Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 243

Chapter 243

Eleventh mythical magic.


It is a mythical magic that inherits the myth of an assassin who is said to have killed the supreme god.

It is magic that specializes in hiding something.

If you use this magic, you can completely erase your presence, as well as completely erase the shape of the object you want.

According to mythology, it was impossible for any god to find Nubes who had completely disappeared, so there is no need to explain how powerful stealth is.

‘It would make sense if this mysterious shielding property borrowed the power of Nubes.’

Me and Miho’s sensing abilities are excellent, but not enough to pierce Nubes.

Nuves isn’t mythical magic for nothing.

Of course, if Miho had her original powers, she might have sensed it somehow.

However, with only six tails yet, detection is close to impossible.

‘Me too.’

I put my hand on the black stone once more.

I also don’t feel anything.

I tried all means, but to no avail.

To me, this black stone is just a black stone that is useless to anyone.

It was a stealth ability that was truly admirable.

‘Nubesrani… … .’

Perhaps this is not the medium of the ‘real’ Nuves.

If this were real, Miho wouldn’t even feel strange.

Perhaps this black stone is a degraded copy made using the power of Nubes.

or a replica

In fact, the medium of Nubes that I saw in the literature was not in the form of a stone.

‘It’s a headache.’

If this black stone is a degraded copy made using Nubes’ power, it’s a pretty headache situation.

‘The fact that these black stones are installed in all three secret passages means that mass production of these black stones is possible… … .’

If the Black Mage Tower starts using this stone to commit crimes, then there is really no way to stop it.

It’s impossible to spot it even with me or Miho’s sensing ability, so how can others feel it?

‘Using this power makes infiltration and assassination easier.’

No matter where you are in the world, no matter how you are protected, you cannot be at ease.

As long as the Black Mage Tower controls the power of Nubes, no place in the world is safe.

The great wizards who fly and grow in the world will die without using any power.

That’s how the balance will slowly tilt towards the Black Mage Tower.

The world will soon fall into the hands of the Black Mage Tower.

‘It’s not at the level of an emergency.’

Mass production of degraded copies of Nuves.

This is not a situation that can be described lightly as an emergency.

You have to come up with a way to respond somehow.

If you don’t find a way, then everything may end.

‘I’ll have to consult with Mimir to come up with a way.’

As long as it’s a deteriorating copy, there must be a way out somehow.

Mimir will surely find a way.

‘If only I could take this black stone, it would be more certain.’

Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

Taking this black stone from here and now is like informing them that someone has broken into this passage.

You should never do that.

There is no reason why the country over there should give information about the intruder.

Right now, the priority is to hide the existence of the country as much as possible and observe their dynamics.

‘First, check what is at the end of this road.’

What the hell are you doing in here, hiding the passage so thoroughly?

you have to check that out.

‘Actually, I can roughly guess what you’re doing without even checking it… … .’

Hints are plentiful and overflowing.

They only have one thing to do here.

‘Ignis’ parasol.’

The only thing they can do is this.

* * *

A special laboratory built underground in Paris, France.

The man in charge of this laboratory, the ‘Doctor’, was repeating the experiment today with a smile full of madness.

“What is the status of sample number 4?”

“Dead. The experiment has failed.”

A researcher who appeared to be an assistant answered the Doctor’s question.

Then, the camera video of the room containing sample 4 was displayed on the main screen.

Darkly burned human corpses filled the screen.

“It’s all to ashes. Is it also a flame? I mean, it’s very difficult to deal with. What is the condition of the other samples?”

“They are all similar.”

The researcher manipulated the panel and displayed images of all samples from 1 to 8.

All of them are burnt to ashes.

Burned alive, writhing in pain as if dead. Most of the bodies were lying in a twisted state.

“Hmm. The fact that all samples were equally burned to death means that the precondition itself for the experiment was wrong… … .”

“yes. It also seems that the firepower needs to be lowered further.”

“fire power. lower the firepower This is a way to lower the firepower… … . There is no way that comes to mind right now.”

The Doctor stroked his chin and fell into thought.

What should I do to suppress this?

This is also quite suppressed firepower.

“For now, something different might come out, so let’s try using the remaining samples.”

“You mean all the remaining samples?”

“okay. How many are left?”

“There is up to sample No. 31, and 8 were used, so there are 23.”

“good. it’s suitable Put it all in.”

“… … Why don’t you think about it again?”

The researcher’s expression darkened.

As a human being, do you have any conscience in using humans as test subjects?

“Currently, we have lost our carrier. If all samples are used now, there will be no samples for tomorrow.”

No way.

If I had been a person with that kind of conscience in the first place, I wouldn’t have been doing this kind of experiment.

What the researcher is worried about is the severance of the experiment. It’s just that we can’t do more experiments because of the lack of samples.

“That too. Then, just in case, leave eight bodies.”

“yes. I will.”

The researcher manipulated the panel and contacted other researchers.

From now on, the researchers who have been contacted will move to each room and inject objects into the samples.

Then the second experiment begins.

“I hope there is a sample that survives this time.”

“That would be nice.”

The Doctor replied nonchalantly with an expression of no expectation.

It’s an expression that doesn’t even think that the other samples will survive.

no. Should I say that it doesn’t matter whether they survive or not?

“Ah, save the 21st sample. Even if a new carrier comes, young specimens are hard to find. I should use it more usefully.”

“yes. All right.”

The Doctor sat down and crossed his legs.

And then I thought about it again.

“How can I completely control this powerful energy of fire?”

right in front of the seat.

Beyond the glass tube under strict security.

Looking at the special jewel shaped like a heart, I opened my eyes sharply.

“It’s a way to lower the firepower… … .”

The medium of Ignis.

The Doctor and other researchers also know the name Ignis, but for short, it is a gem called A2 special medium.

I looked at it and thought over and over again.

“It’s difficult. difficult.”

The doctor’s eyes brightened slightly.

“As expected, we should use those who are resistant to fire as test subjects.”

“I think that might be one way. Sorcerer or Knight… … . Wouldn’t that give a slightly different result?”


The Doctor grinned, as if this was a very good approach.

“good. Then let’s use one of the escorts as a sample.”

“… … You mean one of the escorts? Are you all right?”

“Does not matter. Howie, you can always find a new one.”

A red glow emanated from the Doctor’s eyes. It was a twisted eye light stained with madness.

“It’s more about quenching my curiosity than anything like that.”

“ah… … !”

The researcher made an admiring expression.

“I don’t dwell on frivolity, I prioritize experiments… … . After all, the Doctor is a role model for researchers.”

It was a deeply moving expression.

In the future, if he had his own laboratory, he would do the same.

so promised

“However, other escorts may rebel, so make sure not to get caught. yes. at all Send all but one outside.”

“yes. I will run right away.”

The Doctor nodded with a satisfied smile.

“Oh. Did you find out why the second secret passage was open during the day?”


The researcher took out a piece of paper from his bosom.

“The lady of Binosugar opened it.”

“Are there any signs of getting inside?”

“doesn’t exist. I just opened it and then closed it right away. I think he may have heard about the secret passage from Saint Binoche and opened it out of curiosity to see if it really exists.”

“Is that all?”

“yes. That’s all.”


The Doctor immediately threw the papers away with a look of disinterest.

“You don’t have to worry too much. Even if you do get inside, you’ll have to open another secret passage in the bunker to come this way. What’s going to happen here… … .”

“Are you worried? No way.”

The Doctor clicked his tongue and licked his lips.

“The lady of Binosugar is said to be able to handle cold sword skills. And usually such beings have a strong resistance to fire.”

worry? doesn’t do anything like that The Doctor is just sad.

“I’m sorry. If only I had come in the aisle, I would have had a good sample.”

It is a pity that Stella Binoche was not obtained as a great research material.

* * *

It’s been 1 hour and 40 minutes since I moved along the aisle.

‘How long is this aisle?’

I can’t see the end even if I walk and walk.

Maybe it’s because I’m walking much slower than I usually walk in order to prepare for an unexpected situation, but even taking that into consideration, the aisle is too long.

‘… … Should I speed up a bit?’

So far, the watchman and CCTV have not been able to find one.

If there is nothing like this, maybe it means that there is really no defense.

If so, wouldn’t it be okay to leave some safety behind and increase the search speed?

‘no. There is no law that there are no guards in the outskirts and no guards in the center.’

Increasing the search speed now is a bad idea.

For now, you need to proceed slowly, one step at a time.

And after walking for 1 hour and 40 minutes, it was time to see it.

There is no need to fret at all.

All you have to do is continue your exploration calmly and calmly as before.


My heart, which had been disturbed a little, regained peace again.

So I started moving slowly, just like before.

Another 30 minutes passed like that.

Finally, there was a change in the aisle.

‘It’s been cleaned.’

The floor or walls of the aisle are neatly arranged in the world.

someone has been cleaning

This means that you are close to your destination.

I slowly moved my feet through the tidy aisle.

One step, two steps.

The moment you took just three steps.


Remnants of powerful flames ran through my body.

“… … !”

A feeling as if my body had been burned to death.

My limbs turned to ashes and scattered.

Of course, it wasn’t really my limbs that burned.

everything is an illusion.

It was an illusion that the powerful fire mana showed me.

‘This is the power of Ignis… … .’

Needless to say, the powerful fiery mana was the mana emitted by Ignis.

It’s enough to show you this level of fantasy with just the mana you spew out.

How much power do you have?


Thinking about that, I’m in a daze.

Miho pricked up his ears.

Stare at the front and keep alert.

It was a signal that someone was coming from the front.

I quickly lowered my stance and clung to the wall.

Then use Resonance to further enhance stealth.

I did my best to erase my presence.

another angle, another angle.

Tuck, Tuck.

Soon after, two footsteps were heard.

One was the sound peculiar to high heels, and the other was the sound peculiar to shoes.

Among them, the sound of the shoe is heavy, so it seems to be a bit heavy.

Maybe one woman and one man.

“In the end, today’s experiment also completely failed.”

“Still, it was more stable than half a year ago.”

A woman spoke first, followed by a man.

As expected, it was a pair of men and women.

“It is, but it is. After all, they all died today.”

The woman said a little annoyed.

“Hold on well. I couldn’t stand it for even a minute, so I lost my mind and burned to death. Isn’t everyone too obsessed with life?”

“If it had been done by will, at least one person would have survived. It’s not the subject’s problem.”

burn to death

test subject.

These were keywords that roughly predicted the situation.

‘these guys… … They’re doing human experiments.’

no will to live

Only humans can say such things.

My brow furrowed.

“i know. I just did it because it was so frustrating. I’m not even an amateur. Shall we blame the lab rat?”

lab rat.

At that, my expression softened even more.

Cold-forged rage sharpened my eyes.

“I just needed to know.”

The man replied expressionlessly.

“really… … . I can’t even complain to my seniors.”

“Focus more on research when you have time to complain. Because now there really is only one step left.”

“Yes yes. All right.”

The woman answered in a very disgusting tone.

“Eh. Also, when will the new test subjects come in? There is a limit to only image training.”

“… … A bad habit of dissecting people and organizing their thoughts. Haven’t you fixed it yet?”

“no way. It’s not a bad habit. That’s a good habit. People say that when you focus your attention on something, your thinking ability improves, right? What I do is the same.”

“I don’t understand.”

“If you try it, you will know, right? If you stare into someone else’s brain… … It’s no wonder I feel like my brain is being stimulated more.”

It makes me angry just listening to it. What the hell do these bastards think of people?

If possible, I wanted to incinerate that garbage right away.

‘… … Whoa. Let’s calm down.’

But now is not the time.

Killing them now won’t change anything.

For now, I just have to think about letting go of my anger and infiltrating the inside.

‘After that, gather information and clean up this trash.’

that’s the best solution

I thought so and suppressed my anger.

“Oh, by the way, one of the escorts was used as a test material today, right?”

… … Howie was used as an experimental material? colleague?

“… … It is confidential.”

“no way. There are only two of us here.”

The woman waved her hand moderately and trembled.

“Anyway, I looked at it and thought about it. Surely we won’t be used as test subjects if needed, right?”

“well. Maybe if need be.”

The man replied expressionlessly.

“Considering the doctor’s personality, it’s quite possible.”

“… … It’s scary.”

“If that scares you, be more diligent. If you keep proving your competence to the Doctor, that won’t happen.”

“but. Just looking at you senior, you’ve been assisting the doctor for 12 years… … .”

The woman smiled softly.

“Well, there’s no point in worrying about that already. I have to think about doing well.”

that last word.

The two remained silent and walked out in the direction I came from.

Probably going on patrol.

The two men and women who completely disappeared from my sight.

Even after the two disappeared, I stood there blankly for about five minutes.

It wasn’t that the two of them were wary of coming back.

just amazed

It’s just that the unexpected noun jumped out of my head.

‘… … doctor?’

About the person called ‘Doctor’ that came out of the mouth of the two, I had heard from Shadow before.

‘doctor. Among the executives of the Black Mage Tower, he is one of only three non-combat executives along with Hermes.’

Codename Doctor.

Shadow says.

‘I won’t talk too long. If you run into this guy, run away. He is the most dangerous of the executives.’

He is the most dangerous guy in the Black Mage Tower.

‘That doctor is the overseer here… … ?’

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