?

How is that possible?

“I don’t know either.”

Adela shook her head in genuine disapproval.

“I just did it because he told me to do it… … .”

“Did Master tell you to hold your hand?”

“yes. Never let go of my hand until you wake up… … .”

“… … okay. That’s why you’ve been here like this until now.”


I understand why Adela took the risk and stayed here.

Then it is.

Adela could not have been needlessly stubborn.

“Have you ever guessed why that is possible? If I had been like this for two days, I think I would have had more time to think about it.”

“I tried, I don’t know. I’ve never even thought that something like this is possible… … .”

Adela smiled bitterly and shook her head.

Seeing Adela express such disapproval, it seems that she really has no hypothesis.

“I guess all I know is that it has something to do with my constitution.”

“Your constitution?”

“yes. He said it with that nuance.”

“… … Master.”

It’s Adela’s constitution.

What body type are you talking about?

“My ancestors’ family name was also said to be the Sol Lunari… … . Maybe there is a hint here.”

“Sol Lunari?”

“yes. He also asked me to tell you this story. Said it would help both of you… … .”

“Sol Lunari. That’s Sol Lunari. okay. I’ll find out separately.”

Mimir must know something. When I have time to go to Mimir’s Book, I’ll ask right away.

“Oh, and one more. How did you get back to the lab? The flames must have blocked it. No, how did you know I was in danger in the first place?”

which was the most questionable.

How was Adela able to break through the flames of Ignis and come to the laboratory?

Furthermore, why did you put an irrational number of people into the research center?

“You may not believe it, but Mana called.”

“… … what?”

The completely unexpected words came out of Adela’s mouth.

“Mana asked for help. that you are dangerous I need you to come right now… … .”

“So you heard Mana’s voice?”


Adela said with a slightly disheveled expression.

“Th-you might not believe that Mana said that, but really… … .”

“no. believe.”

It’s not that I can’t believe that Mana spoke.

“I can hear you too. The voice of Mana.”

“… … aha?”

What surprised me was that there were people besides me who could hear Mana’s voice.

… … According to Elena-sama, the only people who could hear Mana’s voice until now were Master and I.

How can Adela hear the sound of mana?

“Ignis… … What was able to come through the flames?”

“I don’t know. I just did what Mana told me to do… … .”

“As Mana tells you?”

“yes. That flame won’t hurt me… … I’d say just go… … .”

“You don’t know why?”

“yes. sorry. I kept thinking… … .”

Adela slightly bowed her head with an expression of disrespect.

“Why are you apologizing?”

I can’t understand the situation, what is it?

Adela saved my life.

Adela has no reason to apologize.

“If I’m going to apologize, I should. No, you should say thank you first.”

I bowed my head to Adela as it was.

“thank you. I live thanks to you.”

“no. I was just doing the obvious thing… … .”

Adela turned her head slightly with a puzzled expression.

Still, Adela seems awkward with such a direct expression of gratitude.

“What else? Anything else?”

“Is it something else?”

“Anything is fine. Like what kind of magic Master used my body. What else did he say?”

“hmm. therefore… … .”

“no. Just explain everything from start to finish. That would be quick.”

“Everything from scratch?”

“uh. From the fact that I heard the voice of Mana and stepped into the flames.”

“It’s going to be a very long talk… … .”

“are you okay. lots of time… … .”

It was then.


With the sound of the door opening violently, a silver wolf flew in.

“Hey, Shin Ha-yul! He said he woke up!”

It was Captain Charles.

He puts his face toward me with an expression that welcomes the world and examines my body here and there.

“Are you okay? Where are you sick?”

“That’s fine. No pain at all… … .”

“Are you really okay? Your complexion is not good.”

“It’s really fine. The poor complexion is probably because I couldn’t eat.”

I responded appropriately to Captain Charles’ words and winked at Adela.

‘Let’s talk about this again when the two of us are together.’

As if Adela had read my eyes, she nodded.

* * *

After that, I heard the story after the incident from Captain Charles.

All the flames pouring out through the three secret passages were safely blocked.

that the case was successfully concluded.

And as planned, the person called ‘Luan Palatia’ was treated as dead.

I heard everything that had happened over the past two days in about 10 minutes.

“From the files obtained from the lab, a list of people who helped establish the lab came out. All of them are currently under arrest. Now, they say they will interrogate them and conduct additional investigations to see if there are any other people involved.”

It is said that the existence of the research institute was also openly revealed.

This was a bit surprising.

It is international disgrace that such an illegal research facility existed underground in Paris and was not even aware of it.

Of course, I thought the existence of the laboratory would be concealed.

How dare you put this out on the news.

Is the French government still less rotten than Korea?

“Sain Binoche. If it wasn’t for that man, this case would have been buried. Really, everywhere the government is rotten, it’s the same thing.”

… … I thought

Apparently not.

I see

Sein-nim used his strength.

I understand.

“It seems Sein-nim is very angry. How can you openly defy government orders?”

“hmm. A little different. The reason the nobleman came out was not because he was angry… … .”

Captain Charles blurted out his words with a strange expression.

In that state, he stares at me. It’s an expression that seems to be thinking a lot about something.

“Because I came out because of you.”

“… … Is it because of me?”

What do you mean?

“So, what is that? If we cover up this incident, the achievements of the hero who solved this incident will also disappear, right?”

My eyes slowly widened.

no way… … .

“Sain Binoche. It seems that the gentleman didn’t like that. So he went against the government order and made a big deal out of it.”

Captain Charles scratched his cheek with a mysterious expression.

“To make you a hero.”

“… … .”

Captain Charles shrugged.

“Thanks to that, now Luan Palatia is being called the hero of Paris. He is said to be a hero who saved the country by sacrificing himself… … .”

“… … Are you serious?”

“Then it is real. Could it be fake?”

Captain Charles took out his phone and touched it here and there.

When I glanced at it, it seemed that I was browsing a news portal.

“ruler. here. Do you know where it is?”

A street corner where only burn marks remain.

Something about the color of the street is familiar to my eyes.

“Could it be the shopping district side, a secret passage?”

“oh. Ah yes? that’s right. In this vacant lot… … .”

Director Charles took the phone back and started looking for the next news.

“hmm. It doesn’t seem to have been released on the news yet.”

As if the article he was looking for was nowhere to be found, he put the phone back in his pocket.

“What is it?”

“They say a statue of you will be erected here.”

“… … yes?”

“A statue of Luan Palatia will be erected.”


“Why? It will be built because it has made such an achievement.”

“… … .”

Director Charles puts his elbows on the bed as it is and looks at me obliquely with his chin still.

“I wish? At that age, he became a hero to be listed in French history books.”

Playful lips and smirking eyebrows.

It was a look and gesture that was intended to make fun of.

“What do you do? Would you like to come out alive now? Then go to the hero’s return and go to the portal in a big way… … .”

“I’m not going.”

can you go out

“why? Aren’t you sorry? If you have the status of Luan Palatia as your sub status, it will be quite convenient when traveling abroad.”

“As long as that status is maintained, it should be comfortable. But can’t you?”

Luan Palatia.

A fake identity created through a broker.

It’s an elaborately crafted ID that won’t get caught, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll probably get caught.

“Since he’s dead now, even if his false identity was discovered, he was just a hero who hid his identity. I might be able to numb it to that extent. he looks alive There will always be someone who will follow you. And with a high probability my identity will be revealed.”

Then, it might be known that Luan Palatia’s true identity was Shin Ha-yul.

It is difficult in many ways.

“Hey, are you cold-hearted?”

Captain Charles stroked my hair with a proud expression.

“Great job. obstacle. He might be possessed by the reputation of being a hero. I bear with this.”

“… … .”

I stopped thinking about what to say.

Judging from many years of experience with Sunchan, it is a bad idea to react here.

Reacting here only makes the opponent more excited.

“How about Sain or Stella?”

I immediately changed the topic.

“hmm. Saint Binoche. Well, he looked no different than usual… … Stella Binoche is… … .”

Captain Charles was speechless.

“… … okay. All right.”

As expected, Stella seems to be quite sad.

Judging from the fact that Captain Charles was speechless, it seems that he is in a considerable state.

I felt like I had inflicted an indelible wound on a person’s heart for no reason.

“I don’t know what to say with my mouth… … . Please comfort me well.”

“What are you really saying with your mouth?”

Captain Charles clicked his tongue.

It was a horse with bones.

“Anyway, I get it. It’s not my specialty, but I’ll try.”

Captain Charles let out a small sigh and stood up.

“Oh, and sorry. Adela Stewart. I have to take him now Stairt Street is moving to send out a large-scale search party. We need to deal with it before it gets any bigger.”


Adela had been disappearing for two days to stick with me.

In other words, Adela is missing from the world.

If I don’t return to my family quickly now, it will become a big problem.

“It doesn’t matter now that he’s awake, right?”


Adela glanced at me, then stood up as if she couldn’t help it.

“I’ll be back.”

Adela winked at me and said, ‘I’ll tell you what I didn’t tell you when you come back next time.’ she said.

I nodded.

“Then get some rest. See you later.”


So Captain Charles took Adela and left my room.

“… … You talk a lot.”

In one corner of the room that had become quiet, the shadows gathered together and took on the shape of the shadow.

“Even the intruders must have disappeared. Continue what you said before. okay. When are you going to keep your promise?”

The shadow came to me, breaking through the shadows.

Looking back, I’m very young.

“If you are not feeling well, as soon as possible… … .”

“I should have told you. It can be done right now.”

Shadow’s eyes widened.

“… … Were you serious?”


It seems that I thought it was an empty word.

“But, you know. That too… … .”

“Know. I will share all the information I know about the Black Mage Tower.”

Shadow’s expression distorted violently.

“Even the least bit of emotion that was there was completely gone. We promise to provide all information, whether it is or not.”

Come to think of it, what happened to the doctor who put the shadow of Umbra into the shadow?

did it turn out to be true?

‘Looking at his expression, it seems the doctor is right.’

Did that information come from the lab?

‘I’ll have to ask Captain Charles later.’

Rather than asking Shadow about this, it would be better to ask Captain Charles.

You don’t even have to scrape it to make a bruise.

“great. Then I will remove it right now.”

I put on Aes and took out the medium of Ignis that I had stored inside.

‘… … Something, it seems to be much more stable than two days ago.’

If Ignis before was like a shoe I had just started taming, Ignis now was like a shoe that had been completely tamed to my feet.

Could this be because of Master?

I do not know.

“Come this way.”


I reached out and took Shadow’s hand.

“let’s begin.”

and after a while

“Don’t deny it.”

The flames that started from Ignis’s medium rode through my hands and began to transfer to Shadow’s body.

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