Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 240

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Chapter 240

Inside the storage shed for training supplies.

As befits a place that is protected with the strictest equipment in the school, there were quite expensive items lined up inside.

I saw a lot of items that lightly cost billions of dollars, and I saw special equipment that exceeded 10 billion won.

Because of this, I was able to realize that outsiders were prohibited from entering.

‘You’ve been really considerate.’

The fact that the country issued passes to outsiders was a greater consideration than I thought.

Not to mention, they didn’t bring someone with them, and they issued the highest level of pass to enter alone.

Does that mean that the image he showed at this school for the past five days was that trustworthy?

Or is Sein-nim’s breath so strong?

Probably both.

‘As trust in me was built up, I issued a pass, and through Sein-nim’s breath, I was allowed to enter alone. I wonder if it feels like this.’

What’s a bit disappointing is that you can only come here today and tomorrow.

Well, I said that if I continue to achieve results in the future, I will be able to enter again.

I don’t think you need to worry.

If further investigation is required, then all you have to do is get the pass issued again.

‘As expected, it was right to come in as a temporary instructor.’

To be able to freely come in and out of the center of the school like this.

Also, my choice was right.

I learned a lot while working as an instructor.

With that thought in mind, I went to the deepest part of the warehouse.

“Hey… … .”

here it was real

What was placed in front of me was expensive, but affordable equipment.

The things here are valuable equipment that cannot be purchased with money at all.

‘I keep these things, so I have a 24-hour manager to keep them.’

A training sword that allows you to learn the art of sword fighting, including a mana core guidance device.

All of them are treasure-like equipment for swordsmen.

‘and. Do you have anything like this?’

I continued my search, examining the rare equipment in the deepest part one by one.

It wasn’t just the energy of Ignis.

My nominal reason for being here is to increase the effectiveness of training. In order not to be suspected by everyone, I have to closely observe the training equipment inside in my own way.

‘Because I have a lot of time. You can do it slowly.’

As long as you have a pass, there is no time limit for today and tomorrow.

You can stay here as long as you want until class starts.

There is absolutely no need to be in a hurry.

‘This will be helpful for students who focus on speed.’

‘I think this will help the spearmen.’

‘The bow… … So far, nothing can help.’

So I leisurely observed my surroundings.

About 20 minutes passed like that.

By the time I checked about half of the equipment.

“This brooch… … .”

about a week ago.

Found a brooch identical to the one dropped by the first year students.

It is a special artifact with the property of absorbing mana, and there were about 10 of them gathered in one place.

I lifted the brooches one by one.

‘Will Ignis’ mana be detected in other brooches?’

How many brooches out of a total of 11 brooches will have Ignis’ aura detected?

If there are more than two, that means there’s a high probability that there’s something in them.

If there are 3 or more, it would mean a higher probability.

‘If there are 4 or more, it’s just confirmed.’

I wish there were more than 5 at all.

With that thought in mind, I checked the brooches one by one.

Activate the Sinan to the maximum and open it as if disassembling the inside of the brooch.

Repeat it a total of 11 times.

It took more than 20 seconds for each one, as it was a task to comb through the inside of the brooch.

About 4 minutes passed like that.

‘… … Eight.’

Check Ignis’ aura from the 8 brooches.

It’s the same quality of energy as Ignis’ energy that I felt in the shopping complex before, only slightly different in size.

‘If this happens, the hypothesis that Ignis’ medium is separated loses its power.’

If they were divided, there’s no way they would have the same energy to this extent.

The fact that the energy felt is this much the same should be seen as originating from a single medium.

‘Of course, this could happen if the shopping complex and the medium here were divided into exactly the same size.’

The odds of that happening are extremely low.

Maybe about 5%?

Of course, even a 5% chance is not a negligible figure… … .


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‘It will become clear if I detect the mana in the flask that Adela will bring today.’

Anyway, that 5% will soon be resolved.

Just check the flask Adela is bringing, and you’ll be all set.

Conclusions can be made tonight.

‘Then now, the key is how Ignis’ energy flowed into this brooch.’

Until now, Ignis’ aura had not been detected until now.

It’s very likely that it came from an unknown source.

I put the brooch back in place and started searching again.

This time, I focused only on the environment and mana detection inside the warehouse, excluding the confirmation of training supplies.

moving so slowly


My divine eye captured the fiery mana emitted by Ignis.

It’s a much smaller energy than the brooch detected.

It is important that it was detected in the air.

‘It’s around here.’

Starting from the point where the energy was detected, I looked around again as if drawing a circle.

‘The energy in this direction is just a little bit stronger. Then it’s this way.’

The energy felt from the northeast direction is a little stronger.

I slowly approached in that direction.

‘Are you sure. It’s here.’

The closer they got, the stronger they got.

As I followed the energy, I arrived at the wall of the warehouse before I knew it.

I slowly put my hand on the wall and felt the mana.

‘It must have flowed from the other side.’

The energy of fire came through the very slight crack in the wall.

‘The research building is 12 degrees northeast of the storage warehouse.’

I have been to the research building several times. I didn’t feel anything different.

is there something there?

It can’t be.

‘… … Let’s go.’

Again, if you know and look for it, there may be something new to see.

I left the storage room as it was.

* * *

As expected, nothing could be found in the research building.

I didn’t feel the slightest bit of Ignis’ energy.

I put my hand on the wall connected to the warehouse and checked it, but I couldn’t find anything wrong.

It’s not too tidy.

I checked it a couple more times during breaks between classes, but the result was the same.

I don’t feel anything.

“… … I don’t understand.”

I feel it on the other side, I don’t feel it on this side.

I wanted to see if there was something between the walls, so I breathed mana into it and searched, but it didn’t seem like there was a separate space.

‘I can’t check anything downstairs either.’

So I thought it was below, damn it. The downstairs was also clean.

Above, above ground. It’s flat, so there’s no need to check.

‘It’s a real ghost to sing… … .’

It’s like you’re dreaming.

Where did the energy of Ignis flowing from the alternative storage warehouse come from?

‘Where how why?’

It was when I was immersed in thought with my hand on the wall of the research building.

“Ah, it’s Instructor Luan!”

“Instructor Luan?”

A voice was heard from behind.

Both were familiar voices.

One had a very lively voice. The other had a very cold voice.

The former is a voice I heard three or four times during class.

The latter is a voice I have personally heard dozens of times.

“Kaine students and Stella students. I didn’t know you two were close.”

The voice of the former is Kaine Rofil, a first year student.

The voice of the latter is Stella Binoche, a 3rd year student.

“No no! Would someone like me be friendly with Stella-sama? Thankfully, for giving me a little advice during training… … .”

A first-year female student hit her hand violently.

It’s not that I don’t like Stella. She seemed to be straining her relationship just that she was friendly with her tycoon named Stella.

“… … .”

Stella glanced at the schoolgirl. She seemed to have a little bit of sadness in her gaze.

“You did a good job.”

“No big deal. As a senior, it’s only natural to take care of your juniors.”

A very cold, cold voice.

It was a change that I couldn’t adapt to even if I listened to it.

Should I say it looks like summer and winter coexist?

It should be said that it looks like Maldives and Siberia are in one place.

How can you change so quickly?

“Stella-sama… … .”

As if the female student was greatly impressed by Stella’s words, her eyes lit up.

It was not a particularly special reaction.

It is no exaggeration to say that Stella is almost deified at this school. Everyone would just say something to Stella and he would react like that.

If I were in Stella’s position, I think it would have been very burdensome.

“thank you. I will definitely repay this kindness someday!”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I really haven’t done anything.”

Stella completely turned to the schoolgirl.

“More than that, I’m sorry. Could you please clear your seat for a moment? There is something I want to talk to Instructor Luan alone.”

“Ah, yes! All right.”

The female student smiled broadly, and Dodo left the room as well.

And then quickly closed the door.

“… … .”

“… … .”

After that, about 10 seconds of silence passed.


Stella smiled brightly like spring.

“What are you doing in the research building?”

“It just came by accident.

“It’s no coincidence that your expression is too serious?”

He walked lightly with his hands behind his back and stood in front of me.

“Looking at the fact that he was leaning against the wall… … .”

Then he looked up at me and smiled again.

“Is there anything beyond this wall?”

I was surprised for a moment.

I just put my finger on the wall and thought about it for a while, but suddenly someone said, “What’s on the other side of the wall?”

This is not a word that can be bluffed with sharp words.

“It’s a pretty leapfrog reasoning. Normally, I wouldn’t say that it’s like this, that there’s something on the other side of the wall.”


Stella smiled, slightly sticking out her tongue, showing that she had made a mistake.

It was a look that knew something.

“I made a mistake. Just sneaking up on it, I was stuck in the strike zone.”

“… … Strike zone?”

“Oh, don’t you watch baseball? Are you too old-fashioned sportsman? A strike is… … .”

“I know that much. I mean what does that mean?”

“hmm. So I tried to sneak a peek. I floated too openly. Something like this.”

“Look up? What do you mean?”

Stella narrowed her eyes and looked at me intently.

“Are you pretending not to know? Or do you really not know?”

“… … .”

I really don’t know what you mean.

I don’t even know how to respond. Silence is best at this time.

“You know?”

Stella slightly pushed her head closer.

“There’s no way someone you don’t know would come to the research building, where you wouldn’t normally come, and put your hand on this wall and think about it.”

“… … well.”

Stella’s lips bulged out at my vague answer.

It’s a look of sadness

“You don’t believe me? Why would I suspect Instructor Luan of being a spy from another school or overseas?”

Then, again, he said something that didn’t make any sense.

“It is sad. If you thought I would suspect the instructor of being a spy just because you detected a secret passage through the wall… … .”

“… … what?”

Stella stopped talking and looked at my expression.

“Did you say there is a secret passage beyond this wall?”

“… … Did you really not know?”

It even became a sad expression.

“No, then why are you here?”

“It is a coincidence.”

“What a coincidence… … .”

Stella blurted out with a look of disbelief.

“Is it really a coincidence?”

“To be honest, it is not a coincidence. While exploring the storage warehouse, I found a gap in the wall facing this direction. That’s when I got a strange feeling there. I came to investigate.”

“… … Are there any scratches on the walls of the storage shed?”

“okay. It looks like it needs to be renovated.”

“You didn’t figure that out beforehand… … .”

Stella squinted her eyes, looking slightly annoyed.

The manager seems to be angry that the nobleman didn’t manage the facilities properly.

It seems that the manager’s appearance can be seen after hearing what he said.

“So did you find that strange feeling?”

“no. I couldn’t find it. I didn’t feel anything on this side. That’s what she was thinking about.”


Stella nodded with an expression of understanding now.

“But after listening to you. I get it. There is a secret passage between the storage warehouse and the wall of the research building. The strange feeling I felt must have flowed from that passage.”

“… … Can you tell me how it felt?”

“I can’t explain it well, but it was a very uncomfortable feeling.”

“I feel uncomfortable… … .”

Stella’s expression became serious.

“I think it’s a useless worry, but it’s something you never know. If possible, I want to confirm with my own eyes that this is a secret passage.”

He threw a straight ball.

It was judged that this would be more effective than talking about it here.

Seeing that you talk about existence so openly, it doesn’t seem like it’s an extremely important top secret.

Wouldn’t it be a big deal to open it?

“I’ll open it, no problem. It’s not a passageway that holds great secrets.”


My prediction was right.

“Where is the passage leading to?”

“It just leads to a small underground bunker. It is a passage made for emergency evacuation during the war 100 years ago. It could be abused if known, so I kept it a secret.”

As Stella explained, she slowly moved to her seat.

Move to the shelf near the wall, move about 3 books on the shelf, and then push the shelf to the right.

“This is my first time opening it myself. Because I only listened to her mother… … . hope it goes well… … .”

I put my hand on the exposed wall and pressed it firmly.

Then the shelf was returned to its original position, and four other books were moved to their respective positions.

“And like this… … .”

After that, push the shelf to the right again.



The wall opened up with a small sound.

“I was worried because it was the first time, but somehow it went well.”

passageway so obvious.

I was staring blankly down the aisle.

‘It’s exactly the same as the energy I felt in the secret passageway of the shopping complex.’

No, it’s not exactly the same.

If the energy of Ignis sensed in the previous shopping complex was like a candle, the energy felt here is like a bonfire.

The nature is the same, but the magnitude of the energy felt is overwhelmingly different.

that means that.

‘The medium is a little closer.’

Ignis’ medium is here, near the French National Academy of Knights.

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