Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 246

Chapter 246

After that, I went straight to the instructor’s office and lied about not feeling well.

“sorry. I tried to do something, but it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t even control my conditioning properly. I am so ashamed.”

If you leave without saying anything, there is a risk that the problem will escalate.

In that case, there is a high probability that the doctor’s class observation itself will be canceled.

do not do that.

My goal is to rob the laboratory, which has become empty since the Doctor is away.

The possibility of the Doctor’s return must be blocked in advance.

If you leave early, even if it is false, the probability of problems with class observation converges to 0%.

“body… … That’s why you went to work late in the morning.”

Fortunately, the fact that I was almost late this morning adds credibility to my lie.

“I can’t help it if I’m not feeling well.”

“Certainly, you have been working too hard. I will report for you, so go back quickly and rest.”

There are also actions in the past.

No one doubted my words.

“yes. Then I would like to ask you a favor.”

I put on an expression of enduring pain and slowly left the instructor’s room.

And as soon as I left the instructor’s office, I started running quickly.

The destination is a secret passage in a shopping complex.

‘Secretly and quickly steals the medium of Ignis.’

Officer, now is the right time as the Doctor is looking elsewhere.

‘If I have time, I’ll even look at the research data.’

As soon as I left the school gate, I ran with all my might.

* * *

“This is now the first grade teacher.”

In front of a 1st grade teacher.

The chairman was walking inside the 1st grade classroom with the doctor.

“Compared to the 3rd grade teacher or the 2nd grade teacher, something is small.”

“… … haha. Because it is the first teacher built.”

“You mean freshmen use the old building and third-year students use the new one.”

“That’s right.”

“It is a reasonable distribution. In the end, there is no room for complaints as they are the teachers they will use later.”

The Doctor replied, pretending to be quite interested.

Of course, I’m just pretending.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about the distribution of teachers in useless schools.

‘Without Stella Binoche, there’s nothing more to see at this school.’

I feel like I want to go back right now.

Unfortunately, you can’t.

If he makes a sudden visit and even a sudden request to observe the class, and then goes back in an hour, the image of the character ‘Professor’ that he has been modeling at best will collapse.

Over the past three years, what efforts have you made to create this image?

You can’t destroy your image as a benevolent donor.

‘The status of a professor must be used even after this project is over. I can’t scratch it like this.’

That’s why I’m pretending to be interested in a story I’m not interested in like this.

“This year’s freshman year is significant. There are three kids who can be called geniuses… … .”

Anyway, Chairman Lee.

It’s too noisy even if it’s noisy.

‘I want to rip off that snout.’

I’m still going to die of annoyance. I’m getting annoyed by that babbling chairman.

In my mind, I want to kill that guy right here.

‘… … Tsk.’

Of course, just thinking.

As long as I can’t give up my status as a professor, it’s impossible to kill the chairman right now.

The Doctor calmed down.

‘Anyway, the intruder must have become clear. There is no need to be impatient.’

I controlled my mind like that and swallowed my irritation.

Currently, the Doctor is convinced that the lab intruder is Stella Binoche.

The reason I became convinced was Stella Binoche’s illness.

‘The blue light of the reagent was mixed with the green light. That means that the intruder overlapped with Ignis’ flame for a moment.’

There is a high probability that the intruder could not respond to Ignis’ sudden explosion and was injured.

In short, it was said that there was a very high probability that Stella Binoche’s illness was due to Ignis’ damage.

‘How should I deal with that little mouse?’

I want to deal with it right now, but unfortunately it’s difficult.

Even if no one else knows, Sain Binoche. It’s a bad idea to move her feet into the realm where that monstrous woman resides.

‘I can’t beat Sein Binoche with my own strength.’

Although the Doctor’s overall combat power is probably higher.

Even if the compatibility is not good, it is too bad.

In order to deal with Stella Binoche, we have no choice but to aim for the moment when she leaves Binoche.

‘If Stella Binoche had told Saint Binoche about the lab, it would be a little different… … .’

It looks like they haven’t talked about it yet.

The fact that Sein Binoche is quiet is proof of that.

If it was Sein Binoche’s personality, he would have acted immediately upon hearing about the mysterious laboratory that existed underground.

‘I don’t know why, but since he didn’t tell me right away, it can be said that there is some kind of delay.’

Having said it once, the chances of saying it again today or tomorrow are not very high.

It is right to wait slowly and not be impatient now.

‘And what… … . It doesn’t matter if I said it.’

At that time, all you have to do is ask for support from another executive.

I hate being in debt to other executives, but I can’t help it when the situation is like that.

It’s a thousand times better to go into debt than try to do something alone and cause a bigger disaster.

‘Oh yeah. I guess I’ll have to talk to the scumbags from the French government.’

At any rate, this incident could grow, and the existence of the underground laboratory could be openly revealed.

In order to prevent that, it is necessary to move the puppets prepared in advance as quickly as possible.

“for a moment. Excuse me. I have an important report.”

“yes. You can take it slow.”

The doctor slightly distanced himself from the chairman, took out his phone and sent a message to his subordinates.

[Pass it to the guard dogs. In the case of one in a case, concentrate on the concealment of the laboratory.]

And added this at the end.

[one more. If you have disposed of the body of the escort used as the test subject, call the escort again and deploy it.]

The Doctor had placed the other escorts away in order to use one of them as a test subject.

This is the reason why there was no escort when the former Shin Ha-yul infiltrated the laboratory.

[If you ask why the escort died… … .]

Originally, I had prepared another excuse, but in this situation, I don’t think I need to use that excuse.

[It’s okay to say it’s because of the intruder. They’re stupid, so I’ll easily believe them.]

The Doctor gave the Chairman an evil smile from an invisible angle.

* * *

After entering the shopping complex, I ran through the passage with all my energy for about 10 minutes.

Perhaps it was because he ran with all his might, and he arrived at the lab much faster than before.

The lab entrance was open.

Ignis’ rampage that occurred this morning caused flames to reach the aisle.

There was no way the door to the lab would be intact.

‘It’ll be easier this way.’

I strode through the open entrance.

Of course, the stealth magic is maintained.

Since he is moving boldly to a certain extent, the probability of being detected is incomparably higher than before.

According to the investigation at dawn, there is no one in this laboratory other than the Doctor who can handle mana.

Unless there is a doctor, there is no existence that can see through my concealment.

That’s why I can move confidently like this.

Of course, compared to when he was running down the aisle, he was moving calmly.

No matter how much it is, if you move that much, it is clear that even ordinary people will notice.

I moved toward the center at maximum speed.

About 1 minute and 30 seconds passed like that. Arrived at the center of the laboratory.

‘As expected, the security at the center where Ignis is kept is also completely destroyed.’

The first thing that caught my eye was the melted door, CCTV, and security system.

After that, there were also researchers who were erasing the traces of destruction.

‘Researchers are all gathered here.’

All nine researchers that Miho identified through soul detection were all gathered here.

As expected, none of them seemed to notice my presence at all.

This will make the conversation go faster.

I moved stealthily as it was, and entered among the researchers.

And as it is, I moved to the inside of the storage room.


But at that moment.


Suddenly, a small dagger fell and hit the road in front of me.

A dagger that is more than half embedded in the floor.

A dagger in the form of a deformed bend. Is it a kukri dagger?

“A valuable guest came while we were away for a while.”

And then a man appeared in front of me.

I pulled out the kukri dagger stuck in the floor and hung it around my waist.

He crosses his arms and stares at me intently.

“Make your appearance. intruder.”

Big muscles and short hair.

A soldier-like outfit that seems to claim, ‘I’m a mercenary’ to anyone’s eyes.

The man sprayed mana with a grim expression.

“He’s a guy who doesn’t know how to give up.”

You could tell just by looking at the amount of mana emitted by the man.

this man. strong.

Even if I can’t do it, will it be 7th circle?

‘Where did this guy… … .’

Even just this morning, there was no one like this.

“I can’t help it if I don’t want to show myself. like this… … .”

I broke stealth before the man finished speaking.

There’s no reason to waste your mental energy needlessly.

“Hmm. It’s the first time I see your face. Where is he from?”

“Do you think you will answer?”

“Kuk-kuk. is it.”

The man grinned.

“You say so. researcher man. Can we capture this intruder alive?”

Then, he asked a researcher standing beside him in a state of fascination.

“I can not hear you? Answer the captain’s question. Can I capture you alive?”

At that time, one of the guys who had been quietly killing signs from behind appeared next to the researcher.

He pushed his face towards the blank researcher and glared at him with a forceful expression.

“Hey… … . Yes, yes.”

When a man with a savage impression tried to kill him, he seemed to be frightened.

The female researcher screamed and nodded her head desperately.

that woman

This is the woman who passed by in the aisle the other day.

Clearly dissecting people and sorting out their thoughts was a hobby.

“It is. Leader.”

“hmm. Should I also capture him alive?”

The man called Captain stroked his chin.

“It won’t be easy, but… … . As this is an order from my employer, I will do my best. However, don’t say anything if you accidentally kill him.”

The one who responded to the captain’s words was that grim man from before.

“If the captain says so… … . Do you think you’re a bit of a douche?”

“okay. Be nervous. If you’re not careful, your body and body will separate.”

The captain took his stance first.

“You guys, evacuate the researchers first. In the meantime, I will take care of this guy.”


At the words of the captain, the mercenaries who had been hiding their presence suddenly appeared.

9 people in total.

10 people, including the captain.

Everyone is dressed similar to the captain.

“you. Come this way.”

The grim man with a disapproving expression grabbed the frightened female researcher by the arm and pulled him forcibly.

“Oh, it hurts. gently… … .”

“for a moment.”

The captain dissuaded such a man.

“Leave that researcher alone for a moment. I need to ask you something.”

The captain asked the woman with his eyes focused on me.

“Where is Carly?”


Of course, it was the first name I heard.

The woman was momentarily taken aback, then stuttered.

“Lord, he is dead.”

“Carly is dead?”

The atmosphere of the captain and the surrounding mercenaries all at once became tense.

“… … Please explain properly. Why and how did Carly die?”

The female researcher turned her gaze to me and held out her index finger.

“Hey, the intruder killed it!”

And then he started making ridiculous false accusations.

“There are no traces of him besides saying he killed them. Didn’t you guys even notice the intruder’s existence in the first place?”

“This is not the first time that intruder has sneaked in. I broke in this morning too… … . At that time, Escort Kali, who noticed the existence of the intruder, responded and then… … .”

A laugh came out of me involuntarily at such an absurd answer.

From the flow of the conversation, it appears that the Carly was one of the man’s subordinates.

And he is now dead.

that means that.

‘It must be that the escort the female researcher used as a test subject at dawn was that Kali.’

Roughly, it goes like this.

‘I get it roughly. Why was there no escort inside?’

The situation looks rough.

The lab guys here had other mercenaries stationed far away to use one of the escorts as a test subject.

After that, he must have used Kali, who was left alone, as a test subject.

You’re still blaming me for it.

‘It’s fun.’

It’s a situation where you can’t help but laugh.

“that word. Is it true?”

“yes. It’s true. The reason why the head of the research institute is not here is because he went outside after following the traces of the intruder.”

“I wondered why the nobleman wasn’t there. So I was absent. understood.”

What’s more interesting is that the mercenary commander believes in that absurd statement.

“It is a lie. It wasn’t me who killed Carly… … .”

I couldn’t listen any longer, so it was time to correct it.

Woo woo woo woo-!

The kukri dagger that flew at me a while ago flew again, aiming for my forehead.

“Shut up. intruder.”

With the captain in his stance, he took out seven different daggers tucked into his belt and put them between his fingers.

“I won’t listen to any excuses. I’m trying to make an excuse… … .”

The man muttered slowly and lowered his stance.

and right after that.

“Do it in front of King Yeomra!”

The man was brandishing a dagger right in front of my nose.

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