Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 244

Chapter 244

Leaving the two researchers behind, I went forward a bit.

Did you walk for about 10 minutes?

At first glance, I found a white door that seemed to claim, ‘This is the entrance.’

Anyone could see that it was the entrance to the laboratory, and it was a door that anyone could see was guarded by a strict security system.

‘doesn’t exist?’

However, CCTV was nowhere to be found.

There was no CCTV or other security in sight.

Nothing caught my eye.

Seeing that Miho didn’t respond at all, he didn’t seem to notice anything special.

The fact that neither me nor Miho found anything means there is no real security system, no CCTV or anything.

‘Why are you so lax?’

No security at the entrance.

Even if the security is lax, it is too lax for the guys who set up such a secret facility in the basement of Paris.

‘It’s embarrassing to come to this point.’

Originally, you should be happy that there is no security, but it is rather uncomfortable and uneasy because it is so lax.

‘first… … Let’s go in.’

No presence is detected near the door.

I immediately opened the door and stepped inside the laboratory.

* * *

The inside of the lab was quite empty.

Of course, there was no special research organization, and no one could be found.

Despite searching all over the laboratory for 30 minutes, I couldn’t find a single human hair.

‘… … I can’t understand. Why is there nothing like this?’

Having created such a secret laboratory, and not placing any other devices or personnel inside.

What kind of research are you doing to create such a deformed structure?

I can’t even imagine

During the 30-minute search, I couldn’t find anything like a research log.

Everything is ducking.

The series of incomprehensible situations made me feel even more uncomfortable.

‘I wonder if there’s something in the center.’

The center of the research center where the aura of Ignis emanates.

If you investigate there, you might find out something.

‘Let’s go.’

I moved my feet slowly there.

I wonder if it moved for about 1 minute like that.

A security door that looked strict at first glance greeted me.

As soon as I saw the door, I sighed in relief.

‘okay. No matter what, there must be security in the center.’

There was no CCTV or security system to be found inside the laboratory either.

So it was a situation where the awkwardness was getting bigger.

No matter how deep it is, there is a security system.

If there hadn’t been any security up to this point, it would have been incredibly uncomfortable.

It feels like the uneasiness disappears in an instant.

‘But I won’t be able to go in like this.’

If you try to break through, you can break through.

It doesn’t even look like a very good security system.

Even if you don’t have to use resonance or resonance, you can pierce enough with just the crack.

The problem is that once I break through, my identity will be revealed unconditionally.

So, I can’t go any further than this.

Today’s infiltration ends here.

‘I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I have no choice but to finish here and go back today.’

I got as much information as I could get.

Don’t overdo it from the beginning, aiming for the future is the right choice.

It was when I made up my mind and took a step back.


A tearing scream could be heard from inside the secure laboratory.

“It’s hot! save… help me… ! No, just kill me!”

Without time to react to the sudden scream.


Suddenly, the sound of expanding flames was heard.

And then the security wall melted.

Just as ice melts in fire, the door melted very quickly.

It took only about a second for the door to completely melt.


In an unexpected situation, the situation was delayed by about 0.5 seconds.

I flung myself back, albeit rather late.

I can’t understand the situation at all.

If I stay like this, I will burn to death in the flames of Ignis.

Whatever the reason, you must run away with all your might.

I started running backwards with all my might.

‘The expansion of the flame is too fast!’

However, Ignis’ flames were much faster than I expected.

The approaching flames casually overtake my top speed.

If it goes on like this, it will catch up.

‘Gongjin (共振)!’

I even used ‘resonance’ to increase the rotation of the infinity circle.

More powerful mana penetrated the lower body.

Higher speed due to enhanced resonance.

My speed nearly doubled.

‘Not enough yet!’

Even so, it did not reach Ignis’ expansion speed.

very slightly

The speed at which Ignis spread was fast.

‘Although the momentum of the flames is gradually weakening… … .’

Fortunately, the speed at which the flames approach is gradually slowing down.

Moving away from the center of the explosion, it must be slowly losing power.

‘Still, it’s breathtaking.’

If you calculate the rate of decrease, it is quite dangerous.

The key is 10 seconds.

If the flames lose momentum within 10 seconds, they will live, otherwise they will be consumed by the flames.

Fire, fire, fire!

flames approaching.

One second, like one minute, passes ten times in total.

By the time the traces of flame start to remain on my back.

‘Please stop… … !’

Did my wind reach me?

The speed at which the flame spread was slower than mine.


The speed of the flame slowed down at once.

Now I won’t be caught in that flame.

‘Leave like this… … .’

Just when I was so relieved.

Hwareuk, hwareureureureuk-!

“… … !”

Suddenly the flames expanded again.

Glow counterbalance.

Just like the sky suddenly brightens before the sun sets.

As if to squeeze out the last bit of strength, the momentum of the flames began to grow explosively.

That explosive expansion soon had an effect on my body.

Chii Iik-!


Ignis’s flames eventually reach my fingers.


My index finger started to burn in an instant.

‘The firepower… … Too strong!’

The good thing is that I succeeded in reacting instantaneously and concentrating mana on my index finger.

If it wasn’t for that, my index finger would have already disappeared without a shape.

And another good thing.

It was the last sparkle before it burned away, so there was no way the flame would grow any further.

‘But this is fine.’

I suppressed the pain in my index finger and ran towards the other side of the laboratory.

It is not too late to organize your thoughts after you get out of here.

* * *

The laboratory, which should have been completely ruined by Ignis’ rampage, was unexpectedly kept very tidy.

“hmm. Did you go crazy again?”

He licked his lips as if he was sorry for the doctor who was sitting in the chair watching the test subject.

“But, well, it seems to have improved a lot compared to the beginning.”

When Ignis first ran rampant, the flames spread to the ends of the three secret passages as well as the main passage leading to this place.

Thinking back then, we have made great progress now.

‘When I saw the explosive trend of mana, it was roughly up to the beginning of the laboratory.’

To say that the flames did not extend beyond the entrance of the laboratory.

It was a sure sign that the research was progressing.

The doctor smiled a little, not bad.

“Is there anyone?”

“Did you call?”

At the Doctor’s words, a researcher appeared.

The head researcher is currently out to do errands, so another researcher has come.

“As soon as the flames are completely out, start cleaning up.”

“Can I handle it as usual?”

“okay. A security door and CCTV are installed only at the entrance of the storage room. Leave it elsewhere.”

CCTVs are not installed except in the center because the security system in all directions is destroyed due to frequent Ignis runaways.

This is why the lab’s security is lax.

“Don’t forget to check whether there is any effect on the flame-resistant materials inside the laboratory.”

The laboratory is initially designed to excel in flame resistance.

There is no burning by hitting all the strong flame-resistant materials.

The flame is isolated inside the laboratory, so that it does not cause additional explosions, so it is made of a structure that can spread the flame from the center of the laboratory to the hallway and secret passage to put it to sleep.

This is the secret of large-scale modeling for which the reason for this laboratory is unknown, and the significance of the existence of the three secret passages.

“yes. We will make sure to dispose of the test subject.”

“No mistakes are tolerated.”

“I will be careful.”

With the researcher’s answer, the doctor rose from his seat.

“Are you going to analyze the nature of the flame?”


“Shall I add an assistant?”

“Not required. It wasn’t that the runaway was huge. You guys should focus on tidying up.”

“yes. All right.”

The Doctor headed outside without paying attention to the researcher.

The destination is the direction in which the flames exploded. The end of where the flames stopped.

The Doctor took out a quality test reagent from his pocket and scattered it around as he continued on his way.

‘It’s definitely stabilizing.’

The soot turns green when it meets the reagent.

Observing each and every soot that began to take on a lighter color as we went further back, the doctor smiled happily.

After repeating the act of spraying reagents and observing them, we arrived at our destination, near the entrance of the laboratory.

The Doctor sprayed reagent on the scorched wall for the last time.

The soot began to change color as before.

“This… … .”

At that moment, the Doctor’s eyes widened.

The reagent currently sprayed by the Doctor is a reagent that reacts with the remnants of mana, and turns green when it meets the remnants of fire magic.

The stronger the firepower, the darker green.

The weaker the firepower, the more pale green it becomes.

There is only a difference in the brightness of green, and there is never any change to other colors.


However, the soot in the last area turned blue when it met the reagent.

The mana of the flame alone could never turn blue.

that means this.

“There was an intruder in the lab?”

It was like this.

“In my castle… … Rats infiltrated?”

The Doctor’s expression hardened.

“What kind of bastard… … .”

Then, far away, beyond the dark passageway, I stared hard.

* * *

It’s been 20 minutes since I ran away from Ignis’ flames.

Is it because I ran with all my might?

He succeeded in covering a passage that took two hours in just 20 minutes.

I immediately put my hand on the secret passage and operated it in the opposite way from when I opened it.

If it is a door of this structure, it will surely open in reverse action.

‘It’s open.’

It was as I expected.

A secret passage that opens silently.

Sunlight shines softly through the secret passage.

It seems that it is morning.

I left the secret passage and flew up to the roof of the building.

And without stopping, he jumped between buildings and escaped.

‘This time I moved quite boldly. Someone might have noticed my movements and followed me.’

I moved towards the hotel as quickly as possible while being wary of any possible tailing.

‘no. Maybe it was tailing. Let’s turn a little and go back.’

As soon as I finished thinking, I corrected the route.

About 40 minutes passed like that.

It took about twice as long to get to the hotel.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like they were caught.’

Fortunately, tailing didn’t stick.

I looked around the neighborhood just in case, but no suspicious movement was detected.

It seems that Ignis didn’t notice my mana because of his runaway mana.

It was fortunate indeed.

‘The condition makes no sense.’

I took off my half-burnt clothes and started treating the last burned index finger.

‘… … Ugh.’

Could it really be Ignis?

Even though I tried my best to block it, the wounds were considerable.

If the reaction had been a little slow, the cells would have all necrotic and it would have become an irreversible situation.

‘It’s fortunate that it ended with a third degree burn.’

I suppressed the tingling pain and smeared the ointment on my finger.

And as a finishing touch, I attached a bandage and wrapped it up with a bandage.

End with this.

A wound like this will disappear without leaving a scar in about two days.


Miho, who was holding me in my arms, licked my finger lightly.

He seemed to ask if he was okay.

“I’m okay. Miho, are you not injured anywhere?”

Miho nodded as if nothing was wrong.

“That’s it.”

I gently stroked Miho’s hair. Miho cried as if she was happy.


Just then, the phone I had placed next to my bed vibrated.

[AM 7:00]

It was an alarm that signaled it was time to go to work.

‘There’s no time to rest.’

I immediately threw off the clothes I was wearing and changed into my uniform.

“Miho, you go to Mimir’s Book first. Say my regards to Mimir.”

Quickly changing her clothes, she asked Miho to send her regards, and sent them back to Mimir’s office.

And as soon as I changed my clothes, I put on my shoes and left the hotel.

* * *

I arrived at school three minutes before class started.

It was later than usual, but no one said anything.

Some people joked with me, asking if I overslept, but they weren’t sincere.

Is it because of his usual behavior?

Or is it that I’m not really late?

Anyway, I managed to get to work without being late.


I sighed and sat down in my seat.

After a little more time, it seemed that the already complicated head became even more complicated.


As soon as the infiltration into the laboratory was over, I went to work without even organizing my thoughts.

It was natural that his head was complicated.

‘Lateness or something, I should have talked to Mimir before coming.’

I also heard a bit of regret.

If you think about your usual behavior, there wouldn’t have been a problem if you were a little late.

‘What if I’ve already gone to school?’

As long as Aes was there, I could go to Mimir’s Book at any time, as long as the time and place allowed.

I’ll go see it during break time after the first period.

‘Until then, let’s empty our thoughts.’

With that promise, I shoved all kinds of things into one side of my head.

“Whoa… … .”

After taking a deep breath, my composure returned to some extent.

“Is everyone okay for a while?”

At that time, the chief of staff came to the instructor’s office.

Normally, I wouldn’t even go to work. What’s going on?

“It’s class time, but… … .”

“It will take a while. An important guest is coming. I just want to introduce myself.”

“An important guest?”

Everyone tilted their heads.

Who will be the important guests to come at this time? You seem to think so.

“Come in.”

The chairman greeted the guests with a bright smile.

A tall, middle-aged man appeared through the door.

The neatly trimmed hair and suit stood out.

“You donate a lot to our school every year… … .”

My pupils dilated as soon as the man fully appeared.

“This is Professor Ashuin. You’re a busy person, but today, to check if the donation is being used well, like this… … .”

The words of the chairman no longer entered my head.

I was distracted by the alien energy I felt from the man in front of me.

‘Corrupted Mana… … .’

Corrupted mana, evidence of the Black Mage Tower, was flowing from the man whom the chairman introduced as Professor Ashuin.

It’s also different from Leng Smith’s Mana in its nature.

‘Tkeish, it’s on the same level as the parade.’

That is the mana of the executive level.

“Nice to meet you. The Chairman of the Board calls me ‘Professor’. Personally, rather than calling it… … .”

the man laughed

In an instant, it looked like a refreshing smile, but to my eyes it looked like a very different smile.

“I tend to prefer the title ‘Doctor’. So please call me Dr. Ashuin.”

Maybe the real ‘Doctor’

He appeared before my eyes.

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