Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 258

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Chapter 258

By the time Ignis completely burns Karies.

An unexpected variable has occurred.


The characteristics of the caries I know are strong corrosiveness, strong contagiousness, and vitality.

Of the two, the strongest force is neither contagious nor corrosive, but vitality.

It is an ability born from a mixture of contagiousness, which pollutes the surroundings, and corrosiveness, which destroys it in an instant.

In this way, it ‘robs’ the life of the target and gains a new life.

That is the secret of Karies’ strong survival power.

In the books I read, this ability was called ‘predatory survival’.

‘There won’t be any holy relics nearby. I thought Loot Survival wouldn’t activate.’

The Doctor wasn’t using 100% of Kary’s power.

Unlike Shadow, the Doctor did not absorb the relic.

I only borrowed some of Karies’ power through research and used it.

In terms of output, it is roughly 20% or so.

The fact that the runaway ended like this is proof of that.

If the real caries ran out of control, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it no matter what I did.

No, there wouldn’t have been a need to cause a runaway in the first place.

If the Doctor had been able to control 100% of Karies’ power, Sein-sama wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it either.

contagion and extinction.

And infinite life force from looting.

How can you stop someone who uses such power freely?

Anyway, the conclusion is that the Doctor only ‘borrowed’ the power of Karies and used it.

In other words, there are no Karies holy relics around here.

The energy of Caries running rampant around him is not original, it’s just weakened energy.

This was the conclusion I drew.

That’s why I set up a strategy to block the attack with Ignis.


‘I never thought I could use Loot Survival even in a weakened state… … .’

I didn’t expect it.

No, I expected it, but would it be more accurate to say that I concluded that the probability was less than 1%, and then excluded it from the possibility altogether?

‘It’s really dangerous.’

Even now, the mana of Karies is still creeping toward me.

In order to block that approach, Ignis’ firepower was raised to the limit, but there was little gain.

Although it was successful in slowing down the speed of Karies’ invasion, it was impossible to completely stop it.

It is impossible for me right now to completely break Karies’ survival instinct.

Would this feel like dealing with an immortal god who resurrects even after killing him?

‘Something has to be done.’

Time is running out.

If you continue like this, you will be completely infected by Karies and your soul will be corroded, and you will end your life with only an empty shell remaining as your energy source.

Before that happens, we have to find a way somehow.

‘There must be an answer to Karies’ succession. Think. think.’

Ignis’ output was maintained to the maximum, and the accident was accelerated.

A book that records the lore of Karies, read in Mimir’s Book.

How was Caries portrayed in the book?

What kind of person was Karyes, what kind of gods did he fight with, and what kind of end did he meet?

‘Karyes didn’t lose because he was defeated by someone in the end, he chose to die himself.’

The story of his end, which would have been most helpful in the first place, is not particularly helpful.

His cause of death was suicide, not murder.

Caries, who has a woman he loves, is deeply moved by her pure love, and after realizing how great a sin looting is, he commits suicide along with the death of the woman he loves after living a life of atonement.

That is the end of the evil god Karies.

He has never had his life threatened by anyone in his life.

‘no. In the legend, no one has prevented Karies from plundering and surviving.’

In the legend, Caries was virtually invincible.

All opponents who fought him could not withstand his predatory survival and turned into his energy source.

In his tradition, the two words ‘defeat’ do not exist.

‘… … There are no hints in the tradition.’

His traditions only describe what an evil god he is with fraudulent powers.

There is not a single point of crisis to be found in his tradition.

‘Then maybe it’s good?’

I can’t think of any way to prevent predatory survival.

Karies’s mana getting closer and closer.

It felt like the god of death was getting closer to me little by little.

‘how should… … .’

It was when I was biting my lips like that.


Sitting on my shoulder, Miho, who was concentrating only on my backup, cried loudly.

I was wondering if you were urging me to come to my senses. I don’t think he shouted with that intent.


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“… … Are you Miho?”

Miho’s eyes seemed to say, ‘Trust me.’

It seems there is a way.


At that moment, Miho’s body shone brightly.

No, the body does not shine.

It is the soul that shines.

Miho’s soul was emitting pure white light in all directions.

‘I don’t know why… … . I think I know what Miho is trying to do.’

Is it because he is connected to Miho through ‘Factio’?

It seemed that he somehow knew what Miho was trying to do.

“Soul bonds?”

Right now, Miho is trying to connect her soul with someone.

He intends to use his spiritual body as the nucleus to call in reinforcements to overcome the current situation, at least with his soul.

‘But who… … ?’

But I don’t know who they’re trying to call.

I didn’t know until there.

All I can know is the extent of Miho’s feelings right now.

‘I miss you, I’m sorry.’

Miho’s soul is crying sadly.

Crying sadly, rejoicing.

As if waiting for this moment.

As if I’ve been waiting for this day forever and ever.

So crying and crying and laughing.

… … .

Miho met my eyes.

Miho’s eyes are talking to me.

Please match the wavelength of yourself and your soul.

As if possessed by something, I nodded my head.

And just like that, in line with the wavelength of Miho’s soul, I let my soul flow.

It wasn’t particularly difficult.

Is it because Miho is the one who puts things together? Or is it because it has been experienced once before in the spiritual world?

I was able to synchronize my soul as naturally as breathing.

‘thank you.’

A voice was heard.

A neutral voice, indistinguishable from whether it was a man or a woman.

It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but somehow I’m used to it.

‘This voice… … .’

I had no evidence, but I was certain.

This voice is Miho’s voice.

‘I called someone to help me. When I wake up, everything will be resolved.’

Miho had such a voice.

I didn’t even have time to realize it.

As soon as Miho finished saying that, my mind started to go far.

‘Head… … it hurts.’

blurred vision.

Through the blank mind, someone’s voice could be heard clearly.

“I wanted to talk, but it doesn’t seem like the situation.”

A voice that was both familiar and unfamiliar.

‘Who is it?’

The voice sounds familiar, the tone of the voice. And the way he spoke was so awkward.

“What? It’s not a pity. There are still opportunities left.”


I guess.

Whose voice is this?

And who this tone and tone belong to.

“However, I am concerned. Will this child now be able to fully bear the aftermath of my power?”

This voice belongs to no one else but mine.

“okay. You’ve already prepared. excellent.”

And this tone and tone.

“Then I won’t hesitate.”

my master

Ray Bell bitenor.

it’s his voice

“Even with you, 10,000 years and 8,000 years.”


Master called Ignis by name, and at the same time, he hit the ground hard with Caylum.

“Come on. Ignis.”

And at that moment, my mind was completely plunged into darkness.

* * *

Adela was now running nonstop through the burning aisle.

‘Will there be enough oxygen until I go back?’

Flames are not a problem.

For unknown reasons, the flames that filled the aisles did no harm to Adela.

Oxygen is the key now.

It was about whether the oxygen content of the ‘wind magic mass’ prepared outside would last until the escape.

‘I wonder what would happen if I was alone… … . Thinking of sharing it with Ha Yul… … It’s not enough.’

It is impossible to cover the breath of two people with this much wind sphere.

When I go back, I think I will have to find another way.

‘The Shadow Sorcerer. He can come here as long as this flame is safely disposed of. He said let’s contact him and ask him to help.’

From what I’ve heard, it’s possible to travel long distances through shadows.

Just contact me, it will work somehow.

What will happen with Shin Ha-yul’s phone?


‘It’s him!’

While Adela was organizing her thoughts, Mana around her screamed in amazement.

‘He is here!’

‘let’s hurry!’

‘I wanted to meet you!’

Mana is happy.

‘… … He?’

Adela narrowed her eyes and tilted her head slightly.

that he came I don’t know what that means.

‘hurry! Hurry!’

‘It’s too late!’

Adela was startled by the madness of the mana.

Is it too late for this

In other words, it would mean that the life of the minister was at risk.


Adela sped up even more.

If you overdo it, your breathing will become quicker, and your oxygen will be consumed faster.

Now is not the time to care about that.

Adela gathered all her strength and started running down the aisle.

‘It’s right in front!’

‘I’m here!’

It was the first time I had run through the passage, but thanks to the guidance of the manas, I was able to easily arrive near my destination.

I see something in the distance

A destroyed door and a burnt-out white wall.

It seems that it has arrived at the laboratory.



As expected, Manas announced their arrival.

Adela slowly slowed down and stepped into the lab.

You have to be careful here.

may have ever

‘slowly. Pay attention.’

With that thought in mind, I slowly walked out.

And not long after, we arrived at the central hall of the research institute.

And at the same time as I confirmed the figure of a man standing alone in the hall.



Manas cheered.

‘… … Are you all right?’

Shin Ha-yul standing still.

As far as the condition goes, it didn’t look like anything was wrong.

There are no visible enemies around. No matter how you look at it, it didn’t look dangerous.

“Hayul… … .”

It was when Adela, who had lost her head in an unknown situation, was slowly trying to call the name of her servant Ha-yul.

“You are the child called by the nine-tailed fox.”

After Adela cut off her words, Shin Ha-yul opened her mouth.

“Right. the radiance of that soul. Is it the grace of God?”

Shin Ha-yul slowly turned his head and met Adela’s eyes.

At that moment, Adela’s entire body stiffened.

Eyes shining golden.

Looking into those eyes, my body naturally stiffened.

It felt as if I was standing naked in front of a tiger.

“No, this feeling… … . Isn’t it just God’s grace? amazing A gumiho deserves it.”

Shin Ha-yul was clear, but something didn’t seem like Shin Ha-yul.

It felt as if someone had stolen Shin Ha-yul’s body.

Adela was immediately ready for battle.

“… … Who are you?”

I heard that this happened while fighting a character called the Doctor.

If so, there is a high probability that the current Shin Ha-yul has been taken away by the doctor.

Adela glared at Shin Ha-yul with a murderous expression.

“Calm down. You didn’t come into this body specifically to harm this child.”

Something occupying Shin Ha-yul’s body smiled kindly.

It was a warm smile that reminded me of my mother.


At that time, the gumiho standing next to Shin Ha-yul cried loudly.

Weeping full of hostility.

Staring at empty space, he is sending a lifelike gaze.

“Hmm. Wasn’t she still dead? It is truly a survival instinct.”

The man also turned his gaze in the direction Miho was looking at.

As if there was something there, stare at one point and squint your eyes.

“He is a talented kid.”

While staring at that place, I spoke to Adela again.

“After I’m gone. I will take care of this child.”

“What is that… … .”

and right after that.


The staff he was holding in his hand thumped to the ground! took it down

Above the staff, a pattern of an unusual shape emerged.

Möbius strip symbolizes infinity.

Mana rode the Mobius strip and rotated infinitely.


And at the same time as he recites the command.


Flames began to gather on him.

Just as it is natural for water to flow from top to bottom.

Quite naturally, all the flames gathered around him.

‘… … Nonsense.’

It’s not just the flames that fill this laboratory.

All of the flames that were spouting out through the passageway are being gathered here.

‘How can you… … .’

That man is gathering all the sparks that have now filled a distance of several tens of kilometers.

It was incomprehensible to Adela’s common sense.


The gathered flames were concentrated in the man’s grip.

The flames that filled tens of kilometers were condensed into a sphere no more than 1cm in diameter.

The man slowly grasped the condensed sphere.

And with his hand outstretched, he sang.


The flame in his hand exploded.

It was as if something that had been asleep was awakening.

Is it an illusion?

The flames somehow felt like living creatures.


‘That back view… … .’

I don’t know why.

I don’t know why, but someone comes to mind.

“Burn that.”

beginning of magic.

The first Archmage.

‘Ray Bell Bitenor… … ?’

Shin Ha-yul’s back figure overlapped with his figure.

“Do not leave even a handful of mana.”


The flames started burning something.

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