Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 248

Chapter 248

A doctor with a bizarre expression of both anger and joy.

Looking at the doctor like that, I was perplexed inside.

‘How did you come back so quickly?’

The fact that the Doctor has returned is not surprising.

Since the report was sent to the doctor through the intervention of the mercenaries, it was only natural for him to return.

What I’m wondering right now is the speed of the Doctor’s return.

‘It’s been less than 10 minutes since I encountered the mercenaries. How already… … .’

Assuming I’m running on my own, it takes at least 15 minutes from school to here.

As much as that doctor is stronger than me, it could be a little faster.

No matter how fast it is, 10 minutes is too fast.

‘Since I was observing the class, it must have taken at least one or two minutes to drop the chairman.’

Considering strict secrecy, it takes at least five minutes to get ready to return.

No matter how much you think about it, 10 minutes is too fast.

How the hell did you arrive so quickly?

‘Could it have anything to do with the Doctor’s abilities?’

The Doctor’s ability, which not even Shadow and Hermes are said to be unaware of.

Maybe his ability has something to do with ‘speed’.

Then it is understandable that I was able to come back in 10 minutes.

‘If so, escape is impossible.’

It is impossible to escape against a mage whose weapon is speed.

The situation got even more embarrassing.

“Why are you not saying anything? rat.”

The corners of the doctor’s mouth rose even higher.

It is clear that he was delighted with the meaning of my silence.

“Are you not going to talk? that’s a bit difficult There are so many things you need to hear.”

The corners of the mouth tilted like a crescent moon.

The corners of his mouth were torn apart, making the already bizarre atmosphere even more grotesque.

“I can’t help it. I have no choice but to be caught and tortured.”

The Doctor removed his hand from his pocket and took a step closer to me.


It was then that the mercenary commander made the move.

Standing between me and the Doctor, I frowned while holding eight daggers in both hands.

“There must be something to talk about with us first.”

Following the captain, the entire mercenary corps settled down as if besieging the Doctor.

It was the same formation as the previous time against me.

If there is a difference, it is that I kept moving and keeping them in check to prevent them from completing the formation.

Is it just that the Doctor just stays still as if he doesn’t care whether he is surrounded or not?

“Let’s talk… … .”

The Doctor put his hands in his pockets and pretended to think for a moment.

“well. I have nothing to talk about with bastards who betrayed their masters.”

“… … .”

The captain’s expression grew even colder.

“ah. Was corporal punishment a kind of conversation for bastards? Then there is still something to be said. We’ll have to punish those odious guard dogs who dare to bite their owner’s hand.”

“… … You talk well. trash.”

The eight daggers the captain was holding in both hands shook as before, holding the eight attributes.

Didn’t I have enough power when dealing with me earlier?

It oscillates much more intensely.

“Where do you die from being bitten by those bastards?”

The eight swords left the captain’s hand and began moving toward each of the mercenaries surrounding the Doctor.

In this way, the eight swords settled in the shape of an octagon.



A woman responded loudly to the captain’s call.

and that moment.


Mana fluctuated greatly again.

‘… … Barrier?’

The barrier is activated and all mana in this area is changed.

I activated the divine eye and observed the barrier.

As it was a barrier with a considerable range, I was able to confirm the structure of the barrier from my current location.

‘Special barrier. The activation condition is that 8 people holding seals, including the captain, stand in an octagonal shape. That’s why I was trying to surround myself like that.’

The mercenaries held eight swords in their hands.

And the mercenary captain created a new sword and put it in his hand.

Sotaedo, which was forged using only non-attribute mana without substituting any other attributes.

Even though it does not have a special aura, it contains much stronger power than other swords.

Maybe that sword is like that man’s special move.

I understood that, and continued the analysis of the barrier.

‘The effect of the barrier is mana freezing. It freezes the target’s mana in the center of the octagon, blocking both movement and magic at the same time.’

Judging from the density, shape, and nature of the mana that the barrier contains, it seems to be a barrier that works for the 7th and 8th circle archmages.

“hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it possessing such magic.”

“It’s because it’s insurance. Insurance against employers who, like you, want to swindle us.”

“indeed. I’ve been thinking a little bit about bastards.”

The Doctor laughed and removed his hand from his pocket.

“Even if I regret it, it is too late.”

Seeing the doctor like that, each member of the mercenary corps lowered their posture.

They want to kill the Doctor quickly before he can do anything.


At the same time, the mercenaries rush to the Doctor. Swords with different powers flew from different directions.

It’s not an attack that a magician who can’t use magic due to freezing can counteract it.


“Don’t be too conceited just because you gave me a little compliment. pup.”

The Doctor was not a wizard with common sense.


The Doctor snapped his fingers with his middle finger and thumb.

“Go away.”

and that moment.

“Cali’s circle… … .”

“porridge… … .”

The mercenaries are gone.

It’s not really a parable or a metaphor.

Literally disappeared without even realizing it.

No, should I say it was destroyed?

All of the clothes and equipment they were wearing disappeared from this world.

“It’s a little quieter now.”

The magician disappeared, and the barrier was destroyed.

At the center of the crumbling barrier, the Doctor smiled contentedly.

As I looked at it, Shadow’s words suddenly came to my mind.

‘If you see the doctor, run away unconditionally. He is the most dangerous among the executives.’

Shadow’s words were correct.

This guy is very dangerous.

“Now there are only two left. rat.”

The Doctor turned his gaze towards me.

“You may have changed your mind in the meantime, so ask again. Are you still willing to talk to me?”

If you see my strength, crawl on your own.

His eyes seemed to say so.

“… … What are you curious about?”

It is also beneficial for me to have a conversation in this situation.

I need time to organize, speculate, and analyze the information I just saw.

“Kuk-kuk. You’ve become quite compliant.”

At my answer, the Doctor laughed like he was having fun.

And then one step came closer to me.

“Stop. If you come any further than that, I will consider you unwilling to talk.”

What he uses is black magic. It is the legacy of Bale Stoll.

Its roots are different from the Bytenor style.

That’s why my eyes can’t see, understand, or destroy that man’s magic.

I have absolutely no idea under what principle the magic just unfolded.

‘But one. I found out the conditions for the activation of that magic.’

The mercenary corps disappeared at the moment it touched the mana emitted by the doctor.

And that mana still surrounds the Doctor.

In other words, you should avoid approaching the Doctor now.

“You are quite wary. Even then, nothing will change.”

The Doctor smiled and stopped walking.

“I stopped as you said. Then can I ask a question now?”

“… … .”

I nodded silently.

The Doctor grinned.

“Luan Palatia. Where did you get information about this place?”

“Yongkae, you remember my name. We just made eye contact as if passing by.”

The Doctor patted himself on the head.

“Because the brain structure itself is different from those of inferior species like you.”

He seems to be quite confident in his memory.

“Answer my question rather than that. you guys How do you know about this place?”

“I didn’t come here knowing that there was anything in particular.”

I made up as many lies as possible.

“Previously, I happened to witness Mael Nadal opening a secret passage in the middle of the crowd. So I just did my research to find out what this secret passage was.”

The doctor’s brow furrowed.

“Right. The place where the carrier died was right in front of the secret passage.”

Then, with an expression dotted with anger, he bit his teeth hard.

“I mean, it’s because of that damn hauler that this happened.”

“That would make sense.”

“… … Tsk. There are too many useless assholes in the world.”

The Doctor shook his head.

“If it wasn’t for that idiot, you wouldn’t have died like this. I’m really sorry. Luan Palatia. For a talented person like you to die here.”

The Doctor looked at me impassively.

Unlike the words that pretended to be sympathetic, the expression of pity was not found even after washing one’s eyes.

No, I just couldn’t find the emotion itself.

The empty eyes unique to psychopaths are emitting a vivid gray light.

“The curiosity was largely resolved. You have no business now.”

The Doctor slowly raised his hand.

And as if he had erased the previous mercenaries, he snapped his fingers.

It was a gesture to erase me.

“Stop dying.”

Just as the Doctor was about to snap his hands.

I took two steps back.

“… … .”

The Doctor paused, pressing his middle finger and thumb together.

“Why? Weren’t you thinking of erasing me?”

The Doctor narrowed his eyes.

I took another two steps to the right.

“Are you watching? Or are you trying to play with me?”

And two steps back.

Then take two steps to the right.

The Doctor didn’t even click his fingers, just remained silent and frowned.

“Or is it because I keep getting out of the magic’s effect range?”

The Doctor closed his eyes and lowered his hand.

“… … Guess who isn’t a rat, you’re quick-witted. Did you see through my magic at a glance?”

“I mean, I like my eyes. Right before the mercenaries dissipate, I could see the mana you exude enveloping the target. In other words, as long as your magic does not enter the sphere of influence of your mana, there is no problem.”

I changed my seat again and smirked.

“Anyway, how long are you going to do this useless thing?”

The reason I keep changing places is because the Doctor keeps moving his mana towards me.

I’m pulling out mana as thin as a string, and moving it gently toward me. Maybe it’s because this is a distance, even if the speed is slow, it’s too slow.

It’s a level that even a child can avoid if you see it.

“I’m not pretending to see it, I really see it.”

It doesn’t work, so why did I keep trying?

It must have been to determine whether my words were bluffing or not.

The Doctor clicked his tongue and recovered the mana he had spewed out.

“okay. Are you going to keep running away like that?”

The Doctor laughed.

“It’s good to run away. How long can I run away?”

With a smile on his face, he slowly approaches me.

“I have no means of counterattacking you unless I can approach you. As long as a counterattack is impossible, the outcome is as good as predetermined.”

Currently, I am ‘Ruan Palatia’. That is, check.

That’s why the doctor said that.

Unless there is a way to approach, there is no way to counterattack.

‘If you use magic, you can respond sufficiently even from a distance.’

But that’s the doctor’s misunderstanding.

Before I was Luan Palatia, I was God’s servant.

I have magic.

It can respond sufficiently even from a distance.


‘It’s a bad idea to use magic here.’

can’t write

no, don’t use it

‘If I use magic now, I’ll know right away that I’m Shin Ha-yul.’

Just now, avoiding the Doctor’s magic, I showed that my eyes are capable of seeing mana.

What if you use magic in addition to that?

100% suspicious.

My magic has strong characteristics. A doctor’s keen eye would definitely notice.

I want to avoid using magic if possible.

‘The best option I can choose now is to escape from here while somehow avoiding that bastard’s attack.’

Concealing my true identity, escaping, and plotting the future.

This is the best option I can make right now.

“If you plan to run away, tell me in advance. Give up.”

Will you read my thoughts?

The Doctor warned, licking his lips.

In the present, where counterattack is impossible, the only option I can choose is to run away.

Even the Doctor knows that.

So that’s what you say.

“You can never run away.”

“… … well.”

Considering the doctor’s mana release range, there is a chance.

‘Hiding the maximum speed, slowly luring the Doctor. If you aim for the moment that is a certain distance from the entrance and run out at full speed, you can escape.’

The Doctor doesn’t know my power at all.

If you evade while hiding your maximum speed, you will have a chance.

I slowly got into my stance.

The center of gravity was lowered and the whole body was strengthened so that it could respond to the attack at any time.

“I would have told you to give up.”

Seeing me like that, the doctor smiled.

“No matter what you do, the only thing waiting for you is death.”

and the next moment.


The Doctor’s mana expanded.

Just like before, it’s not at the level of spewing out thin lines.

The mana surrounding the Doctor is expanding in the shape of a dome.

It looks like an inflated balloon.

“My mana has a virus-like quality. It slowly pollutes the mana in the air.”

Just as the Doctor said, the normal mana around him was affected by the Doctor’s mana and was corrupting.

“I can’t handle this changed mana myself, but… … .”

Black mana that slowly but surely expanded.

That mana touched the neck of the female researcher rolling on the floor.

“It applies to the range of effect of magic.”

sue… … .

A woman’s head that disappeared in an instant.

After a while, even the torso of the woman touched by the mana disappeared in an instant.

“Now my mana won’t stop until I infect all mana in this area.”

“… … .”

“If this place had been above ground instead of underground, I would have been able to escape. It’s a pity.”

The Doctor described his mana as a ‘virus’.

Viruses are more contagious in confined spaces.

“ruler. How are you going to struggle now? There are only 5 minutes left until my mana eats up all of this area.”

The doctor’s mana is rapidly contaminating the mana around him.

At this rate, after 5 minutes there will be no room to escape.

What should I do before that?

And there is only one shuraham that can be used right now.

‘Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to use magic… … .’

I can’t help it.

It was when I thought of using magic like that.

‘That’s… … ?’

Suddenly, the passage leading to the center of the laboratory caught my eye.

‘Why is mana pollution slow only in the passageway to the center of the laboratory?’

Contagion was slow only in that section, so the dome shape was partially distorted.


The answer came unexpectedly quickly.


Across the aisle is Ignis.

I mean.

‘Is Ignis’ mana counteracting the Doctor’s mana?’

It makes sense.

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