Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 249

Chapter 249

The Doctor was relaxing and stretching as he watched the slowly spreading corrupted mana.

Anyone can see that it was an act of composure of a person who was sure of victory, but in reality it was an act far from composure.

‘… … It must be difficult to run in this state.’

The Doctor is currently suffering from severe muscle pain due to the rebound from excessive return.

‘Shadow is good at using this ability casually.’

The Doctor used a hidden trump trick to get him back quickly.

That trump card is none other than Shadow’s shadow.

The Doctor used the degraded copy of ‘Shadow of Umbra’ to move the shadow to this place.

‘It’s only about 10% or so of degraded copies, but this much?’

Interest soared again in Shadow, who used this non-standard ability with his bare body.

‘As expected, I should have asked the Dark Mage King to use Shadow as an experimental material.’

The Doctor recalled 23 years ago, when he first began researching the mythical heritage.

A study using the medium of ‘Shadow of Umbra’, which was obtained by chance.

As it was the first experiment, of course, the research did not work out well.

The legacy in the myth runs rampant, and the research institute, test subjects, and research materials are all burned down.

That was the end of the Doctor’s first experiment.

Even thinking about it again makes me regret it.

why couldn’t it just be that way?

The Doctor frowned as he recalled his past failures.

‘Even to make up for that failure, I need to study Shadow again.’

The problem is that you can’t.

Since the Dark Mage King loves Shadow, it is impossible to secretly kidnap him.

‘How can I use Shadow as a test subject?’

The Doctor thought as he stroked his chin.

‘What if I made Shadow attack me first? There is no problem using traitors as test subjects.’

Currently, Shadow is forgetting all the memories of the past, when he was experimented on.

Is it because it happened when I was very young? Or maybe it’s for some reason, but I don’t remember the doctor’s face or anything about the experiment.

That’s why there is no reaction even if you put the enemy in front of you.

‘Then the method is simple. All you have to do is remind Shadow’s memories. Then he will 100% attack me.’

What follows is simple.

Shadow, who attacked the same executive, is stigmatized as a traitor and used as a test subject.

No one would object to using a traitor as a test subject.


The corners of the doctor’s mouth twisted meanly.

‘Now, then, is there any way to remind him of his memory? If you’re forgetting what happened back then due to the action of your mental defense mechanism… … How about stimulating the trauma?’

It was a time when I was licking my lips and thinking about the future.

‘this. I’ve been thinking too long.’

The Doctor forcibly brushed off his thoughts.

Now is not the time to be so relaxed and pensive.

‘It’s not too late to think about it after dealing with that bastard.’

Poor little rat, besieged by predators and with no means of escape.

It was so unresponsive that I almost forgot about it for a moment.

‘About 30 seconds left.’

After 30 seconds, the mana range will reach him.

You just have to wait until then.

’29, 28, 27.’

It was when the Doctor was leisurely counting seconds.


Shin Ha-yul suddenly kicked off the ground and started running somewhere.


The doctor’s body trembled.

It was a reflexive reaction to the enemy’s sudden action.


But that’s for a while.

The Doctor immediately regained his composure.

‘No matter what I do, I can’t run away from here. There is no reason to react.’

There’s no reason to react to whatever he does.

Anyway, all passages outside are covered with the Doctor’s mana.

What he is doing now is nothing but futile struggle.

There is no reason to react.

It’s a body that can’t move properly anyway because of muscle pain.

“You seem unwilling to move.”

At that time, Shin Ha-yul, who had safely moved to the target point, spoke to the doctor.

“There is no reason to move… … . Fuha!”

At that moment, the Doctor burst into laughter.

“I was wondering what you were aiming for. Is the best way to think of going deeper inside?”

The Doctor laughed as if he was being genuinely ridiculous.

I laughed so loud that my eyes were watery.

“I won’t say anything bad. Stop that.”

The Doctor warned, suppressing a laugh.

“What is inside is a divine object containing the primordial fire. It’s not a flame that the likes of you can withstand.”

The Doctor advised me wholeheartedly.

“I will die anyway. Shouldn’t I die a little more comfortably? Rather than being burned alive, I think it would be better for you to die a comfortable death with my magic.”

It was a lie.

The flames of Ignis will kill the target before they even feel pain thanks to its powerful firepower.

On the other hand, the Doctor’s magic. In the case of the ‘Power of Extinction’, it is possible to kill the target as painfully as possible.

It can give you indescribable pain by slowly destroying body parts, starting with your fingers and toes.

Pain is also pain, but you will despair and fear as you watch your body disappear.

I really want to see it.

“My own last mercy. die quietly… … .”


Shin Ha-yul snorted.

“It was a short meeting, but I got a clear idea of ​​your personality. You are not one to show mercy to others.”

Then he took a step back.

He stepped back due to the slowly approaching doctor’s mana.

“You’re just in trouble if I come in here. That’s why you’re trying to stop me.”

One more step.

one more step.

I slowly move my feet into the aisle.

“Am I wrong?”


The Doctor clicked his tongue.

It was a face that was blocked by the guy’s grandiose flatulence.

“If you think so, go somewhere.”

Whether they enter or not, the result of death does not change anyway.

It’s just the difference between dying painfully or dying comfortably.

“I think so.”

Shin Ha-yul turned around and ran into the aisle.

The Doctor just stood there and watched it.

‘Tsk. If I had been in good shape, I would have stopped it. Too bad.’

The Doctor’s ability is not just the ‘power of extinction’.

He also has a knack for moving his body.

Excellent physical ability and the ‘Power of Extinction’ that erases enemies without questioning and answering when nearby.

The combination of these two things made the Doctor known as the strongest executive of the Black Mage Tower.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the current doctor who is suffering from general muscle pain as a result of using Umbra’s shadow.

‘This is the end, but… … . I don’t like the ending very much.’

It was a pretty lame ending.

The doctor clicked his tongue with an expression that the steam had cooled down.

And slowly began to collect the polluted mana.

And right at that moment.


Ignis’ flames spewed out like an explosion from the passage leading to the center of the research center.

‘This heat and explosive power… … . Did Ignis start to run wild?’

It’s not just the amount of flame that burns the intruders.

It was a wild shimmer just before going out of control, which I had seen many times.

“how… … .”

Ignis’ medium is like a small sun, constantly emitting heat that even the Doctor cannot approach.

It is impossible to approach, so it is impossible to stimulate Ignis.

How much more does a single swordsman stimulate Ignis?

A lesser tribe that can only wield a sword up close?

Absolutely impossible.

‘It would be impossible to stimulate Ignis with that bastard’s power, so how!’

The words of those who set foot in there are only death.

That’s why I thought so when he said he would go inside. The result is a runaway.

The Doctor bit his lip and screamed inwardly.

My head instantly became complicated.

Fire, fire, fire!

But think for a moment.

Now is not the time to think about it.

should be avoided at once.

Otherwise, Ignis’ flames will burn you to death.

‘We have to run to the warden’s office before it completely explodes!’

The director’s office was built so strong that even if Ignis exploded, there would be no problem. It’s safe there.

The doctor ran to the director’s office, holding back his aching body.


The Doctor groaned and moved on.

It uses mana to strengthen its body and runs at full power.

I don’t know if he can use telekinesis magic, but the Doctor can’t use telekinesis.

It’s not just telekinesis.

All magical shares are taken away by the power of extinction, so all other magic cannot be used.

‘little bit more… … !’

The Doctor’s body screamed.


As the pain grew, so did the sound of Ignis’ flames exploding.

If there is another big explosion in the future, then the entire laboratory will be engulfed in flames.

‘Don’t be late!’

3 last steps left. The Doctor jumped into his warden’s office.

And immediately closed the door.


At that moment, the flames exploded.

A loud roar that I’ve never heard before.

The Doctor, who had been studying Ignis for years, was at a level he had never seen before.

‘That rat… … What the hell have you done?’

Even if I wanted to ask, he was already dead, so I couldn’t ask.

‘It took more than a year for me to even react to Ignis. how the hell… … !’

That’s when the doctor was biting his teeth while suppressing the muscle pain.

sigh… … .

The flames slowly began to die out.

‘Is the rampage over already?’

Maybe because it was such a powerful explosion? The rush hour was shorter than usual.

The Doctor peeked out, confirmed that the flames had stopped, and left the warden’s office.

Could it be that it was a huge explosion?

The laboratory has become a mess.

“… … .”

The already frowning face of the Doctor was even more contorted with annoyance.

I was even more annoyed because it reminded me of a laboratory that had been burned down while studying the shadows of Umbra in the past.

‘… … for a moment.’

Then the Doctor’s eyes widened.

A similar situation with the first institute.

There was a hint in those words.

‘This runaway. In the past, during the first experiment, it is similar to when the shadow of Umbra was implanted into the shadow.’

Even then, there was such a violent runaway.

that means that.

‘That guy. I don’t think he has the same constitution as Shadow… … . Are you a fitter of a mythical heritage?’

Wouldn’t that mean that the rat was a suitable person for Ignis?

‘Then, this incomprehensible level of outrage can also be explained.’

The Doctor quickly ran to the observation room where he could observe Ignis’ storage.

If this hypothesis is correct, then this is an opportunity.

A golden opportunity to get closer to the ultimate goal of researching not only this research, but also the mythical heritage itself.

The Doctor moved quickly, suppressing the pain in his body.


The Doctor opened the observation room door roughly and turned his gaze to the special glass wall that opened in the direction of Ignis’ storage room.

And the moment I checked Ignis’ condition.

“… … .”

I was at a loss for words.

I was blown away by the unexpected scenery.

“It’s gone… … ?”

I didn’t mean that the intruder was gone.

What was said to be gone now should not disappear now.

“Ignis… … how? why?”

Ignis disappeared.

Together with the intruder, it completely disappeared as if it had never been here.

“no way… … .”

The Doctor’s expression immediately turned to anger.

“That rat! I thought of this from the beginning… … !”

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