Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 251

Chapter 251

After you’ve finished all the talk.

I was shown to a corner room on the top floor of the mansion.

“Don’t worry too much and get some rest. If anything happens, I’ll call you right away.”

Stella said, handing me a change of clothes.

It looked like he was worried that I would not stop and act again.

“okay. i get it.”

But that’s a thousand words.

Right now, I have neither the desire to move nor the energy to do so.

‘… … I’ve been using Resonance for too long.’

After reaching Circle 6, the use of Resonance became quite free.

It is possible to maintain it for more than 10 minutes even at maximum power.

It is also possible to increase the usage time by lowering the output.

This is the reason why I was able to maintain resonance while coming this far.

But to be free is to be free. The penalty is not that different from before.

The fatal disadvantage of freezing the Infinity Circle at the same time as the use of Resonance is over still remains.

Right now I can’t use magic for about 12 hours.

‘Fortunately, the mana core is working safely… … .’

That being said, unless the Infinity Circle doesn’t move properly, it doesn’t mean much.

The reason why my mana core shows amazing purity and output is because of its connection with the Infinity Circle.

As long as the Infinity Circle is frozen, my mana core is just an ordinary mana core.

“I am surprised. I was wondering if you would overdo it.”

Stella looked around my core with a worried expression.

It must have noticed that my core is usually incomparably weaker.

“Honestly, the desire to do something is like a chimney… … . Acting in this state now will only hinder you, let alone help.”

Stella laughed silently.

Stella’s disposition was well expressed in the fact that she did not verbally affirm that she was not helpful.

“I will receive help after I fully recover.”

“okay. At that time, I will do my best to help.”

Stella grinned again.

* * *

After Stella leaves the room.

After I securely locked the door, I headed for Mimir’s room.

“Mimir. I’m here.”

Then, he showed Mimir the ‘Medium of Ignis’ and confessed everything that happened today.

The first thing Mimir asked after hearing everything was about the Doctor’s abilities.

“doctor. Was that bastard’s magic definitely black magic?”

“Are you sure. A magic that is activated based on corrupted mana. It is black magic.”

“… … okay. I mean.”

My answer to that question is, ‘Isn’t the Doctor dealing with the legacy of mythology just like Shadow?’

To ask such a question meant that Mimir knew nothing about the Doctor’s magic.

“I’m sorry. I have never heard of such magic.”

I knew it.

“Then it’s a new black magic that was born according to the flow of the times.”

“… … That would make sense.”

Mimir’s expression became serious.

It’s an expression that I don’t know how to accept this situation right now.

“what’s the matter?”

Are you concerned about the Doctor’s powers being so powerful?

Or is it that he resents the fact that there are things he doesn’t know?

Or is there another reason?

“Once upon a time, Obama said something like this.”


It seems that there is another reason.

“Black magic is the power of giving up the future.”

“future… … . You mean there is a huge penalty for using black magic?”

lifespan for example.

They say warlocks live short lives in exchange for quick achievements.

It can be said that it is the power of giving up on the future.

“There is a meaning to it. That’s not what Obama said at the time.”

Mimir moved his hand slowly, taking my hand.

“Dark magic is magic that has no possibility of evolution or growth. That’s what Obama said.”

no possibility of evolution

“So, black magic is a future possibility. Instead of abandoning the possibility of evolution, it is a magic designed to exert powerful power in the present. What do you mean?”

“huh. So, at the beginning of the war, it is said that Saguk led by Veil had an overwhelming advantage. Naturally. General-purpose magic derived from By-Tenor is still in the development stage, while Saguk’s black magic is in the completion stage.”

As if it happened before Mimir was born, the words he heard from someone conveyed feelings.

“It is said that there were times when enemy forces even invaded the capital of the Bytenner Empire.”

“You pushed that far? In that situation, I managed to counterattack successfully.”

The royal road has been pierced.

i.e. checkmate.

How did you turn around in that situation?

“Yeah, it’s because there was an abama in the royal capital.”


A heresy that even overturns checkmate.

Irregular out of the rules.

Ray Bell bitenor.

Master turned everything upside down.

“Even after overcoming a big crisis with the power of Obama, several more crises came. No wonder. Because only Obama could stand against Saguk.”

“… … .”

Even though he was talking about a fairly gloomy story, he couldn’t find a single shadow in Mimir’s expression.

Rather than shadows, the light is peeking out.

That is the light called pride.

“But that overwhelming inferiority disappeared in exactly three years.”


“It is ripe.”


“The fruit of the seed planted by Obama.”

Mimir’s expression brightened.

“The third year of the war. A man named Aslan Polo Hamruin has blossomed into a flower of talent. It was the birth of a wizard who could handle the exclusive property that only Obama could handle, space magic.”



It was a name I missed.

“The next one to bloom is Elena Law Greenwood. Queen of the Forest.”

It was a name I missed again.

“After that, countless seeds bloomed and blossomed. From then on, our inferiority completely disappeared. An equal picture unfolded.”

Mimir’s eyes were full of longing.

“Aren’t you curious? It’s been like that in just three years.”

“It’s interesting.”

3 years.

It is a very short time to turn the overwhelming inferiority into a parallel line.

“No, it’s more surprising that people like Aslan-sama and Elena-sama poured out like that.”

The simultaneous flowering of all talented people is also surprising, but to think that such talented people were all concentrated in one era.

Could heaven have helped?

“Actually, everyone said it was a miracle. I thought it was a miracle when I read it in the literature.”

Mimir laughed Betsy.

“But it wasn’t. It was no miracle.”

“Then what?”


Mimir stared straight into my eyes. An indescribable feeling comes through.

“Did you tell me? Black magic is the power of giving up the future.”


“Bytenor is the opposite.”

“… … the opposite?”

“Power for the future.”

Mimir gently grabbed my hand.

“Abama did. By-tenor expression is a gentle power that can change into any shape in response to someone’s wishes. That infinite change is the power of evolution, the power that leads to the future.”

Mimir’s warmth is transmitted through Mimir’s hand.

“now. As if the bi-tenor style was handed down to successors through countless years.”

I seemed to know what you meant.

“In short, it is black magic that gives up the future for the sake of the present, and bitenoric and general-purpose magic that gives up the present to some extent for the sake of the future.”

“hmm. It’s hard to see that I’ve given up on the present, but… … . Compared to black magic, it feels like that.”

Mimir gave a small smile and removed his hand from mine.

I looked at my strangely empty hands, then clenched my fists.

“It is the crystallization of evolution… … . It’s heartbreaking. Are you saying that depending on what I do, I can surpass Master?”

“I always said If you are the successor, you will be able to surpass Obama.”

Mimir replied with a smile.

“Of course it will be difficult.”

Then he smiled mischievously, sticking out his tongue.

“Anyway, in this way, the two magics form a perfect polarity. Did you understand this far?”

“I understand perfectly.”

“That’s why your head hurts like this right now.”

Mimir’s expression slowly darkened.

“Black magic is definitely the power of giving up the future. No matter how many years pass, nothing grows. There is no growth, so there is no new birth. No, there shouldn’t be.”


“But you’re new, aren’t you?”

A power that Mimir does not know.

A mysterious magic used by the Doctor.

The magic was very likely to be newly born magic.

“Of course, there may be magic that I don’t know about. however… … .”

Mimir was speechless.

What I was probably trying to say later was, ‘It’s very unlikely.’ would have felt the same way.

In fact, as much as Mimir remembers all the history of that fierce war, there is little chance of not knowing something.

“If black magic had freed itself from the shackles of having no future and had a future in its hands… … .”

A dark cloud hung over Mimir’s face.

“It makes sense that the Veil Stoll, which will be resurrected someday, will be resurrected as an even more powerful being.”

“A guy so strong that even Master couldn’t completely defeat him… … Resurrected stronger?”

It was such a terrible future.

so much I can’t even imagine.

* * *

‘Originally, escaping to Korea would have been one way, but that’s not the case now.’

‘I need to gather information. Was the magic used by the person called the Doctor really new? Did black magic really release the shackles of the future?’

‘You must get an answer to that. To prepare for the worst enemy that will come someday.’

It was as Mimir said.

To prevent catastrophe in the future, we must somehow get the information now.

In order to do that, I need to stay here and fight the Doctor.

‘If it was the way it was originally, I was going to take some time, contact my father or Captain Charles, and go back to Korea… … .’

There is no need to fight the Doctor right now.

So, I was going to quietly go back when I thought there would be no problems while watching the situation… … .

Things have changed.

‘Take care of the doctor with all your might. And get information about the Doctor’s powers.’

If you miss this opportunity now, you never know when another opportunity like this will arise.

By all means, we must capture the Doctor and obtain his information.

‘Fortunately, things aren’t too bad. On this side, there is also the strongest card limited to Doctors called Sein Binoche.’

The doctor’s magic is a magic that has the effect of releasing his own mana, polluting the mana in the air, and erasing the target that comes into contact with the contaminated mana.

And the sword of Binosugar handled by Sein Binoche is a ‘sword that cuts mana’.

‘In front of Sain’s sword, the doctor’s mana infection loses its meaning.’

He’s a strong person, but he’s compatible with the Doctor.

As long as such a person is attached as an ally, there is no reason to withdraw.

‘There’s a chance the Doctor will call in reinforcements… … .’

That doesn’t really matter either.

If he calls in reinforcements, we just have to call in reinforcements.

‘The real issue is if the Doctor gave up everything and ran from here… … .’

Probably not.

Because of that personality, there is no way to escape without repaying what happened.

I’m definitely going to do something.

… … maybe.

‘Still, it’s better to check first.’

I took the secret line terminal out of my pocket and wrote a text.

It was a text message sent to Shadow.

[Please understand the doctor’s movement.]

A special terminal that can be sent only three times. As there is a limit of 3 times, the probability of being caught by Hermes is very low.

Since it was a limited number of terminals, I refrained from using it as much as possible, but there is no reason to spare it now.

I also wrote the two remaining messages as is.

[Ready to trade. Want to join.]

[Join the Doctor’s reinforcements.]

As soon as the message was sent, the terminal was destroyed with a crackling sound.

I put the damaged terminal back into the ace and threw it away.

This completes the destruction of evidence.

‘next… … .’

I slowly carried out what I had planned.

About 10 minutes passed like that.

“With this, all preparations are complete.”

I was perfectly prepared to capture the Doctor alive.

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